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Is Geico Good Car Insurance

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Geico Or Allstate: Which Is Better For You : Is Geico Home Insurance any good? Geice insurance review

Every driver has a unique situation and specific car insurance needs. Request a quote from GEICO, Allstate, and other insurance companies. GEICO typically provides less-expensive premiums for qualified drivers. Even so, Allstate offers many discounts that can potentially lower rates, including its telematics program.

Shopping around will help you find the best price but remember that cost is just one factor you must consider. To determine whether Allstate or GEICO is a better choice, you must research and ask questions. No matter which company you choose, you must understand what is covered and what works best for your situation before signing a new car insurance policy or renewing your coverage, especially when buying a new vehicle.

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Never Answer Questions Or Provide A Statement Without An Attorney

A claims adjuster or other GEICO representative may contact you within days of your car accident. You might not even be out of the hospital when you receive a call about your accident claim. Do not answer any questions or agree to provide a statement without talking with a car accident lawyer first.

Adjusters and investigators are trained to get you to say specific phrases that could be used against you to deny or undervalue your claim.

For example, the adjuster might be very chatty and ask you how you are doing. Suppose you reply that you are feeling fine or doing okay. In that case, the company might use that statement to allege that you are now exaggerating your injuries to receive a larger settlement amount.

It is best to refer all questions to your lawyer. Telephone calls are almost always recorded, even if you are not informed that your conversation is being recorded. In Texas, only one party has to consent and that party could be GEICO. An innocent statement that you made because you were polite could harm your claim.

Geico Auto Insurance Apps

With the Geico Mobile app, you can view insurance documents, pay bills, file claims, and request roadside assistance. More than 2.9 million Geico customer reviewers give the app an average of 4.8 out of 5.0 stars in the App Store, and nearly 400,000 users give it 4.8 out of 5.0 stars in Google Play. Depending on your insurance plan, the app also has the functionality to schedule damage inspections, rentals, and repairs.

Geico’s other app is DriveEasy®, a usage-based driving program that became available in some states in 2019. The app tracks things including distracted driving, hard braking, and time spent on the road. Unlike Progressives Snapshot, it can’t raise your car insurance rates, but it can lower them.

So far, DriveEasy is available in the following states:


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This Auto Insurer Is Best For:

  • Someone with an unblemished driving record who is looking for low premiums
  • A driver who wants one auto policy to cover both personal use of their vehicle and when using it as a ride-sharing service
  • A motorist who wants an insurer offering a full-featured mobile app

But drivers may want to consider State Farm if they would rather work with an agent in person, or Progressive if they have an accident on their record.

Does Geico Give A Mileage Discount

Auto Owners Insurance

Sort of. Geico has a telematics program called DriveEasy, which uses a smartphone to analyze your driving habits and give you a discount if you drive safely. One of the factors it may use is how much or how little you drive. But Geico doesn’t directly reduce your rates for driving less, the way Allstate’s Milewise works.

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Geico Insurance Car Insurance Expert Thoughts

Reviews rate the company as average or a little above average. Nerdwallet gives Geico 4 out of 5 stars, ranking it as 13th out of 23 of the best car insurance companies.

ValuePenguin gives the company 4 out of 5 stars as well, citing competitive prices and great online tools as advantages while noting a small number of local agents and higher rates for drivers with a history of violations as disadvantages.

These Geico auto insurance ratings are what separates this company from its competition.

J.D. Power, the industry expert on customer satisfaction, gives Geico 3 stars out of 5 in claims satisfaction study and insurance shopping study, ranking the company a bit below average in the first category and a little above average in the second.

Our overall impression is that the company is praised for its prices and great online tools while noting that Geico is average in most other areas.

Negative Geico Insurance Reviews

Not everyone is happy with Geico claims service. Though complaints are relatively rare, some customers have experienced long wait times for claims resolution.

Instead of considering our truck a total loss they are attempting to repair it. The caveat is that the new frame is on a manufacturer backorder for 2+ months and were being told it could be 4-6 months before we get our truck back. In the meantime were required to pay the loan and insurance premium each month totaling $1100/month with no vehicle to drive.

Jacquelyn C. via BBB

I had the worst experience ever with a claim in which one of their policyholders was at fault for an accident in which I was involved. I was shuffled around for 3 weeks to finally be told that they could not pay my claim. I had a police report and supporting photos.

Deborah W. via BBB

Overall, Geico insurance reviews indicate a reliable company that will honor claims obligations in a quick manner. With any company of Geicos size, not everything runs perfectly, though most customers can expect speedy claims resolution.

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Car Insurance Types With Geico

  • Medical payments
  • Personal injury protection

The company also offers a variety of additional coverage options. A notable example is the Prime Time Contract, which GEICO awards to motorists over 50 years old in select states, including Alabama, Alaska, Iowa, Maryland, Minnesota, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee, and more.

