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What Radio Fits My Car

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Single Din Or Double Din Radio

Will it fit my car?: Car Stereos and Speakers | Crutchfield Video

In order to figure out whether you need a “2 DIN car stereo,” you need to measure the faceplate of your current head unit. If it measures roughly 7 inches long by 2 inches tall, then its a single DIN head unit, and you have to replace it with another single DIN unit.

If your radio measures roughly 7 inches long by 4 inches tall, then its double DIN. In that case, you can install another double din radio, or you can use a single din unit with an installation kit. There is also a 1.5 DIN size that falls in between, but it is rarely used. These head units, as the name implies, measure about 3 inches tall.

The Budget Aspect Of Car Stereo Upgrade

One key purpose of writing this car stereo fit guide the monetary benefits as you can save the money you have to pay for the technician. If you are very much tight with the budget, there are still options to fix this problem. Now, it is in your own hand to control all aspect of your car stereo, even, the budget too.

The budget factor can be encountered by replacing components one after another. In this way, you would get your perfect custom car sound system in a certain period of time.

If you are choosing the piecemeal method of upgrading your car stereo owing to the budget-consciousness. For a better result, you must define your roadmap for imagined car sound system. If you decide what you are going to need already before actually start upgrading, you would choose the best matching components for the stereo. In this manner, you can make the best stereo out of small and piecemeal investments.?

For the newbies who are quite budget conscious and at times it can happen, anyone, what is highly recommended first thing to start with is the speakers of the car stereo. The factory speakers of various car stereos are quite anemic, and you will obviously experience a quite palpable and notice improvements in your car stereo sound system by simply replacing the front-speaker of your stereo.

Majority Journey A10 Dab Car Radio Converter

If youve read some of our other top reviews lately, then youve probably noticed that Majority is a name that appears frequently in the marketplace. Majority is a company that has earned a lot of popularity over the years for its ability to deliver a high-quality selection of features to customers, usually for a budget-friendly price.

The Majority Journey A10 is a DAB car radio converter thats available for a little under £40. That means that its not the least expensive DAB adapter on the market but its not the most expensive either. This digital tick approved device will allow you to either directly stream DAB or DAB+ radio stations, or youll be able to use Bluetooth instead. You can connect your phone or tablet and play your favourite music using Spotify, TuneIn, and countless other apps.

The Bluetooth functionality of the Majority Journey 10 also means that youll have the option to make safe hands-free phone calls too!

Features include:

  • Receives DAB+ and DAB stations
  • Bluetooth for handsfree calls and music streaming
  • Antenna mount and line-out cable
  • 10 pre-set stations included
  • Can connect to your stereo via aux cable or FM transmitter


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Lenovo Tab 2 8 Tablet For Car Navigation Device

We are reviewing this Lenovo Tab 2 8 black tablet to see how well suited it would be as an in car android stereo, navigational tool and smart device.

Another IPS diasplayed tablet, this time by Lenovo, so you should be sure that the screen youll be looking at will be crisp and clear. Like the DJC it also has a 1200 x 800 pixel screen resolution so you are getting better than HD.

The immediate bonus of this over the DJC though is the internal 16gb storage, so you have double what the DJC offers and this should be more than enough for the apps, maps you will need. We still suggest an SD card with all your favourite audio books and music on though as the 16GB can easily be filled up with audio files.

You get your usual features, mic jack, microSD card slot, GPS, and even micro Sim card slot so you can plug in a sim and be connected all the time.

So youre interested in using a small tablet as your cars navigational tool and car stereo, this Lenovo might be perfect for fitting in to your cars dash and replacing your current car stereo entirely or by using a tablet holder connected to your dash or windscreen.

We would rank this the same as the DJC and its a very similar price too.Pros

  • Great screen resolution and IPS display
  • Fairs a little better than the DJC when direct sunlight is on it
  • Fast tablet with double the space storage as the DJC, with 16GB
  • Good brand name



You can sync with bluetooth to your phone to make/receive calls and we really like it

Can I Fit A New Car Audio System To A Lease Car

13"  Vertical Screen Tesla Style Android Multimedia Car Stereo Radio ...

You can! We won’t tear the car apart when we fit your new car audio system for you, and we’ll give you thestandard system back intact. Just bring your car back when the lease is up and we’ll take your improved caraudio system out, re-fit thestandard one and even fit your improved car audio system into your new car .

If you’re looking to add car stereo systems to your businesses’ fleet of vehicles, then get in touch! Halfords now offer B2B stereo and speaker fitting at competitive prices.

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Atoto A6 Pf 7 Inch Double

Beside Atoto A6 running the latest Android 10.0 it is packed with features that allow both regular and more picky users to love it.

