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How To Start A Car With A Dead Battery

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How to Jump Start a Car with a Dead Battery

If your car’s battery is dead, you can jumpstart it with the help of a second vehicle. Pull the working vehicle up so the hoods of the two cars are just a few inches apart. Be sure to leave some space between them. The vehicles should be close enough so the jumper cables can reach between the two vehicles but not so close that the two cars touch.

For best results, the two car batteries should have a similar voltage. You can confirm that the numbers are the same or close by reading the specifications on the top of the batteries. If the working vehicle has a significantly higher voltage, jumping the battery could damage the other car. In that case, consider asking another driver to help instead.

How To Jump Start A Car

To rule out dead battery, your best course of action is to jump start your vehicle using jumper cables and a healthy battery from another vehicle, or using a battery booster if available.

Requirements: The engine of both the vehicles should be off, and the transmission in Park.

  • Connect the red cable to the positive terminal of the dead battery.
  • Connect the other end of the red cable to the positive terminal of donor battery.
  • Connect the black cable to the negative terminal of donor battery.
  • Finally connect the other end of the black cable to any bare unpainted metal part of the body or engine of your dead battery vehicle.Safety warning: Connecting black cable directly to the negative terminal of the dead battery in the last step can ignite flammable gases from the battery due to sparks.
  • Start the engine.
  • Remove the cables in the reverse order.
  • Warning: There is always a risk of burning up the alternator or other electrical components if the engine of the donor battery vehicle is running during jump start. Therefore it is recommended to keep the engine of the donor vehicle off when jump starting your vehicle.

    Get A Portable Battery Charger

    For your information, the push start method is not suitable for an automatic car when its battery gets dead. This method is only suitable for manual cars when you need two to three people to push your car when it stops. If your car stops suddenly due to a dead battery, you can use a portable battery charger. It is recommended to all automatic car drivers to keep a battery charger with them.

    The portable battery charger helps you to charge your cars battery as it must be included in your roadside emergency toolkit. You just need to plug the battery in the cigarette lighter and wait for about twenty minutes to get the battery charged fully.

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    How To Start A Car With Jumper Cables

    To start your car like this, you have to use specific jumper cables for batteries, with crocodile battery clips like the ones you can see in the following picture. Then, you need to follow these steps:

  • The other car should be close to the car with a dead battery but they cannot touch and both should be turned off. If your car has an automatic transmission, check that the gear shifter is in P .
  • Attach one end of the red jumper cable clamp to the positive terminal on the dead battery, and then attach the other cable clamp to the positive terminal on the working battery. Both cars will be connected through this cable which goes from one positive terminal to another positive terminal of each battery. Take into account that while you connect them, the positive end of the cable and the negative one must never touch each other.
  • Attach the black jumper cable clamp to the negative terminal of the working cars battery and attach the other end to any solid, metallic piece of the car with the dead battery, away from the battery . Like this, both cars will be completely connected.
  • Start the car with the working battery like you normally would and leave the engine running for a few minutes without accelerating.
  • Start the car with the dead battery like you normally would and leave the car engine at idle speed.
  • If the car with the dead battery stops working, you may accelerate slightly .
  • Ten Steps To Jump Start A Car

    4 Step Approach To Jump Start A Dead Battery
  • Before starting, make sure any electrical systems or devices in the vehicle with the dead battery are switched off and if possible, lower the drivers window.
  • Park the second vehicle as close to the casualty vehicle as possible, without the vehicles touching, ensuring the jump leads will comfortably reach from one battery to the other.
  • Ensure both vehicles engines are switched off, remove the ignition keys and open their bonnets .
  • Attach one end of the red jump lead to the positive terminal on the flat battery. The positive terminal will usually have a red plastic cover with a plus symbol on it. Pull the cover back to access the terminal.
  • Then attach the other end of the red jump lead to the positive terminal of the good battery on the second vehicle.
  • Attach one end of the black jump lead to the negative terminal of the good battery.
  • Then attach the other end of the black jump lead to a good earth point on the casualty vehicle a solid metal part of the engine is usually best.
  • Now attempt to start the casualty vehicle. If it doesnt start after a few attempts, it might be more serious than a flat battery. In this event, seek professional help by .
  • If it does start, leave it running for about five minutes.
  • Switch off the casualty vehicle, disconnect the negative jump lead then check the engine starts again okay. Disconnect the remaining jump leads.
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    By Step Procedure To Jump Start The Car By Portable Jump Starter

    Below is the step-by-step procedure of jump-starting a car without another car through a portable jump starter by yourself.

