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How To Unlock Car Wheel

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Remove The Ignition Lock

How to Unlock a Steering Wheel!

The best way to unlock a steering wheel without a key and without damaging any parts is actually to remove the ignition lock from the steering column. This may require some basic mechanical knowledge and tools, though.

To reach the ignition lock, you need to remove the covers around the steering column, and under there you will find bolts that hold the ignition lock.

How To Unlock Steering Wheel

We are going to show you how to unlock steering wheel in cars with ignition cylinders as well as the ones with start button.

Cars With Start Button

In essence, the steering wheel lock is an electronic deadbolt. Wiggle the steering wheel with your left hand, putting a lot of pressure on it. At the same time, tap the start-stop button with your right hand. Do not put your foot on the brake. Without starting the engine, these actions should put your ignition in ACC mode and unlock your steering wheel.

Cars With Ignition Cylinder

The ignition cylinder is directly connected to the steering wheel lock. To free your steering wheel, jiggle the steering wheel left and right with sufficient power using your left hand. At the same time, turn the ignition key from the LOCK position to the ACC or START position with your right hand.

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Can I Unlock A Steering Wheel Without A Key

Yes, you can unlock the steering wheel in the absence of car keys.

However, this will has to be done in an unorthodox manner and will need a technician or an expert to help with the task. It will be done by getting to remove the screws and taking out the lock cylinder.

You will then have to install a new ignition lock and install back the columns. This should not be a difficult task if you are a handyman and have all the required tools.

If you are unable to get this done by yourself, you can get an expert of this stuff and they will be able to get a solution for your case.

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What To Do In Case You Accidentally Lock Your Steering Wheel

Steering wheels have a locking feature to prevent the front wheels from changing direction when no key is inserted into the ignition. It aids in preventing theft. Unlocking the steering wheel might be a problem for some drivers, especially newbies who arent familiar with this safety feature.

The first thing you need to know about unlocking steering wheels is that it should be simple and easy. If it isnt, then thats when you have a problem. Since not all drivers are familiar with this feature, most people who actually lock their steering wheels only do it by accident. Weve listed below some pointers that would help those people to reverse the procedure.

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How Do I Unlock My Steering Wheel

How To Unlock Car Steering Wheel Without Keys

For the most part, the steps to unlock your Toyota steering wheel will be the same if you use a key to start the ignition or have push-button start. You will know the steering wheel lock is engaged if you cant turn the wheel or turn the key in the ignition. If your vehicle has an information display in the center gauge cluster, you will also see a notification that the lock has been set on the steering wheel.

With a regular ignition

Turn the steering wheel back and forth while turning the key at the same time. This will disengage the lock and allow the vehicle to start.

With a push-button ignition

Turn the steering wheel left and right while pressing the brake pedal at the same time then press the engine start/stop button. These procedures should get you back on the road with minimal disruption.

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Helpful Tips When Unlocking A Steering Wheel

You do not want to cause any damage when unlocking your steering wheel, so it can be beneficial to follow the tips below:

  • Be Careful: Brute force will not unlock a locked steering wheel. In fact, all it will likely do is damage parts of the steering mechanism. Instead, follow the steps above while applying pressure.
  • Try a Different Key: If you cant turn the key, it may actually be the key that is the issue. Its possible that a worn key will no longer engage the cars tumblers. If you think that your key is to blame, bring it to the service center at The Autobarn Volkswagen of Countryside, and we can get you a replacement.

Benefits Of The Steering Wheel Lock

The steering wheel is designed to lock to help in any of the following scenarios.

  • The steering wheel lock is designed in the vehicle as a safety inclusion that will keep away burglars. This is if they are able to get into the car. This will save you when the last thing you want to deal with is losing your beloved vehicle to thieves.
  • The steering wheel lock also comes in handy when you park the car in an area that is inclined. The risk is that the hand brake may not be enough to stop the car from rolling away. This should guarantee the safety of your car and also the safety of others as it will not roll down the slope unexpectedly, thanks to the steering wheel lock.

