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How To Salvage A Car

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Find Out The Salvage Value Calculation From The Insurance Company

How to Scrap a Car for $$$

Each insurance company has their own formula to determine the salvage value of a vehicle. As well, the assessor must consider what will happen to the vehicle and the costs associated with disposing of it. These costs are compared to the expense of repairing it to its original condition.

The insurance company will use past auction results for salvage vehicles to determine how much of their costs they can recoup if the car is a total loss. If a specialty vehicle is deemed a total loss, it can often sell for a much higher salvage value at auction than a commonplace vehicle. That means they might be willing to settle for a higher value or at a lower percentage than normal.

Step 1: Contact your insurance company. Call your insurance company to find out what percentage is used in the calculation.

Generally, it is between 75 and 80% but is determined by each insurance company on their own.

There may be additional factors into the percentage above the vehicle repair cost such as rental car charges, part availability, and the type of repair.

If a major component is discontinued and unavailable aftermarket or used, your car may be deemed a total loss at a much lower percentage.

Three More Hurdles: Financing Insurance And Resale

Salvage-title cars also raise issues when it comes to getting a car loan, getting car insurance and reselling the car.

1. You might not be able to get a car loan: Banks and credit unions shy away from car loans on salvage-title vehicles. They worry that cars that suffered enough damage to be declared a total loss might have weakened structural integrity and might not make it through another accident. Another concern is that, down the line, the cars might need a major repair that the borrower wouldn’t be able to pay for, leading to a higher risk of repossession. Banks only want to provide money for vehicles that will last the length of their loans, and salvage vehicles don’t have a great reputation for longevity. Banks are a little more forgiving when it comes to hail damage, which is often more of a cosmetic issue than a mechanical one, but you still might not get all the money you’re looking for.

To avoid being denied a car loan, you might be better off applying for a personal loan.

Getting comprehensive and collision coverage is likely to be more difficult, she said. That’s because an insurance company can’t be sure the vehicle is up to the same safety standards as a car that’s never been declared a total loss. “It could be a claim waiting to happen,” McChristian said.

How To Insure A Salvage Title Car

In most cases, itâs very difficult to get car insurance on a salvage title car that provides more than basic liability coverage. This is because insurers donât have any way to establish an accurate value for the car. They also canât verify that the car has the same safety standards as a car with a clean title. For these reasons, it is almost impossible to get collision or comprehensive coverage on a salvage title car.

If you want to get auto insurance on a salvage title car, you should shop around to see who will insure you and offer the best rates. Some insurers may offer special policies for these cars. But you should generally be prepared to pay more for your insurance than you would for a car with a clean title.

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How Much Should You Spend On A Car

If you read enough personal finance articles, youll notice a theme: rules of thumb.

It seems that for any given question, there are no definitive answers that provide specific numbers just rules of thumb to help guide you to the right answer for your particular financial situation. This can be frustrating, but its necessary not only are your personal circumstances unique, so are your values and financial goals.

When it comes to determining how much money you should spend on a car, there are three rules of thumb you can adhere to. You can plug your own numbers into each of these to come up with a customized answer.

The 10% Rule: Total transportation costs should be less than 10% of your take-home pay.

Ramseys Rule: Dave Ramsey recommends that the total value of all your vehicles should not exceed half your annual income. Like much of Ramseys advice, this is more tailored and applicable to low-income households than medium-income or high-income households.

50/30/20 Rule: This is an overall budgeting rule. 50% of your income goes to essentials, 30% to discretionary spending, and 20% to saving/investing. Using this rule, transportation costs need to fit into the 50%.

Heres an example that works for all three.

If your take-home income is $5,000 per month:

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Remove The License Plates

How Much Can You Get for a Junk Car?

Unlike when you sell a car on Craigslist, selling a car to a salvage yard can result in an immediate pickup situation. If your car is disabled and parked at a location like a service station or tow yard, you could have difficulty getting everyone there at the same time to complete your transaction. Time is money for the tow truck driver thats sent to get your car. Its very easy to overlook important details when everyone is in a hurry.

Be sure to remove the license plates from the car before its towed away. The rules differ in every state regarding what to do with the plates after the sale. In many states, you must return the license plates to the Department of Motor Vehicles before your registration can be canceled. You might not be able to cancel your car insurance policy until the plates and registration have been turned in, as well. In some states, the license plates belong to the owner and can be used on another car that you purchase.

Whats the worst-case scenario that could happen if you leave your license plates on your junk vehicle? They could be stolen and put on another car that is used in the commission of a crime. You definitely dont want to have to deal with the police coming to your door if that happens!

