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What To Do If You Lose Your Car Keys

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What To Do When You Lose Your Car Keys

Lost or Stolen Car Keys or Keyless Entry Key Fob? Here’s What to Do

Losing your car keys can be more problematic than you originally may think. Youve searched everywhere for them, but unfortunately, now its time to replace them. But this process isnt as simple as heading down to the locksmith and having a new key cut. The process of getting a new car key depends a lot on the type of car and what kind of key it uses.

There are few things to consider before getting a new car key.

The first one is to determine what type of key you have. Then figure out the best replacement method and budget. Gather information such as car model, VIN, etc., and test the new and old keys at the replacement location.


  • How expensive is it to replace lost keys?
  • Fast Replacement Car Key Service

    At we have the technology and electronic expertise to replace broken, stolen or lost car keys. We can cut car keys to code and program car keys to work with your vehicle. Our Staff are fully equipped to deliver your replacement car keys within hours. We are AA appointed Car Locksmiths, Auto Locksmiths and are members of the Master Locksmiths Association and Associated locksmiths of Ireland.

    Having your car keys lost or stolen can be stressful, Autokey are able to send a fully trained auto locksmith to your vehicles location, once there, they can cut and code a new car key to your vehicle immediately !

    If you have had your car keys stolen and would like a new set of car locks fitted or re-keying to another car key to prevent a thief coming back to your vehicle, give us a call and we can arrange to have this done. Once this has been done, the stolen or lost car keys will no longer start your vehicle, therefore giving you peace of mind knowing your vehicle is once again safe from car theft.

    We are specialists in car key replacement and can provide you with replacement car keys in any situation for any make or model.

    For costs on key repairs and replacing lost car keys please contact our office today.

    How Much Does It Cost To Replace Lost Car Keys

    The cost of replacing lost car keys in Milwaukee can range anywhere from $50 to $350, depending on the make and model of your vehicle and the overall scope of the work. Although a locksmiths services cost less than your local dealers, there is no defined cost structure that locksmiths must follow: hence, your ideal solution is to obtain a quote from more than one locksmith.

    Consider having more than one key made if you have found yourself in this situation. Once the locksmith is there, it is not that much extra to fabricate another.

    Your car is more than just a means of transportation: It gives you the freedom to not only accomplish your daily tasks with greater speed and efficiency but also to go wherever you want, whenever you want. Whether you are 16 or 96, owning a car is something that you likely take for granted, which is why finding your car keys lost or stolen can be absolutely devastating!

    Fortunately, a trained and certified locksmith like Milwaukee Lockstar can resolve the problem before your very eyes.

    If you seek one of the most skilled yet affordable locksmiths in your area, look no further than Milwaukee Lockstar for all of your car key replacement needs.

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    Common Places Where You Usually Lose Your Keys

    When we cant find our car keys, dont worry too much. Because chances are you forgot them somewhere in your room. Start with familiar places first, for example, the location of your or your familys key hangers.

    If you cant find them, find the places where you often use your keys. Most likely, you have them hanging on the door handle or in the cars storage compartment.

    In case you still cant find the key, move to places you go less often. Look under the papers, inside a pocket on a wall, or next to a drawer. This is where you will find it harder to find your keys most likely, your keys accidentally slipped deep into a drawer or mixed into a file.

    In addition, if your family has small children or pets, it will happen that these two objects take the key. Because children and animals often tend to hold and gnaw on small things. At this point, the areas you need to look for are under the table, under the chair, or the place where children often play.

    Currently, there are 2 ways you can find your lost keys: The manual method and using the Tile app. These are two standard methods that many people choose when they lose their keys. However, for the Tile app, you will find the key faster and more accurately than usual.

    How Can You Make A New Car Key Without A Spare

    What to do and who to call if you lose your car keys ...

    The simplest way to make a car key without the original is with the VIN. This unique number corresponds to a key code registered to the vehicle. In some cases, this key code could no longer be accessible or useful . In more complex cases, the locks can be decoded by trained auto locksmiths to manually determine the key code.

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    Avoid Going Spare By Getting A Spare

    Although spare keys are quite expensive, they do stop you from getting in some awful situations. The rule of thumb is that the more powerful and technologically advanced the security system, the more youre going to have to pay for the spare keys, due to the programming of alarm systems, the ECU and the immobilizer. In some cases you may only be able to use an official dealer or a specialist locksmith, which may incur travel costs.

