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What Is A Car Axle

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What Are The Types Of Car Axles

What Does This Thing Do: Car Axle

Aside from classifying car axles based on configuration , they may also fall under two main types of axles based on their location or a third type called stub axles. These three types are further divided into several subtypes, which are all described in detail below.

Front Axles

Front axles absorb shocks and support the weight of a vehicles front section and steering. Front axles can either be live or dead . A live front axle has the added job of driving the wheels as described above. Think of these drive wheels as pulling the vehicle.

Rear Axles

Rear axles are located at the rear of a vehicle and can either be live or dead .

So, can you guess which types of axles are in your front-wheel-drive vehicle? Youre right, you have a live front axle attached to the two drive wheels at the front, while your neighbour’s RWD has a dead front axle and a live rear axle.

It doesnt stop there, however. Rear axles are further classed into three more subtypes depending on the support they provide and how they are mounted.

Types of Rear Axles:

Stub Axles

A stub axle, aka stud axle, supports only one wheel, as opposed to the other two main types of axles. In a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, a stub axle is attached to either end of the front car axle, while in a front-wheel-drive car, it is fitted in one end of the rear axle. It allows angular movement when steering and improves cornering.

There are four main types of stub axles

Types of Stub Axles

Vehicles With 4 Axles

In addition to the vehicle with 4 axles, there is a hitch-mounted add-on like a fifth, sixth, and seventh axel functions that have also been put into legal use. There are other ways to increase workload at the transport corporation which is why some truck driver armies have been busted efforts with trucks of high voice and backup traction using only four wheels. Even then,4 axel vehicles com lose newer real estate preventing multitask multiangle equipment just isnt going to work unless their customers do not get it al all out instantly. In that case the 4 axle youre on regarding solid ground can maneuver easily and move abundant four made available smaller digits, every so often diminishing midget distractions obstructing crucial essential movement as I discussed earlier.

The final roped wagons , heavier suspended medium weight methods of transportation needed for short-distance haulage through heavy traffic like construction work, distribution and haul stuff in do deliver. Whether they are centered hitch type or not, their common high-quality four-axle vehicle is built important to weigh over 30 times more than ordinary vehicles allowed in the state of affairs.

The Difference Between Transaxles And Transmissions: Performance

Also, there are several ways to bolster the strength of transmission instead of using a transaxle. While in theory there exists transaxles designs that could handle ultra-powerful engine designs, their compact nature poses some serious engineering challenges. Transmissions, on the other hand, have more room for careful design. Moreover, the separate rear differential means that you could easily swap it out for an upgraded one.

There also exists rear-wheel drive vehicles that come with transaxles too. Instead of fitting beside the engine, the transaxle is placed in the rear where the rear differential needs to be. It isnt normal, but it helps in better weight distribution eliminating the need for a rear differential as well.

Generally, transaxles will not come with manual transmission due to the way they are packaged, and will almost always be automatic.

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What Are Live And Dead Car Axles

Live Axles

Live axles are fixed on the wheels and rotate with them. All vehicles that run on wheels have live car axles, which propel a set of wheels. This type delivers power and torque to the wheels and supports the laden weight of the vehicle.

In a word, live axles drive the wheels. For this reason, live axles are also called drive axles and thus are part of the drivetrain, while the wheels attached to them are called drive wheels. A two-wheel-drive car has two drive wheels and one live axle.

Dead Axles

Now, that leaves us the question of what dead car axles are. You may have guessed by now – its that axle with the non-drive wheels. A dead axle is attached to the vehicle, unlike live axles which are fixed on the wheels. In a dead axle, the wheels rotate around it, not with it.

What does a dead axle do then? Contrary to its other name, which is lazy axle, a dead axle does not sit there doing nothing while its brother huffs and puffs to propel the vehicle. Dead axles are load-bearing axles, and in fact, heavy trucks and trailers employ various types of dead axles for load-bearing purposes.

How To Inspect Front Car Axle

How many Axles does a Car Have? Know it Here

Two basic types of vehicle inspection will help you determine if your car axles are due for replacement.

The Driving Inspection

You can determine if the axles need repair or replacement through test-driving once you notice any of these signs:

  • Hear a loud clunk anytime you put your car into gear.
  • Feel vibrations when you operate your vehicle.
  • The car refuses to move forward or backward while it is running.

The Visual Inspection

Another way to determine if your car axle is not in good shape is through visual inspection.

It is the easiest part of the inspection because all you need to do is take a close look at the boot and check for grease or holes leaking once you see that you then check the shaft to see if anything is rubbing on it. If you notice any dirt rubbing on the shaft, then you need to call for replacement.

