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What Rims Fit My Car

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How To Fix A Rubbing Wheel

Will These Rims Fit My Car? How To Check

So, you did all your measuring and you got close, but your wheels still rub. Well, if your wheels are too far in and rubbing on the inside , then Baer sells quality spacers in various sizes. If your wheel is rubbing on the outside then you can trim, or better yet, roll your fender lips. With a painted car you really need to be careful in doing this. For this task Eastwood makes a sweet pro-quality tool for safely rolling the fender lip and giving a bit more room to work with. That said, we’ve seen people roll the lip with a hammer and a baseball bat. If you’re unsure about doing this, then go see a pro.

So The Rim Size Affects The Driving Characteristics

The larger the rim, the greater the width and diameter of the rims. This also reduces the tire wall height. Driving comfort is reduced by not being able to fill the tires with as much air.

Larger brake discs are also available for larger rims. In this way, the braking distances can be improved, which increases the level of safety.

How Do You Calculate Rolling Radius

Calculating your rolling radius isnt so bad as long as you do it in stages. The main problem is that for reasons of convention, wheel height is measured in inches whereas tyre profile is expressed as a percentage of the section width which is measured in millimetres! Below, weve written out the steps you need to go through if you want to calculate your rolling radius:

  • Find section width

This will be printed on the side of your tyre and will typically be three digits long. In the photo above, the section width is 225 meaning that the tyres are 225 mm wide.

  • Find aspect ratio

This will generally be the next figure in the size printed on the side of your tyre. In the photo above, the aspect ratio is 40 meaning that the sidewall height is equal to 40% of the section width.

  • Find rim size

This will generally be the next number in your tyre size and probably comes after an R . In the photo above the rim size is 18 meaning that the tyre is designed to be mounted on an 18 inch rim.

  • Calculate sidewall height

For this, you need your section width and aspect ratio figures. Take your aspect ratio and add a zero and decimal point before it . Multiply your section width by this figure to give the sidewall height and make a note of the result. For the photo above, the sidewall height is 90 mm.225 X 0.40 = 90

  • Convert rim size to mm
  • Divide rim size in mm by two
  • Add this figure to the sidewall height

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How Much Are Car Rims

There are several factors that determine how much a set of rims cost. The first is the type of wheel. There are two main types that youll encounter when shopping. These are steel and alloy wheels. Steel wheels are cheaper to buy and replace while alloy wheels are more expensive. The former are made from actual steel while the latter combine aluminum with other metals. Typically, the bigger the size, the more money youll pay for both. The second factor is the level of customization available for each wheel.

While steel wheels are limited in their number of finishes, alloy wheels benefit from endless options. A typical steel wheel will be finished in white, black, or grey powder coating. An alloy wheel, on the other hand, could be powder coated, clear-coated, paint coated, chrome plated, machined, polished, or PVD chrome plated. The third factor is the type of construction. All steel wheels tend to be manufactured in a similar functions. When it comes to alloy wheels, manufacturers tend to have more options to play around with.

How Do You Make Sure Your Brakes Clear Your Wheels

What Size Rims Fit My Car?

Bigger brakes will make nailing your wheel size even more critical. You can bust out the measuring devices to get the brake dimension info or you can contact the brake manufacturer. Both Wilwood and Baer offer schematics of all their brake kits to help make your life easier. Forwarding this info to a company, such as Forgeline, is also a great idea.

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What Size Wheels Fit On My Car

Everyone has preferences when it comes to their vehicles. From the look to the performance, everyone wants something different out of their car or truck.

One of those common preferences is the size of the tires, and more specifically, the size of the wheels on which the tires would be installed. It has long been popular among car and truck enthusiasts to experiment with the size of their wheels. Not only does that change the look of the vehicle which is what many drivers who opt for the change are going for but changing the size of the wheel can also make a difference in the style and the feel of the drive.

Lets dive into the specifics of how the pros determine which wheels fit on which vehicles and, since its often done by amateur car enthusiasts, what issues might arise if done incorrectly.

Why Custom Wheels Are So Popular

There are many reasons why rims have always been popular. The good news is that there are a lot of choices nowadays. Thanks to technology, manufacturers can churn out numerous rim sizes and designs. Cars look the same, but customization can make you stand out from the rest. You could be driving a unique vehicle if you choose a rim design that isnt too popular.

