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When Was My Car Manufactured

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Why The Age Matters To You

Here’s Why the Porsche Carrera GT Is My Favorite Car Ever Made

There are two reasons the age could matter to you. The first is that you may simply want the newest one out of the available inventory. The less time a vehicle has been at a dealership, it is likely that fewer people have been inside of it and test driven it. In extreme weather, the newer car has been exposed to the elements for less time.

You’ll probably want to pay particular attention to special edition vehicles that may have been on the lot for an extremely long period of time. A few years ago, a local dealer had two special edition Corvettes on the lot. Even though they were the same model year, one was close a year older. If they aren’t starting it up and driving it regularly, seals and gaskets can start to dry out and fail. Not to mention, the sun beating down on the paint for all that time.

The second reason that the age might matter to you is that you may be able to negotiate a better deal on the car that has been on the lot the longest. As we discussed above, dealers normally want to sell the older inventory first. They might be willing to give you a lower price or some type of incentive to take the oldest one.

Based on what the price difference would be, you will have to decide what is more important to you. Would you rather have a better deal or a car that has been on the lot for less time? Let us know what you would decide in the comments section.

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The Manufacture Year Of A Car

Very often, it is essential to know when a car was manufactured, especially in times of service or sale. The manufacture year, thus, refers to the actual year when the car was built. This can be found in the Vehicle Identification Number or VIN that consists of the month and year of manufacture. It is located near the engine and is made up of up to 17 digits.

Theres Many More Where Those Came From

If you want your mind blown even more, check out Kelley Blue Books extensive list of where some cars are surprisingly built as these were only a few of them. And now that you know where your car was built, you can eagerly pass this knowledge onto your friends and family so they can know a little more about their cars.

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Recent Developments In Car Manufacturing Outside The Uk

In 2017 Dyson announced that they have started the move into the world of electric cars with the first ones due to be driven off the lot in 2021. The British company, well known for their high quality and expensive vacuum cleaners and hairdryers, has been researching and developing the Dyson EV in Hullavington, Wiltshire.

In October 2018, Dyson announced that they had determined these innovative electric vehicles would be manufactured at a brand new plant in Singapore rather than their UK homeland. The decision was made as Dyson believed the EV market to be bigger in Asia, so to their minds it made sense to be closer to this large customer base.

Though Dyson cancelled their electric vehicle project in October 2019, saying that the £2.5bn project was not commercially viable, the British company is not alone in choosing to build their cars outside the UK. Though the export value of cars and car components from the UK in 2018 reached £44.4 billion, the import value was a much larger market, valued at over £57 billion. On average, 80% of vehicles produced in the UK are intended for export.

A number of car manufacturers maintain plants in the UK and many of them still produce cars, however, that number has decreased in the last three decades.

The perfect example of a carmaker that once had a huge presence in the UK, as a ground-up producer of vehicles for the UK and European market, is Ford.

Buying A Car: How To Tell If The Car You Want Was Built In The Us


On the Fourth of July, many Americans are thinking patriotic thoughts even when it comes to buying a car. But in this increasingly global economy, how can you tell if the American car that youre considering was actually built in America? We have some suggestions for figuring this out.

Check the Window Sticker

The window sticker of each new car provides three important pieces of information for drivers interested in discovering where a car was built: the parts content label, the final assembly point and the country of origin for the cars major components.

The parts content label shows two items: the total percentage of parts from the United States and the major sources of foreign parts. For the first category, a typical car might say 50%, meaning that 50 percent of its parts come from the United States. For the second, a car may say Japan: 20%, which reveals that Japan is a major source of around 20 percent of the cars remaining parts.

No Window Sticker?

What if you dont have access to a cars window sticker? As you might imagine, there are still a few ways to tell where a car is built.

Another way you can find out where a car is built is to check the VIN label thats located inside the drivers doorjamb. While this doesnt always tell you where the car is built, it often does. The first line may have a phrase such as Manufactured by Ford in the USA or Built in Japan by Honda. Once again, these statements refer to the cars final point of assembly.

