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Will My Car Insurance Pay For Repairs

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Which Insurance Company Should I Use To Handle My Claim

How to Pay for Car Repairs Without Going Through Insurance : Car Insurance

You can choose which insurance company to use if you are not at fault for the accident.

So if somebody else is at fault, you are going to have a choice about which insurance company you are going to go through to get your car fixed. There are pros and cons to each one:

Going Through Your Own Insurance

You could go through your own insurance company. You are paying for that insurance and they have a contract to provide you with coverage. If you have comprehensive and collision coverage on your vehicle, you have been paying for that every month.

However if you only have liability coverage on your vehicle, you will not have the choice. You will have to go through the at-fault driver’s insurance.

If you go through your own, they owe you through what is outlined in your insurance policy. This means that your deductible will apply.


Most people have a $500 deductible on their policy which means that your insurance will pay the total cost of repair to your vehicle minus the deductible amount.

The deductible amount of $500 would be your responsibility.

So, the pro of going through your own insurance: it’s a little quicker and little easier because there is no question about liability before the claim is paid.

The con of going through your own insurance: you have to pay the deductible.

Going Through the Other Parties Insurance

When you go through the other parties insurance, they will need to make a liability determination first.

If Another Driver Caused The Accident

If another driver is at fault for your car accident, they’re financially responsible for your vehicle damage. In most cases, the other driver has insurance. If not, you can have your insurance company pay for your car damageif you have collision coverage and/or uninsured motorist property damage coverage. If you don’t have these coverages, you can go after the other driver to try to make them pay, but it might be difficult. Usually, drivers who don’t have car insurance don’t have piles of cash laying around that can be used to pay to repair your car.

Let’s look at a few different scenarios that can spring up when the other driver caused your accident.

Car Repair Insurance: Is It Worth It

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When shopping for a new car, its recommended to consider a make and model that is reliable. But even the most reliable cars have problems from time-to-time. The air conditioner can break, the electrical system can malfunction, and the engine can give out. Not only can car repairs be inconvenient, but they can also be very expensive.

Usually, youre on the hook financially for making mechanical fixes that arent related to an accident. However, car repair insurance can help pay for the cost of certain car repairs. It wont replace your auto insurance policy, but it does offer extra protection for common car issues. In this article, well explain what car repair insurance covers, what it doesnt cover, and if you really need it.

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When Is It Worth Paying For A Car Repair Yourself Instead Of Making An Insurance Claim

This article was published more than 2 years ago. Some information in it may no longer be current.

I got a brand new CR-V and misjudged a corner in the parking garage and scraped the whole side of my vehicle from front to back. How do I know when its worth paying for the repair myself instead of making an insurance claim? We really had to save to buy this SUV and money is tight. Brittany, Oshawa

If you make an insurance claim to save yourself from a financial scrape now, you could end up spending far more on insurance premiums down the road.

Loosely speaking, if the cost to fix is under $2,000, it can be touch and go to claim it and if its over $2,000, its worthwhile most of the time, says Adam Mitchell, president of Mitchell and Whale insurance brokers in Whitby, Ont. But step one is an estimate you need to know how much the claim is for.

First, check if you have collision insurance which isnt required although youd have to pay the deductible, which is typically $1,000.

If you have a $1,000 hit and a $1,000 deductible, then youre not saving anything by making a claim, Mitchell says.

Additionally, if you have an at-fault crash even if its just between you and a parking lot corner your insurance company can use it to raise your rates, even if you dont actually make a claim.

If youre dealing directly with the insurance company, just telling them about the accident can be enough for them to hike your rates, even if they dont pay you anything.

What Can I Do If I Receive A Cancellation Notice

Can I Pay For Car Repairs Without Using My Insurance?

If your policy is being cancelled because you didnt pay your premium, you must pay your exact outstanding premium immediately to prevent cancellation. If you feel that the cancellation is unfair for any reason, you may send a written appeal to the Board of Appeal. This must be done before the effective date of cancellation.

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Can My Insurance Company Cancel My Policy If I File A Claim

No. The company cannot cancel you for filing a claim, but they can choose to non-renew your policy if they determine you are too much of a risk. The company must issue a non-renewal notice directly to you or to your agent at least 45 days prior to the expiration of your policy. It is then your responsibility to find a new insurance company to provide you coverage.

The company can cancel you if you do not pay your premium or if they learn you provided false information on your application. In this instance, your company must send you a notice at least 20 days before the effective date of the cancellation. A notice sent by regular mail with a certificate of mailing receipt obtained from the Post Office is enough. Certified or registered mail with a return receipt is not required.

