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How To Sell Your Car In California

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Frequently Asked Questions In California

Sell a Car in California

Can you buy my car without the title in California?

In some cases, yes! In lieu of title or pink slip you will need to be able to present a registration that is not more than one year expired that matches your photo ID. You may also be asked to sign additional power of attorney or affidavit documents to complete the sale. Also note that offers for vehicles with no title are often significantly lower than those with a valid title.

What if my title doesnât look like the one pictured?

California often changes their title documents from year to year. If you have questions about your specific title, please contact your California DMV.

Do I need to turn in my licence plates?

Yes, unless you are transferring the plates to a new vehicle. You can return the plates to your local DMV office.

What should I do about my auto insurance?

You will need to notify your auto insurance company that you have sold the vehicle so they can either cancel your policy if the vehicle was sold, or transfer/renew the policy on your new vehicle.

Is there anything else I need to do?

Fill out form REG139 Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability and submit it to the department of motor vehicles within five calendar days.

Duplicate Registration In California

Although the buyer can technically just apply for his or her own vehicle registration card, it’s recommended that you have your own official card before attempting to sell your car in California.

To obtain a duplicate, submit a completed Application for Replacement Plates, Stickers, Documents to the CA DMV. You will need to supply the following information:

  • License plate number.

How Do I Sell My Car For A Good Price In Los Angeles

The fastest way to sell your car for a good price in Los Angeles is to get an Edmunds instant appraisal. The offer is good for seven days at participating dealerships. You can also get a good price by selling it yourself, but it will take longer and you’ll need to be OK dealing with strangers. Learn more

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Other Forms You Might Need Under Certain Circumstances

For most car sales, you will only need the forms above. There are certain circumstances where you will need more forms.

For example, if you are trying to sell a commercial vehicle, you might need a or a Combined Gross Vehicle Weight Form REG 4008.

If your car happens to be under a lien, then you need a lienholders release. There are sections on this form where you will need the lienholders signature. If your name is misspelled or there is a mistake on your car title, you will need a Statement of Error or Erasure REG 101.

If your car is missing any registration sticker, a license plate, or any other important documentation, then you will need an Application for Replacement Plates, Stickers, Documents Form REG 156.

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How to Sell a Car in California: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

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Your Car Might Need An Inspection

Your car might need to be inspected before you sell in. Most consumer guides would recommend that the buyer have their car inspected by a licensed technician before its sold. It is usually the buyers responsibility to pay for this inspection.

Since it is still your car during this time, you might need to work out an arrangement to accommodate any requests from the buyer. If you dont want to go to a mechanic, you can get a mobile inspection.

Youll want to keep any documentation from this inspection, especially if the mechanic finds any concerning issues.

Requirements For Selling A Vehicle In California

As a car seller, there are certain rules that must be followed. Check out car the seller requirements, as mandated by California.

For car sellers, the California DMV requires the following:

  • Release of your ownership of the vehicle. To do this, you must sign the designating line on the title certificate. Additionally, lien holders must also sign the title, if this applies to your vehicle sale.
  • A current as well as valid smog certificate, if this applies to your sale.
  • It is not necessary for you to get a certificate, if you have a car renewal that is within the 90-day time frame and you offer a smog certificate at that time. You will need to sign a document stating this.
  • For a vehicle that is four-years-old or less, you do not have to offer a smog certificate to the buyer.
  • The odometer statement. You need to submit this, if the car is less than 10 years old.
  • Additionally, you are able to submit this document two ways. You can add this to the certificate of title or you can submit this on a completedVehicle/Vessel Transfer and Reassignment which is Form REG 262. Click here to get the form!
  • After the sale of your vehicle and you submit all of the required documents, you have to notify the CA Department of Motor Vehicles that you no longer own the car.

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    Fill Out The Paperwork

    Once you and a buyer have agreed on a sale price, the final step is to complete the transaction.

    To do this, both parties need to fill out the title and form REG 262 together. Once the seller has accepted payment, make sure to take your license plates off the vehicle.

