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What Is The Cheapest Car To Lease In 2020

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Best CAR Lease Deals: November 2020

When you lease a car, on the other hand, you just pay for the depreciation during the contract term, including some fees and interest. This is often called the money factor in the world of leasing.

Experts use the expected depreciation of the car you are leasing to evaluate its worth at the lease expiration. From that evaluation, the experts come up with a residual value.

To come up with a monthly payment, just take the cap cost and subtract the residual. Then, divide the resulting number by the total months in your lease contract.

Now add in the interest or money factor to get the monthly payment. The cap cost or capitalized cost refers to the negotiated price of the vehicle on lease. This method should help you determine cheap monthly car payments if youre in the market for a new model.

Obviously, there are still going to be a few changes that will add some dollars to the monthly payments. In most states, for example, you only pay sales tax on the lease monthly installments, down payments, as well as fees.

Even as these are added costs on leasing the car, they are a huge benefit over purchasing a vehicle, where you will be paying for sales tax on the comprehensive buying price.

Nissan Versa S $15655

EPA Mileage: 27/35 mpg

This affordable subcompact entered the U.S. market as one of the cheapest cars availableand as a gawky, underachieving hatchback for 2006. But with last year’s all-new 2019 model, it has some decent attributes, including a more finished design that looks like it’s from the same family as the Nissan Sentra and Altima.

Now only a sedan for the U.S. market, the Nissan Versa S comes with such standard features as automatic climate control, remote start, blind-spot warning, cross-traffic alert, and Apple Car Play/Android for Autobut that’s only if you drop $19,215 on the top-trim Versa SR with CVT transmission. The base manual Versa S does come with lane-departure warning, rear auto braking, and automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection. It’s a good commuter car for people who just want to get to and from work, though it’s not one of those slow cars that’s more fun to drive fast than a fast car is to drive slow.

Used Car Finance Deals Offer An Alternative

PCP finance for used cars is also available. But the finance agreements arent as attractive. However, low APR rates from banks are out there for used cars depending on your credit rating.

Going the used route is easy too. Most used car dealers offer it, and they usually allow you to drive away on the same day.

A lot of people search Google for £99 a month car deals with no deposit. Were here to tell you that its impossible to get a new car on these terms. If you dont have any money for a deposit, but £99 spare each month, we recommend saving this money up and buying a cheap used car for £500-£1,000.

** These deals are indicative examples of some packages available as of 12 July 2022 but are subject to change without prior notice. Everyones financial circumstances are different and the availability of credit is subject to status. Terms, conditions and exclusions apply. Parkers cannot recommend a deal for you specifically.

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Can You Buy The Car At The End Of A Pch

The short answer is a simple no. The hire part of the PCH is the crucial element here – this is a hire agreement only, and the monthly payment is calculated solely on the basis that the car will be returned in a saleable condition at the end of the period.

Even if it happens to be the best car you have ever driven, no amount of begging or pleading will allow you to buy it.

If you are super-keen you may be able to find out where the car will be re-sold, as the lease company is likely to have an established sell-on route for vehicles that come to the end of their lease period, but there are no guarantees this information will be available.

How Does Car Leasing Work

Cheapest cars to insure in 2020

Car leasing deals work in the same way as the many Business Contract Hire offers available, except VAT is included. You pay an advance rental payment or deposit, select your annual mileage and contract length, and then pay a flat monthly fee for the duration of your agreement. When your contract ends, you hand the car back.

Traditionally, leasing a new car is simpler and easier than a Personal Contract Purchase and more importantly, it generally has lower monthly payments. For these reasons, lease deals are growing in popularity, with a large number of motorists simply handing back their cars at the end of the lease and signing for a new one straight away. As popularity is growing, so is the competition between manufacturers, meaning as a buyer you have the freedom to choose from the cream of the crop.

In addition to the cheaper monthly payments, car leasing can offer many other useful benefits that could help you avoid the faff of dealing with independent dealerships. Car tax, breakdown cover, car maintenance and tyre repair and replacement can all be included within your agreed payment plan. So if youre thinking of heading down the car leasing route, were here to help.

Business car leasing

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Do I Need My Own Insurance For A Lease Car

You need to insure a lease car yourself, even though it is not owned by you during the hire period. Although you are not paying to take ownership of the car, it is in your custody and is essentially your responsibility for the duration, which means the vehicle insurance is paid for by you.

The finance company will have their own policies to cover a loss on the vehicle but this does not cover your use of it.

