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How To Tint Car Windows

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Window Tint Laws In Different States

How To: Properly Apply Window Tint

Each state has its own laws governing window tinting, which may also be broken down by different regions. These laws are designed to make it easier for law enforcement to work safely if theres an emergency. If you violate the tinting laws in your state, you could get a ticket and be required to remove the tint.

In Oregon, for example, you are legally allowed to tint the side windows, rear windows and the top six inches of the windshield. For side and rear windows, the law states that the tinting material must:

  • Have a light transmittance of 50 percent or more.
  • Have a light reflectance of 13 percent or less.
  • Allow total light transmittance of 35 percent or more.

On the windshield, tinting material can have a light transmittance below 50 percent and total light transmittance through the tinted part of the window can be less than 35 percent, provided the tint is only at the top six inches.

The exceptions to Oregon law include multipurpose passenger vehicles or individuals with a written statement from a licensed physician or optometrist.

Fortunately, a professional window tint installer will know the laws as well, and they are legally required to give you a certificate proving that your tinting material is in compliance with the state law.

How Does Window Tint Installation Work

The first step of the window tinting process is to clean and prep your windows. Next, a thin sheet of tinting film is cut to perfectly fit the window, applied using a bonding agent, and smoothed out with a squeegee to eliminate wrinkles or bubbles. Lastly, the applicator will trim the edges of the dyed film in order to provide a perfect fit.

Ceramic Window Tint Film

HOW TO TINT CAR WINDOWS | The ceramic Tint Car Window provides excellent protection against harmful UV rays and solar heat. These materials keep the car nice and cool in the summertime while still providing you with an attractive exterior for your ride! Its the newest, most expensive tinting film. There is also super resistant to scratches or fading over time- so it will last longer than others on the market today.

  • Pros: excellent protection from UV and heat, classy matt finish, Tough and hardwearing.
  • Cons: Expensive & available at specialist manufacturers.

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Remove The Moisture From The Glass

Wipe the glass with the squeegee or lint-free cloth. Although the squeegee removes water from glass surfaces, it might not work great to reach the edges of the window. In this case, you will need to use the rag.

Apart from the glass, try to remove dirt from the space under the window seals. For maximum reach, wrap the cloth around your finger and slide it below the seals.

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Which Windows Are Tinted

A basic tinting job should cover every window of the vehicle except the sunroof and the windshield. This means all side windows, including the triangle windows, and the rear window. The average price should reflect parts and labor to tint all of these windows. It should also include a minimum of a one-year warranty against bubbling, cracking, and peeling. However, some films come with a lifetime warranty.

Things To Consider When Choosing Window Tint

Think about your motivation, safety and above all your states tint laws before choosing the type and VLT percentage.

  • Windows that are too dark can impact your visibility while driving, especially at night.
  • Blocking UV rays and IR light extends the life of seats, carpets, dash pad and trim.
  • Cooler interiors reduce air conditioning usage, increasing fuel economy.
  • Tinted windows can add appeal and enhance the appearance to your ride.
  • Tinted windows add privacy.

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Cut The Film Into The Shape Of The Window

Now start cutting the outline of the film into the shape of the window. Start with the bottom of the window and move onto the sides. Save the top of the window for last. Make sure to cut the film at least 1/2″ to 1/4″ from the window gasket and the other window borders.

Once you reach the top, roll down the window a few inches. Now start cutting the top of the film while keeping within 1/2″ to 1/4″ of the window’s edge.

At this pointâeven after using the squeegeeâyou might notice some “fingers” or bunchy areas on the window film. You can try to squeegee them out. But you can also use a heat gun to further adhere the film to the glass and get rid of bunchy areas for good.

Once you are satisfied with the smoothness and shape of the film as you have applied it on the outside of the window, take off the film from the outside of the car window.

Does Suntek Tint Fade

How to Remove Window Tint (Full Guide)

Engineered to meet todays performance demands, with non-metal, nano-hybrid carbon tint technology. Scientifically formulated for a non-reflective, true black finish that will not fade over time. Keeps solar heat, UV and infrared rays at bay for cooler driving comfort and less exposure to fading, damaging effects.

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Why Are Tinted Windows Illegal

While it makes sense to tint car windows to reduce glare and help control the temperature inside the vehicle, using a tint that is too dark is both a safety hazard and a security issue. That is why the law stipulates that the maximum allowable tint is 30 per cent. It is, however, a law that is widely ignored.