If I Own A Vehicle With Collision And Comprehensive Coverage Will My Insurance Apply To A Rental Or Borrowed Private Passenger Auto

Yes. Your collision and comprehensive insurance cover you in a rented or borrowed private passenger auto that is damaged while you or a household member is driving it with the owners permission. You or your household member are covered only if you rent or borrow a car in the United States or Canada.

If you are borrowing or renting any sort of truck please speak to your agent or your insurance company to see if you are covered. You are likely not covered if you rent or borrow a truck.

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Is It Difficult To Submit An Mbi Claim

No. Just call toll free at during the below hours for the MBI claims department.

Phone Hours

7:30 am 9:00 pm
Saturday 8:00 am 4:30 pm
Sunday Closed

IMPORTANT NOTE: In most states, for coverage to be applicable, you must obtain authorization prior to any repair work being done. See policy for details.

Why You Need Car Insurance

Which Insurance Company Should Pay My Car Repair?

You must have car insurance if you own a car or other vehicle.

Car insurance may protect you from:

  • having to pay to repair your car or other vehicle if it’s damaged or in an accident
  • liability claims if you’re held responsible for an accident causing damage to another persons vehicle or injury to other people

Insurance companies may refer to car insurance as property and casualty insurance. Property and casualty insurance also includes home insurance, business insurance and disaster insurance.

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What You Didnt Know Insurance Covered

Most people buy car insurance to help pay for repairs and medical bills if theyre in an accident. But it can also cover lost wages and funeral expenses, and its not just for accidents. If you carry comprehensive coverage, the insurance company will pay for damaged caused by weather-related events, wild animals, falling objects, and vandalism.

And if you have collision coverage, your insurer has your back if you collide with something other than a car, such as a telephone pole, curb, or deer. Or if you damage your car driving over a pothole. They also pay for your injuries if youre hit by a car as a pedestrian.

How To Make Sure Your Claim Gets Paid

Help your claims process go more smoothly with a few tips:

  • Be honest. Car insurance companies share information about any past claims or violations on your driving record. Failure to disclose these details could lead to your claim being rejected.
  • Keep a record. Keep as many records of the incident as you can to prove the damage and expenses caused by the car accident.
  • Dont admit guilt. Dont settle a claim on the roadside by yourself by admitting any fault. Provide as much information as you can, and let the insurance companies work out who caused the accident.

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I Was Driving A Rental Car And Got Into An Accident Which Coverage Is Primary My Auto Insurance Coverage Or The Insurance Coverage Provided By The Rental Car Company

It depends on the agreement that you sign with the rental car company as well as the language in your own policy. You should talk to your insurance company before signing an agreement to rent a car. Keep in mind that your credit card might also offer some insurance coverage for rental cars if you use your card to pay for the rental. Again, you should discuss with your insurance company about whether any coverage provided via your credit card company is primary, secondary or excess.

Windshield Repair And Your Auto Insurance

Will my car insurance pay for an oil change?

First, its a tiny chip. Then it becomes a crack. You watch it creep across your windshield, wondering how long you have before you absolutely have to fix it. Does insurance cover windshield repair? What about long cracks? Heres what you need to know.

Smack. Its the cringe-inducing sound of a pebble striking your windshield, and its usually followed by the appearance of a chip in the glass. Its easy to ignore a chipped windshield, but you should have it fixed as soon as possible. Why? A windshield chip is a simple fix, but once it turns into a crack itll be a much more expensive windshield repair. Hot or cold weather conditions, or even driving on a bumpy road, can create cracks.

A chipped windshield is also a safety hazard. According to Safelite Auto Glass, a windshield provides up to 30 percent of a vehicles structural strength, and a weakened windshield may compromise your safety in a crash or rollover situation.

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Our Customers Say It Best

  • “One does not have to pay as much “out-of-pocket” for major repairs. I also appreciate that one of GEICO’s experts talks to the mechanic to determine that the repair is actually needed and that the repair is made correctly.” Vernon Bartlett, TN
  • I am still covered even after my factory warranty has expired.” Wendy Louisville, KY
  • “Peace of mind. Cheaper than after market warranty from the factory.” Sidney Alpharetta, GA

What If You Were At Fault For Your Vehicle’s Damage

If you caused your own vehicle’s damageby driving off the road or running into a tree or fence, for exampleyou would either have to pay for the damage yourself or make a claim against your own policy’s collision coverage, if you have it. However, if the damage is not extensive, you would probably not want to make a claim against your own policy because that might raise your car insurance premium, and it might cost you more money in the long run.