Bmw 2 Series Gran Coupe 218i M Sport 4dr

£379.00 per month inc. VAT, with £4,917.16 initial payment, 8,000 miles per annum, 48 months.

Our friends over at Stratstone specialise in premium vehicles and have a range of great lease offers if you fancy something more luxurious, including this BMW 2 Series.

You’ll receive a well-specified M Sport model, which means sleek M aerodynamic body styling, 18-inch Burnished M double spoke alloy wheels and M Sport suspension.

A range of intelligent gadgets are also included, such as Attentiveness assist and BMW Live Cockpit Professional with 10.25-inch high resolution instrument and control display. Not bad for £399 per month.

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No Down Payment Vs Money Factor

Most of the car leases, including those marketed with a down payment are often available with no money down. However, qualifying for the cheapest car to lease with no money down deal might depend on credit requirements.

This is one of the major pros of renting versus purchasing with a loan. With loans, they almost always involve down payments, at times up to 20%, or higher if you have bad credit. Leases often dont come with such requirements.

Nonetheless, monthly lease installments will be higher without a down payment because you are not pre-paying some obligations of the lease. Generally, your charter payment will decrease by around $40 to $50 for each $1,000 you make as a down payment. Therefore, the tradeoff is higher in monthly installments versus down payment cash.

While most leases carry a structure that makes down payments optional, car manufacturers have special lease deal offers in monthly promos with a down payment to access the deal.

You could still get that lease without paying upfront, but the real deal might not be as great since some lease parameters often change. For the most part, consumers are unaware of the changes unless they used a tool to do comparisons.

For instance, some of the best luxury car lease deals on special promotional leases come with a very low money factor. Furthermore, they need a down payment, a cap cost reduction in this case.

You Can Drive A New Car Without Spending A Fortune Especially If You Use Finance We Found These Deals From Just 14312 Per Month With What Car Leasing


If you want to keep your costs low and you’re not worried about owning your car outright, leasing can be a great option.

This form of financing, sometimes called personal contract hire or personal leasing, is essentially the same as renting a car. Contracts usually last for three or four years, with a pre-agreed annual mileage limit. There’s no option to buy the car at the end of the term, but being able to hand the keys back to the contract provider suits a lot of people.

Here, we look at the 10 cheapest cars available through What Car? Leasing.

From small cars to small SUVs, they show that you don’t need to pay a fortune to get behind the wheel of a new model. In each case, you can follow the links to learn more about our leasing deals or read all about each car in our full What Car? review.

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Who Is The Registered Keeper Of A Lease Car

If you have a PCH then the registered keeper, and legal owner, of the car is the finance company responsible for providing the lease. In simple terms the finance house has purchased the car and is hiring it to you, so their name is the one that appears on all the important paperwork.

This is important, because when you arrange your car insurance it is crucial that you inform your provider that you are not the legal owner or registered keeper. Tthis may also have a negative effect on your premium, so be sure to shop around.

Another factor to keep in mind is that any parking tickets or speeding fines that are generated may be sent to the registered keeper, and how this is then delt with depends on the individual company, so be sure to read the small print. Some leasing companies will pay the fine as soon as it arrives and then invoice you, with an administration fee added on top.

Let’s Just Compare Starting Msrp

As “cheapest” is a very relative word, I will make a fast stop here: I will compare starting MSRP, which means explicitly the cheapest submodel starting price, usually Manual Transmission vehicles.

It is the price used for marketing and will be the one that you’ll see on the ads everywhere . It is an actual price so that you can get the car for that amount of cash, plus the additional fees related to the delivery.

But most people today do not make a cash purchase, as most people prefer monthly payments . And additionally, a low number of clients go with the base model, so all references change depending on what is your purpose with the vehicle, the actual specifications plus what you need and you can afford.

Nissan Canada has three offers in the top 10 Cheapest Car in Canada under starting MSRP of $16,370 CAD.

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What Happens If My Pch Lease Car Is Written Off

If the vehicle is declared as a total loss by your insurance company then you are liable for the value of the car at the time of it being written off.

This is because the leasing company do not have insurance to cover the loss of the vehicle. While it is in your custody during the loan period you are required to insure the car, so a total loss means you are required to cover that loss.

The payout from your insurance company will cover some or all of the total amount outstanding, but in the event that it is less this amount you will be liable for the difference. In these circumstances GAP insurance would cover you for this difference, so it is something you may wish to consider before taking up a PCH lease.