    I Cant Find My Car Keys What Do I Do

    First of all, try not to fret. Panic and stress may cloud your thinking and youre less likely to see them even if theyre three feet in front of you.

    Were not in the business of telling you how to look for things, but some common places to search are:

    • Coat and trouser pockets dont forget the ones in the laundry basket!

    • High-traffic areas places where youd usually put your glasses or wallet

    • Designated dumping grounds places where clutter usually builds up

    • Kitchen counters

    • Dining and bedside tables.

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    What Do I Do If My Car Keys Are Stolen

    If your vehicle keys are stolen an auto locksmith will be able to do the following:

  • 1. Stop stolen keys being used by reprogramming your vehicle and deprogramming the stolen keys, so the old ones are no longer usable by whoever has stolen them.
  • 2. Reconfigure locks + ignition Depending on the age of the vehicle door locks and ignition barrel may need to be reconfigured
  • What To Do If Youve Lost Your Car Keys & Have No Spare Set

    What to do if you lose your car keys

    An Auto Locksmith can help you with lost keys for any type of motor vehicle from a car, van, truck or motorcycle. So if you need a spare car key cutting or your remote car key programming we recommend to contact a local MLA approved auto locksmith near you.

    In order to assist the auto locksmith the following information will help:

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    Do I Need To Go To My Main Dealer To Get A Spare Transponder Key

    No the majority of locksmiths serve as the primary provider of transponder key duplication. Many dealers today practice the outsourcing of this service to locksmiths.

    This means that you will save a significant amount of time and money by going directly to the source since they will mark up the price of the locksmith that you could have called directly.

    Buy A New Set Of Car Keys

    If you’ve lost your car keys and have no spare, then the last resort, and most costly, would be to contact the manufacturer and ask them to send you a new key. Due to the extent of technical detail and programming that would go into creating a key specific to your car with a remote locking system, this will make quite a big dent into your wallet. For example, if you have a Ford Fiesta it could cost you £261.70 to replace your key. Or, if you have a Nissan Qashqai it could cost you £242.07.

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    What To Do If You Damage Or Lose Your Car Key

    Replacing a lost car key used to be simple you’d take the spare to your local key cutter and for about R250 you could have a copy made. These days, however, it’s a different story.

    Not only does the modern car key start your car, it can also unlock the doors remotely and provides extra security thanks to transponder technology. All of this is great news until you lose or damage your keys and discover you’re up for hefty replacement costs.

    Many car owners have no idea how much their keys are worth until they lose one, says Dewald Ranft, national chairperson of the Motor Industry Workshop Association , a proud association of the Retail Motor Industry Organisation . Most people are shocked when they discover a replacement key could cost thousands of rand and, if you dont have a spare, keep you grounded for a day or two.

    Ranft says the cost of a single replacement key ranges from R2,000 to R4,500 and the price for keys for an exotic car can even be higher. A new key needs to be ordered, cut and coded which could mean up to a full day or more off the road. A high price for losing something you have to carry with you on most days, he says.

    While the cost of a single replacement key is high, if you lose all the keys to your car, the costs and time off the road will increase significantly, particularly if the car’s computer has to be reset or completely replaced to match the new replacement keys.

    Miwa offers the following advice to motorists:

    What Kind Of Key Do You Have


    Its worth remembering that a physical key doesnt just disarm the cars steering lock. If the car is built from 1995 onwards, the key will have a transponder in it. This will talk to the cars main computer and disable the engine immobiliser.

    If you have a fob where the key blade flicks out and you put that in the ignition, pressing a button on the fob will disable the immobiliser and alarm.

    On more recent cars, you may not have a physical key at all . The key may just be a fob that enables you to press a button in the car to start the motor and drive it.

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    Do You Know What To Do If You Lose Your Car Keys

    Youve lost your car keys. What a pain! If youve searched high and low and still cant find your keys, it may be time to look into getting a new set.

    However, getting new car keys isnt as simple as a trip to Home Depot to get a new key cut. The process is going to depend a lot on what kind of car you have and what type of key it uses.

    We have laid out in this article the different ways to replace your keys for every vehicle make but generally these are the steps you would follow.

    How to Get New Car Keys Made:

    • Determine what type of key you have.
    • Figure out the best key replacement method for your vehicle and budget.
    • Gather the relevant information such as car make, model, and VIN.
    • If needed, tow your vehicle to the key replacement location.
    • Test new keys and any old keys to make sure everything works.

