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How To Remove Old Tint From Car Windows

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Removing Window Tint With A Steamer

How to EASILY Remove Old Window Tint

If you want to avoid the harmful effects ofammonia, you can remove the tint from your windows with a steamer. However,this method is time-consuming and inconvenient for large windows. Also, youwill need to access both sides of the windows. Thus, if you dont live on thefirst floor, the ammonia method will be much easier for you.

Still, lets take a look at what tools you will need:

  • A handheld steamer
  • One straight razor
  • Paper towels

Step 1 Steaming the Windows

First, steam the entire outside of your window with a handheld steamer. If you cant access the outside, bear in mind that this step is not necessary. Still, steaming the outside will warm the windows well, which will speed up the process, and the tint will fall off more easily.

Once you are done with the outside, steam the inside of your window. To achieve the best results, you should steam each side of the window for about 7 minutes.

During this step, make sure to sweep the window from the top to the bottom. Also, try to heat the window evenly. The best way to achieve this is to hold the steamer between one and two inches away from the pane.

Step 2 Lifting the Edge

Once your windows are warm enough, use the razor to lift the edge of the tint. To do so, place the razor under the tint at one of the inside top corners. Carefully loosen the edge. If the tint is not loose enough, apply some more steam and give it another try.

Step 3 Peeling the Tint Off

Step 4 Cleaning the Windows

How To Remove Window Tint With Soap And Newspaper


  • Bucket or bowl


Even though this method is similar to the previous one, it requires less work. Plus, it is an environment-friendly procedure to remove window tint since you will recycle old newspapers. The best thing is that you dont need to be highly skillful to finish the job successfully.

First, you should make a soap solution of warm water and dish soap in a bowl. Then apply the mixture to the glass generously and cover the surface with the newspaper.

Pay special attention to the part with a very damaged window tint. Let it sit there for approximately one hour. Keep soaking the surface during this time as much as needed. In most cases, you should repeat it every 15 to 20 minutes.

Use the knife and start peeling both tint and newspaper in long strips. Then rub off the remaining pieces of tint. It wont be such a demanding job. However, if you have trouble to remove all residue, just repeat the process once again.

What Are Some Other Tips I Can Use

Removing window tint isnt rocket science. With a bit of free time and will you can do it too. However, there are some tips you can follow to save time and avoid having to do the same work twice.

  • Do it slowly. The first thing we always recommend is taking your time. The tint is professionally glued to your window. If you try to rip it off too hard with one stroke, youll only end up tearing it into little pieces, which will make your job much more difficult.
  • Be careful with the defroster and antenna lines. Some people damage their defroster or antenna lines when working on the rear windows with a razor. This wont happen if you take your time. But to be sure, you can use duct tape to lift the tint instead of using the razor blade.
  • Try to use a steamer. Theyre not very expensive, and you can find ones as cheap as $15. A steamer will save you time but also means you wont need to use a razor blade to finish picking up the adhesive from the glass. Something your cars defrosters and the antenna will appreciate!
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    How To Remove Tint From Yourhouse Windows

    In most cases, window tint is glued with some adhesive. However, simply peeling it off with your hands is not enough. If you do so, your windows wont be damaged, but theyll still be incredibly sticky.

    Naturally, you want to avoid this. So, lets take a look at the two best methods of tint removal.

    Easy Ways To Remove Window Tint

    8 Quick Ways to Remove Tint from Car Windows

    Tinted car windows are a wonderful thing. Not only do they protect you from glare, they also provide privacy and style. Unfortunately, the tint has a lifespan and if you dont know how to remove window tint properly, youll end up with a big, sticky mess.

    There are two basic ways to remove tint: heat and scraping. Depending on the reason you choose to remove the tint film from your car windows, the best treatment will be different. You will also need to clean the glass afterwards, as these methods dont always completely remove the adhesive.

  • Scrubbing
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    Add Some Newspaper For Easier Removal

    If using soap on its own doesnt work, then adding a little bit of newspaper to the equation makes the job even easier. You already know how to use the soap method, so your first couple of steps are already handled. After spraying the area with a soap solution, cover it with newspaper then leave it to soak for about an hour.

    Periodically examine the newspaper covering the window to ensure it hasnt dried; every 15 minutes is more than sufficient. If the paper starts to dry, spray it with a little more of the soapy water. After the hour has passed, the paper and the tinting fuse together, which gives you a sturdier grip on the tint to peel it away.

    Ammonia And Sun Method

    • Create a mixture of water and ammonia and then pour it in a spray bottle.;
    • Spray the ammonia solution on the tint film liberally and then cover the tint with a plastic garbage bag. Let the plastic garbage bags remain on the film for at least an hour.;
    • After an hour has elapsed, peel back the garbage bags and the window tint simultaneously.; If any residue is left, use a razor blade to scrape it off.