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Safety And Emissions Compliance

All vehicles imported into the U.S. must be compliant with U.S. Federal motor vehicle safety standards set by the U.S. Department of Transportation and U.S. emission standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency

When bringing your vehicle from Canada into the United States, you will be required to present the following completed compliance forms:

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How Do I Know Which Body Model My Car Has

This question arises most often on annual models that change model years, meaning to say that the car gets a new updated body. If you think your car is a 2008 model, but you know that a new car of the same model was released the year after , it may be important to look it up. The simplest thing to do is, for example, to Google for images of the older and a newer models of the car. Often, you can easily see which of the bodies corresponds to your own car. Another way is to check Wikipedia, which often has very good information about different car models and about when model changes took place.

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First 3 Digits World Manufacturer Identifier

The first three digits of the VIN are classified as the WMI, and show the country of origin, manufacturer, and specific division within a manufacturer.

1st A letter or number showing where in the world the car was built

Remember the following:

2nd The manufacturer that made the car

A full list of manufacturers and their associated VIN codes can be found, here.

3rd The specific division of a manufacturer that made the car

For example, Mercedes AMG divisions VIN is WMX.

Vehicles With Surprising Birthplaces

CAR TYRES | How It’s Made

We all know that vehicles are manufactured all over the world, oftentimes thousands of miles from an automakers corporate headquarters. Several companies based in Asia and Germany have factories in the U.S., while several Ford, Stellantis, and GM models are built in other countries. Even with that, there are still a lot of surprises. Here are 15 cars built in places you may never have expected.

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Identical Vehicles Could Be Different Ages

Even though several cars on the lot might be the same year, color and have the same options, they may have been manufactured and delivered to the dealership at different times. Therefore, one of the group of cars might be much newer or much older than the others.

Dealers have to order their inventory four to eight weeks ahead of time. They can’t always perfectly predict how many of each model they will sell. They might end up ordering the same version of a model a few months in a row and then end up with several sitting on the lot.

Taking Your Car Abroad

If you intend to take your own vehicle with you when you travel abroad, you may need a Carnet de passages en douane, which offers a guarantee to a foreign government that the vehicle identified in the Carnet, if granted temporary importation status, will be removed from the country within the time limit imposed by the respective jurisdiction. It allows free movement and unencumbered access between foreign countries. Most countries, but not all, allow this option. A Carnet is available through Boomerang Carnets and is valid for one year from the date of issue.

If you will be driving your car or a rental vehicle overseas, you may need an International Driving Permit, which allows you to drive internationally when it is accompanied by a valid Canadian drivers licence. The International Driving Permit is available through the Canadian Automobile Association.

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John Spellar: When Are The Home Secretary And Police Commissioners Going To Get A Grip

John Spellar is the Labour MP for Warley

OUR PM being driven round in a German Audi?

What message will this send round the world about Britain as a major motor manufacturer and industrial power?

Workers, their families and communities depend on the motor industry and its supply chain.

But the selfish bureaucrats, with index-linked pensions, dont care.

The Met Police have form on this, with their BMW patrol cars and their Mercedes vans.

Other forces, even in our car-making areas snub domestic production for foreign made and the same for fire engines, ambulances, refuse lorries.

No other country be- haves like this. The bureaucrats are making us a laughing stock.

This is a national problem but start with the Met.

When are the Home Secretary, London Mayor and Police Commissioners going to get a grip?

Epa Emission Standards Compliance Requirements

GALLERY: Classic cars, never sold, up for auction

All vehicles that are imported to the U.S. must conform to the EPAs emission standards requirements.

If your vehicle has a label stating that it is certified to United States EPA federal emission standards, then you shouldnt have an issue importing your vehicle. To see if your vehicle has been certified, look under the hood of your car or in the engine compartment for a label that reads Vehicle Emission Control Information and includes the certification.More often than not, your Canadian vehicle wont have a label indicating it is EPA certified. However, in many cases your car will have an emission control system that is identical to an emission control system that has been certified in the United States.

In both situations you can still import your vehicle to the U.S., but you will need to obtain a letter of compliance from the vehicle manufacturers U.S. representative stating that the vehicle complies with all U.S. EPA regulations. You can find a list of U.S. Auto Manufacturers Representatives here. Note that some manufacturers may refuse to issue a letter.

If your vehicle does not have an EPA certification label and does not have an emission control system that is identical to one certified by the EPA, you will want to look at the regulations to explore your other options, as you may be eligible to apply for a written letter of exemption from the EPA which must be obtained prior to importing your vehicle.