Some of the the basic specs include:

  • CPU, System & Memory: 8 Core ARM Cortex-A55, 1.6 GHz / Android 10.0 / 2 GB + 32 GB
  • Display: Full HD true 7-inch 1024 * 600 IPS screen capacitive touchscreen the viewing angle is 178° which means very good visibility from both front seats and the back.
  • Preamp & DSP : Audio with max. 4*45W & RMS 4*24W preamp and Digital Signal Processor with Time Correction, Speed Compensated Volume & 32-band EQ
  • GPS/Navigation: Online in CarPlay or Android Auto , or directly with map apps on A6 PF or offline with downloaded maps
  • 3 Options for Internet Access Wi-Fi hotspot , Bluetooth tethering and USB tethering
  • Rear View Display: HD 720P rear view video display with Live Rear-View feature . You can have the rear view switched on even when driving forward.
  • Other Features: The unit has an in-built FM/AM radio with RDS and supports up to 2TB USB SSD for multimedia playback.

Turning It Up To Eleven

If you’re concerned about volume, an amplifier is still the component you need to add to your system. You’ll probably need an amp with speaker-level inputs if you’re leaving the factory stereo in place, but some premium factory head units come with line-level outputs.

It’s easy to overpower the speakers when you add a powerful amplifier to a factory sound system. With that in mind, upgrade the speakers if you want to crank up the volume all the way.

Jeff Sandquist / CC by 2.0 / Flickr

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Find Car Stereos That Fit My Car

Want to know what single or double DIN aftermarket car stereos fit your vehicle? Use our Stereo Fit Tool to find out what stereos will fit. Please note that factory mounting depth needs to be factored into the installation of any unit, along with the outer mounting area of the Double DIN dash opening compared to the units.

How Does A Dab Car Radio Converter Work

How to Fit a Car Stereo: For Morons

DAB car adapters allow todays listeners to receive DAB radio station information without replacing either their stereo, or their car. More often than not, youll power these nifty devices using the cigarette lighter in your vehicle, but there are also products that use your aux-in connections and FM radio transmissions, too, along with an external battery.

A DAB car radio adapter with FM transmission function will be able to connect to your stereo wirelessly. All youll need to do is tune your car stereo into the same frequency as your new adapter so that you can connect the two. The adapter will then act as your very own miniature transmitter, broadcasting information just a couple of metres to cover your car.

Some of the best car DAB adapters that weve covered today also come with an antenna that you can use to improve the quality of your signal once you set up your new device. If you do get one of these aerials with your system, youll need to attach it to the roof of your car. Other devices come with a small wire antenna that attaches to the inside of your vehicle instead.

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Android Car Stereo And Touchscreen Navigation Head Units

  • What Did We Want Out of An Android Car Head Unit
  • Extra Features of an Android Car Stereo
  • Types of Android Setups To Make Your Car Smart
  • DIY Tablet Car Dash
  • Pre-Built Android Based Dash Head Unit
  • Android Tablet As The Cars Computer
  • What Can You Run On An Android Car Stereo & Navigation Device
  • Android Auto
  • Android Car Stereo Apps for Music, Audio Books & More
  • Online & Internet Streaming Music Applications
  • Offline & Downloaded Music Playing Apps
  • Online Radio Music Apps
  • Online and Offline Audio Book & Podcast Applications
  • What Other Benefits Are There To Using An Android Tablet In My Car
  • DIY Tablet Car Dash & Mounting A Tablet In A Holder Benefits
  • Downsides To Using An Android Tablet In Your Car
  • What About Electric Vehicles
  • Other Things and Applications To Consider
  • There Are Other Android Based Navigational Options
  • Running A Tablet or Phone As Your Cars Computer
  • There is a whole world of android based head units, android car stereo options, fitted and not fitted tablet computers that can enhance your driving and journey time and weve spent the last few months finding out as much as we can, testing out some products and looking in to alternatives to your car stereo and replacement android devices.

    Use An Online Car Stereo Size Database

    Car audio retailers are probably the single greatest source of information about the size and fit for aftermarket car audio components, which makes sense since their customers are far more likely to be satisfied if the components they buy actually fit in their vehicles. Even before the rise of the internet, brick-and-mortar car audio stores typically had size and fit databases that kept track of what size speakers, head units, and other components fit in specific vehicles. Today, that information is always at your fingertips courtesy of the internet.

    Although retailers provide this information with the hopes of making a sale, you are free to use the information from one database and purchase a head unit from whichever outlet you see fit. The key is to plug in the make, model, and year of your vehicle, along with any relevant trim options, and to make note of the head units that the tool says will fit in your vehicle. If the tool shows that double DIN head units will fit, then you can safely buy a double DIN head unit or a single DIN unit with the appropriate dash kit.

    Some popular online lookup tools include:

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    Top Car Stereo Brands

    5. Sony

    Sony offers some of the most advanced technology in their car stereos. Similar to other top brands, they too offer some of the most sought after features such as smartphone integration with Apple Carplay and Android Auto. They also have screens of every size, from smaller single DIN stereos, up to large 9″ touchscreens.

