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How To Use Car Touch Up Paint

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S For Touching Up Car Paint:

How to Use Touch Up Paint on any Vehicle

Now, you are ready for the actual touching up process! While this first step may feel tedious, spend the time to thoroughly prep the affected area is vital to ensure an effective and long-lasting result. Take your time with the steps below. This process will require patience and precision. But, as we have outlined exactly how to do it, you dont need to worry. Set aside a weekend. Open up that garage. We got you!

The Best Way To Use Touch Up Paint For Your Car

by Pristine Dent Repair | Jul 15, 2019 | Blog

Its happened to all of us youre headed out to your driveway on any given weekday morning, coffee in hand and all prepped for your morning commute. Thats when you see it an obvious scratch right on your drivers side door.

Whether it was a branch, your paper delivery boy, or maybe your jacket zipper is hard to determine. But there it is, a clear blemish on your otherwise immaculate vehicle.

After your blood pressure returns to normal, you start to consider your options

How do you return your vehicle back to its original state, and what will it cost to do so?

Scratches on cars can happen in numerous ways and can vary from very minor to obviously noticeable.

If your scratch is minor , it may be possible to do a professional-looking repair on your own. But in order to do so, youll need to follow some precise methods.

How Often Do You Need To Touch Up Car Paint

If you see a small scratch on your cars paint that hasnt penetrated the primer layer, theres no emergency. You dont have to run out and get the paint right away. Its the damage that has caused the bare metal to become exposed that you need to worry about. In other words, unless youre absolutely crazy about driving a perfect vehicle, touch-ups are only necessary for real paint damage.

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Do I Need Primer For Touch Up Paint

Apply A Coat Of Touch-Up Paint You will have to apply primer first, and let it dry, if you have a very deep scratch. Once the primer is ready, apply a coat of touch-up paint using short, even strokes. Most touch-up paint comes in a small canister with an included brush, so you dont need any extra brushes or materials.

How To Smooth Out Paint Blobs / Total Automotive Touch up Paint ...
  • Clean the Area Wash the bubbled up areas of paint touch up using the two bucket method and make sure to use a good car shampoo. Washing the area of the damaged surface should always be the first step in order to eliminate any dirt or particles that could get in the way of using paint touch up on car surfaces. Once you have finished cleaning the area, be sure to dry it completely with a microfiber towel
  • Block Off the Area Use some masking tape to block off the area that needs the color repair. When you are blocking off the section, leave about a ¼ of an inch exposed of older paint around the blemish. This will allow you to seamlessly blend the sanded down paint blob area with the undamaged paint.
  • Sand Use the wet sanding technique on the blob of touch up paint, until it is flat, with a 1500 grit sanding block. By doing this, the repair area will become flush with the older section of paint.
  • Smooth It Out Once the two surfaces are even, smooth out the finish by wet sanding using 3000 grit sand paper.
  • Polish If you see that the area needs to be polished, clean the area that you just sanded and apply the polish in a circular motion.
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    How To Smooth Out Touch Up Paint On Car

    When applying the clear coat either with a pen or a brush you should end up with some clear coat above the level of the rest of the clear coat that was originally applied to the car. kits come with a compound that is used to polish away the excess clear coat and blend the touched up area with the surrounding clear coat.

    Other kits may use a solvent or recommend wet sanding. Solvents work by dissolving away excess clear coat while wiping over the surface where the touch up has been applied. Wet sanding involves using different very fine grades of sand paper with water sprayed onto the surface to wear away the excess touch up.

    Trust A Professional Body Shop

    You rely on your car every day and want to maintain your investment for years to come. So, get the best service available. Take your vehicle to an experienced body shop for a quality paint job, guaranteed.

    Stop by Badells Collision, in Aston or Malvern. We provide a lifetime warranty for all our repair and paintwork. For quick pricing info, request an estimate.

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    Heres How To Touch Up Car Paint

    Before you get started painting anything, youve got to make sure that the paint color youre using is the right one for your vehicle. The best way to do this is to head to the dealers parts counter and order the factory touch up color. The parts manager can look up the proper color, either using your vehicles VIN or by using the make, model, and year of the vehicle.

    With that out of the way, we can get started. Lets do this!

    Dont Use Clear Coat Touch

    How To use Touch Up Paint on a Car

    Most touch-up kits are really nothing more than an income stream for the car dealerships that sell them. They really dont work well. This is especially true of the clear coat touch-up. You cant apply a clear coat with a brush, its much too thick. Well I guess technically you can, but itll look awful. Clearcoat needs to be sprayed, and it isnt necessary for the very small area that youd be using touch-up paint for. PaintCraft recommends Dr. Colorchip touch-up paint.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Touch Up Car Paint

    The good news here is that paint touch up work isnt a costly endeavor, no matter who performs the job. If youre crunched for time or just lazy, paying a pro to do the work will only cost between $150 and $250. Doing the touch up at home will run you between $50 and $65, depending on how many of the tools and supplies you already have on hand.