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What Is A Cv Axle And What Is Its Role

You may already be familiar with engines and transmissions, or youve read a few of The Drives excellent explainers on the topic. For those who arent and haventwhats wrong with you, go nowthe engine generates power and the transmission transmits it to the wheels.

What you might not have thought much about is that the wheels of a vehicle are in constant motion, and not just as they roll, which means that the transmission needs a way to transfer its go-power to the wheels in a flexible and movable way.

Thats where the CV axles come into play. CV axles, or constant velocity axles, come into play. They allow the transmission to drive a cars wheels and open up a range of motion with bearings. The CV axle is composed of those bearings and rubber boots that can wear out over time.

How Many Axles Does A Car Have

If youre wondering how many axles does a car have, it can depend on the type of vehicle you have. At a minimum, cars typically have two axles that work with the front pair of wheels and the back pair of wheels. If a vehicle is larger than a passenger car, there may be more axles.

Theres an easy way to identify how many axles a car has though. According to, As a general rule of thumb, cars and trucks have 1 axle for every pair of wheels. These are referred to as 2-axle vehicles, which encompasses most vehicles youll see on the road.

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How Do Axles Make Your Car Move

This answer will vary depending on the type of vehicle you drive:

FWD – In a FWD vehicle, the power from the engine goes into the transaxle. The transaxle is essentially a transmission combined with a differential. The CV axles connect directly to the transaxle and deliver the power from it to the wheels.

AWD – Modern AWD vehicles have a more complex transaxle than FWD vehicles. In addition to powering the front CV axles, the transaxle also powers a driveshaft that connects to a differential in the rear of the vehicle. The differential is mounted to the underside of the car body and is connected to the rear axle assemblies. The rear axle assemblies power the rear wheels.

When Is A Car Outfitted With An Axle

Why Does My Car Axle Click? Diagnosing and Explaining Axle Noises

When you think of a car, the first thing that probably comes to mind is probably an image of a shiny new model driving down the street. While thats still a big part of what a car is, the real world of riding in one is even more chauvinistic than that.

A car is essentially an entire vehicle thats been given an exoskeleton or set of wheels to make it move. This could be anything from a custom chassis to a set of rims and a drive shaft to an entire drivetrain. Axles are one of the most important parts of a cars drivetrain. Theyre what connect the wheels to the cars frame, and they control the vehicles displacement. When your car has an axle, the amount of power it makes has to be matched with the weight of the vehicle to get the most acceleration and control.

The time for the car to install the axle is dependent on the cars price. New cars, for example, are going to have an axle all the time, because its rather expensive to install a completely new drivetrain without possibly causing damage to something on the vehicle. In comparison, youre not as likely to see axles in older cars, but if they do get one-like in a salvage yard model of your regular caryou should still note everything so you can be prepared before starting up your car.

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What Types Of Axles Do Cars Have

There are different types of axles in a car. The most common are the inner and outer CV axles, but there are also driveshaft axles, solid-axle axles, and even differentials. Understanding which ones are in your car can help you troubleshoot problems and keep you on the road longer. Keep reading to learn more about different types of axles.

How Many Axle In A Car

I know you have learnt the basics of axles, and now its time to know how many of axles that a car has or how many axles does a SUV have. Well, I will give you the answer. There are four axles in a car or two sets of axles, which helps in rotating the wheel. Most people keep asking how many axles does a Toyota Camry have. Sometimes the number may vary for different vehicles, which depends upon the number of passengers it can carry and other factors.

One simple way to know how many axles a car has is to check the car from the side and count the number of wheels it has. Now you know that it is totally simple, now you can find the answer without bothering others.

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So What Is A Car Axle

A car axle is a rod, shaft, or a spindle located underneath your cars body. It passes through a set of wheels to rotate them, maintain the position of the wheels relative to each other, and bear the load of a vehicle. One axle supports a pair of wheels, except in the case of a stub axle.

That car you drive to work? It most likely has two axles, while a six-wheel truck has three. Axles are configured as either live or dead.

The Basics Of Your Axles

What Is a Car Axle? (with pictures)

You should first understand the axles role within the vehicle. All wheeled vehicles have axles. Axles are used for steering, driving, and braking, meaning they are important for basically every aspect of vehicle use.

Essentially, the axles transfer power and torque from your engine to your wheels. In performing this key function, the axle must be able to sustain the entire weight of the vehicle, cargo and passengers. The axle must also withstand the accelerated forces of driving and braking.

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What Is A Front Axle

A front axle is a rotating shaft at the front of a vehicle that turns the front wheels. Vehicle design can be quite variable, and axles come in a range of formats and designs to meet different needs. Replacement of a front axle may be necessary in the wake of a serious accident or other damage, like heavy rusting. Replacement parts are available through manufacturers as well as junkyards, where it may be possible to find matches for older vehicles that cannot be purchased readily through the open market.

