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How To Make A Remote Control Car

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Working Logic For The Rc Robot Car

How To Make A Remote Control Car at Home – Very Easy!

Here is a flowchart to help you understand the working logic of the robot car. First we will go over the basic idea of the RC car and the working logic that is involved in the car. There are two blocks, the Transmitter and the Receiver .

On the transmitter side, you have the switches to give the digital inputs to the encoder IC. The encoder then encodes this data and sends it to the the RF Transmitter module.

On the receiver side, you will have the RF Receiver which receives the encoded data and passes it on to the decoder. The decoder decodes the data and sends it to the motor driver IC to drive the motors.

Choose The Right Motor

Choosing a motor is very important and it totally depends on the type of robot you are making, if you are making a smaller one use 6v Bo motor. If you are making a larger one that needs to carry heavy load then use a 12v dc motor.

Choose the right RPM for motor

I have 12V 300 RPM motor RPM, which stands for revolutions per minute, it is the number of times the shaft of a DC motor completes a full spin cycle per minute. A full spin cycle is when the shaft turns a full 360°. The amount of 360° turns, or revolutions, a motor does in a minute is its RPM value. You should be very careful while choosing the rpm. Dont choose motors of higher rpm cause it will be difficult to control it and remember SPEED IS INVERSELY PROPORTIONAL TO TORQUE DEBUGGING .

In this session, I will be discussing on debugging the circuit. First of all, dont be angry, just keep calm. For debugging we will split the circuit into different parts. First, we will be debugging the L293D IC. Place the IC on a breadboard and give 5v and Gnd to the IC and then give the 12v to pin 8. Connect the enable pins of the motors to 5v. Now give power to the input of one motor and check the output pins with a multimeter. If it shows nothing then there is a problem with your motor driver.

Self Car Building Stem Toy Kit

This 326 blocks kit is made of ABS plastic so entirely safe and eco-friendly for your kids to play.

2 different car combinations are guided by the available. This is a complete fun product for the complete family. You can make two different products with two different combinations from the same block set

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How Rc Cars Work

Although the mechanisms of operation of different remote-controlled toys may vary but the basic principle that fuels them is the same.

The toys with a remote control have 4 pivotal parts:

  • Transmitter: This is the part that you operate in your hands in order to control the car. The transmitter sends radio waves to the receiver
  • Receiver: There is a circuit board and an antenna within the toy that accepts the signals that are sent by the transmitter and instantly activates the toys motors.
  • Motor: It is the motor that can steer the car, turn the wheels and help the propellers to operate.
  • Power source: Without a source of power, the entire process is impossible.

With the help of radio waves, the transmitter sends control signals to the remote control cars receiver which in turn drives the motor leading to action.

Now if you press a button on the transmitter to make the car move forward or backward, there is a contact between a pair of electrical devices.

The receiver again identifies these signals and sends them to the circuit board.

The work of the circuit board is to translate the electrical signals into action. The source of power is usually a rechargeable battery or even normal ones.

To be clear, while we are referencing the workings of RC cars, these mechanics would broadly apply to similar vehicles in the category such as RC monster trucks,RC excavators, and other RC toys.

Self Building 10 Cars Kit Thames & Kosmos

how to make rc remote control car at home

Bored of only one combination to make from your self-building kit here is the best product for you. You can make ten different products by arranging this in different combinations. If you can use your creativity then you dont have to stick on ten combinations.

Three different motors can be used in combination or separately to help you with moving your created vehicle. The best part is that these motors can be operated simultaneously by fully functional remote control.

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Use Grease Instead Of Oil

Grease is heavy. So if youve been using it for a while, it might solidify, making movement difficult. So, consider switching to other types of car oils. The current market is flooded with various options, including the popular WD-40. You will realize that transmission will be pretty fast and the other engine parts wont clog.

Movement Mechanism Of Rc Car:

We are done with the Remote control and the circuits which is about to be placed inside the car. Now next important thing is provide mechanism to move our RC car front and back. Fix a gear to the motor and to the rail which connects the rear wheels. Fix the motor close to the gear in the rail so that when motor makes a movement the car moves forward. Likewise when the motor rotates in the opposite direction the car should move backwards.

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Steering Mechanism Of Car:

Steering mechanism is bit tricky than the movement mechanism since it requires bit of mechanics. There are several Steering mechanisms used in building RC cars but here i prefer to use Rack and Pinion arrangement to steer the car in our desired direction.