The other reason is people are loving the look of slightly oversized rims. People who want to keep up with the times, or want to make sure their vehicles dont look dated, are choosing to get bigger rims. No one wants to be left behind as others move forward. The only thing you have to worry about is rim limitations.

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What Are The Effects Of Using A Wrong Wheel Size

Installing a too large tire can expose your vehicle to rolling over, a catastrophic situation. Too large tires can rub against suspension system components or the wheel well. Get this clear the rubbing may not be a problem initially but can cause steering issues over time.

Too large tires also lift the bumper. The lift could be unnoticeable but can have a huge safety impact if the vehicle is hit from behind in a collision.

Tire width can project issues if you fit a car with the wrong tire type. Since the whole weight rests on the tire, thin tires may not withstand the cars weight for an extended period.

In snowy, icy, and rainy weather conditions, a wrong set of wheel sizes on a vehicle will add handling issues to other underlying drivability problems.

Motorists worry most about uneven and outer tire wear, leading to a blowout. But even a new set of wrong tires can lead to steering and handling issues, which could cause an accident.

The right size of tires gives you confidence in the wheel. When stepping on a brake pedal on a vehicle with the wrong tire size, the car can stop suddenly or slower than expected. Either of the situations can lead to an accident.

If you suddenly notice a human crossing the road or a car in front of you unexpectedly stop, you need braking and steering systems to work. With a wrong set of tires in place affecting the steering or braking systems, you may involve in a catastrophic accident.

Checking The Wheel Dimensions

What Wheels Fit my VW / Audi?

The next thing you can do to figure out if your rims are going to fit is to check the wheels dimensions. Just like the bolt patterns, the dimensions of a wheel change from model to model or maker to maker. To measure your wheels dimensions, you are going to have to measure the diameter of your wheels. This number is usually somewhere between 15 to 17 inches.

The total width of a wheel could be as big as eight inches, but you will find a few that are a little smaller. If you are replacing your rims with rims of the same dimensions, then you dont have to worry about much. Those who want bigger rims are most likely going to have to get smaller tires. Those hoping for smaller rims will have to choose wider tires.

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Alloy Wheels Fitment Compatibility

There are 14 checks that are critical for your choice of alloy wheel to fit properly, all of which are checked on our website for your vehicle. Our website is the only UK website to check this many aspects, whereas our competitors will check 5-6 points at best. Another important point is that we check these aspects on both the front and rear axle, then cross reference the 2 data sets to ensure full compatibility. We are the only UK company to check the wheel load suitability for the vehicle and offer different diameter wheels for each axle.

  • PCD
  • Offset
  • Bolt / Nut fitment and suitability
  • TPMS requirement

What Happens When You Get The Wrong Wheel Size

Driving a car with the wrong sized wheels could have serious safety complications. Wheels that are the wrong size can negatively affect fuel economy and can damage the suspension and brake systems. Not only that, the wrong wheel size can increase noise levels and negatively alter the styling of your car.

For example, a car that hasnt been modified correctly to account for oversized wheels with larger tires will have the tires rubbing against the bodywork during everyday driving. The wrong wheel size can also mean you spend far more on gas consumption because of the increase in energy required to cope with the demand.

Getting the offset of the wheel wrong will also affect the performance. If the vehicle has a negative offset from the new wheels, it will add pressure to the suspension and could worsen the handling potentially making it difficult to drive. The suspension could be so affected by negative offset, that under hard cornering, the steering wheel may flick back making the handling unstable and potentially causing an accident.

Positive offset can also bring downsides to the increased wear on your inner suspension and brake systems. The tires are at risk of bursting due to the rubbing effect, and there will be a noticeable change in how your car drives at higher speeds.

Finally, there are the looks a new set of wheels has on a car. Be careful in deciding which wheels from other vehicles fit your car.


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Choosing The Right Rim

As you can see, there are a lot of factors that come into play when choosing the right rim. Always get good advice, so that you can be sure that the rim fits perfectly. We are the specialist in the field of wheels and tires and have years of experience and the right knowledge to help you properly.

f you are looking for new rims, you should place great importance on the size of the rims. You can find out here which size is suitable for your vehicle and where you can find the information on the right rim size.

The size of the rim can be found either on the inside of the spoke or in the bolt circle. If you want to determine the rim size yourself, you should pay attention to two different factors. On the one hand, attention should be paid to the rim width and, on the other hand, the diameter of the rims also plays an important role here.