    From here, both parties will need to report the sale to the DMV. The seller has five days to do this, whereas the buyer has ten. Fortunately for each, this report can quickly be completed online. Alternatively, it can also be done in person at the DMV if youre turning in your plates.

    A Little Extra Work But Still Quite Manageable

    How To Sell A Used Car In California – Timely Tips

    As you can see, there is a little more paperwork and bureaucracy to take care of if youre selling your car in California, but as long as you know all the necessary documents that are required and you make sure you dont miss any, its not such a big deal.

    Other than a few extra bits of paperwork that you need to take care of, selling a car in California is much like selling a car anywhere else. And by following the steps in our guide, you should be able to complete the process with no issues.

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    The California Smog Certificate

    Unless your vehicle is exempt, you need a valid smog certificate before you can sell it in California. The certificate proves that your car is compliant with local emissions laws it is normally acquired by the seller and has a validity of 90 days.

    The following vehicles are exempt:

    • Cars made in 1975 or earlier
    • Cars less than four years old
    • Hybrid cars
    • Cars that run on natural gas

    Receive A Star Smog Certification

    For California residents near Arroyo Grande, one part of the selling process is to receive a STAR smog certificate. To get this certificate, sellers need to have their emissions tested by a qualified STAR testing station. Please also be aware that this certification is only available for 90 days.

    Some vehicles are exempt from this process. These vehicles include natural gas cars, hybrids, electric, diesel, and any cars produced within the past four years. Vehicles that were produced before 1975 are also exempt from the process.

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    Why Do Dmvs In Some States Buy Cars

    We know what youre probably thinking at this point: Why do some states have DMVs that buy cars and not others? It really all depends on where a state stands when it comes to air pollution and trying to eliminate as much of it as they can.

    This is why California is big on buying cars through their DMV. There has been a huge push in California to get older cars that pollute the environment off the road. The state has tried to do this by imposing strict smog checks on cars. Those who own a car in California have to haveroutine smog checks done to keep their registrations up to date.

    The state of California has also tried to get old cars off the road by making it possible for people to learn how to sell a car to the DMV. Theyve put programs in place that are designed to help people sell their cars to the DMV for cash so that they can buy something newer that wont pollute the air like old cars do.

    How To Sell A Car In California

    How to Sell a Car in California: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

    Whether you live in the Bay area, the Central Valley, Southern California, or the desert or mountains of Eastern California if you are thinking about privately selling your used car or truck, youve come to the right place. With an estimated 15 million registered trucks and cars in the state of California, it is no wonder that thousands of private car owners from the Golden State have used Autotrader to sell their car. Below, weve outlined below the 6 steps required to sell a car in the state of California. Remember, most U.S. states consider the vehicle title a legal document which is why it is advised to use the legal names of both parties involved along with legible handwriting using a black or blue ink. Mistakes, errors and using white out may void the document so be careful and take your time filling it out.

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    Tips For Selling Your Car In California

    If youd like more information on how to sell your car for cash nearby, or how to trade in and trade up to a new Ford model, visit our Roseville Ford dealer. We can show you tips for selling your car in Roseville, CA, and help you find the best solution for your car-selling needs. Youll need the following to sell a vehicle in California:

    • The vehicle and all keys/remotes
    • The car’s owner’s manual

    Prepare The Necessary Documents

    The first step in selling your car is to collect all the necessary documents. As well as the documents we have already mentioned, you may need some or all of the following:

    • Vehicle/Vessel Transfer and Reassignment Form REG 262
    • Odometer reading if the car is under 10 years old
    • Maintenance records if you have them
    • Bill of sale
    • Any warranties that are still valid
    • As-is documents confirming that the new owner is responsible for all repairs

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    How To Sell A Car In California The Easiest Way

    Selling a used car in California is far from a straightforward affair. This legislation-heavy state has a lot of restrictions and requirements when it comes to selling used vehicles, especially if they arent eco-friendly.

    If you want to get a used car off your hands, you might wonder how to sell a car in California the easiest way. Let us break the answer down for you in detail.