Image Courtesy :

The above animation shows the working of Rack and pinion steering mechanism. Here the pinion gear will be attached to our front motor which is responsible for Right/left steering. So when this motor moves in clockwise direction the car turn left and vice versa. See the working this gear arrangement in this video.

How To Build A Remote Control Car

How to make Wireless Remote Controlled Car at home

Building your very own remote-controlled car is not a herculean task instead it’s a fun activity. With these step-by-step instructions on how to build an RC car, you can make your own one and play with it too!

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Building your very own remote-controlled car is not a herculean task instead its a fun activity. With these step-by-step instructions on how to build an RC car, you can make your own one and play with it too!

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The Middle Part Step 3

1. The battery1 will be connected with the receiver board at two points Motor 2 will be connected with the receiver board at two points.

2. The battery will be connected with the receiver board with positive and negative at two points and the antenna will be connected at the appropriate place with the receiver board.

3. Use the iron soldering rod to solder these connections on the board and do remember to put the soldering paste in a small amount on all the collections.

4. Place a Junction pipe to connect both parts of the car in this pipe you can place the battery too.

5. Put the battery in the middle portion place the circuit on the top of it cover the circuit with a transparent tape make a small hole in the circuit and screw it with the help of the Screw.

Your car is ready to play now play and enjoy.

Three: Soldering To The Board

Strip the ends of the wires. Five wires, about 1-2 ft in length are needed. I used a Cat-5 network cable that has 8 wires in it, but only 5 are required.
Turn over the PCB . Under each button there are four solder joints. These are actually sets of joints. These are highlighted in the picture on the right. Identify the wire that the negative side of the battery was connected to . This will connect to one of the large green areas on the board. For each switch, two of the solder joints will be located in this green region. Leave those joints alone.
What we are concerned with, is the positive “side” of the switch. For each switch, you need to identify which side is negative and which is positive. Solder a wire onto each positive side and one wire to a negative terminal . You should have 1 wire per switch soldered, and one wire to the negative terminal. My board, with the wires soldered can be seen to the left. Boxes are drawn in to show the same groups of four shown above.

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How To Make Wireless Remote Control Car Step By Step Guide

We will manufacture cars by utilizing common household items. I will try to make things as simple as possible so that anyone can get the benefit of this. This article is written with the purpose to provide a step-by-step guide so that you can easily make remote control cars in your home but before starting it is important to know what is the mechanism of an RC car.

Self Building Smart Programmable Robot Car Kit

[TUTORIAL] DIY Formula 1 racing car remote control, How to ...

This one is fun and learning both in hand. You just gift it to someone for both formal and moral training. A treat for anybody who wants to work with robotics or cars as a professional or novice.

You must be thinking it to be a tough task to assemble your own robotic car, but with the provided tutorial, believe me, it will be no more than just fun. This kit is not actually just a fun game but an activity to spend some quality time with your kids. And at the of this activity, your kids will learn how after putting in an effort you get fruit full results.

This one is a great step for all those kids and youth who have an interest in robotics and want to take a refreshing start. moreover, the fun doesnt end here this one is a programmable car, you can add infrared, an auto goes, obstacle tackling, each mode will be training to add another. Now the robotics study is not boring anymore. Or you can say at least the beginning.

Product Dimensions : 10.5 x 6 x 3.2 inchesExpertise Level Required : Advanced

Best Pick:- High Tech educational tool with Video Tutorial

Parent Alert! Strictly Prohibited for the kids under three years of age to play. Some parts are Fragile and small, if swallowed may cause injury to kids.

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How To Build An Rc Car

Remote control cars are usually sold as fully assembled and ready to race straight out of the box, but if you want to make your own its really not that hard.

Building a radio controlled car might seem like a far stretch if you have no experience building anything like it before, but with the right tools and a detailed guide you can get it done.

What is needed to build an RC car then?

There are a few parts needed including the car itself, battery, radio transmitter, and chassis, so its just a matter of figuring out how to assemble them. These parts can be purchased online or from a hobby store and in some cases you can recycle old parts to use instead.

This comprehensive guide can show you exactly how its done and teach you that building your own radio controlled car doesnt have to be a daunting task.

Having this skill will make it easier to fix any issues that might occur down the line, but it also adds another satisfying element to a hobby thats already so beloved.


