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How To Disable Gps Tracking On Car

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The Data Loggeror Passive Gps

#1 Car Tracker – GPS Tracking for vehicles. Real time with starter disable and backup battery.

First category of GPS tracking devices is thedata logger or the passive GPS device. The data logger is more like a storagedevice for tracking and recording the position and time data of a target. Theyusually contain memory cards or hard disk drives for storing the location dataobtained from the satellite system.

The data they stored is latitude and longitude of the target. In some advanced devices, they are also able to provide the time and velocity of the target .

This type of device is used for applications where the location of the target is not required all the time. If this suits your needs, such GPS devices are .

Is A Tracker On Your Car

How To Find A GPS Device And Remove It!

In todays fast-paced world, people need constant assurance of the safety and security of their loved ones and their valuables objects. To that end, installing a GPS tracking system is a tried and tested method to guarantee security and to feel at ease. However, at times a tracking device may be used to monitor someones location and activities without their consent. What if someone installed a GPS device on your personal vehicle? In that case, your security is comprised and you would want to get hold of that GPS tracker and remove it soon as you can. Below is our list of the four best ways you can self-inspect your vehicle for GPS data loggers and live GPS trackers that could be monitoring everywhere you go!

Examine The Interior Of Your Vehicle

  • GPS trackers can be discreetly plugged in or hidden inside your car too. This is probably only the case if you suspect that someone you know planted a device, like a spouse or an ex. Search these common places where they might hide one:XResearch source
  • In the diagnostic port .
  • Under the seats .
  • Underneath floor mats.
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    How Can I Disable A Vehicle Tracker

    Vehicle trackers are disabled by emitting radio waves that block the ability of signals to travel between the GPS tracker and satellites, called jamming by spoofing, which is emitting erroneous signals to be confused with the signals sent by the tracker and by blocking wireless signals. A vehicle tracker can also be disabled by covering it with metal.

    Disabling a GPS tracker is as simple as installing a signal jammer in the cigarette lighter port of a car. It acts as a shield that extends 30 feet out from the car by emitting signals that confuse the GPS, making the car invisible to the satellite. However, GPS jammers are illegal to sell or own in some countries because they interfere with legitimate GPS signals nearby, such as those in other cars, airplanes and even those used by the military.

    GPS spoofing involves emitting signals that the satellite picks up, which leads it to believe the vehicle is in a different location. Vehicle trackers that use wireless signals to send updates to the satellite can be disabled by using a cellphone blocker. Most tracking devices are hidden, but if they are found, they can be covered with metal, which blocks signals to and from the device.

    Tips For Hiding A Battery

    How To Disable Gps Tracking On Car / Vehicle Lenders Used Car Dealers ...

    Some thieves today will try to find a hidden GPS tracking device when they steal a vehicle. However, they wont have much time to look before they drive away in most cases. Therefore, if you are clever about where you hide a GPS tracker, theres a good chance they wont locate it. Of course, if youve never hidden a GPS before, you might not know the best places in a vehicle to hide it.

    You have a lot of locations available when you are hiring a GPS tracker in your car or truck. You need to find a location where it can be kept out of sight, but where it will still be capable of transmitting the signal. Lets look at a few of the best locations to hide a GPS tracker.

    You might want to consider the dashboard. You can hide the tracking devices in the dashboard, so thieves will not be able to easily find them. You could add some Velcro to the inside of the dashboard and the GPS car tracker, so it will stay firmly in place once you stick it there. Only you will know the location, so you will still have relatively easy access to the GPS tracking device.

    Under the seats could be a good location for a hidden GPS. The device is small, so you can hide the GPS tracking equipment up and under the seat. Just make sure that you have it in a location where it will not become displaced.

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    Track Your Vehicle Anywhere In The World

    • For Total Control and Peace of Mind, you can track your vehicle and stop your vehicle engine remotely if it gets stolen
    • Keep Safe, dont fight the thieves, just switch off the engine after they drive away
    • Low cost to buy, easy to install by a DIY enthusiast, or by vehicle electrician within 2 hours maximum
    • Insert your own low-cost Pay As You Go SIM card from 1p per text
    • Can be operated by calling for
    • Location
    • Command to stop when vehicle speed is below 12 mph or 20km/hour
    • Using App to send commands
  • Check if your vehicle has been driven in your absence whilst parked in long term Airport parking, with the History function on App.
  • How To Remove A Gps Disabler From A Vehicle

    This instructable will show how to remove a GPS Disabler from your vehicle.Warning: If your car is under lien, the lienholder may flip out when you disable the GPS. That is their protection to make you pay your bills or take your car if you default.I used:Screw drivers to remove the trim under dash.pliers/wire cuters

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    Gps Tracking Devices For Cars

    GPS tracking devices are satellite-powered pieces of technology that can accurately record where a car is at, where it has been, and how long it was parked at a particular location. The technology is commonly used in applications related to fleet management but in recent years has been utilized in more other applications. Some of these applications include scenarios where a person might secretly attach a GPS tracker on a car. Examples of this would be when a person suspects their spouse is having an affair, or when a used car dealership equips a tracker on a car in case they need to repossess it for delinquent payment.

