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What Size Rims Fit My Car

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How Can I Determine The Right Wheels For My Vehicle

Will These Rims Fit My Car? How To Check

How do I know what rims fit my car comes as big deal to figure out back then. Well, it is easy now since I find out there are various ways to get best fit for my vehicle. These include finding the details on the sticker plate or taking measurements of the rim. If you want the standard size for your car, use the first method with the label on the inside door jam of the driver side, but if you want a larger rim, choose the latter.

If you want to find the dimensions of your rim, use the following steps.

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  • Size * Brand * Category * Wheel Diameter * Tire & Wheel Packages * Winter / Snow Tires By * Vehicle * Size * Brand * Tire & Wheel Packages * Explore More About Tires * Wheels Try a new look for your vehicle right on-screen. Its easy. Always accurate. * All Wheels By * Vehicle * Brand * Tire & Wheel

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  • Checking The Wheel Dimensions

    The next thing you can do to figure out if your rims are going to fit is to check the wheels dimensions. Just like the bolt patterns, the dimensions of a wheel change from model to model or maker to maker. To measure your wheels dimensions, you are going to have to measure the diameter of your wheels. This number is usually somewhere between 15 to 17 inches.

    The total width of a wheel could be as big as eight inches, but you will find a few that are a little smaller. If you are replacing your rims with rims of the same dimensions, then you dont have to worry about much. Those who want bigger rims are most likely going to have to get smaller tires. Those hoping for smaller rims will have to choose wider tires.

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    Uniform Tire Quality Grading

    Another group of stamping on certain types of tires is the Uniform Tire Quality Grading or UTQG. This grading and stamping is required for passenger car tires in the all season and summer categories. Dedicated winter tires, Light Truck and Motorcycle tires are excluded from this requirement.

    Quality grading is designed to make the tire purchase decision easier for you. Ideally, the system is intended to provide simple, comparative data so you can make an intelligent buying decision. However, the ratings are based upon test results achieved under special conditions. This means its possible to misinterpret the comparative data as it relates to your individual driving habits, conditions, etc. You should still rely on your service or tire professional for assistance.

    Quality grading designates the comparative performance levels of a tire based on government-specified tests but commissioned by the individual tire manufacturers. All tire manufacturers are required to grade regular and all-season passenger tires in three categories:


  • Temperature
  • Traction Grades AA, A, B and C The traction grades from highest to lowest are AA , A, B and C. They represent how well tires stop on wet pavement as measured under controlled conditions on specified government test surfaces of asphalt and concrete. C-rated tires will have the lowest traction performance.


    How Do We Use The Tire Size Calculator

    What Size Rims Fit My Car?

    We use the tire size calculator to know the effects of changing your tires offset and width. What you need to do is first is to enter your present tires width and offset. Once done, enter your new car wheels offset and width and click calculate.

    The calculator will show the clearance between the strut housing and the wheels inside. Aside from that, it will also show how far the external wheel edge will retract. If you lessen or lower the inner clearance too far, the wheels might not fit.

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    Which Rims Will Fit My Car

    More people are loving the idea of installing custom wheels on their vehicles. This newfound love is driving folks to question the kind of rims they can fit on their vehicles.

    If you are one of these folks, then you are probably wondering what kind of rims you can or cannot fit in your car. The following will help you figure all of this out.

    How Is A Two

    Two-piece wheels consist of a barrel and an inner hub. The center fits into the barrel very tightly. So tight that the barrel is heated on a rotating platter until the aluminum expands enough for the center to slide inside. This wheel is being made at American Racing’s facility in California.

    Backspace is determined by steel pucks that are stacked up under the center. These pucks limit how far down the center will slide down into the barrel. Once the barrel cools, it contracts and locks the center in place.

    Of course, that interference fit isn’t enough to hold it all together under load, so a rotary welding machine stiches the two parts together. Two-piece wheel are less expensive than three-piece, but they are also more limited in backspacing and fitment options. Also, once welded together, they are nearly impossible to change. They can be a great option if they offer the backspacing and sizes you need.

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    Alloy Wheel Fitting Guidance Here Is A Common Example Of An Alloy Wheel Offset Difference

    Let us kick this off with what is a typical difference in offset on the same model of a wheel. In the image below, the wheel on the left is an ET35 wheel and the wheel on the right is an ET45 wheel. This is a 10mm Offset difference. The wheel on the left with the lower Offset is actually the one that will stick out the arches more as the wheel bolts to the hub 10mm further outwards than the 45mm one:

    How Is A Three

    Understanding Wheel Specs to Get the Perfect Fitment on Your Car

    As the name implies, a three-piece wheel is made of three pieces , and unlike in a two-piece wheel, the three parts are bolted together. As Schardt explained, “Our widths and offsets are virtually unlimited. With our combinations of rim halves available, we can build to an exact specification every time. All our rim halves are made of the same material as our centersâ6061-heat-treated to T6 specifications. Two-piece barrels are made from non-heat-treated 5 series aluminum.Since 6061 alloy is stronger, we can use a much thinner rim, decreasing the weight at the outermost part of the wheel, where it affects the inertia the most. They also do not bend as easily. An added benefit is if you decide to widen the fenders or change tire sizes, you can easily swap out your rim shells for a fraction of the cost of a new wheel. It’s very difficult, and costly, to do this with a two-piece wheel.”

