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How To Deep Clean Cloth Car Seats

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Clean With Microfiber Towel

How To DEEP CLEAN Cloth Car Seats The Right Way And Remove Stains and Dirt

The microfiber revolution in car cleaning and detailing welcomes all the car cleaners and auto detailers to use only high-quality microfiber towels. When you have removed the car stains by scrubbing using the brushes, it is time to clean the dirty layer of cleaner and water from the surface of car seat upholstery. Use a clean microfiber towel to clean the seat thoroughly. Always use a single side of towel for cleaning the car seats.

Soaking Seat In Excessive Water

Another common and unnecessary mistake new car detailers make is that they pour a whole container of water over the seat just to clean it. If you drench your seat with unnecessary water and cleaner, you will end up having wet seats for next 1-2 days even after vacuuming. Apart from long drying periods, the direct pouring of water on the seat will also lead to damaging the durability of material used in the manufacturing of the seats.

Renew Your Cabin By Deep Cleaning Your Car Seats

Periodically deep cleaning your car seats is the only way to remove stains and keep them from coming back. Although you may have to use a slightly different solution depending on whether you have leather or fabric car seats, the basic process remains the same, even if you clean a child car seat. The methods used in how to remove car seat stains can be applied to all types of car seats, no matter what type of surface you have. We’ll take a look at the cleaning methods that apply to removing stains on car seats in general and then examine specifics for various surfaces.

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Useful Tips To Get Stains Out Of Fabric Car Seats

June 11th, 2020 by Fix Auto USA

Was it the coffee that went flying when you hit that bump, or the soda that seeped into the fabric and stained your seat, or the chewing gum that you scratched at and picked apart, but still remains?

Whatever caused your stain, theres no need for you to use a professional car seat cleaning company or take your car to a costly detailer. With a little know-how, which well provide, and a little elbow grease, which youll provide, you will be able to clean your fabric car seats so they shine like new.

How To Keep Car Seats Clean

8 Images Best Way To Clean Car Interior At Home And View
  • Consider buying car seat covers, especially for family cars. Most protective seat covers are machine washable and will keep your car seats in good condition for longer.
  • Like any stain on your cars interior, quick action is the best solution and will avoid permanent staining. Keep a cleaning cloth or seat cleaning wipes in your glovebox for emergency spills.

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Maintaining Cloth Car Seats

  • 1Vacuum your car often. Vacuuming your car seats can help keep them clean. Vacuuming up debris and dirt can help prevent things from getting stuck in the upholstery. Consider getting your car vacuumed every one to two weeks, depending on how much dirt is inside.XResearch source
  • 2Clean spills and stains as soon as they occur. Another way to help avoid stains on your cloth car seats is to clean up any spills as soon as they happen. You should also deal with debris that causes stains immediately, like mud, blood, or grease.
  • As soon as a spill occurs, use a towel or cloth to soak up the mess.
  • If something like mud, food, or makeup gets on your seats, clean it with a fabric cleaner as soon as you get home.
  • 3Set rules for your car. If you are concerned about stains on your cloth seats, consider setting car rules about what you allow in your car. For example, you may not allow people to eat in your car, and only drink beverages that have a lid.
  • If someone has mud or dirt on their shoes, you may ask them to remove them and place them in the trunk or in a plastic bag.
    • How do I remove laundry detergent from cloth car seats?Uglymug18Community AnswerUpholstery cleaner will work. Just spray and scrub. It might take a few tries, but it will come out.Thanks!

    Getting Rid Of The Dust And Debris From Your Car

    • The Hard Plastics

    Use a mircofibre cloth to wipe down your dashboard, steering wheel, hand break and gear box, door handles, middle consoles, and arm rests first you want to get rid of all the dust here. You can dampen the cloth if the dust isnt coming off easily. Sometimes dust will settle deep into these plastics use your soft bristled brush and warm water to gently loosen this dust, and then wipe off with your cloth.

    • Air Conditioning Vents

    Get into the gaps between the vents with a dry foam brush or paintbrush and sweep out all the dust. Use a low setting and a soft bristled head on your vacuum cleaner to gently clean any dust from your air conditioning vents as you go .

    • Shake Out the Floor Mats

    Your floor mats collect gravel, sand, and dust, so give them a good shake outside to get rid of all the debris.

    • Hair and Fur

    Carpet and Upholstery love collecting hair and your pets fur.

    A rubber dish wash glove will help lift this out of the seats and carpet, making it very easy to pick up clumps and throw it into your rubbish bag. If you dont have a rubber glove you can use sticky side of the tape to lift the hair and fur.

    • Vacuuming Your Car

    Vacuum the seats and the floor. Take the head off your vacuum cleaner and use the smaller nozzle to get into those harder to reach places down the side of the seats and seat seams.

    Slide your seats backwards and forwards to open up as much space around them so you can get in there with the vacuum.

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    Cleaning Cloth Car Seats With Household Products

    Cleaning cloth car seats with household products is one of the most useful ways to clean. Generally, youll have all of the ingredients right in your kitchen.