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Causes Of A Locked Steering Wheel

Most of the time, a locked steering wheel does not mean theres a problem with your vehicle, but simply that you have engaged one of its safety features. The lock only activates if the vehicle is turned off and you turn the wheel a few degrees left or right, at which point the lock will engage with one of the lock slots, preventing it from moving any further.

There are two good reasons for the steering wheel lock to engage. First, its an anti-theft device: if someone breaks into your car, the steering wheel will be locked in one direction. Second, it’s a safety device: when you park on a hill and turn your wheels toward the curb, the locked steering wheel will keep the vehicle from steering down the hill in the event that the parking break fails.

Unlocking A Steering Wheel With A Keyless Car

How to Free a Locked Steering Wheel

If you drive a car with a smart key, theres no ignition port to become contaminated. Instead, you only have a push button that starts and stops the engine. If you have a locked steering wheel, you might be confused about how to release it, but its not that difficult.

Take your left hand and try wiggling the steering wheel slightly while you push the start and stop button. You will repeat this process until the steering wheel unlocks. If it seems to be stubborn, go ahead and push in the brake pedal while repeating the same steps.

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Why Is The Wheel Locking Unintentionally

The steering wheel locking mechanism is meant as an extra precaution when youre parked on an inclinejust one of many safety features. In theory, if your brakes fail, the wheel lock should stop your car from rolling downhill into Lake St. Clair. Still, why does the steering wheel sometimes lock unintentionally? If youve ever grabbed your wheel for support while entering or exiting your vehicle while running errands in St. Clair Shores, you probably activated the lock by accident. Hopefully, our instructions below can save you a few minutes of random fiddling!

How To Unlock A Steering Wheel

Locking steering wheels are one of those features that can save a life in some very specific situations, but for many drivers, the feature ends up being a nuisance. If your Honda steering wheel is locked, this advice from our experts at Jeffrey Honda on how to unlock a steering wheel should help. And if the problem persists, you can always contact us directly. Were happy to help with any and all car needs!

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What Makes The Steering Wheel Lock

The steering wheel locks when you set it to lock if it is turned without the key placed in the ignition-key position.

This is a security measure that will help safeguard your car from burglars who might be able to get into the car and want to make away with your car.

They will be unable to drive effectively as the steering wheel will be locked.

  • Issues with the power steering pump: Among the reasons that can cause the steering wheel to lock is that the power steering pump may not be in good condition. This will be noticed if with time you are unable to do this with the slight force.
  • The key is damaged: Another possible cause for the locking of the steering wheel might be because of the fact that the key mechanism might be damaged.
  • Sharp turning may lock the steering wheel: You should lower the speed and avoid this.
  • Issues with the engine control unit of the vehicle: If it breaks down many of the components of the vehicle, get jammed up, and the steering wheel may be locked too.
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    How to unlock a mercedes benz steering wheel

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    How Can I Start My Car With A Dead Battery

    Both automobiles ignitions should be turned off. Clamp one end of the positive cable to the positive clamp on the dead battery. Now have a helper attach the other end of that line to the positive clamp on the second battery. Next, connect the negative cable to the good batterys negative connector.

    How To Deal With A Locked Steering Wheel

    1) First, insert your key into the ignition switch and turn it without too much force. If the key turns, then the steering wheel will be unlocked. Should you have difficulty turning the ignition switch to the ACC position, turn the key while turning the steering wheel right and left to release the tension.

    2) When the steering wheel is locked with a pin on one side, you will only be able to move the wheel in the other direction. As you turn the key, give pressure to the steering wheel in the direction the wheel moves.

    3) Make sure you do not keep shaking the wheel from side to side. Such an action can harm the locking pin, therefore lowering the chances of your wheel becoming unlocked.

    4) If your key is worn and it does not seem to make it through the process, draw out the key inserted in the ignition a little, and then turn it.

    Once the steering wheel is unlocked, you are now good to go!

    If the problem continues to persist, we highly recommend a visit to one of our Kia Service Centers as soon as possible.

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    Unlocking Steering Wheels With Push

    There are different, but similar, procedures for different types of ignitions. Follow the directions for whichever type is applicable to your Toyota. After the steps are completed, the steering wheel should unlock and your Toyota vehicle should start normally.