How To Apply Window Tint Film In 8 Simple Steps

While many people prefer to have aftermarket tints applied by a professional, it is possible to apply it yourself if you have the right tools. Below, we provide practical steps on how to apply window tint film.

What Youll Need

  • Metal file
  • Microfibre cloth, squeegee and window razor
    • Step 5: Carefully press the film on to the inside of the window, using a plastic card to push it into the corners. You should work your way from the middle outward, forcing the air towards the edges. A heat gun will help keep the film pliable until youre happy youve removed all the creases and air pockets just remember to apply it to the outside of the glass so as not to melt the film.
    • Step 6: Use a metal file on the edge of the window to ensure a smooth and rounded finish. This will help prevent the film from becoming unstuck when the window is moved up or down.

    Additional tips: When youre applying the tinting film to the rear window or windscreen, itll make it easier if you roll it onto the glass from one side to the other. You should also give the film time to cure and set, so avoid winding the windows down or using wipers for two days after application.

    Remember, while applying window tints at home is doable, you may get a better finish by leaving it up to the pros. If youd prefer to do it yourself, wed recommend watching some in-depth guides on YouTube to gain knowledge, tips and expertise from professional tint specialists.

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    What Are The Different Types Of Window Tints

    There are several types, each with specific features, characteristics and properties.

    • Dyed: Mostly used for appearance and privacy.
    • Metalized: Embedded with metallic particles that reflect heat and UV radiation.
    • Hybrid: Combines the best characteristics of dyed and metalized tints.
    • Carbon: Micro layers of polymer and carbon reduce UV and IR.
    • Ceramic: Highest quality and most technologically advanced tint available.

    You can purchase window tint pre-cut for your vehicle, or on a roll that you cut to fit.

    What Is Window Tint

    Car Window Tinting Near Me: How to Find a Window Tinting ...

    Most newer cars offer safety glass thats coated or treated to provide some window tinting to keep out harmful ultraviolet rays. Aftermarket window tinting is a method of applying a thin film to the interior surface of a vehicles windows. This material is designed to darken a cars windows to block UV light and reduce glare from the sun and headlights.

    Car window tint film is available in a variety of materials and shades. A standard performance measurement used for car window tinting is visible light transmission. A darker shade of car tinting has a lower percentage of light transmission. The tint affects how much light gets into the car and plays a part in reducing glare and how well a driver can see.

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    How To Prep Your Car For Window Tinting

    If youre looking for car upgrades to improve your driving experience, window tinting can be an excellent option. Typically, window tints are useful for several reasons. Aside from enhancing the looks of your ride, they can also prolong its lifespan and protect it against natural elements, like UV radiation.

    However, getting your vehicles windows tinted can be an overwhelming decision. There are some things to consider to ensure a desirable outcome. These can include preparing your car for the process. If you fail to make the necessary preparations, you might deal with poor tint installation.

    Read on to learn how to prep your car for window tinting.

    Is Tinting Your Windows Illegal

    Tinting is permitted only along the top 5 inches of the windshield. Side and rear windows may not be covered or treated with tinting that allows a light transmittance of less than 35%. Reflective material is not permitted on any vehicle windows. All windows except the rear window must contain 2-way glass.

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    Clean Your Car Windows

    The next step would be to find a way to clean your car windows as thoroughly as possible for them to be dust-free. Most consumers use soapy water to clean the outside of their window prior to the installation, With this purpose in mind, simple all-purpose cleaners arent the best choice as they can leave a residue that can interfere with the films ability to stick to the window itself. The best way to go about it is to use a dedicated glass cleaner or dish soap and water compared to all-purpose cleaners.

    Wash both the top of the window and bottom of the window inside and out, then wash them again. After that, youll want to do this at least three times on each window that youll be tinting. The adhesive could have difficulty due to any small amount of dust and debris on the glass. The film could also end up with air bubbles under those circumstances.

    Measure Each Window Tints

    How to tint a rear window on a car (ONE PIECE INSTALLATION)

    How easy is it to tint windows on your car? Well, that largely depends on your accuracy when measuring and cutting the film. Before you can start applying window tint, youll need to measure each window that youre going to tint.

    Grab the roll of tinting film and lay it over the outside of your cars window make sure to spray the window down with water first. This will make shifting the film into the right position easier.

    Cut the film off the roll along the edge of the door and youll be ready to cut. Grab your knife, straight razor blade, or clean and unused box cutter, then cut the film along the window lines and remove the excess. Now youll have a sheet of window tint over the glass.

