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How To Make Car Shine Like Glass

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Meguiars G6207 Black Wax Black Car Wax 7 Oz

How to Make Black Paint Look Like Glass – Bentley – Chemical Guys – DIY

Another Meguiar takes the 2nd spot with its capability to offer more than just the luxe looks for your cars black paint. What really caught my attention is it doesnt leave any uneven marks when you wipe it on your car. Thanks to its clear coat formula, your black ride gets a superb gloss with no wipe marks. Also, this wax is priced to fit any budget.

Meguiars G6207 is a cream based Synthetic polymers wax that offers the same protection as the G18211 that is also long-lasting. And again, you only need a small amount to achieve that incredible depth and reflections as you polish while waxing. The only con we noticed is that it doesnt do well in covering scratches or blemishes.


Are Polish And Wax The Same Thing

Its easy to get these two things confused because manufacturers make it confusing. There is no hard rule but the general idea is that polish is used for correcting paint problems while wax is used the protect and shine. Polish is abrasive and wax is temporary. Read my blog posts on polishing and waxing for a lot more information including product recommendations and how to guides.

Best Wax For Black Cars With Scratches

Wax can temporarily hide scratches but wont remove them permanently. If the scratches are very deep then no wax will or polishing compound will help you. Its time to go to a professional.

A wax that contains a small amount of chemical polish and sealant will reduce the appearance of scratch and give great protection. These products can bring a quick and easy shine from faded scratched black paint. Turtle Wax T-3KT Black Box Kit comes with a number of products designed especially for scratched black paint. Its very effective at covering scratches. It comes with a number of products that need to be applied in the correct order. If you just want one product on its own I recommend Meguiars G6207 Black Wax Paste as its a superb product for quickly hiding scratches. I have used this on older cars to great effect when I dont have that much time to finish the job.

As mentioned in other blog posts the best way to deal with scratches is to remove them completely with compound and polish applied with a DA polishing machine.

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Follow The Two Bucket Car Wash Method

Though there are multiple methods that you may consider when it comes to washing or cleaning your cars surface to get back the shine it had earlier, the best way to make dull car paint shine is to utilize the two bucker car wash method. A bucket with soapy water to lather the exteriors and another one with rinse water help deal with your cars dullness and fading color effectively.

As soon as you start washing the cars surface, you can dip your dirty microfiber mitt in the bucket containing rinse water. Swirl the mitt around to let the road grit, and dirt particles dislodged. Now dunk your mitt in the soapy water and start wiping the rest of the parts, repeating the same process of dislodging the dust and dirt particles from the microfiber youre using in the process. When you feel the rinse water is dirty and need a refill, do so.

You can use Chemical Guys Car Wash Kit and MEGUIARS All in One Essentials Car Care Kit that comes in a package and lets you have every how to make your car shine like new product readily available.

Use Auto Glass Cleaner For Windshield Mirrors And Windows

How to Make a Car Shine Like Glass

When you are entirely focused on the cars exteriors, you will likely forget about the mirrors, windshields, and windows. Remember, once you decide to retain your vehicles shine and keep it well-maintained, you should emphasize handling each portion and corner of your car. To make sure your best way to make a car shine gives effective results, you must take care of the other parts of the vehicle as well.

How to make your old car paint shine like new? You may have a shiny car surface, but if your windows, mirrors, and windshields are not glossy or attractive enough, all your efforts will go in vain. For the best output, it is crucial that you concentrate on everything while cleaning the vehicles to help them retain the original shine irrespective of the type, nature, or shade of the car paint you have used.

You can use all-purpose glass spray specifically designed for the purpose and get the shining glasses all over. You can try products like Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaning Kit, or Shine Society GlassandWindow Cleaner, etc. and see the difference they make.

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The Basics Of Cleaning Car Mirrors

Keeping your car mirrors clean doesnt have to be a complicated chore. To perform basic, regular cleaning, all you need is a lint-free cloth and a good quality glass cleaner. Some people make the mistake of using paper towels, but they tend to leave streaks and lint. Others swear by newspaper, but this is messy and dirty to use, so the best product is a simple lint-free cloth. Keep these other tips in mind for basic day-to-day cleaning.

Q: How Many Times Per Year Should You Wax Your Car

A: This comes down to a few different dynamics, so were going to break it down using different scenarios.

If youre parking your car in an underground parking garage, or your own personal garage, then youre not exposing it to the elements very often. Thats a good thing. Wind, rain, snow, rapidly-changing temperaturesthey all play a part in how long you finish will last. In this instance, you only need to wax your car twice per year to keep that glow.