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    The Liquid Mix And Scrape Method

    A good combination of the liquid mix and scrape will effectively remove the tint of your window glass without the need for electronic devices and complex tools. The liquid mix can be as simple as liquid dish soap and water. You can also use an ammonia solution or ordinary rubbing alcohol. In any case, below are the basic materials you need.

    Materials required

    • Razor blade
    • Cleaning cloth

    To start removing old window tint, just grab a cloth, and rinse it in the liquid mix, then apply it to the old tinted area. Wait for a few minutes, and start peeling off the tint, starting from the edges. After the tint is completely removed, there will be some traces of window tint glue. Use the razor blade to scrape off the remaining residues, and wipe the whole area with a clean and dry microfiber cloth.

    How To Remove Car Window Tints With A Heat Gun

    How to remove old window tint from your car

    You may come across a dozen or more reasons for removing car window tint. You may have purchased a used car that has damaged or faded tinting. You could also just be tired of an existing tint job. Regardless of the reason, you know that the tint should come off. You can pay an automotive tinting company to do this for you, but if youre on a budget, removing your own car window tint can save you money.

    Step 1

    Use the heat gun on the outside of the window to warm the adhesive and tinting on the inside. If you heat from the inside, you take the risk of melting the tint to the window. Try to keep the heat gun between 4 to 6 inches from the glass and heat until the window is warm to the touch.

    Step 2

    Start in one corner and peel off the tinting from the inside. You must work slowly to avoid tearing the tint and having small pieces to work with. Reheat the outside of the window as needed to keep the adhesive pliable.

    Step 3

    Use the razor blade, in the casing handle, to help you remove the tint. Place the razor edge at an angle so that the sharp angled edge of the blade contacts the glass.

    Step 4

    Spray the adhesive remover on to the window when you have removed the entire tint, covering the entire area where the tint was previously attached. Allow the remover to sit for 10 to 12 minutes.

    Step 5

    Use the razor and the steel wool to help work the tint adhesive from the window. To avoid large messes, wipe removed adhesive and remover away as you complete a section of the window.

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    Using A Window Tint Removal Tool Set

    If you hate preparing the items needed to perform the DIY project, simply buy a window tint removal kit that has all the tools you need for the job. Some kits work well in combination with either of the two methods the hair dryer and the liquid soap mix. While theres required investment for the purchase of the kit, its just a significant fraction of the cost of using the professional services of tint experts. By properly following the instructions that come with each product, you will achieve professional-level results when removing tints from the window glass.

    Materials required

    • Window tint removal tool set;

    3. Black Magic Tint-Off Automotive Window Tint Removal Fluid

    Manufacturer:Brand:Item Model Number:Item weight:Product Dimensions:

    The Black Magic Tint-Off Automotive Window Tint Removal Fluid is not a tool set but a single product adhesive removal fluid that works like magic in removing the window tint glue. The spray pump design makes it easy to use and apply on the remaining adhesives left after peeling the tint off from the glass. The 8 full ounces of liquid adhesive removal fluid is chemically formulated to significantly help in the removal of the tint adhesives for a professional-finish job. This works well in conjunction with the use of a hair dryer or liquid soap mix.

    Heat Gun Or Hairdryer

    • A hairdryer or heat gun
    • 1 clean towel
    • Window cleaner

    This is one of the simplest methods of removing the tint, and you can use either a heat gun or a hairdryer. First, run the hairdryer on high temperature, about two inches away from the window, until the glue starts melting. Once that happens, you can try prying the edge off with your fingernail.

    Slightly angle your dryer so you can reach the place where the window and the film meet and keep peeling the glue. You can scrub the adhesive away with a clean towel, and use the hairdryer to soften it when needed. Once youre done, you can use a cleaning solution to wash your windows before applying a new tint.

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    How To Remove Window Tint If It Extends Below The Door Panel Or Behind Other Trim Pieces:

    • Using the same method as above, apply heat on the film, focusing on where it tucks behind the door panel or trim piece.
    • Slowly pull the tint upward while it is warm, carefully peeling the part below the trim up as you go.
    • Do not pull the tint while it is cold. The film may tear, leaving a strip of tint stuck beneath the trim. If this happens, you may need to remove the door panel or trim piece to fully remove any remaining tint.

    Easiest Way To Remove Window Tint

    How To Remove Old Tint From Front Windows

    Steaming is probably the easiest way to remove tinting from your vehicle. It takes much less muscle and time and leaves the least amount of residue to remove later. If you dont have a fabric steamer yet, you can buy one that is relatively inexpensive online such as a Conair Steam Wand.