    How Do You Touch Up Scratches On A Car

    If the scratches on the car are not deep, you could benefit from using a Car Scratch Remover. With a very easy application, you can often fix shallow scratches. The product will also restore the gloss and finish if used with the sponge, and it is advertised as being safe on all car finishes. However, if the scratches are deep and large, this product may not help.

    With that said, the same steps used to touch up paint chips can be used to touch up scratches as well.

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    Which Type Of Honda Touch Up Paint Is Right For You

    Honda touch up paint comes in 3 different forms. The right type of Honda touch up paint is decided by the size and type of damage youre fixing.

    • Honda Touch Up Pens have a small tip and are perfect for scratches and quick touch ups.
    • Honda Touch Up Spray Paint is designed for larger or for previously unpainted areas.
    • Honda Touch Up Basecoat Paint Bottles work well for paint chips.

    Determine What Can And Cannot Be Touched Up

    How To use Touch Up Paint on a Car

    After locating your color and purchasing it, either from an online retailer Scratchwizard or your local car dealership, find what spots you will be able to do-it-yourself. Any major dent or dings larger than a nickel usually need professional help. Scratches larger then a pencil eraser will also need more care. Wash your car thoroughly and discover where you need to touch up, a little paint goes a long way, so if you have multiple scratches for longevity of the touch up paint it might be easier to reorder than order more than you need. Test your color on either on a piece of sheet metal or in a inconspicuous spot i.e. under the hood, trunk or in wheel well.

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    Optional: If Needed Apply Primer On Chipped Area

    In most cases, applying a primer is not needed. But if the chip is very deep, go ahead and apply primer. Apply the primer ONLY if the chip reaches metal new paint does not adhere to metal so the primer will ensure your touch-up paint sticks. Squeeze a small amount of the primer onto the area. Using a small, fine-tip brush, gently cover the metal area with a thin coat. Then, wait for the primer to dry. It is important to only put the primer onto the chipped area, as it could potentially damage the finish of the car in the surrounding area. If the primer does get on the surrounding area, wipe it off immediately.

    As an alternative to the primer, rust arrester also works for this step. If you opt to use both a rust arrestor and primer, make sure to use the rust arrestor BEFORE the primer.

    Learn How To Successfully Touch Up Scratched Car Paint With These Videos

    In the following videos, PaintScratch founder Collin Harris demonstrates how to get the best results using touch up paint on your car. For additional touch up paint guidance, .

    How to Use a Spray Can Like a Pro

    Collin shows how to touch up a large area of unpainted surface and paint scratches with a spray can on his ranch truck.

    How to Use a Touch Up Paint Pen

    Collin shows how to use a touch up paint pen to repair a scratch on his truck.

    How to Touch Up a Rusty Spot with a Bottle Kit

    47-year mechanic and YouTube superstar Scotty Kilmer entertainingly demonstrates how to touch up a rusty spot on a truck!

    Preparing Your Car For Touch Up Paint

    Collin demonstrates how to prepare the surface for paint scratch repair. Start by cleaning off the area, then use a wax and grease remover.

    How to Use Wax and Grease Remover

    How to remove wax and grease from your cars paint before applying touch up paint.

    How to Use a Clearcoat Pen

    After using touch up paint to repair your scratched car paint, use clearcoat. Clearcoat seals the touch up paint, protecting the auto paint and making it look great!

    We hope you found these videos helpful! Please let us know if you would like us to add additional how-to videos by contacting us.

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    How To Smooth Out Touch Up Paint On A Car

    May 7, 2021

    Youve just fixed a little nick in your cars door with some touch up paint. It looks greatuntil you see that the touch up paint isnt quite a smooth as youd like. Weve all been there. Thick, clumpy touch up paint can plague you if you dont fix the issue. But you dont want to do more harm than good when trying to smooth out touch up paint on your car. So what do you do? Below we give you four methods that will help you smooth out touch up paint and have your car looking as good as new!

    Use A Lacquer Thinner

    How To Use Touch Up Paint on a Car

    If paint thinner doesnt work, the next step is applying a lacquer thinner using the same method. Lacquer thinner is similar to paint thinner, but instead of being a single solvent thinner, its composed of multiple solvents to give it more potency. The process for using lacquer thinner to smooth out touch up paint is simple: clean and dry the area, apply a small amount of the solvent with a cotton swab, and slowly rub the glob of paint away.