Street parking is harsh. You wonder if someones going to break into it, especially if its too flashy, but the real risk is ruining the paint by leaving the car outdoors in the blistering sun. Ever seen a plastic childrens toy out in the yard, and the colors are all faded? Thats because theyve been sun-bleached. Its not all that different from how the sun affects your car, either. If you live in the sunshine state and your car is in the driveway or out on the street for the better part of the year, we recommend waxing it four or even five times per year to ensure minimum sun damage to your finish and maximum shine.

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Brush And Vacuum Your Carpet

Automotive carpet doesnât like to let go of dirt when youâre car cleaning. If you just vacuum it, youâll leave plenty behind. To remove more dirt, detailers use a stiff brush and scrub the carpet as they vacuum. Youâll see the dirt particles bounce to the surface so you can suck them up with your shop vacuum as part of your auto detailing.

Carefully Dry Your Finish With Safe Methods

How To Get a Glass like Shine with Diamond like Protection For Your Car

In an effort to minimize touching the surface of your vehicle and preventing opportunities to create scratches and swirls, you can blow dry your car with a leaf blower or a dedicated car air dryer.

Its also common for people to simply use a large microfiber towel to wipe down the car thoroughly.

Microfiber towels are excellent at absorbing water and are very delicate on the surface of your car or truck.

What youll need to dry your vehicle:

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Rules To Follow To Keep Your Car Shiny

Keeping your car looking as clean and shiny as it did when you first drove it out from the showroom might seem like something that only car enthusiasts would want to do. Most owners seem content with getting by with a wash and a wax every so often. This is usually because even basic car maintenance and cleaning can seem like a lot to contend with, both time-wise and effort-wise. Some may even be confused about how to keep your car shiny, with so many options available.

It doesnt have to be, however: with a few basic rules in place, keeping your car looking slick and clean can become less of a hassle and easier with time. Here are 8 simple rules you can follow to ensure that your car never loses its sparkle.

Wash The Car With Two Buckets

With the great majority of the grime now removed it is safe to have some human contact with the car

This needs to be done using the “Two Bucket System”

Let me explain as again this is a again a very important step in hoe to make a car shine like glass.

The two bucket system

You need to use two buckets as one will be filled with water and shampoo the other with just clean water.

Ideally they should both have grit guards fitted at the bottom. This it a mesh type plastic structure that sits a very inches off the bottom of the bucket.

It allows the wash mitt to be dipped into the bucket and not touch the bottom where all the grit gathers.

You take a microfiber wash mitt and soak it in the bucket containing shampoo. the wash the car starting at the top.

Complete one panel then rinse the wash mitt in the other bucket containing clean water. Rub is across the grit guard, take it out and wring it before repeating the process.

This ensures each time the mitt touches the car there is again minimum risk of scratches and swirls developing on the paintwork.

Once completed the car should be dried with a microfiber towel or electric car dryer.

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Properly Wash Your Car

Obviously, if you want to learn how to make your car shine like glass, you need to begin by giving the car a proper bath. You must pay close attention to detail while you wash your car to avoid problems that will have to be resolved later.

Its very easy to create scratches and swirls in your clear coat if youre not careful so we need to ensure that we get the road grime off the car and off of your wash mitt so that it doesnt get scrubbed around on your paint surface causing scratches.

We also want to ensure that we dont leave water spots that we need to clean off. To achieve these 2 goals well want to use a method for washing a car called the 2 bucket method.

One bucket is reserved for soap and the other is reserved for rinsing your wash mitt. In the bottom of each bucket, youll want to place a grit guard which is designed to prevent you from pulling grit back up and onto your wash mitt.

Last, to ensure that we dont leave water spots on your cars paint, youll want to use a ph-neutral automotive shampoo. Ph neutral shampoos are gentle on your cars paint and leave no spots but are tough enough to remove dirt and debris.

When Should You Use A Rubbing Compound

5 Simple Steps On How To Make A Car Shine Like Glass

We recommend using the rubbing compound for more severe damage to the cars paint, which cannot be removed using milder formulas. Some of these include:

  • Removing stubborn stains and severe oxidation
  • Removing paint transfer
  • Smoothing out deeper scratches and scuffs

TIP: Avoid using a rubbing compound for new car paintwork restoration. Ensure to only use it after less aggressive products have been tested first, such as Turtle Wax Scratch Repair & Renew.