Drivers with PrimeTime can renew their policy as long as no drivers under the age of 25 need to be on the policy. You also must keep a good driving history for the past three years and not use your vehicle for business purposes.

Additional coverage plans and services include:

More add-on insurance options include:

  • Glass coverage

Besides car insurance, GEICO also provides life, home, and even jewelry coverage options.

What Is Geico Auto Insurance

Save Money with a Good Driver Discount – GEICO Insurance

Known for its friendly gecko mascot, GEICO is the second-largest auto insurance company in the nation. Theyre praised for their low rates and providing consumers with the option to purchase car insurance online and over the phone.

Initially founded in 1936 to give federal employees affordable insurance, GEICO has since expanded to reach drivers from all walks of life. Lets dive into GEICOs auto insurance policies and see if this company is a good fit for you.

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Bottom Line: Is Geico A Good Insurance Company

Yes, Geico is a good insurance company for drivers of all types, as well as one of the best insurance companies overall. In addition to personal and commercial auto insurance policies, Geico offers several other types of coverage, including home and life insurance.

Geico car insurance is especially good for tech-savvy, budget-conscious drivers who are comfortable buying car insurance directly from an insurance company, rather than from an individual agent. Prospective customers should also be comfortable managing the policy largely online and over the phone, rather than face to face with an agent. Despite all of its great features, Geico does have some room for improvement in the customer service and claims departments.

To learn more, check out WalletHubs complete Geico Car Insurance Review. You can also read some of the reviews from fellow consumers below.

Car Insurance Quotes That Are Customized For You

Everyone needs car insurance. Get a quote from a company that delivers affordable rates and personalized service when you need it. GEICO’s Auto Insurance been saving people money for 85 years. We know a thing or two about cheap car insurance rates. We deliver a car insurance policy with exceptional coverage and best-in-class customer service, and that matters when you have an accident or are stuck on the side of the road. Get a fast and free car insurance quote to see everything GEICO has to offer.

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What Makes Geicos Auto Insurance Unique

GEICO is one of Americas largest and best-known insurance companies, covering millions of policyholders across the United States. Although GEICO is large and well-known, the company has plenty of features that distinguish it from other major insurers in the country, including:

Discounts for Federal Employees: GEICO was originally founded as an insurance company for government employees. Today, federal government employees can continue to qualify for an 8% discount on car insurance premiums with GEICO.

Military Discounts: In addition to giving discounts to federal employees, GEICO offers discounts to active duty military personnel, retired members of the United States military, and members of the National Guard and Reserves. Qualifying personnel can save up to 15% on auto insurance premiums.

Americas Second Largest Insurance Company: Some people like the experience of dealing with a large insurance company. GEICO has all of the amenities you would expect with a large insurance company, including a strong mobile app, 24/7 customer service, and a strong support network, among other perks.

Cheap Rates: GEICO is the cheapest major insurance company in many states. Typically, State Farm, USAA, GEICO, and Progressive offer competitive rates in most states, although GEICO often ranks slightly cheaper than its larger competitors.

Home And Renters Insurance Products

Geico Free Insurance Quote

GEICO also offers insurance products for homeowners and renters. The policies will protect you if something should go wrong at your home or apartment.

As an example, a windstorm could damage your roof. Alternatively, someone could get hurt on your property. In that case, GEICO insurance might pay their medical bills.

In this regard, youll want to speak with a qualified insurance agent. They can help you to assess your insurance needs. Still, GEICO home insurance policies typically include the following protections:


Visitor injury Hotel expenses

You can also customize your insurance with various add-ons. For example, you might add coverage for high-value items to your renters insurance.

These goods might include electronics, sporting goods or jewelry. You can also buy additional coverage for business merchandise. Also, if you purchase home insurance from GEICO and need flood insurance, the insurer will help you to access the National Flood Insurance Program.

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Compare Other Car Insurance Reviews

Since GEICO focuses on selling directly to customers online, it lacks the personalized attention that some insurers offer with insurance agents. Its important to do your research and compare multiple car insurance companies to ensure you get the right coverage at the best price for your needs. For some other companies to consider, check out our picks for the best car insurance companies.

For a primarily online-only insurance experience, GEICO is a solid and affordable choice for a wide range of people. You can get a quote online, through the app, or over the phone, and you can purchase your policy online without ever talking to an agent. The company offers a wide range of discounts and other insurance products, including renters insurance and pet insurance. GEICO’s high customer service rankings, impressive mobile app, and wide coverage options make for a compelling car insurance option.

What’s Covered Under Geico Home Insurance

Geico’s 31 home insurance partners all offer their own unique set of products. Rates, endorsements and discounts vary widely by insurance company. However, most insurers provide at least this standard set of coverages outlined below.

