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What’s My Dream Car

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What Does It Mean If You Cannot Find Your Car In The Dream

Whats My Dream/Favorite Car? || Vlog #1

I must share something with you before you move on. I had the really embarrassing experience of going to a car park and not being able to find my car and I actually thought it had been stolen and the police were called. After about an hour I was able to find the car in a certain car park position that was very similar to where I thought Id parked. Yes, totally embarrassing! So has this happened to you? Maybe you lost your car and this was the trigger for your dream? This is a Jungian perspective. So what does it mean if you cannot find your car in the dream state? To not be able to find your car in a dream indicates that you are feeling a complete and utter lack of control. It can suggest that other people have probably let you down and spiritually this is a wake-up call that it is time to find yourself.

What Is The Purpose Of The Dream Car Contest

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How To Save For A Car

Keeping your goal in mind is the first step to saving up for your car. By sticking to your budget, youll stay on track to buy . Here are some tips to help you save money:

  • Set your bank account to automatically send money to a savings account every month.
  • Cut back on eating out and make more meals at home.

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What Is The Biblical Meaning Of Driving A Car With A Child Inside

If we turn to Proverbs 29:15 The rod and reproof give wisdom: but a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame.” this is about discipline, we all need discipline in life. If you dream of driving the car with your children on board it can indicate the road they are taking in life. If we turn to Psalm 127:3 all children are “a heritage of god” they trust their parents with their care. Scriptures point to driving a car with a child on board is a direct association of how we care for our children to make them successfully function in society.

What Is The Old


To see a single car in a car crash that includes children in the car means you must drive safely. To buy a new car suggests doorways in your future and possibly doorways into new opportunities. Maybe you will get a promotion or move jobs if you are being driven by another. This is fantastic time if you see a single racing car in your dream. Women will bring supportive opportunities in life if you see more than one car in your dream. To see a fairground ride car suggests your destiny will be clear, in the world of work. You will be attracting greater abundance and lasting success.If you are reversing car a vehicle in your dream then this shows that you feel that your life is going backward, it is important to recognize this and the first your behavior in certain ways. To dream that your car is crashed or alternatively you drive your car into something generally means that you have a significant fear of failure in life, on certain occasions a car can also symbolize a lack of responsibility for actions in the waking world. It is important that you do not feel that you are left behind in any matters with regards to the future. This is part of your life that makes you travel in fast directions. Uncover new areas in the area of work. To buy a new car means you need to improve your own self-esteem.

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    What Does Selling A Car Mean In A Dream

    Selling a car in a dream can indicate that there is going to be a time in the future where you going to contemplate on changing jobs. A car, after all, is all about how we are in control. Selling a car means that we are selling our sense of control. Sometimes it is difficult to face change and if you see yourself in a car dealership with many different cars to choose from and this can indicate there will be many choices open to you. If you are selling a car to an individual in your dream this can imply that you are trying to persuade others in the future.

    Your opinion will be valued. If you sell your own car in a dream this means that you dont want the extra responsibilities at work. To see your car advertised in the newspaper or to sell your car on the internet in the dream state indicates that you do not wish to take control of a work situation. Additionally, it can mean that you want to step back. My advice is to take time out – recuperate and think about what you actually want from your life. If you notice or encounter a car salesman in the dream this can suggest that someone is going to try to sell you an idea! Try to take some time for yourself to find out if you really want what you will be offered in life. In ancient dream dictionaries selling a car in a dream indicates that you could owe someone money in life.

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    Dream Cars Can Change

    And thats OK. My dream car for a long time was a VW Beetle, pearl white with the number 53 on its hood. Yep, I wanted Herbie the Love Bug, says Charles G. But by the time he was old enough to buy one, VW had changed the design and the New Beetle just wasnt the same. When I test drove it, the dream was dead, he says.

    Then Charles saw the IFA F9 convertible roadster and fell in love. This Russian made beauty was truly the car of his dreams.

    What Happens When You Get 100 Active Clickfunnels Users

    Whats Your Dream Car!? (Vlog #76)

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    What Car Dreams Have I Encountered

    Now, I can remember not long ago I dreamed that my car kept been stolen I could see my car in the distance in the dream and someone driving away in my car. Interestingly, about a month ago I had another dream where I encountered a car crash only a few weeks ago I dreamed that I took my car to be cleaned and washed at my local car wash and when I returned the car was no longer there! The plates were changed and alternatively, the car was stolen. Yes, very strange that I have had many dreams about my car and this led me on the path to discovering not only the spiritual but also the psychological meaning.

    In conclusion, I hope that you enjoyed this article and the decoded your car dream. Thank you for visiting! There are many sources I have used for this dream interpretation as follows:

    What is the conclusion of the car dream?