    Gathering What You Need

    Sell Your Car Fast with
  • 1Get the official DMV transfer forms. When a car changes ownership in California , the DMV considers this a “transfer.” The DMV uses certain forms to document transfers. You’ll need official copies of the following forms to legally complete the sale:XResearch source
  • California Application for Duplicate Title Form REG 227. You can download and print this form online here.XResearch source If you have your original title, you can just use that you don’t need a duplicate title form.
  • Vehicle/Vessel Transfer and Reassignment Form REG 262. This form isn’t available online because it is printed on special security paper. To get it, you need to call the DMV at 1-800-777-0133 and request to have a copy mailed to you.XResearch source If you do not need to disclose the odometer reading , you may download and print a Bill of Sale REG 135 form or a Power of Attorney REG 260 form.
  • 2Be prepared to provide smog certification if your car isn’t exempt. Selling many cars requires up-to-date certification from a STAR smog test station. You can search for STAR stations near you here.XResearch source Smog certifications are valid for 90 days you must complete the sale within this time or get re-tested. Note, however, that many cars do not need smog certification when sold. Cars that do not need to be tested include:XResearch source
  • “Hybrid” cars
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    How To Sell A Car Quickly In 7 Simple Steps

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  • 7. Close the deal
  • Turn your car into cash with minimum hassle by pricing it strategically, advertising it on the right site, and sorting the serious buyers from the tire kickers.

    Heres how to remove the stress and maximize the cash when you sell your car privately, rather than trading it in to a dealer.

    Can You Write Your Own Bill Of Sale

    If you want to make your own bill of sale document, youâll typically want to include the following information:

    • Date of vehicle sale.
    • The sellerâs full name and address.
    • The buyerâs full name and address.
    • Purchase amount.
    • The vehicleâs year, make and model.
    • The vehicle identification number .
    • The mileage on the vehicleâs odometer.
    • Vehicle warranty information, if applicable.
    • Signatures of both the buyer and the seller.

    After both parties sign the bill of sale, make a copy or take a picture of it. The buyer should keep the original bill of sale.

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    To Transfer A Title You Will Always Need:

    Depending on the type of transfer , you might need to complete and submit additional forms .

    Submit your title transfer paperwork and fee to a DMV office or by mail to:

    DMVSacramento, CA 94269

    What Documents Do You Need To Sell Your Car In California

    6 Easy Steps to Sell a Car in California

    Every state has varying requirements but selling a used car in California may take a few extra steps than in some other states. Youll need to:

    • Fill out the official Department of Motor Vehicles transfer forms.
    • Get a smog certification.
    • Complete the California certificate of title.
    • Odometer reading
    • Any valid warranties or as-is documents
    • Maintenance records

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    Submit All Forms To The Dmv

    When you and buyer have reviewed all the paper, you will turn all the forms over the DMV. This makes your transfer request officially registered and logged.

    You will want to report this transfer to the DMV within five days on the transfer. You can do this online here. You will need the last five digits of the VIN, your cars license plate number, and the new owners name and address.

    Get A Valid Smog Certification

    In most cases, youll need to obtain a valid smog certification in order to sell a car in California. Youll need to go to a STAR station, which sets the smog certification standards for California. You can use this tool to find a qualified smog check station.

    The smog certification is valid within 90 days, so you want to make sure it lines up with the timing of the sale. There are certain situations where you may not need a smog inspection. For example, if you have an electric vehicle, your car is less than eight years old or is from 1975 or older, youre exempt from this process.

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    • Receive Price Alert emails when price changes, new offers become available or a vehicle is sold.
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    Make the most of your shopping experience!

    How Much Can You Make Selling A Car To The Dmv

    LHM Dodge Ram Peoria – Sell Us Your Car for CA$H!

    You might be under the impression that figuring out how to sell a car to the DMV isnt going to be worth your time. Most people naturally assume that the DMV isnt going to give them hardly any money for their cars, especially when their cars arent in good shape at all.

    But youll be happy to know that, once youre able to find out how to sell a car to the DMV, you could get paid handsomely for doing it. In California, the DMV routinely pays between $1,000 and $1,500 for old cars. The Bureau of Automotive Repair has aConsumer Assistance Program that has been set up to pay people top dollar for their cars to entice them to get rid of these cars once and for all.

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