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Year Model Model Year Or Vehicle Year Of A Car

The rules about how a car model is specified have changed in recent years, which has created a great conceptual confusion amongst both consumers and car dealers. Is the car of a certain year model or of another model year? It’s easy to get lost and be “fooled”, for example, when buying a used car. Which concept is most important depends on what you are looking for. In any case, it’s important information when buying precut window tint film for your car.

Previously, the manufacturers decided what year model a car would have, but with harmonization in the EU, this has changed. Nowadays, the car gets its year model on the date it is registered, but the manufacturers give it a model year so that you can see what version the car is.

How To Find The Build Date For Your Car

by Paul Dohrman / in Hobbies

You can learn the model year of your automobile from its vehicle identification number . Not only does the VIN uniquely identify your car as a theft-deterrent, but it also gives you information about the plant and approximate build date of manufacture, the particular vehicle’s engine size and other features.

  • You can learn the model year of your automobile from its vehicle identification number .
  • Not only does the VIN uniquely identify your car as a theft-deterrent, but it also gives you information about the plant and approximate build date of manufacture, the particular vehicle’s engine size and other features.

Locate your automobile’s vehicle identification number by standing outside the driver-side windshield and looking through the lower corner of the windshield on the dashboard. You’ll find the 17-character VIN on a little tin plate riveted to the dashboard.

Read the tenth character.

Translate alphabetical characters into model year as follows. A-1980 B-1981 C-1982

Skip I, O, Q, U and Z since the VIN system doesn’t use them for model year. They look too much like other letters or numbers.

Start matching numbers to model years starting with 2001. In other words, Y refers to 2000, 1 refers to 2001 and 2 refers to 2002.

Match up letters to years again beginning with 2010. Therefore 9 refers to 2009, A refers to 2010 and B refers to 2011.



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Vehicles Transported Back To Canada From The Us By Commercial Carrier

If you are a resident of Canada returning from the U.S. and you intend to have your vehicle delivered to Canada by commercial carrier, there are a number of issues to consider. For more information please visit the CBSA Vehicles transported back to Canada from the U.S. by commercial carrier webpage.

What Is My Vehicle’s Build Date

BMW i3 Electric Cars – PRODUCTION

What Is My Vehicles Build Date?

You can find your vehicles build date by looking at your VIN number located on the drivers side door frame in a month/year format or by standing outside the driver-side windshield and looking through the lower corner of the windshield on the dashboard. The 10th digit of your VIN will determine your vehicles year. You will notice that the Year column skips 30 years. This is so that the current 17 character vehicle identification number system which has been in place for almost 30 years, can continue in use for another 30 years.

Please refer to the chart below to determine your vehicle’s year:


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Vehicle Year On A Car

The vehicle year is the term used in the vehicle register to indicate the year in which the car is manufactured, meaning to say the same as the year model. This is confusing, but the concept is introduced precisely to avoid confusion and mix-ups with the old concept of year model, which can be interpreted differently by consumers and car dealers. So information about the car’s vehicle year indicates only the year in which the car is manufactured, not which model year it is.

Assembled In The Us Does Not Necessarily Mean A Car Or Truck Was Made By Union Workers

For consumers looking to buy made in America vehicles, it’s a fairly simple matter of looking for a one, four or a five to start off the vehicle identification number, also known as the VIN.

Any of the three numerals tells you that the vehicle was assembled in the United States, while a VIN beginning with a 2 indicates it was assembled in Canada and a VIN beginning with a 3 indicates the vehicle was made in Mexico.

The second spot on the VIN tells you who the manufacturer is, while the 11th spot lets you know what plant your vehicle is from.

But the United Auto Workers is hoping consumers will take their car shopping a step further, to ensure their purchase was made by union workers. It’s also hoping car shoppers will consider vehicles made by its union counterparts in Canada.

To that end, the UAW has a 2017 shopping guide that lists cars and other products made by union workers.

It also has a chart so consumers can figure whether a specific vehicle is assembled, as the UAW puts it: “in a plant that has workers who are earning a decent wage and helping their communities remain stable.”

United Auto Workers

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How To Read And Decode Your Cars Vin

If you spend a lot of time under the bonnet and enjoy DIY fixes, you should find out how to read your cars VIN. This will make it easy to find the exact parts for your car, so you can keep your faithful old motor running well for longer.

Here, we look at what each digit in a VIN code means and how it can help you find out more about your car.

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