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    Be Aware Of Local Laws

    Before you do anything related to tinting your windows, make sure youre not going to run afoul of local laws and regulations. Many areas have a limit on how dark you can tint your windows, which is usually set around the percentage of visible light that can make it through. For example, 20 percent tint means that 80 percent of visible light has been blocked, which is a fairly dark tint. Law enforcement has zero chill when it comes to window tint that is too dark, and tempting fate here could net you a ticket or slashed window tint if the officer is having a bad day.

    With that out of the way, lets do this!

    When Youll Need A Heat Gun

    A heat gun is not always necessary but is extremely helpful when tinting curved windows. Its also helpful in removing air bubbles. If you need to use a heat gun, during step 4 when the tint is being sized to the outside of the window and has excess film on each side, youll want to heat the film and use a card to work out air bubbles and excess water. Begin at the top and work your way down to the bottom of the window. The heat will begin to stretch and smooth the tint so that it fits a curved window properly.

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    Cutting And Measuring Your Tint

  • 1Spray the outside of the window with soapy water. The water will help the tinting temporarily adhere, but still make it slippery enough to slide around and put into place.XResearch source
  • 2Place the tinting over the outside of the window so that it covers the entire window. Unroll your tinting so that it covers the entire window, with at least 2-3″ of extra tinting over the edges. The liner , should be facing you.
  • Make sure you do not remove the liner — you’re just sizing and pressing the tinting right now, now adhering it.
  • Our Expert Agrees: The simplest method for sizing the tinting is to place it over the outside of the window. You’ll cut the correct size, and then you move the tinting to the inside for adhesion. Make sure you’re sizing the tinting in reverse. Tinting only has one usable side, so you need to size and cut the tinting in the opposite direction so that it fits properly on the inside.

  • 3Cut away a manageable slab of tinting. You should have a few inches of extra tint in every direction, but you don’t want to be maneuvering the entire roll of film while working. Use a precision knife or blade to cut a usable square of tinting film from the larger role.XResearch source
  • 4Spray the front of the film with water. Once the tint is cut into a square, it should stick to the water on the outside of the window. You should then spray the tint itself so that the entire thing is covered in a thin layer of soapy water.XResearch source
  • Carbon Window Tint Cost

    Window Tint Removal Cost

    Carbon tint contains carbon particles that can help block infrared light very effectively. The carbon helps keep interiors cooler. The film will not quickly fade compared to dyed films. Carbon film doesnt have any metal, so the issue with cell phones and radio transmission doesnt arise when used. However, the carbon can create glare and haze that make it difficult to see the road outside your car. Carbon window tint costs more than dyed film. Rayno recently formulated a new type of carbon film that contains nano-scale-sized carbon particles. Rayno MonoCarbon is a 2-ply true carbon-based film with a highly concentrated coating layer. This film makes the outside look clearer without any haziness vs. other carbon films. And best of all, it has a beautiful, black shade. In addition, this product is more affordable than Raynos Phantom series film.

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    Does The Tint Come With A Warranty

    If you buy tint without a warranty, and they start to peel and crack the first time a seagull decides to use your car as a toilet, youre not going to be happy. And god forbid a pelican takes aim at your windshield. Those things are savage. Many window tint brands offer a warranty at no extra cost. Buying warrantied tints not only covers you for faulty materials, it gives you confidence that the tints youre buying are high-quality. After all, businesses dont like losing money. If they offer a warranty, that likely means they are confident in their product and you can be too.

    How To Tint A Car Window

    Jason Unrau

    Window tint is a popular car customization today. It is used for several reasons, including:

    • Increased visibility by reducing glare and the bright sun
    • Privacy while you are inside your vehicle
    • Protection from the suns UV rays
    • Security from theft of your belongings

    Your windows can be tinted in three different ways, as shown in the table below:

    • Tip: Visible Light Transmission percentage is the amount of light that passes through the tinted glass. It is an accurate measurement that law enforcement uses to determine if window tint abides to the legal limit.

    It can be necessary to tint just one window. A situation may arise where:

    • A window was replaced due to vandalism
    • The window tint film began peeling
    • The window tint was scratched
    • Bubbles formed in the window tint

    If you have to install window tint on just one window, match your window tint as closely as possible to the rest of the windows. You can get samples of tint colors and VLT% and compare with your windows, have a tint specialist or law enforcement officer measure your VLT%, or find the original window tint film specifications on your invoice from the original installation.

    • Tip: Always check your local regulations to make sure your window tint is within the legal specifications. Use a resource such as this one.

    Materials Needed

    • Window tint film

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