The 10 Cheapest Cars On Sale In The Us Right Now:

2020 Hyundai Elantra Is The Cheapest Car To Lease In America
  • 2020 Kia Soul LX, $18,610
  • 2020 Hyundai Venue SE, $18,490
  • 2019 Fiat 500 Pop, $17,990
  • 2020 Honda Fit LX, $17,120
  • 2020 Kia Rio LX, $16,815
  • 2020 Toyota Yaris L sedan, $16,605
  • 2020 Hyundai Accent SE, $16,270
  • 2020 Nissan Versa S, $15,655
  • 2020 Mitsubishi Mirage ES, $14,990
  • 2020 Chevrolet Spark LS, $14,395
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    Why Find A Cheap Lease

    While there are many advantages to leasing a car, ultimately you are renting the vehicle. Unlike a car loan, you are not paying to own the car. Unless you take the buyout option, you are merely paying to use the vehicle for the lease term. You cannot get the money you put into a lease back and for that reason, its wise to keep the cost of your lease down as much as possible. Fortunately, there are many excellent affordable car leasing deals available, and it is very doable to find a high-quality lease that doesnt break the bank.

    Toyota Yaris L Sedan $16605

    EPA Mileage: 30/39 mpg

    Miss the old 2011 Mazda2? We do, too, though it lives on as one of U.S. market’s cheapest cars in the form of the Toyota Yaris. First, Toyota imported it here from Mazda’s Mexican factory as a sedan only, but last year, the Mazda2 was badge-engineered into a Yaris hatchback design as well, which is why we are not counting each on our list of cheapest cars.

    The hatchback wouldn’t have made it, anyway it starts at $18,705, which is $250 more than the No. 10 cheapster, the Kia Soul. The Yaris hatch inexplicably comes only with an automatic transmission, while the sedan is available with a manual.

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    Less Likelihood Of Theft

    According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada , a car is stolen every 7 minutes. Car theft is a risk for insurance companies who may have to pay to replace it. Not only will driving a car with a low rate of theft, save you money, you can earn further discounts by adding an anti-theft device.

    In summary, read IBCâs How Cars Measure Up guide to help you in your research.

    Cheapest Lease Deals: July 2022

    11 BEST Cheap Lease Deals for January 2020

    If you like the idea of driving a brand new car or SUV with a low monthly payment, youre in the right place. There are some excellent lease deals this month, some under $200/month.

    These offers can vary regionally, so check out whats available in your area before driving over to the dealer.

    Here are some of the cheapest lease deals in July 2022.

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    Hybrid And Electric Lease Deals

    Due to the ongoing development of powertrain technology, hybrid and electric cars are becoming more attainable, with a variety of great hybrid and electric lease deals available.

    Hybrid cars offer efficient means of travel, while cars with electric powertrains offer emissions-free driving, as well as impressive ranges and short charging times.

    Below are our favourite hybrid and electric lease deals this month.

    Top 100 Cheapest Lease Deals

    Readers often ask me which vehicles offer the cheapest lease payment, so each month I compile all the currently available manufacturer lease deals and calculate each one with $0 down payment so you can see which ones really offer the cheapest monthly payment.

    Note that the monthly payment DOES NOT include tax, title, dealer, and registration fees. Also note that these are the best advertised manufacturer lease deals I could find by searching multiple regions. The prices you see in the table are the lowest advertised prices across the country, and since incentives differ by region, they may not be available in your local region.

    As always, I recommend you use TrueCar No Haggle and CarsDirect to quickly see the lowest lease prices you can get on any of these vehicles in your local area.

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    Buick Encore Preferred 1sb

    The 2022 Buick Encore is a small crossover that surprisingly delivers a spacious cabin that can seat four adults and carry lots of cargo after folding the rear seat. It is available at an MSRP of $25,795 and a monthly lease payment of $291 for 36 months with no down payment. The vehicle comes in only the Preferred AWD trim for 2022.

    It comes with a 1.4-liter 155 hp four-cylinder engine that delivers adequate power for driving on city roads. Thanks to its well-weighted steering wheel, the vehicle navigates bends accurately, raising your comfort levels.

    Despite a few blemishes, the Buick Encores interior is near-premium with soft-touch armrests and an intuitive infotainment system. You can connect your other devices to the internet using this vehicles built-in Wi-Fi.

    Top : Cheapest Car In Canada For 2022

    The 10 Best Cheapest Electric Car Lease Deals in 2020

    If you were looking for the cheapest car in Canada, then it will be better to see the top 10 and the reason is straightforward: on a successful search, you need to retrieve multiple results. Otherwise, you will be going blind to the first result. The deeper you search, the better will your final decision result.

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