    Push-to-Start Ignition

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    Changing The Ignition Lock System

    How to Unlock/Lock the Steering Wheel of a car (Mechanical key)

    This is the last resort to pursue if you notice that the above measures have failed. An expert may come through and change the lock system, and old keys will be able to unlock the steering wheel.

    • The first step here is to remove the steering wheel column panels by starting with loosening the screws the column covers will need to be removed for this process.
    • You should be able to access the ignition lock cylinder. A release tab will be on the side of the cylinder, press it and try turning the key. You should do this until the ignition cylinder is able to move backwards. You should try doing this repeatedly.
    • Get the new ignition lock cylinder and put it in place. This should be done with the new one being installed into the steering column. The lock tab should be fully seated. Check if the new set up works.
    • Put back the column panels, both the top half and bottom column panels. Engage each of the clips and lock them together while making sure the screws are tightened.

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    Change The Power Steering Pump

    The issue might be with the power steering pump if you heard squeaking noises while driving the car.

    You should simply get a totally new one for a replacement to prevent dealing with a steering wheel that gets locked up.

    This will be done using some mechanic tools, and you might need a mechanic or an expert to replace the power steering pump for your vehicle.

    Replacing The Ignition Lock Assembly

  • 1Purchase a new ignition lock assembly. Ignition assemblies are easily replaced in most vehicles and can be done at home by most hobby mechanics. Before getting started, you will need to order a replacement assembly from your local auto parts store. Be sure to give them the exact year, make and model of your vehicle to get the correct replacement part.XResearch source
  • Purchase a new ignition lock assembly prior to the removal of a failed assembly. Compare the two and verify the replacement is an identical match before attempting reinstallation.
  • Tip: Vehicle manufacturers don’t change part numbers often and obtaining the correct replacement from part stores is not usually an issue.

  • 2Remove the cover over the ignition. Generally, most vehicles have a split-plastic housing that covers the steering column and ignition lock assembly. Remove this plastic cover by first adjusting the tilt-wheel to its lowest position and then removing the fasteners holding the cover in place. In some vehicles, the cover will include the portion above and below the steering wheel, while in others the ignition cover will be separate.
  • If it’s not equipped with an adjustable steering column, remove the steering column support brace under the dashboard and allow the column to hang.
  • Remove the fasteners from the column cover, separate the two halves and remove the plastic.
  • Use the ignition key to pull the entire assembly out by pulling it toward the passenger side of the car.
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    Break The Steering Wheel Mechanism

    A useful option for some older car models is to break the steering wheel column. You can accomplish this by pulling hard on the steering wheel, and you may be able to break the steering wheel lock mechanism pin.

    However, this option isnt good for modern vehicles and may not even be possible because they enforced the pins. You can cause more damage to the steering column than if you choose another one of our options. You may only want to use this method as a last resort if you have an older car.

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    Cars With A Start Button

    How To Unlock Car Steering Wheel Without Keys

    The steering wheel lock is essentially an electronic deadbolt. Wiggle the steering wheel with your left hand, using significant force. At the same time, use your right hand to tap the start-stop button. Do not step on the brake. These steps should put your ignition in ACC mode and unlock your steering wheel without starting the engine.

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    Turn The Key In The Lock And Pull It In The Other Direction From The Way You Normally Turn It

    • Turn the key in the lock and pull it in the other direction from the way you normally turn it. For example, if you usually turn left, turn right this time. This should unlock your wheel lock as well as release any pressure on your tires.
    • If this doesnt work, try moving your steering wheel back and forth while turning the keythis may break lose any ice that is holding your lock in place. If that doesnt work, try using something wedge shaped between one of your tires and an immovable object behind them to create enough tension for a tire to pop out of its frozen spot on its own.

    Learn More With Wolfchase Nissan

    Still no luck unlocking your steering wheel? The team at the Wolfchase Nissan service center can help. Simply schedule service with us and well have you back on Arlington roads in no time. We also offer service specials to help you save more on the services you need. Learn more with us today when you contact our team! While youre here, read about the common reasons why your steering wheel might be shaking!

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