  • First, prepare and preheat the steamer as instructed by the manufacturer. Roll down each window as you work about ¼ or so, so the top of the tint is exposed.
  • Start steaming the inside of the window. Keep the steamer about 2 away, so that the tint itself doesnt touch the hot steamer element and stick to it. Make sure you heat the entire surface as evenly as possible.
  • If you have the time and patience, the removal process works best if you also steam the outside of the window. The back window tends to take about 7 minutes on the interior, to give you an idea of time .
  • Use a razor to carefully lift the corners of the tint if they arent already starting to curl up after the steaming process. Then use your hands to peel the rest away.
  • If there is any tint glue left on the window, clean it off. Then follow up by wiping the glass with a microfiber towel and glass cleaner. Make sure to wipe the door frame and anywhere else the water from steaming may have dripped.
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    How To Remove Damaged Car Window Tinting Film

    If your car window tinting film is old or it has started coming apart, its time to remove and replace it. How you remove the film not only affects how you will install the new one, it also affects the quality of the glass as you will most likely damage the car window if you dont properly remove the film. To help you out, here are some of the ways of removing the film:

    How To Remove Tint From Car Windows With Soap

    After washing car windows thoroughly and using a bug cleaner for car windows if necessary, your next step is applying a window tint remover. Start with a gentler approach first, before progressing into more forceful measures. Your best option for this is to add a little bit of dish soap to some water and use a razor blade to scrape away the edges.

    • Black garbage bags

    While this method doesnt require a lot of materials to be effective, it does require some patience. First, apply soapy water to the surface of the tinted window using your spray bottle and soak the window thoroughly.

    Doing this makes it easier to lift the corner of the tint film and gently peel it away. Using the tip of your razor blade, peel back the corner of the window tint and slowly start to pull it free from the window. Trying to rip it off too quickly makes the job harder and you will end up with lots of tearing.

    If you notice the tint gripping the window too tightly, spray the area with more soapy water and use your razor blade to work in between the tint and the glass. If you pull it too hard, or too fast, you need to start over again by scraping up a new corner of the tint.

    If you have a decal that needs removing, you can also try this solution as the best way to get a sticker off a car window. Since a sticker is smaller than the potential tinted area, this removal option takes much less time and usually works quite well.

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    Your Window Film Is Experiencing Discoloration

    This is another sign of aging. Over time, tint has a tendency to turn a purplish hue. Not only does this alter the look of your windows, but it actually diminishes the tints ability to block out harmful UV rays. Once discoloration occurs, its impossible to revert back to the original color without replacing it.

    Mechanical Cheap But Labor

    How To Remove Old Tint From Front Windows–Any Vehicle

    Of course, you could simply rip off the window tint with brute force, which this method describes. Its the cheapest option but will require a little more effort to get a clean window.

  • Using a utility knife, lift a corner of the window tint and start pulling.
  • You can use a razor scraper or plastic scraper to cut the adhesive and ease removal.
  • This method is likely to rip off the window film in smaller pieces, but you should be able to remove everything with a little patience.
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    Car Window Tint Removal Using Ammonia

    Another homemade window tint solution involves using ammonia to remove the tinting. While ammonia is also a great way to clean untinted windows and remove stickers from cars, its just as effective at eliminating tint when applied directly. Your first step is to cover the windows on both the inside and outside using black trash bags.

    Cut the bags so that they fit right along the edges of the car window and hold them in place using tape. Peel back the garbage bags on the outside of the window, then spray with the soapy solution from previous steps. Recover the window with the bags.

    Repeat this same method for the inside of the car window, only this time, spray ammonia instead of soapy water. Leave this to sit for approximately one hour before you remove the trash bag. Similar to the newspaper method, the tint fuses to the top layer of the trash bag, making it that much easier for you to peel it off.

    If any tinting is left behind, use some steel wool and a small spritz of ammonia to remove the residue. Doing this on a sunny day increases its effectiveness by also applying a little heat to the mixture.

    Ways To Remove Window Tint

    1- Using a razor blade

    Using this method is usually the hardest want to do and takes much more physical energy. What you basically doing is using a spray bottle with soap and water and some small scraper blades you wet the window with it in and start to scrape off the film like how you scrape paint off of the glass. As long as you keep the window really wet and soapy it will not scratch glass a disadvantage for this process is that if you have a defroster wire on the back of your window it will not work if you scrape it

    2-Soaking it with water using a banking system

    The 2nd process is to soak it in grease remover like 409. They also make professional chemicals that you can use .you get a black garbage bag and cut it out on the outside of the rear window to the shape of the glass that is clear.; Then soak the window with the chemical and put the black bag over the tint on the inside. Then every 20 minutes keep re-soaking it.

    After then try to peel the window tint off the window if it continues to keep sticking you need to soak it until it releases smoothly. The hotter the outside the better it is I recommend doing it with the temperature over 80 degrees or put a heat lamp on it. The heat speeds up the chemical to absorb through the window tint.

    ;3-Using a professional steam machine

    Final stage

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