What’s covered by most policies? Details
Your dwelling Protects you against damage or the loss of your home if it’s caused by a covered incident
Your personal possessions
Provides financial protection for bodily injury and property damage sustained by others for which you’re responsible

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Geico: A Dependable Auto Insurer With Solid Rates And Online

Geico provides average to low rates and fairly good customer service. For the most part, it is comparable to other insurers in terms of insurance offerings and discounts.

How does Geico compare to other auto insurance companies?

Geico distinguishes itself as one of the best insurance companies out there when it comes to providing easy-to-use online tools.

Geico’s mobile app has more features and is better reviewed than the apps currently offered by Progressive, State Farm and Farmers Insurance.

This app affords policyholders convenient options for paying their bills as well as managing and accessing their insurance information.

While other insurance companies may provide similar mobile tools, Geico leads the industry in this category and is constantly improving its capabilities.

One drawback of Geico is that it has very few in-person offices compared to other large insurers. Geico has around 150 locations across the U.S., compared to State Farm’s network of more than 18,000 agents nationwide. If you prefer to work in-person with your own insurance agent, another insurance company may be a better fit.

Auto insurance takeaway: For auto insurance, Geico’s low rates, paired with the fact that its coverages and discounts are consistent with its competitors’ offerings, make it a safe choice for car insurance.

Homeowners Insurance From Geico

Geico Auto Insurance Review

Geico offers homeowners insurance policies through partner agencies. Coverage is available in all 50 states and typically includes property damage coverage, personal property coverage and limited jewelry coverage. Some policies may also include personal liability and medical bills coverage. Homeowners who already have Geico auto insurance can save on their homeowners insurance policies.

You can find out more about Geico homeowners insurance coverage in our review of the best homeowners insurance companies.

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Geico May Reduce The Value Of Your Medical Bills

GEICO attempts to reduce the cost of your medical care to lower the value of your accident claim.

Instead of reimbursing you for the actual cost of your medical care and treatment, the company reduces the charges. GEICO claims that your medical bills are not within the usual and customary charges for the treatment you received.

The company hires medical professionals to review itemized bills and lower any charges that the medical professionals deem excessive. It is a tricky way of paying you less than you deserve for your car accident claim.

Auto Insurance Buying Guide

Before you compare car insurance companies, youll need to collect some basic information. This includes the driving history of everyone who will be on the policy, as well as facts about your car, such as safety features and annual mileage driven. Youll also want to determine which types of coverage you need. For example, do you want only the bare minimum insurance that your state requires, or do you need more extensive coverage, such as gap insurance or rideshare coverage? Check that each company youre considering has the options you want.

When comparing rates among insurers, make sure each is offering the same coverage limits and deductibles. You may not want to make your decision based on price alone. Look at how many consumer complaints each company has, as a high number of complaints could be a red flag about the quality of service you’ll receive.

Depending on which company you choose, you may be able to buy insurance online, over the phone or through an agent. For more guidance, see how to get car insurance.

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Geico Car Insurance Product Overview


Geico is available in all 50 states and in the District of Columbia. The company has a polished, no-nonsense website, where all the relevant information is logically organized and clearly presented. You can request a quote or file and track a claim online.

Geico also has a mobile app, which lets you pay bills, download documents, or call roadside assistance, and it even has its virtual assistant, named Kate, which is there to answer your insurance-related questions.

Geico app is among the best-rated insurance apps on Google Play and in the App Store. It is convenient, easy to navigate, and it has all the features you need.

Since Geico sells its insurance directly to consumers, bypassing unnecessary interaction with agents to cut costs, it has fewer agents than the competition. Since this has been brought up in a few Geico auto insurance reviews, customers who prefer to be in touch with their agent constantly should keep this in mind when considering Geico for their car insurance.

Geico promises low prices and many discounts in their commercials, and the company certainly delivers. The premiums are competitive to start with, and they can be reduced significantly by using a variety of discounts.

On the other hand, the customer service and additional coverage options are average or slightly above average compared to the competition.

Signature Feature: Prime Time Contract

Premium Discounts From Allstate And Geico

GEICO Insurance Review

GEICO and Allstate both offer an array of discounts to policyholders, such as:

  • Safe driving discount
  • Good student discounts
  • Policy bundling

Additional discounts are available but not from each company or to every driver. For example, GEICO provides a military discount. Both companies allows policyholders to earn discounts through telematics programs, which monitor driving habits to determine the premium.

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Adding It To Your Existing Policy

You can add GEICO Emergency Roadside Service to your existing auto insurance policy, but the price is per car not policy. Therefore, each vehicle will be $14 per year. So, the more vehicles you insure, the more you pay annually to add this on.

Adding the coverage is simple. You log in to and go to their emergency services page to add it to your policy instantly. Your annual premium will automatically adjust for the years service fee, and you pick which vehicles to apply the roadside coverage.

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