    For more information on how to tell if there is a tracker on your car please read this article here.

    Secure Your Vehicles With Gps Tracking

    New updates to our Auto Financing GPS Tracker Platform with Starter Disable. Huge innovations

    Vehicle immobilization systems provide a variety of benefits to business and fleet owners. With the ability of installation for vehicles, cars, and other motor-powered assets and equipment, businesses can ensure visibility and actively manage their fleets with vehicle tracking and disabling devices. Electronic vehicle immobilization devices offer anti-theft immobilizers for cars and other company or commercial vehicles.

    With the ability to track stolen vehicles, car GPS trackers and disablers expedite the process of retrieving lost or stolen assets and can decrease expensive insurance premiums with the reinforced security of asset management and retrieval.

    The benefits of car GPS tracker immobilizers for company cars include increased visibility of both vehicles and employees, and provides data logging of your inventorys location, as well as asset use. The data collected from Digital Matters electronic immobilizers for cars not only offers the added benefit of security, but digitally logged data can be leveraged to lower overall costs associated with inefficiencies, driver safety and behaviors, and regularly scheduled vehicle maintenance.

    Learn more about configuring and activating remote vehicle immobilization here or contact us for more information.

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    Using Trackerzone Tracking Services

    Now You know what to do with a device that has been installed in your car without your knowledge. But suppose you do want one to install in your vehicle and use it to monitor your cars location and the essential information like that of the battery or the ignition.

    In that case, the best thing to do is to use TrackerZone tracking services. This company has been operating for more than a decade now, and you can expect all the professionalism you need in the world from them. They are experts with high-quality tracking services at affordable prices.

    Can I Legally Remove A Gps Tracker I Find On My Car

    Finding a GPS tracker on your car can be an uncomfortable experience. Any reasonable person would feel a sense of privacy invasion if they stumbled across a real time GPS tracker on their personal vehicle. But before you take action in your own hands and remove the tracking device on the car it is important to figure out why that piece of technology is there. The reason is that in some cases you should remove the tracker and other times it could be illegal to remove a GPS tracking device in a car.

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    Remove The Wires And Device

    Now is the time to remove the cable from your car battery. It is not tough to remove the components. You need to disconnect the antennas at the receiver and pull the GPS antenna. Bring the car back to its best form.

    Now that you have successfully removed the device from the vehicle, you need to reconnect all the ignition wires and put back the components in their original place. It would help if you connected all the wires back together.

    The person who installed the GPS tracker device in your car might have damaged the wires. If you have located the damage, then remove it and reconnect it. Now the only way to ensure that you havent messed up is to try and start your car. If it starts, you did everything right!

    Gps System In Your Vehicle

    How To Easily Disable Hidden GPS Tracker On Your Car &  Vehicle

    Some people want to know how to disable GPS tracking on vehicles. Maybe you are not comfortable being continually tracked by a GPS system. There are ways to disable GPS tracking systems in cars and trucks, but unfortunately, itâs not the easiest thing to do. GPS systems are all around us Most new cars come with built-in GPS systems. These GPS systems for cars and trucks are very useful since you can find out where you are if you get lost or find your vehicle if it has been stolen. Parents are also using these GPS systems to keep track of new teenage drivers.

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    How To Disable Vehicle Gps Tracking Device: Learn To Trick A Gps Tracker

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    GPS trackers are little devices that can be pre-installed in or carried by a moving vehicle to monitor where the car is going and what its doing. With this information, thieves will never be able to get away with stealing your ride because they know exactly when and who stole their prized possession! Please read this content to know the followings-

    • How can you tell if your car has a GPS tracker on it?
    • Can you disable a car tracking device?
    • How to disable vehicle GPS tracking

    Search The Exterior Of Your Vehicle

  • GPS trackers can be taped or magnetically attached to the outside of your car.Search for suspicious looking boxes, probably with antennas. Use a flashlight to look in hard-to-reach areas like the undercarriage or in the wheel wells. Here are some of the most likely places to find a tracker:XResearch source
  • The undercarriage, particularly on or near the fuel tank.
  • Inside the wheel wells.
  • Underneath the front or rear bumpers.
  • On the roof .
  • Inside the sunroofs retraction slot.
  • Under the hood .
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    S To Disable Onstar Gps Tracking Devices

    So lets start the disabling process step by step.