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Get The Professional Stuff

While all of the above options require materials you likely already have if youre still struggling with your stickers, you can always resort to products made specifically to take them off. There are a few different brands, and they typically come in spray form.

Designed with the intention of removing stickers, sprays like this can also remove other stubborn spots like tree sap and bird droppings.

No matter what you need for your car, reaching out to professionals like Shine Armor can always make life a little easier.

Dont Use Sponge Use A Microfiber Car Wash Mitt

Using a sponge is the most commonly tried way to deal with the dirt and dust particles accumulated on a surface, be it a windowpane or a cars body. While most people find it an apt alternative to deal with the road grit, it is advisable to think beyond the traditional ways and try using microfiber car wash mitt, especially when it is about making car paint look new.

Using the microfiber cloth effectively helps in retaining the shine that your car originally had. While a sponge holds the dirt in the pores it has, the microfiber car wash mitt lets the road grit fall out while you rinse the cars surface.

In case you use the Sponge, you will have to have sandpaper to get rid of the dirt particles that embed in the sponges. Instead of making the process more complicated and time-consuming, you can directly have a microfiber mitt for the purpose.

The Cyclone Korean Microfiber Wash Mitts and Meguiars Microfiber Wash Mitt are the two most popular microfiber mitts used by dealers and car owners to retain the shine of their vehicles back. What do car dealers use to shine cars? You already have an answer, right?

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Rinse Your Car Before Washing

The first step of making a car shine at home is to rinse it prior to washing with soap and water. If you are thinking of using soap wash directly on the cars surface, which is already filled with lots of dust and dirt particles, it is advisable not to do so.

In case you use the soap water on the dry paint, it will only make your car paint absorb all the road grits, thereby hampering the life span of your car. Thus, never think of washing the cars body with soap water without rinsing it beforehand.

So far as the products to be used for thorough rinsing of the car are concerned, there are lots of items available around of which 100ft Expandable Garden Hose with Spray Nozzle and Sun Joe Electric Pressure Washer for Cars are the most popular ones.

These are light-weight, flexible, and easy-to-use tools that guarantee proper cleaning of the cars exteriors before you apply soapy water on it. Therefore, when it comes to making your car shine, start with rinsing the car using the best tool and then proceed to the next step.

Two: Wash The Windows

How To Make Your Car’s Paint Permanently Glossy

Waxing your vehicle should never be your first step in the automotive detailing process the same is true for your windows. If you simply apply the wax without properly treating the windows, you will only be sealing in whatever smudges and debris are already clinging to the glass, making matters worse and visibility even poorer. So, it’s time to bust out the good old garden hose.

Actually, it doesn’t really matter where you get the water. Hose or bucket, the first step is to give the windows a quick wash to remove large debris that just needs a little liquid persuasion to vacate the premises. Make sure you start from the top and work your way down so the water doesn’t carry dirt down to previously clean areas. After this, it’s a good idea to let the window dry or give it a little help with a towel. Don’t worry too much about streaks and blemishes at this point. Lift the windshield wiper blades, however, to get to any hard-to-reach spots.

After this, a more thorough washing is required to get anything the water has missed. You can use car soap or glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth to work your way down, scrubbing the surface in small, circular motions as you work.

When everything is said and done, the glass should be free of any dirt, debris, or other blemishes that obstruct your view. This way, you won’t be sealing in anything with the wax in the next step.

A good dousing is usually all that is required to get a good start on the cleaning process.

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What Kind Of Paint Damage Is Common For Black Cars

There is some confusion in the automotive world about the type of paint damage that is common just with black painted vehicles. Here is the skinny black paint is no different than other colors except its not really a color . Black itself is one that highlights common problems that all vehicles deal with every year.

That being said, there are some common paint damage issuesthat tend to be amplified if youve got a black painted ride.


Todays modern cars, trucks, and SUVs are simply not painted the same way they used to be. Mainly due to the fact that modern clear coats are thinner than in years past. That being said, when a clear coat is not protected with a layer of carnauba wax, paint sealant, ceramic coating, or paint protection film, it is prone to be scratched.

Depending on the condition of the clear coat, if car washshampoo is used to clean, or microfiber cloth used to dry, sometimes thosescratches will dig into the actual painted surface.

Swirl Marks

Mr. Miyagi wasnt among the group of professional detailers.In fact, the dude really created some problems when he taught us all to wax on wax off in left-circle/right-circle motions. If youll notice, all of hiscars were classics each of them pre-1970s that had much thicker paints andclear coats that were less susceptible to scratches and paint swirl marks.

Faded Paint

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