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Get Into Detective Mode

If youre buying a salvage vehicle, you need to go full Sherlock Holmes to unearth every single fact that exists about that vehicle. Break out every trick in the book to find out the vehicles past, its accidents, what fuel it drank, what track it works out at, its go-to breakfast, and its favorite color. This will help you create a historical timeline for the vehicle, which will help you track down any accidents and help you determine if the vehicle is worth purchasing.

What Is A Salvage Car

A salvage car is a car that has been officially classified with a salvage title. Lets break that down into simple terms:

  • Title: A title is the document that officially ties an owner to a vehicle.
  • Branded title: A brand on a title provides crucially important information about the vehicles past, with a priority on trauma. Common brands include: damaged, dismantled, junk, lemon law buyback, prior police, prior taxi, rebuilt, reconditioned, remanufactured, replica, revived junk, revived salvage, salvage, scrap vehicle, totaled, warranty returned, or water damage. These brands, and how they are worded, vary from state to state.
  • Salvage title: A salvage title is a type of branded title that states the car has been through some type of serious trauma, most commonly a major accident, a natural disaster, or theft. In the case of an accident, qualification for a salvage title generally includes repair costs surpassing the value of the vehicle. However, this qualification changes from state to state. For example, Illinois is much more strict, so a vehicle can qualify for a salvage title if it has damage that amounts to repairs costs of one-third or 33 percent of the market value of the vehicle.

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What Are The Risks Of Buying A Car With A Salvage Title

Youll find that there are quite a few drawbacks when it comes to buying a salvage title car. These include:

  • Actual damage could be hidden. Cars with salvage titles could come with hidden damage or a salesperson may understate the full extent of previous damage. And because salvage title cars are bought as-is, you wont have any legal recourse if it turns out things are more serious than you anticipated.
  • May risk your safety. Although not common, there have been some cases of dealers rebuilding salvage cars by using faulty aftermarket parts or other money-saving tactics. If youve found a salvage title car you love, be sure to have it inspected by a trusted mechanic before purchasing it.
  • Difficult to finance. Its difficult to assign a value to a car thats been rebuilt and given a salvage title. You may find it hard to find an auto loan provider willing to extend financing for a car that may break down soon after you purchase it.
  • Insurance premiums are higher. While you might be able to find liability and collision coverage for a salvage title car, youre unlikely to find comprehensive insurance for repairs. And since its difficult to assign an accurate value to a salvage title car, your premium may be higher than normal.
  • Resale value is limited. Dealerships rarely accept salvage title cars as trade-ins. And many private buyers are wary of purchasing a car with a salvage title, so you may find it hard to sell when the time comes.

Get Your Paperwork Together

Finding The Easiest Cars To Fix at Salvage auction

It is usually possible to sell a junk car to a scrapyard without documentation, but you may have to jump through some hoops, and you may also receive less money. However, if you have your proof of ownership documents ready to go, you can transfer ownership to the buyer fast and easy. If your car title is missing, do not panic. Instead, call or visit the Department of Motor Vehicles or similar state vehicle registry. People there should explain the requirements in your area to get a duplicate title or legally sell with no title. Depending on where you live and the age of your vehicle, documentation may not be required, or you may be able to obtain new documentation.

When you go to the DMV, you may be required to submit your license plates to cancel your title. At this time, you should also cancel your existing insurance policy, if applicable. Be sure to check to see if you are entitled to a refund if you paid in advance for full coverage. Do not leave this extra money on the table you are trying to maximize your cash.

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Where Can I Sell My Salvage Title Car

You can sell it to a junkyard, get a low trade-in value from a dealership, try to find an interested buyer in your area or sell your salvage car online with CarBrain. All we need is information about your car to make an offer in 90 seconds. Pictures and the VIN can help us provide the best guaranteed offer, and our quotes are guaranteed for seven days.

Our fast and easy process is what makes us the best site for salvage cars and salvage car sellers. Find out what your car is worth today and sell it in 24-48 hours!

Can I Sell My Salvage Car

Yes. You can, but its not that easy to sell it on your own. Salvage Cars do still have some value, especially theft recoveries. However, most people dont want to buy a car they have to fix, have inspected, change over the title and find insurance for before they can even drive it down the street. There are some adventurous people who are willing to do the work, but they can be hard to find.

Your best bet is to sell it to a Salvage Car buyer like We specialize in buying cars in less-than-perfect condition. Click on the button below, and we will give you a guaranteed offer for your Salvage Car, damaged car or broken-down car. We will even pick up the car for free and pay you on the spot.