    Will My New Stereo Fit My Car

    Touch Screen Radio That Fits My Car

    For cars whose opening includes a double-DIN, you can usually fit either a single-DIN or a double-DIN unit. As long as the dash kit fits your vehicle correctly, it wont cost much money. Multimedia and DVD players, GPS units, and other displays with large displays benefit from the double-DIN opening.

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    Upgrading A Factory Stereo:

    Many stereo users just love the way the factory stereo looks. Thus, you can upgrade it too without replacing the head unit. First, you can start it with the speakers. When you are done with it, jump to the amplifier and the upgrade goes on in the same manner. This?Car Stereo Fit Guide is made to help you buy the best car stereo.

    Benefits Of Aftermarket Radio

    • Customized experience. An aftermarket radio gives you the option to customize your music the way you want it. You dont have to constantly switch out CDs or scan the radio for music anymore. You can create your own playlist with built-in smart features of the radio that include music streaming services.
    • Add personality. You can get an aftermarket radio that matches that color and style of your vehicle. Many can even be set to flash and change colors with the beat of the music. Units with large touchscreens can even be modified to include pictures or videos that match your taste.
    • Improved audio quality. By getting a new aftermarket radio, you could also boost the sound quality of your speakers without ever having to upgrade them. The radio lets you configure sound settings so you get a richer and cleaner sound throughout the vehicle.
    • Versatile. An aftermarket radio gives you several options when it comes to listening to music. You are no longer limited to surfing AM/FM radio station after radio station until a song comes on. You can also skip commercials, advertisements, and DJs. Your new radio should come with Bluetooth connectivity so you can play anything on your phone or MP3 player, plus it will give you access to Pandora, Spotify, and other streaming services.

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    What About As An Android Car Navigational Tool

    We are fortunate that we are used to using Android devices, mainly phones as our go-to navigation tool when driving about and weve never had any real issues with Google Maps. With this tablet, because its on Android 5.1 you can download Android Auto which will enhance your phones user experience just for driving, we have written more about it up top.

    As well as google maps, you can use maps.me which is actually our favourite, all round offline mapping software. It recently got a big improvement regards driving about and navigation on the roads in the last few months too. We write about many more up top too.

    The biggest problem with this android which we briefly mentioned above, is the storage space, its another sub £100 tablet and we believe can be a really great android car device, but you will have to upgrade that microSD as soon as you purchase it. Then you can have more apps, more maps for your navigation and GPS and more music to play whilst driving about.Back to topPros

    • 4G ready and has GPS so you are good to go if you want to run the tablet both online or solely offline
    • Amazing better than HD screen, real good clarity and sharpness
    • Android 5.1 so you can use Android Auto and the latest apps on the Android market place


    • Screen isnt too good with direct sunlight on it


    Is 2 Din Better Than 1 Din

    How to Choose a Car Stereo | Crutchfield

    If youre concerned about replacing a 2 DIN head unit with a 1 DIN car stereo for quality reasons, you can stop worrying. Double DIN head units arent necessarily better than single DIN head units. Although theres more internal space for components , the best head units have preamp outputs so that a dedicated car amplifier can do the heavy lifting.

    The main benefit of double DIN head units is typically in the display since double DIN comes with so much more screen real estate than single DIN. Most of the best touchscreen head units fit the double-DIN form factor, which also means that most of the best video head units also fall into this category. However, there are a number of great single DIN head units that have flip-out touchscreens, so choosing one form factor over the other really comes down to personal preference.

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    What Other Benefits Are There To Using An Android Tablet In My Car

    There are plenty of benefits to using a smart device in your car instead of its built in car stereo. Even if you have a touchscreen already, you probably cant use application you might want to or you might just hate the keyboard that comes with it and the user experience, if that is so, well look at the benefits of an android device and how it trumps most other choices.

    Upgrading A Factory Stereo

    Everyone has different opinions on car audio, and some people love the look of their factory stereo. If you have a late model car with an integrated infotainment system, upgrading the stereo can be difficult. In either case, there are several ways to improve a factory sound system without touching the head unit.

    JVC America / CC by 2.0 / Flickr

    The first step is to ditch the factory speakers and replace them with premium units. Premium speakers are made with high-quality materials, so they sound better and last longer than factory speakers. That alone typically results in an improvement over the factory sound.

    If you’re ready to take things to another level, consider installing an amplifier that uses speaker-level inputs. Most amps use line-level inputs, but you’ll need one with speaker-level inputs if your factory stereo lacks preamp outputs.

    That might sound like a lot of nonsense, but it means that the amplifier can sit between the factory head unit and your new speakers and allow you to turn up the music without any distortion.

    When you add one or more amplifiers, you also have the option of adding a subwoofer. That provides richer bass. Still, you can also add a digital sound processor to improve the sound from all your speakers.

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