    What Does It Mean To Have A Dream Where You See Bumper Car

    When you have a dream where you see a bumper car, you will need to consider your feelings towards bumper cars and the context of the dream. Seeing bumper cars in your dream could mean that, you are at a standstill in your life or that you are heading nowhere in your life because you lack goals and focus. You could also be feeling that you are trapped in a game involving butting heads or compete with those around you. Alternatively, the bumper car dream could represent your ability, flexibility, and fortitude to recover faster from setbacks and hardships.

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    What Does It Mean To Have A Dream About Trains Cable Cars Buses And Subways

    Dreaming about subways, trains, cable cars, and buses could mean that you dont have faith in your power to control your life path. The dream could be both negative and positive. On the negative, the dream could be shown that you are very passive when it comes to decisions in life. You just follow others without having to pose and listen to your inner self and in the process, being influenced by them. On the positive side, the dream could mean that you have a grand fate, design, and a higher purpose that you have designed for yourself. Symbolically a vehicle as categorized above in a dream can, it shows that you need to review your decisions. To some degree it can be as clear as surrendering yourself to something larger is far much better to focus yourself on life. Riding in the cable car, train or bus is a sign that you are on the right track and you are on course in your life path and goals.

    Dreaming Of A Light Blue Car:

    Whats your dream car? : CasualConversation

    Seeing or driving a light blue car in your dream is indicative of you are in control of a situation which is well-intentioned or very sensitive. You may have a desire for honesty to prevail in a situation that is connected to setting goals, light blue like the sky indicates that you need to be caring about the feelings of those around you. In my view, this dream is about a situation where you or others care too much about feelings. The key message from old dream lore is forming positive control or management over a situation.

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    What Does It Mean To See A Black Car In A Dream

    So, what does a black car dream mean? Dreams of a black car are focused on our own subconscious mind. Basically, your mind is trying to focus on a particularly difficult situation in waking life. The color black has been associated with hiding thoughts in spiritual terms, therefore this indicates you could encounter a situation will end up being rather difficult. Try to review any external factors that will affect how you succeed in life. This dream can also be connected to a personal choice you will soon make.

    What Does It Mean To Dream Of Driving A Car

    Seeing yourself driving a car along the road in a dream is indicative of high-level activities and a lot of profit of your venture or business. It could also denote the control you have over where you are heading to in life. If we think about it in clear terms a driver makes up a decision about where to take ones car and how fast or slow to drive. Driving a car simply implies that you are in control of your life and you are taking responsibility for everything that happens thereafter. If you are driving the car recklessly, it denotes, you could be making difficult decisions. Alternatively, the dream could mean that you are being irresponsible in your actions. On the other hand, the dream is a warning that you are being reckless when you drive in waking life. Im sorry but this dream is simply about being recklessness.

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    What Is The Dream Interpretation Of A Fast Car

    Seeing a fast car can suggest that things are going crazy! Excuse my language here because I dont want to worry you in any way as it is a great dream to have. The fast car dream I normally associate or connect with the wheel tarot card. It basically means that fate is at work! There are going to be some quick decisions and the focus for you is on a brighter tomorrow. Additionally, this dream can also symbolize that things are going to move in waking life at an accelerated rate. Decisions reached quicker than lightning! If the car was going fast and you are unable to slow down the car it can suggest a lack of control.

    What Does It Mean To Have Sex In A Car During The Dream State

    My Dream Electric Car is Almost Here!

    I must admit when I was a teenager we did have sex in cars, this was partially due to the fact that we couldnt have sex in the house, so the car seemed the better option. That was over 20 years ago now! Yikes! Having sex in a car in real life can be somewhat fun no matter what age you are. This led me some time ago to understand what is the meaning when you have this type of sex dream? The details are equally important, so try to think about the position that you were in during the dream state – were you happy? What I mean is that was having sex in the car essentially a happy and loving dream?

    If so, this is a positive dream. So, if you could see backseat action during the dream it indicates that you are in a happy and content in a relationship. If you are single and you dream of having sex in a car this can often be connected to your sexual frustration in life! Freud always believed that our dreams are related to sexual frustration. When I think about this dream, I often relive the moment in the Titanic film, where we could see the steamy windows and the buzz of sex in the car. Many different dream psychologists actually associate driving a car in a dream with our own need for sex in real life. Sex dreams, like most other dreams, are often connected to our own hidden desires and waking life. If the dream was worrying or unsettled you in any way then it could be associated with that you want to have more control in life, the car itself could be the symbolism of power.

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    What Is The Dream Psychology Around Cars In Dreams

    The famous dream psychologist Carl Jung believed the car is associated with our own hidden ego. In Jungian psychology, the car dream indicates the layers or masks of our own characteristics. The dream itself is connected to our own personality traits and characteristics. Carl Jung also looked at what passengers signify – he believed that they are a representation of our progress or encouragement. As we all know, cars are associated with many paths, roads, and ultimately opportunities. From a psychological perspective, a dream of cars can indicate our own hidden power or control in life. If you are alone in the car during your dream this can suggest independence or even reliance upon others. If the car loses complete control in your dream then this indicates there is a situation that you have been trying to control with little success. How can you gain better control?

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