    After youve used lacquer thinner, be sure to thoroughly clean the area. Lacquer thinner will eat away your cars plastic trim, so be careful when using this method of touch up paint repair.

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    Apply A Coat Of Touch

    You will have to apply primer first, and let it dry, if you have a very deep scratch. Once the primer is ready, apply a coat of touch-up paint using short, even strokes.

    Most touch-up paint comes in a small canister with an included brush, so you dont need any extra brushes or materials.

    Allow the touch-up paint coat to dry for at least 30 minutes to an hour. Then, repeat the process until the results are to your liking.

    How To Apply Touch Up Paint To Car Scratches And Stone Chips

    • Will

    Unless you NEVER drive your car or truck in the real world, you have small chips and scratches on your finish.

    Many people just ignore these and move on. These are people that arent as passionate about their vehicle as you or I am. These small blemishes can really ruin an otherwise pristine looking ride.

    Having your car resprayed is not cheap and my personal experience has been disappointing when dealing with local body shops and their car paintwork skills.

    The fact is that they dont care about my car as much as I care about my car. If I can avoid having portions of my car repainted that is the route Im going to take.

    The good news is that touch up paint repair kits have gotten much easier to use and the results have also gotten a lot better. The best car paint chip repair kit weve found is available from

    If youre nervous about trying to fix these blemishes yourself, dont. Even a bad touch up paint job is going to make the situation better than doing nothing at all in most cases.

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    Wash And Wax Your Vehicle

    Wash and dry the vehicle. Paints and primers always need a good, clean surface to adhere to, and touch up paint is much the same. Use wax and grease remover over the spots to be repaired, or the area can be finally cleaned with glass cleaner to insure there is no grease, oil, or contaminants on the paint in the touched up area.

    Can You Use A Rubbing Compound On The Touch

    How To Use Touch Up Paint on a Car

    You can use a rubbing compound on the touch-up paint, however, do not apply a rubbing compound directly to the paint that is drying or has recently dried. Ideally, you should wait about 3 days to apply any type of compound, wax, or polish to the surface of the new paint. This will prevent you from messing up the area that has just been repaired.

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    Touch Up Car Paint Yourself With These Methods

    If the chips are generally small, with the proper supplies and technique, you can touch up your cars paint. The process is rather time-consuming, but the end result is worthwhile. Not only will touching up your car paint make it look better, but it will also protect your car from future corrosion.

    Well walk you through how to touch up car paint here. Youll learn about the best products, and, most importantly, the necessary methods in order to prevent further damage.

    Below, you will find the steps on how to touch up car paint. We separated the process into two categories. First, there is a list on how to prepare the area for touching up the car. Then, there is a list of the actual process of touching up the paint.

    How To Apply Touch

    Theres an easy DIY solution for small scratches and chips in car paint. You can repair the paint job yourself for a fraction of the price of professional vehicle painting services. Find out more about this quick fix.

    Car paint can be touched up with do-it-yourself kits sold at any well-stocked automotive supply store. This type of product is helpful for temporary repairs or small paint damage spots. For example, a few, little spots of chipped paint caused by roadway rocks or gravel can quickly be patched. Severe damage, such as rust or oxidation corrosion, however, should be addressed by professional car paint services.

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    Nine Tips For Touching Up Your Paint Job

    The basic process for using touch-up paint is pretty simple:

  • Identify the damaged area.
  • Prepare the spot you’ll be painting.
  • Prime the area.
  • However, the results of your work will vary greatly depending on the materials and tools you use and how well you perform each step. These tips will help you get the best-looking paint job possible.

    Get Started With The Right Supplies

    How to use Spray Cans to touch up car paint scratches like a pro!

    Performing one of these repairs is easy enough, but it does require some basic research and a few supplies. A variety of paint types are available, but pens are ideal for small damaged areas. However, you may need to use another option if youre dealing with a larger surface area.

    Depending on how deep the damage is and whether theres any rust, youll need a few supplies. Heres a complete list of what youll need:

    • The right color paint

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    Follow These Instructions Get Your Car Looking Brand

    Touch-up paint is the best way to restore small-to-medium-sized scratches on your vehicle. With just a little know-how and time, you can easily repair a scratch, and ensure your car stays free from oxidation and corrosion.

    After you repair your scratch, a professional auto detailing can help remove any brush marks and other imperfections from your touch-up paint. At Ride Time, we have four detailing bays at our service centre and we would be glad to get the opportunity to restore your car.

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