Batteries Of Rc Cars Which Type To Choose

Batteries are the storage for chemical energy which lets you drive through dirt tracks and uneven terrains with ease and enjoy a few extra minutes of ride.

Majority of the batteries have a sticker attached to them that has printed markings which speak of the technology that are being used. Few of the relevant battery chemistries are mentioned here.

  • Alkaline: This type is non-rechargeable and they are used in AA batteries and TV remotes and transmitters.
  • NiMH: The full form of this acronym is Nickel Metal Hydride. This is rechargeable and can be maintained easily.
  • Ni-Cd: Nickel Cadmium. These are rechargeable and this type is said to be non eco-friendly and they suffer from a memory effect.
  • LiPo: The full form of this is Lithium-ion polymer. These types are light in weight but higher in energy density. They have a shorter lifetime as compared to NiMH. This chemical improves the volatility as compared to other intelligent chargers.

The low-end RC cars usually come with a cheap NiMH battery and the high-class models usually dont come with chargers and batteries.

This lets the users refurbish the hardware or buy new items that are meant especially for their requirements.

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How To Make Wireless Remote Control Car

Remote control cars have always been popular and fascinating toys for kids. I had an old broken remote control car lying around, so i decided to use its receiver kit. In this Instructable, i decided to make a wireless remote control car at home using PVC pipes and control it using the receiver from the broken car.

In case, you have a broken RC car lying around, you can follow this instructable to make a new body for the car in few simple steps. Even if you don’t have the circuit, you can follow the instructable to make one easily at home. The parts section has a link that shows how to make transmitter and receiver circuit for remote control toys..

What Is A Difference Between A Remote Control Car And Radio Control Car

How to make Remote Control Car at home
  • Remote control car: is controlled by remote attached to the car by an electric wire.
  • Radio Control car: is controlled by transmitter or remote by sending radio waves to a receiver.
  • There are four main Parts in Radio control car
  • Transmitter
  • Motor
  • Power Source
  • Before starting to read a blog, see my youtube video post for a better understanding of blog.

    If you like my video post than to my Youtube Channel.

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    Top Race Remote Control Rc Blocks Robot Vehicle Building Kit

    The Top Race Remote Control RC Blocks Robot Vehicle Building Kit is a great product that combines some of the elements of the previous kits.

    The pieces are colorful and the different vehicle configurations are as cute as they are fun. Endless hours of creativity away your with this kit. Once your child has mastered the basics they can go on to build vehicles using nothing but their own innovation and imagination.

    If you are looking for something a bit less complicated for children ages 6 and up this may be the perfect kit for you. Easy to follow instructions, brightly colored, fun building blocks with a fun remote control that looks appealingly like a game console.


    • Appropriate for children ages 6 and older
    • A great value and high-quality product that will last for years to come
    • Brightly colored, well-constructed parts, encourage play and imagination
    • Educational toy that makes mechanical assembly learning fun!


    • Not compatible with other major building block brands which can limit your creativity
    • Batteries run out quickly with the remote so be sure it is turned off and you have spares

    Promotes Creativity & Imagination

    And it is no stretch to say that playing with remote control cares promotes creativity and imagination. While adults may be content to have their cars zip around a parking lot, or engage in structured games or competition, kids tend to use their imagination and create make-believe settings and scenarios.

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    Can You Make Your Own Rc Car

    If the idea of buying an assembled RC car doesnt appeal to you or you simply want to take on a new DIY project to fill your time, making an RC car is a great option.

    Its entirely possible to make your own RC car provided you follow the right steps and have working parts, or you can take a different approach and purchase an RC car kit that features many of the parts in it already.

    Some prefer to start with a build it yourself kit as it has most of what they need and then progress to making their own from scratch when they feel a little more comfortable.

    These can be as detailed or as basic as you choose, and give you enough room to personalize the vehicle while still offering the satisfaction of making your own car.

    Whatever approach you take, there are plenty of benefits to building a radio controlled car, like full customization and personalization, and the challenge of creating something for yourself.

    Were going to look at the two options of making one from scratch and building an RC car from a kit, so you can try either approach.

    S To Building A Radio Controlled Car

    How to Make a RC Car at Home Easy

    With all of the required materials and tools, you can get started assembling your RC car.

    These steps are for a very basic RC car with a 9V battery that runs on 2 x 800 rpm motors, so its more about learning how to build a car than creating one thats suitable for racing.

    With that in mind, here are the easy steps to follow.

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