The rim width describes the distance inside between the rim flanges. This means that you can determine the rim diameter from the inner diameter. In addition, the rims differ in terms of:

  • Offset
  • Number of holes

Can I Put Larger Tires On My Car

Did I buy wheels that donât fit my car?

While it’s certainly possible to upgrade your tires’ size, it’s usually best to stick to your manufacturer-recommended tire size for optimal performance. Increasing the size of your tires may give your car more ground clearance, but it may also affect handling, drivetrain performance and fuel economy. Keep in mind the changes to key figures mentioned above, such as load index and speed rating, and how they may affect your vehicle’s capabilities if you decide to increase tire size.

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How To Read Tire Size

  • Maintaining Your Vehicle
  • XX

Installing the right tires on your vehicle is essential to the overall performance and safety of your vehicle. Your tire choice should reflect the conditions in which you drive and your preferences for vehicle response and handling. To make the most informed decision, though, you must understand how to read tire size when it’s time to buy tires.

Thankfully, determining the correct tire size for your vehicle is relatively simple. All the information you need is immediately available either in your owner’s manual or somewhere on the vehicle itself. Already know how to read tire size numbers? Skip the explanation and find the right Bridgestone tire for your vehicle online or by visiting a Bridgestone tire dealer near you.

While actual, physical measurements like width and diameter are factors in finding the right tire size, there are additional details to consider. Knowing how to read car tire sizes also means understanding terms like load index and speed rating that affect your vehicle’s overall capabilities.

Sorting Out The Suspension

Were not going to go into too much detail here about suspension mods given that weve already written a guide on how to improve your cars handling but you cant really talk about wheels without considering this issue. The main issues here occur if you change the rolling radius of your wheelset. If youve gone bigger, then youll have increased the ride height of your car and a smaller rolling radius will have had the opposite effect. Not only can this make your car look strange , but you can run into issues with tyre and wheel arch contact or even parts of your car scraping on the floor in extreme cases!

We sell a full range of suspension tuning products that can help to offset these issues as well as making your car look and handle great. Whilst a set of lowering springs or a lowered suspension kit will get your car closer to the deck, for the ultimate in performance and adjustability what you really want is a set of coilovers which will allow you to adjust your cars ride height to suit your wheels and personal preference allowing you to get the perfect setup. For more information on performance suspension, check out the article we link to in the previous paragraph!

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Simple Methods Of Finding Your Correct Rim Size

If you have a vehicle that is less than twenty years old, there are a few places you will need to look, to ensure you choose the right rim size. Consider the following when searching for your proper rim size.

  • Look inside the drivers side door and you will see a little sticker. This sticker should show you the exact rim size of your vehicle, whether it is a truck or sedan.
  • You can also search online for your vehicles make and model. When searching, rely on a trustworthy source to ensure the information you receive is accurate.
  • It is also important to check your vehicle handbook. Most handbooks will offer extensive information on every aspect of the car. If you do not have your owners manual, there is an option for downloading one in PDF form for most modern vehicles.

If you are searching for new rims for tundra, the above information should help you choose the perfect size. Now that you know how to find your current rim size, it is important to learn how to upgrade the size.

Getting Your Wheels Offset

My new rims dont fit

The original wheel offset can help you figure out what rims are going to fit your vehicle. This involves the space where the wheel is installed in relation to your cars hub. To make this easier to understand, some folks want their wheels to stick outside the vehicles body. This means the offset is negative.

Most of the time, wheels are installed with a negative offset in the back. When a wheel has a positive offset, the tire sits closer to the vehicles body this is usually too deep into the vehicles chassis. A negative offset might look cool but could make your tires rub against the vehicles wheel openings. This could damage the tires prematurely, which means replacement sooner than needed.

If the tires have a positive offset, then your tires could interfere with your brakes or suspension system. What you want is a rim that is going to make your tires sit right in the middle, in a neutral position. It would be a good idea to talk to your tire specialist to help you figure out the proper offset so that you can purchase the right rims.

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Factors To Consider Before Using A Wheel From Another Vehicle

When you look at wheels on different vehicles, youll find that they seem to be pretty much alike. Of course, they come with different designs, and thats one of the reasons youre giving your car a facelift.

Auto manufacturers and wheel aftermarket companies design wheels to meet various characteristics and vehicle demands. One wheel doesnt fit all vehicles. Instead, they have a set of vehicles to fit. Here are the factors to consider

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