    Step 1: cancel your Subscription using the OnStar customer service helpline

    To Stop using Onstar System, You may cancel at any time by pushing your blue OnStar button or by calling 1.888. 4ONSTAR .

    During the call agent will speak with you and will ask about some information during the process you need to speak with them then after service on OnStar GPS Tracking will be deactivated.

    However, after the service is deactivated OnStar system will still track your data for some purposes like marketing.

    So to completely deactivate the system from your vehicle you have to physically disconnect the OnStar module.

    Step 2: Turn Off the Ignition

    So first of all turn of the ignition and engage the parking brake so that your vehicle doesnt move while working.

    Step 3: Lift of the trunk liner

    In most vehicles, the OnStar module is located backside so that you need to lift the trunk.

    Then you can easily get free space to remove the Spare tire.

    Step 4: Remove the Spare Tyre

    Step 5: Remove the Cargo Net and Metal Plate.

    If your vehicle does not have a cargo net in the trunk, then you can find the metal plate in the corner of the trunk. after locating the metal plate remove the four screws and remove the metal plate.

    Step 6: Pull the top right of the trunk shell

    When you have completed removing the net and metal plate from the trunk now you have to pull the top right of the trunk shell to show the Onstar device.

    Recent Posts

    Activate The Reporting And Monitoring System:

    Car GPS Tracking System with Starter Disable – See a live demo how it works

    The implanted tracking device in the vehicle uses GPS satellites to gather position coordinates and these coordinates are subsequently sent to a secure data center through cellular. The secured online software such as TramigoCloud or TramigoApp allows you to see this information from your phone, tablet, or computer.

    When activated, the geofencing feature will notify you immediately when the geofences are entered or vacated. All alerts can be customized, and you can get them via notifications or emails, for example. You can activate Zone alarms by simply setting your software to send automated warnings to your phone whenever the car passes through a user-defined checkpoint or restricted area. Geofence feature is available with all Tramigo solutions and can be set up easily using TramigoApp and TamigCloud.

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    Enjoy The Benefits Of Carlock

    When you are choosing your car tracking device, consider CarLock. The systems offered include the various options listed above, including the battery-powered GPS car tracking device. When you use the system, you will receive notifications to your computer or phone that will let you know if someone has started the vehicles engine, if there are unusual vibrations that could indicate someone breaking into the car, and even if the unit has been disconnected. These are just some of the benefits that the system can offer.

    Of course, it will also provide real-time tracking for your vehicle. When you have an option that cant be detected by thieves, you will find that your vehicle will be much safer for it.

    For the best car security, a GPS car tracker is a great option, as you can see. When you choose to hide the car anti-theft devices in one of the manners mentioned above, it can provide you the safety and information you need. Best of all, the chance of someone finding it is much lower, which means you will be more likely to recover your car in the event it is stolen. Do not let your vehicle be at risk for another day. Get a quality GPS car tracker and have it hidden in your vehicle sooner rather than later.

    Does Aluminum Foil Block Gps Signal

    As criminals have learned that wrapping a GPS device in aluminum foil can make the tracking points untraceable and disappear, school science demonstrations show how this material blocks radio waves and silence radios. One recent incident involved a man who was also charged with tampering with his own GPS device he had wrapped it up using metalized coated paper because he didnt want anyone knowing where he would be at all times.

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    Where Do You Put A Gps Tracking Device On A Car

    A GPS tracker for a car is either freestanding or designed to plug into the OBD-II port.

    A freestanding car GPS tracker can be put anywhere in or under the vehicle.

    A plug-in GPS vehicle tracking system attaches to a special port called the OBD-II on the driver’s side, typically under the steering wheel and slightly to the left. You may need to remove the plastic dash cover to access the OBD port.

    Gps Tracking Device For Car

    Car GPS Tracker

    There are many reasons why you will have the need to install a GPS tracking device for a car. A GPS tracker is more than just a tracking device it is also an anti-theft device. The device will help drivers monitor theirdriving skills and the usual route habits. GPS trackers are mostly used in rental cars,ambulance services, etc. The steps to install the GPS tracking device for a car is easierthan it appears to be.


    Once you have made the selection on the type of GPS Tracking device for your car, you must choose a suitable location to place the GPS tracker. Now, if you want tohave a look at the tracker while driving, you can keep it somewhere at a visual distance.Most trackers are chosen to be set up below the entertainment system, so it can be easily connected to the charging port.

    • First, check whether your vehicle is being tracked properly.
    • Next, drive your vehicle in all directions. Check for any errors in the direction data.
    • Try your navigation system. Also, try accessing the routes to familiar locations.
    • See if the routes are well optimized.


    GPS trackers for car varies from one manufacturer to another. The common places where a GPS tracker can be installed on a car are:

    • Glove compartment
    • Inside the brake light

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