    Tip : Dont Panic Just Search

    When we realize we lost our keys, the first instinct is to panic. And then we get angry at ourselves because it happened again. This might help us vent our frustrations, but it wont help us do a focused and productive search for lost keys.

    Instead, try to stay calm and start searching. Check the place where your keys are supposed to be. Sometimes, we just miss them the first time around and double checking might help you avoid unnecessary searches.

    Professor Solomon theorizes that most lost objects remain within 18 inches of their designated spot, theyre just a little off their usual location. He calls this 18-inch-wide zone the Eureka Zone.Dont waste time searching the same places repeatedly, just because the keys are supposed to be there. Instead search systematically and only move to the next room or space after you thoroughly searched the previous one.

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    Its Never A Good Time When You Lose Your Car Keys

    You never realise youve lost your car keys, until you need to use your car. And this is often the most inconvenient moment to realise this small, but essential bit of kit has either gone walkies or been stolen. Your partner may have a spare set, but this wont resolve your peace of mind, if you think theyve been taken by a nefarious third party or you might have to get on the phone to a locksmith.

    Worse still, if youre out in the middle of nowhere, or about to embark on the return journey home, you may have less options available to resolve the issue. What should you do if you lose your car keys, and is there any way you could potentially make the moment less awful if it happens?

    When You Realise You Have Lost Your Keys

    Lost your car keys? What to do now?

    According to the RAC, around 16 million drivers regularly misplace their keys. If you lose your keys or they are stolen, you may be covered by your insurer, but if a family member or friend loses them, its unlikely that your insurer will pay the costs.

    If they have been stolen, you must report the crime to the police and get a crime reference number in order to make a claim with your insurer. If you leave your keys in the ignition and your car is stolen, your insurer will not cover you. Lying to your insurer and saying that they have been stolen is fraud.

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    How To Get A Replacement Car Key Without The Original

    Youre ready to go theres just one problem: You cant find your keys. If youre in this situation, it can be frustrating and annoying. You might wonder, Can I get a car key without the original?Heres how to get a replacement car key when youre locked out of your car and dont have the original key.

    What To Do If I Lost My Car Keys How Can I Get A Replacement Key For My Car Without The Original

    Losing your car keys can be a hassle. You cant go anywhere and drive your car until you find the missing keys. When you think finding it is impossible and you can only ask, what could I do if I lost my car keys?. Ask no more! We will tell you what you need to do if you cant find your car keys.

    • Do not panic. You need to stay calm and avoid panicking. While it is true that it is worrisome if you have lost your car keys but panicking wont do you any good. You wont be able to think straight and you might do something unnecessary and unhelpful out of frustration. Once you are calm, you will be able to think straight and plan how to fix the problem. Chances are, you might remember that you have a spare key hidden somewhere.
    • Look for your keys. Just saying I lost my car keys again and again wont do you any good. You need to compose yourself and think where or when you last saw or got hold of your car keys. Assess your surroundings or retrace your steps and take time to search for your missing car key until you are completely sure that you have lost it.
    • Check your car. Sometimes it happens that youve been searching everywhere for your car keys only to find out that it is there in your car all along. If you have been locked out and you are sure that your key is in your car, you will have to call an auto locksmith to help you open your car door to retrieve your keys.
    • Ask for a key replacement.

    Additional Note:

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    How Expensive Is It To Replace Lost Keys

    A report has shown the exact cost of replacing a 2005 Honda Accord to be $200 while choosing to buy it online and have it programmed would cost you $134!

    Replacing lost car keys can be really expensive, take a look below at sample costs for dealerships replacement keys.

    Replacing a BMW smart key could cost you up to $500! While replacing a Toyota Prius key will cost you $600! Audi charges up to $350 for replacing keys and Chrysler up to $400 for replacing only a key!

    If you are frequently losing your car keys, consider having a spare set of keys at home as a backup. You could invest in a key replacement program through your dealer and have insurance on your keys if you lose them. A Bluetooth tracker is also a smart thing to attach to your key.

    Do Car Keys Have Tracking Devices

    What to Do If You Lose Your Car Keys

    Currently, only a few automakers integrate the locator function into the car key. For the rest, most cars will have to add an extra foreign device such as a Sticker or Mate to locate. In addition, the manufacturer has developed an electronic key system directly on the car using fingerprints. This way, you wont have to worry about losing your car keys.

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