    Aside from the fitment benefits, quality three-piece wheels can be lighter and stronger than other wheel types, which is one reason you see them used so much in racing. We’ve seen a two-piece wheel break at the track, and let’s just say it really ruins an otherwise good time.

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    What Do These Numbers Mean

    Taking a closer look at the above example , the numbers and letters can be broken down as follows:

    • The number 255 indicates how wide the tire is in millimeters at its widest point. Naturally, if the tire is excessively worn down, it may have thinned from its original form and varied from its listed dimension.
    • Next is the number 55, which directly follows the slash . This number indicates the tires profile or aspect ratio. Using the above example, the tire sidewalls height is about 55% of the width. The math shows this to be about 141 mm.
    • The R in the above example simply stands for radial construction.
    • The next number in the example is instrumental, as it pertains to an 18-inch wheel. Depending on your brand of tire, the above classifications for passenger and light truck vehicles may actually be found here, instead of one of the above-listed locations.
    • Lastly, the XL in this example stands for extra-large, a sizing term for the brand that the tire belongs to. This marking may vary from brand to brand based on their internal classifications.

    Now that you have a fundamental understanding of the above formula, you can use it to identify the sizes and types of tires your truck is currently equipped with. Using this information, you can find tires with the same dimensions. In this situation, you should have zero issues with the tires fitting, since presumably, the tires you currently have on your truck already fit perfectly.

    How Do I Choose Rims For My Car

    To find wheel and tire packages that will work for your vehicle, start by collecting wheel diameter, tire width and tire aspect ratio.

    • Find your wheel diameter.
    • Find the width of your existing tires.
    • Find your tires aspect ratio.
    • Im just after chill looks.
    • I want better acceleration and cornering.

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    Choose The Right Rims Based On Wheel Data

    All cars run with different wheel data and therefore it can be difficult to find rims that fit your car. Here at you can look up your car and find the wheel data overview with PCD , Offset / ET dimensions, center bore and bolt / nut type.

    If you are unsure which rims fit your car you can use our online wheel data overview to look up your car and find out which wheels it is driving with.

    Here on the page it is possible to search for wheel data on your car by first selecting the brand, then the model and the vintage of the car in the search box or you can find your car in the wheel data overview.

    If there is a particular car model you are looking for you can suggest it here and we will make sure it is added for you.


    So The Rim Size Affects The Driving Characteristics

    What Size Rims Fit My Car?

    The larger the rim, the greater the width and diameter of the rims. This also reduces the tire wall height. Driving comfort is reduced by not being able to fill the tires with as much air.

    Larger brake discs are also available for larger rims. In this way, the braking distances can be improved, which increases the level of safety.

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    Do You Know The Best Alloy Wheel Fitment For Your Vehiclewhich Wheels Will Fit

    When browsing alloy wheels on our site, you may be surprised by all the different fitment options available. Depending on the choice of wheel, there can often be over 50 fitment variations, in just one wheel! With so many different options available, theres no simple way to show you everything available. This is especially true if you consider you can fit various wheels using variation nuts and bolts. Spacers can change the pcd of a car also, and some people even change the hubs on the car! So, you want to learn more about wheel fitments, right? Then keep reading this alloy wheel fitment guide!

    Firstly, you can check the standard manufacturers vehicle fitment using the wheel fitment menu as above. You can search by vehicle, tyre size , and by rim size. If in rare cases your vehicle is not listed, please see the hub diagram further below. This will show how to measure up your vehicle fitment for yourself.

    Secondly, once you have your fitment details, you can then search for wheels by size, fitment PCD or by alloy wheel brand.

    Not only that, but you can also search using tags, so, you can just search by various criteria. For example, wheel colour, lightweight/motorsport rims or just for wheels with a polished finish.

    Wheel/rim Size Guide For Beginners

    Not all wheels will fit all cars!

    This basic guide below explains rim sizes when buying alloy wheels for your passenger car, sports car, 4×4 vehicle, bakkie etc. Understand wheel diameter, width, offset, bolt fitment and centre bore before shopping for wheels.