While drivers often think of the front axle as a simple shaft, the axle is actually most commonly split in two, with a differential between the two segments. The differential allows the wheels to turn at different speeds while the vehicle is turning. This increases traction, smooths handling, and makes the vehicle easier to control. When the car’s alignment is straight, the wheels can turn at the same rate of speed.

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What Are The Different Sizes Of Axles

As were getting into all of these parts, axle sizes are one of the first specs of a cars drivetrain, and that component matters in terms of the safe way to get a certain amount of power into your vehicle. When youre looking for one among this list of axle size specifications, most buyers wont assume theres even more than what they see here. But if you need a more intense list, take a look at this article on determining whether your car will have enough torque to support its tires measurements. It goes over many different vehicles and helps determine an axle size before diving into more specification-oriented pieces.

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Oil Puddle Under Car:

A bad rear axle seal can lead to an oil puddle under your car. If the seal is completely worn out, all of the oil inside the differential will leak out, and you will see oil drops under the car. This can happen relatively quickly, so its important to keep an eye on your rear axle seal and get it replaced as soon as possible if it starts to look worn.

Are Car Axles Covered By Insurance

How a CV Axle Works

If your car axle is damaged or broken as a result of an accident or hazard, it may be covered by your car insurance . Damage from wear and tear or aging is not covered by car insurance.

It is possible to buy warranty coverage for major components, such as the engine and transmission, but this is separate from insurance and subject to its own set of rules and restrictions.

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Rear Axle Seal Leak Symptoms & Replacement Cost

Find out if youre overpaying on car insurance using our cost calculator! Save money by comparing quotes from over 30 of Canadas top insurance providers!

The best part? Its FREE!

If youre the owner of a car, truck, or SUV, then at some point, you will have to deal with rear axle seals. These little pieces of equipment play an important role in keeping your vehicle running smoothly, and when they start to leak, they can cause all sorts of problems.

This article will discuss what rear axle seals are, what causes them to leak, how to fix their leakage and the symptoms of axle seal leaks. Well also answer some common questions about this topic. So read on to learn everything you need to know about rear axle seals!

  • What is the material of an axle seal?
  • What Is A Transaxle

    Jul 3, 2020 | Blog, Maintenance, Total Car Care, Transmissions

    Have you ever heard of a transaxle? Probably not if you are not too keen about automotive literature. The transaxle is a smaller version of the transmission and is commonly found in FWD vehicles that come with automatic car transmission systems. Unlike your standard transmission, the transaxle comes with the axle integrated into the assembly, which allows for a smaller package.

    Therefore, instead of having a differential at the rear of your car, it is attached to the transaxle itself. This connection greatly simplifies the driveline. The driveshaft doesnt need a link to the differential before the power is sent to the wheels of the vehicle.

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    What Are The Consequences Of Driving With A Leaking Axle Seal

    Driving with a leaking axle seal can have several consequences. If your axle seals develop a leak, you may end up losing a lot of transmission oil. If the transmission oil level falls below a certain level, it can cause your transmission to overheat and fail.

    In addition, driving with a leaking axle seal can also damage your differential. If you have a rear-wheel drive vehicle, the leaking transmission oil can get onto your brakes and cause them to fail.

    If you have a front-wheel-drive vehicle, the leaking transmission oil can get into your engine and cause it to overheat. In either case, driving with a leaking axle seal can be extremely dangerous and should be avoided

    Does Insurance Cover Broken Axle

    Car Part

    First, it depends on your insurancepolicy and the coverage you have. Not all policies are the same, so verify whatcoverage you have so that you know where you stand. If they establish the broken axle to be the consequence of an accident, like hitting apothole, and you have full coverage that includes collision, then frontaxle replacement costscould be covered after you pay the deductible.

    A frontaxle replacement is a must when your front axle hasbroken, but replacing the axle is not the end of this project. Anytime thereis, it needs any. By changing axle without alignment, you risk breaking theaxle again.

    Daily maintenance fora car entails making sure it has gas and oil, the tires are aired up, keepingit locked when not in it and wearing seatbelts when you are in it. Othermaintenance includes rotating the tires, changing the oil, checking all thefluids. Then there are big issues that hopefully you never experience, like frontaxle replacement.

    Unfortunately, those things dohappen, and it is important to be aware of when it does. With a bad front axle,you should have it inspected and repaired as soon as possible. Because ifyou keep driving with a weakened axle, one dip or pothole could be the end ofthe road for you and your car.

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