    Step 1. Be Ready

    Do not smoke near the battery. Make sure the car is away from flammable material.This is a DangerKeep the dangling clothes, jewelry, bracelet, face away from the battery.

    Step 2. Make The Connections

  • Put the positive lead on the batterys positive post and negative lead on an unpainted clean car frame or engine block .
  • Make sure the jump starter leads are firmly connected.
  • Turn on the jump starter.
  • This is an InfoYou can connect the jump starter negative lead to the cars dead battery negative terminal, but engineers dont recommend it. The chances are it could spark and cause a fire.

    Step 3. Power The Ignition

    Now crank the engine for a short time.

    It should start in the first attempt.

    If it doesnt start, then wait for few minutes to try again.

    This is a TipYou do not need to crank the engine for a long period of time, it could damage the starter motor and also rapidly discharges the portable jump starter.This is an InfoThe portable jump starter does not charge your cars battery but rather provides necessary amperage to the starter motor to crank the engine and start it.

    Actions To Take After Jump Starting

    After the engine starts, turn off and remove the jump starter.

    Let the car run for 15-20 minutes to charge the battery.

    Recharge the jump starter for 3-4 hours for the next usage.

    How To Start A Car With A Dead Battery

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    One of the most common issues that car owners are faced with is having a dead battery. Whats even more frustrating is that this tends to happen during those times when you least expect it. For instance, when youre on your way to an important meeting, you head towards the drivers seat in a rush only to find out that your car cant start.

    A dead battery is a common problem and it can happen to anyone. Whether its because your battery is already old or you left the lights turned on the whole day, there are many reasons why you could end up with a dead battery.

    So if you find yourself in this situation, heres what you should do.

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    How To Start Car With Dead Battery

    Both automobiles ignitions should be turned off. Clamp one end of the positive cable to the positive clamp on the dead battery. Now have a helper attach the other end of that line to the positive clamp on the second battery. Next, connect the negative cable to the good batterys negative connector.

    Similarly, How do you manually start a car with a dead battery?

    A bump start is easy in theory: turn the key in the ignition, engage the clutch, shift into gear, and begin moving ahead. When youve gained sufficient speed, pop the clutch and the engine should ignite.

    Also, it is asked, How do you start a dead car?

    Connect the red clamp to the dead batterys positive post . Connect the black clamp to a metal surface on the vehicles frame that is unpainted and grounded. Turn the jump-starter on as indicated once everything is connected. Start the automobile after a minute or two.

    Secondly, Can you start a car without a starter?

    A drained or weak battery is the most common cause of automobile failure to start. Providing enough amps to the starter will allow it to work properly, which will allow the engine to start. You may jump start a car by using the battery and jumper wires from another vehicle or by using a portable jump starter.

    Also, How do you jump-start a car at home?

    People also ask, How do you charge a dead car battery?

    Related Questions and Answers

    What If The Car Dies After You Remove The Cables

    How to Start a Car with a Dead Battery (4 WAYS)

    If your car fails to stay running after you disconnect the wires, you likely have a problem with the charging system, says Hines. Your alternator could be going bad, or there could be damage to one of your engines accessory belts or pulleys. Inspect the engine bay for any damage, and consult a professional if you cant remedy the problem.

    How Can I Tell If My Battery Is Going Bad?

    Most car batteries aren’t designed to last more than four or five years. Good news is, your car will show signs of a failing battery before it clonks out for good. If your car is sluggish to start, doesn’t start after a limited amount of time sitting, or has pulsating dash lights, your battery is likely on its way out. Consult a professional to find out for sure.

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    How To Start A Car With A Dead Battery Without Another Car

    You might want to go somewhere, you are ready and your car doesnt start. Oh, God! your car battery is dead.

    How many of you have faced this kind of situation in your life? Well, i have faced these kinds of situations many times. But these kinds of situations may not be worrisome if you find someone with a car and intends to help you.

    But what if you dont find anyone with a car?

    What if you are in the middle of an empty road, and you cant find any other car?

    These kinds of difficult situations can arise too.

    In such cases, you have to find out how to start a dead battery without another car. This article below explains the ways how to start a car with a dead battery without another car.

    Connect The Negative Cables

    Once the positive cables have been connected, you now need to connect the negative cables. These are usually black in colour and have a minus sign marked on them. First, connect the negative cable to the negative terminal on the support battery. Once this is done, connect the other end of the cable to an earthing point on the car with the flat battery.

    This needs to be an unpainted piece of metal on either the chassis or engine, far away from the flat battery or any fuel lines. Dont connect this end to the negative terminal on the flat battery as this can cause sparks.