    Buy alloy wheels online from Tiger Wheel & Tyre South Africa:

    Example: 6.5×15Explanation: 15 is the wheel diameter and 6.5 is the wheel widthNotes: The larger size of the two is normally the diameter, with the smaller being the rim size

    • Wheel diameter is referred to in inches.
    • Diameter of the rim in inches .
    • Standard road cars generally have wheels that are between 14 inch and 19 inch in diameter.
    • Luxury, sporty cars, SUVs and 4×4 vehicles generally have the bigger size wheels.

    2. Wheel Width

    Example: 6.5×15Explanation: 15 is the wheel diameter and 6.5 is the wheel widthNotes: The larger size of the two is normally the diameter, with the smaller being the rim size.

    • The width of the wheel will dictate the tyre sizes that will fit on the wheel.
    • The wider the width, the wider the tyre size that will fit on the wheel.
    • Example: 6.5×15 will normally fit a minimum tyre width of 185, an ideal of 195/205 and a maximum tyre width of 215. Depending on the alloy wheels and vehicle body.
    • Wider wheels and tyres gives your tyres better grip on the road, giving your car better roadholding and braking than tyres that are narrower.

    3. Wheel Offset

    4. Bolt Fitment – PCD

    5. Centre Bore

    View our alloy wheel range now

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    How Do I Know What Rims Fit My Car Tips & Guide


    When purchasing new tires, many car owners also upgrade their rims, for a polished look. It can sometimes feel confusing attempting to find the right size rim to purchase, especially if you have never changed out your rims before. With this handy guide, you will know precisely where to look for the correct size and how to choose the best rims for your vehicle.

    Is There A Tool For Figuring Out The Perfect Wheel Size

    What size wheels does your car have and what size will fit? – VOTD

    While you can get pretty close with nailing the perfect wheel size using rulers and tape measures, nothing beats using a real tire to see what combination of backspace and offset will clear the best. This cool tool is from Mike Keller over at Verified Fabrication in Ellis, Kansas. It lets you mount an actual tire on the car and adjust the backspace so the size is optimized through the entire range of motion, something that really helps when trying to get the biggest rubber possible under your car. As Mike told us, “The adjustable rim width slide was important because I wanted to put the tire through the full range of motion, so I knew for sure the tire/wheel would work at maximum suspensionarticulation. Having tires that rub is embarrassing at best and can damage the tires. Also, having the turning radius of an aircraft carrier isn’t much fun, either.”

    We’ve used similar devices in the past, but they were crazy expensive and were cumbersome to work with. This one is easy to use and under 400 bucks. All of your buddies will want to borrow it, so rent it to them, or sell it to the next guy trying to figure out wheels. $400 is a lot cheaper than getting your wheels wrong. It’s adjustable from 15 to 24 inches in diameter and can go from 7 to 16.5 inches in width. Check it out at

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    Usdot Tire Identification Number

    You may notice another set of letters and numbers on your tire’s sidewall beginning with “DOT.” This is not an indication of tire size, but rather that the tire complies with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. The “DOT” stands for Department of Transportation and is followed by the tire identification number.

    The first two letters or numbers after DOT refer to the manufacturing plant where the tire was produced and the last four numbers indicate the week and year the tire was made. The numbers 4318, for instance, indicate that the tire was manufactured during the 43rd week of 2018.

    What Measurements Do You Need To Order Custom Wheels

    This is an example of the dimensions you’ll need when ordering a custom three-piece wheel. As Forgeline’s David Schardt explained, “Our widths and offsets are virtually unlimited. With our combinations of rim halves available, we can build to an exact specification every time. Two-piece wheels are regulated by the sizes of barrels available and where the center can be welded in the rim. This limits offsets and backspaces.”

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    How Do You Make Sure Your Brakes Clear Your Wheels

    Bigger brakes will make nailing your wheel size even more critical. You can bust out the measuring devices to get the brake dimension info or you can contact the brake manufacturer. Both Wilwood and Baer offer schematics of all their brake kits to help make your life easier. Forwarding this info to a company, such as Forgeline, is also a great idea.

    Why Custom Wheels Are So Popular

    What size wheels does your car have and what size will fit?

    There are many reasons why rims have always been popular. The good news is that there are a lot of choices nowadays. Thanks to technology, manufacturers can churn out numerous rim sizes and designs. Cars look the same, but customization can make you stand out from the rest. You could be driving a unique vehicle if you choose a rim design that isnt too popular.

    The other reason is people are loving the look of slightly oversized rims. People who want to keep up with the times, or want to make sure their vehicles dont look dated, are choosing to get bigger rims. No one wants to be left behind as others move forward. The only thing you have to worry about is rim limitations.

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