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Should I Buy A Salvage Title Car

Buying a salvage title car isnt right for everyone. But you might want to consider it in one of the following situations:

  • You have a mechanical background and can repair minor-to-moderate issues.
  • You know the seller and why the car was deemed a total loss.
  • You plan on driving the car as long as possible, without reselling it.
  • You cant qualify for traditional financing and need to pay cash for a cheap car.

What Is A Salvage Title Car And Should I Buy One

How Can I Get Rid of My Junk Car?

A salvage title car is an official indication that a vehicle has been damaged and is considered a total loss by an insurance company that paid out on a damaged vehicle claim.

In most cases, the vehicle has been involved in a significant accident and the high cost of repairing the vehicle may be more than what it’s worth. In that scenario, the insurance company will declare a total loss, and take repossession of that vehicle.

Looking to recoup its costs, the insurance firm will often resell the vehicle to an auto repair company where the car, truck or SUV is repaired or even rebuilt. By law in most states, the next title on that repaired or rebuilt vehicle is referred to as a salvage title, as a means of letting future potential buyers know the vehicle has been damaged.

Salvage title laws do vary state-to-state, and it’s always advisable to know the facts in your state on a salvage title car before you buy one.

While categories vary on a state-to-state basis, a salvage title may signal a car is damaged in the following ways:

  • The vehicle has collision damage from an accident.
  • The vehicle has experienced fire damage.
  • The vehicle has experienced flooding damage.
  • The car has been stolen, and parts may be missing, and other damage done to the vehicle.
  • The vehicle was formerly a heavily-used taxi, law enforcement vehicle, was returned under a warranty, or has been remanufactured for resale purposes.

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How To Save For A Car

Sometimes, people trying to save money can be penny wise and pound foolish. Theyll clip coupons to save a quarter on toothpaste, but think nothing of paying hundreds of dollars a year in unnecessary banking fees.

While knowing how to save money on small purchases can certainly be part of living a frugal lifestyle, youd have to clip a lot of coupons to save enough for something like a car.

So for larger personal finance goals, you need to understand how to spend wisely in the big three core areas of your budget: housing, education, and transportation.

In this article, Im going to focus on transportation and show you how you can save for your next car faster than you thought was possible.

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  • How To Save For A Car: Summary
  • How To Calculate The Salvage Value Of Your Destroyed Car

    There are which just means they will pay you for the value of the weight of the metal. They will often take off all the extra parts on the car and compress the metal into blocks.

    Im sure youve seen smashed cars somewhere, whether in person, on TV, or online. You can always call these salvage yards directly. While that might appear convenient, the downside is that typically, local scrapyards will not be interested in not more than the scrap value of your vehicle.

    On the other side, there are self-service yards that will be interested in the individual parts of the vehicle. They might offer you a bit more, but its still right around the value of your car in scrap metal.

    Alternatively, you can sell your car with private buyers. They will generally offer you more, however, it may be time consuming to shop around for someone who will purchase your vehicle.

    You will need to use services like the Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, LetGo, or Craigslist in order to find buyers. This constant back-and-forth may be time consuming and more time than youd be able to afford.

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    How To Insure A Car With A Salvage Title

    If you have a car with a salvage title that you’d like to fix up and return to the road, you’ll need to consider your options for insuring it. Again, the rules can vary by state and from insurer to insurer.

    Some insurance companies may be willing to sell you basic liability coverage for a salvage vehicle that’s been rebuilt or restored, while others may not. Depending on the state, you may need to obtain a separate rebuilt or restored vehicle title that certifies the vehicle’s safety before you can get insurance and drive it on the roads.

    If you’re shopping for insurance, take time to compare companies. Look at the premiums they charge for at least the minimum level of coverage that’s required in your state. Also think about whether paying extra for collision and comprehensive coverage is worth it, based on the vehicle’s estimated value.

    Should You Buy A Car With A Salvage Title

    Why Not to Buy a Salvage Car

    If you’re shopping for a low-priced vehicle, you might consider a car with a salvage title or rebuilt/restored title. But there are pros and cons to doing so.

    On the pro side, for example, it may be fairly easy to find a salvaged vehicle for far less than you’d have to pay for a new or more gently used one. So you might consider a salvage title vehicle if you need a car now but don’t have a lot to spend.

    There are some disadvantages, however. For one thing, you could find it difficult to get a car loan for a salvage vehicle. Lenders may be reluctant to finance a vehicle that’s been in an accident or is flood-damaged. If you are able to obtain a loan, it may come with a steep interest rate or a larger down payment requirement. And again, getting insurance on this type of vehicle can be tricky.

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