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    What Causes A Dead Car Battery

    A dead car battery can come about because of a lot of different reasons, such as:

    • An electrical component stayed on when the engine was off
    • The car hasnt been used driven for a long time
    • The vehicles alternator isnt charging the battery
    • Corroded terminals reduce the charge the battery can receive
    • Low temperatures during cold weather might have frozen the battery
    • Very high temperatures in hot weathermight haveweakened the battery

    Bridging Two Batteries Using Tools

    How to Start a Car with a Dead Battery?

    You can also jump start a car without another car by bridging two batteries using tools.

    In this fast method, a spare battery is linked together with a dead battery to boost the power of the dead battery to start the car.

    If the tip of the lead-acid battery is turned upside down, the chance is that you can spill out the acid from the battery, which can cause chemical harm to your hand as well as damaging the car parts.

    In case, you do not have a maintenance-free and spill-free battery to flip upside down, you can use the normal lead-acid battery to bridge with a dead battery by using tools such as a spanner.

    The best way to jump-start a lead-acid battery is by putting it on the side by side to a dead battery, using tools to bridge the gap between dead and boost battery.

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    After The Leads Have Been Removed

    Restart the engine on the casualty vehicle.

    The battery will need to recharge fully for it to be fully serviceable, which is best achieved using a quality battery charger for several hours.

    In the meantime, if possible, drive the vehicle normally for around 30 mins to try to put some charge back into the battery.

    Place The Black Clamp On A Grounded Surface On The Vehicle With The Dead Battery

    A grounded surface is any unpainted metal part of the vehicles frame. It should be easy to locate a section of your vehicles frame on which to place the black clamp. It is very important to place the black clamp on a grounded surface instead the negative post on the vehicle with the dead battery. Check the following video guide for a very simple demonstration of how to attach clamps:

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    Drive To The Nearest Mechanic Or Call Safety Services To Help You Out

    If you used these tips and managed to turn on your vehicle again, your next step should be going to the nearest mechanic and see what caused the problem. You may have heroically defeated the dead battery, but its more important to stay safe. These methods should only be used in extreme circumstances when theres no other way to move from the spot youre in. In every other case, you should call a towing company to tow you away and save you from hurting yourself or damaging the car.

    Use A Battery Booster Pack

    How to Push-Start a Car with a Dead Battery

    This is my personal recommendation because I have used it many times. Several years ago I was on my way from Florida to New Jersey. To my chagrin, things went bad pretty much right away.

    After the first time I filled up with gas my truck wouldnt start again. So I used my booster pack to get my truck running again. I hopped back on Interstate 95 and continued driving, everything was fine.

    A few hours later my son had to use the bathroom, so I pulled off at a rest area. After a little stretching and a snack, we were ready to get back on the road click, click, click, click.battery was dead again.

    At this point, I knew my battery was bad and needed to be replaced. However, I continued to New Jersey, stopping as little as possible because every time I did, I had to jump the car. My point is the booster pack allowed me 1) to be completely independent. I didnt have to rely on anyone else to get my car started, and 2) I was able to finish my trip. In addition to allowing you to get yourself going a booster pack is the safest way to jump a car.

    As you are probably aware most newer cars have very sophisticated computers and electronics. A booster pack delivers a safe amount of voltage to your battery and lessens the chances of burning out the electronics in your car.

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    How To Safely Remove The Jump Leads

  • Switch off the engines on both vehicles
  • Disconnect the black jump lead that is connected to the casualty vehicle
  • Disconnect the other end of the black jump lead from the second vehicle
  • Disconnect the red jump lead that is connected to the second vehicle
  • Disconnect the other end of the red jump lead from the battery on the casualty vehicle
  • S To Safely Jumpstart A Dead Car Battery

    Time to take on the day! You rush to your trusty vehicle and crank the ignition, only to be answered with the dreaded click. Your cars battery is dead and you need to revive it: FAST. Luckily, youve got this blog post by your side! Read on to learn how to safely, and quickly, jumpstart a battery and get back on your way.

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    Ways To Revive A Dead Car Battery

    Unfortunately, it is impossible to reverse hard sulfation, but it does one good to note, regarding products and services claiming to reverse sulfation, there is no real proof to back up their claims. Still, if you have a dead car battery, there are several things that you can try to get yourself back on the road, even if its straight to a repair shop or auto parts store for a new battery. Vehicles started using these methods should not be shut off until a new car battery can be obtained, and a couple of these methods will finish off the battery, anyway.

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