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Does Car Insurance Pay For Damages Caused By Natural Disasters Or Break

As we explained above, liability insurance doesnt provide you with any financial assistance if your own vehicle is damaged, but you can protect your car from theft, vandalism and natural disasters with comprehensive coverage. Sometimes called other than collision coverage, comprehensive insurance will pay for repairs or replacement if a tree falls on your car or if someone breaks into your vehicle, damaging the windows or doors. Depending on where you live and how new your car is, comprehensive coverage could be a good choice for financial security.

Do I Have To Accept The Offer On My Vehicle

The insurance company will not pay to fix my car! What can I do?

This goes back to a total loss of your vehicle. Just because they say they figured out your car is worth $4,000 and they will send you a check in the mail, doesn’t mean that you have to accept that amount.

That is not the end of the discussion. You have to agree. You are making a deal where both sides need to agree on what your car is worth.

If they are offering you $4,000 and you think your car is worth more then you will have to go through the effort of proving how much your car is worth.

Facts that could affect the value of your car would be details like:

  • extremely low mileage
  • upgrades by the manufacturer or yourself
  • custom paint jobs
  • limited edition automobiles

Any of these factors could increase the value of your car and the insurance company needs to be aware of them.

If you have brought these details to the insurance adjusters attention and the final bid is still too low, then you could contact a local attorney and they could help you figure out how to provide proof of the value of your car.

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Is Car Repair Insurance Worth It

Some people find car repair insurance to be valuable because it removes worries about big expenses. Plus, it provides added piece of mind for those who dont know much about cars and who worry about haggling over repair costs.

But for most people, auto repair insurance is not a good value. Consider the following two factors:

  • Overlap of coverage Depending on your insurer, coverage either must commence when your car is fairly new or, even if it is available later, your premiums will rise if you sign up later. In most cases this means youll be paying premiums while your car is still covered by the manufacturers new car warranty. But during this period, the new car warranty will pay the cost of auto repairs, meaning you get no benefit from the additional coverage.
  • When you need it Todays cars tend to be remarkably reliable in their first 7 years and 100,000 miles, so failure of major systems like engines and transmissions are rare for newer cars unless maintenance has been neglected. When the car is older and more likely to need expensive repairs, mechanical breakdown coverage will no longer be available.

Why Was My Car Insurance Claim Denied

Reading your contract in detail is an effective first step to making sure you know your policys exclusions and your responsibilities.

  • Business driving. Unless youve purchased commercial insurance or rideshare insurance, you can assume that your policy only covers personal use of your car.
  • Driving outside the US. Your policy may or may not protect you when you drive into Canada and Mexico. Confirm those details with your agent first.
  • Exclusions. These conditions may mean that you wont receive payment for specific situations your policy wont cover. For example, exclusions may apply for intentional acts of damage you caused or specific types of storms.
  • Optional coverage. Your policy doesnt cover everything, so dont assume you have coverage for theft, storm damage, car modifications or at-fault collisions if you didnt buy that coverage.
  • Personal belongings. While some policies cover personal items as an add-on, limits and special conditions apply. Check the fine print to find out which belongings you can claim in an accident.
  • Unapproved drivers. Some policies protect your list of nominated drivers but not everybody who gets behind the wheel.
  • Wear and tear depreciation. Insurance covers accidental damage to your vehicle, not damage caused by everyday use or depreciation.

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How Will I Get Paid For A Claim

Some insurers pay the repair shop instead of reimbursing you, especially if its a preferred or recommended shop through their network. Youll pay the deductible first, which is the amount you pay before your insurance pays for repairs.

If youre not at fault, your insurance company works with the other drivers insurance to reimburse you for expenses. You could contact this insurance company to keep tabs on your check if payment is taking a long time.

In some states, insurance companies are required to pay your claim within 30 days after its settled. Other states require payments to be made within a reasonable time, with no hard time limit.

Reasons your claim may be delayed

How quickly you can gather and submit your claims information is up to you and your insurer. Reasons your claim could be delayed:

  • Poor communication. If you dont answer the phone when your insurance company calls, your claim will take longer to get settled. But if you havent heard from your insurance company in a while, dont hesitate to pick up the phone yourself.
  • Youre unhappy with the repair job. Get your car back and think somethings still off? If youre not satisfied with repairs, signing off on the final paperwork may get delayed. Work with your garage and insurance company to make sure all the damage is fixed.
  • Natural disaster. If your car was damaged in a major storm, many other people could be vying for the insurance companys time.

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