    You can use this vinegar cleaning recipe to clean car upholstery, vinyl upholstery, and leather car seats, as well. For deep cleaning, make a homemade car soap.

    • 1 gallon of hot water
    • 1 cup white vinegar
    • Towel

    To make this homemade cleaner for fabric car seats with easily available household ingredients, fill a bucket with water, vinegar, and a squirt of dishwashing liquid and mix well. Dip a scrub brush into the cleaning solution and use it to gently scrub the seats from top to bottom.

    Use a sponge, damp with clean water, to clean the seats of any residue, and dry thoroughly with a clean towel. Allow the car windows to remain open until the seats are dry.

    How To Clean Your Car’s Interior

    How to Deep Clean CLOTH CAR SEATS!! (Fast, Easy, Removes Stains & Dirt) | Andrea Jean Cleaning

    It’s recommended that you wash the exterior of your car approximately every two weeks to prevent salt, dirt, and other buildup from ruining its paint job. And while the interior can follow a looser schedule, it’s best to clean the inside of your vehicle once a month. While your car may not require a deep cleaning every few weeks, a quick floor mat shakeout or vacuum job is recommended. Tackle every nook and cranny with this step-by-step guide:

    Floor Mats

    Before you tackle the carpet, remove the floor mats from the car and shake them out. Whether you have rubber or carpet floor mats, use a medium-stiff brush to break up any dirt or debris, and vacuum. To get rid of carpet stains, use a carpet cleaner like Bissell Carpet Cleaning Foam. Simply spray the carpet cleaner on any trouble spots and brush it in with a medium-stiff brush, applying more pressure for severe stains. Blot the carpet with an absorbent cloth to dry.


    Start by vacuuming the carpet completely. Use the brush attachment and smaller nozzles to clean crevices and seat pockets. To get rid of unsightly stains and leave your car smelling fresh, use a carpet cleaner like Bissell Carpet Cleaning Foam. Spray it on any trouble spots and brush it in with a medium-stiff brush. It’s best to apply more pressure for severe stains. Dry the carpet by blotting it with an absorbent cloth.

    Car Seats

    Front Panel, Dashboard, and Console

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    What Is The Best Car Upholstery Cleaner For Cloth Car Seats

    In this article, you will learn:

    • Why you should always use a foam car upholstery cleaner
    • Why a white cotton towel is the professional detail shops best-kept secret for upholstery
    • The simple steps and handy tools to refresh your upholstery

    Inside your car, two areas make the biggest impression, positive or negative. Your carpet and your upholstery when theyre dirty, your car interior looks old and tired, but, when theyre clean, your car can feel showroom-new. Well tackle carpet and floor mat cleaning in another post. Today, lets focus on cleaning car upholstery and how you can revive your cloth car seats.

    Avoid Homemade Car Upholstery Cleaner Products

    Though there are plenty of DIY car seat cleaner recipes, few have the cleaning power to clean car upholstery properly.

    At best, a DIY solution may work only somewhat on vinyl or nylon seats, but will most likely leave your car seats looking grubby and in need of cleaning from a professional or a genuine product.

    In this case, you will have to go out and buy a real product anyway. At worst, a DIY solution can stain and damage your car seats beyond repair.

    When it comes to automotive cleaning agents its always better to skip the DIY learning process and buy a cleaning agent designed to work on the part of the car you intend to clean.

    It might be tempting to create your own cleaning solution with the usual combinations of white vinegar, baking soda, hot water, and club soda, but stick to the tried and tested professional car care products. A bit of hot water and a clean cloth just wont cut it!

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    Gather Tools And Supplies

    If your car has fabric car seats, youll need a bottle or can of all-purpose carpet and upholstery cleaner, such as the popular Resolve brand carpet and upholstery cleaner many car owners swear by.

    Apex Auto Detail of Robesonia, Pennsylvania recommends Formula 409 Carpet Spot & Stain Cleaner as an inexpensive and effective fabric seat cleaner. Its available at most big-box retailers and Amazon.

    Youll want a mild all-purpose cleaner when cleaning leather car seats, such as Murphys Oil Soap, and a bucket or, if your seats are heavily soiled, a professional-level leather cleaner like Angelwax Heaven for Leather

    If youre on a tight budget, Washos car detailers recommends a solution of three parts vinegar to one part water, in a spray bottle.

    Youll want to be sure that whatever you use on your leather will not transfer to clothing, so avoid homemade leather cleaning preparations that use food oils, which can transfer grease stains on to your clothes.

    Do not use ammonia- or alcohol- containing products like glass cleaner, and do not use dish soap on leather.

    Youll also need a wet-dry shop vacuum with a crevice tool attachment. If youve got fabric seats, make sure youve got the right filter for vacuuming water with your wet-dry vac. If you have leather seats, you wont need to do any wet-vacuuming.

    Treating Stains On Leather Seats

    HOW TO Deep CLEAN Cloth Car Seats

    Some types of stain require different pre-treatment on leather than on cloth car sets. Note that these can be difficult to remove and that you may not be entirely successful.

    Grease stains removal

    Grease leaves oily blotches that muddy the seat’s color. Blot as much as possible using a microfiber cloth and then sprinkle cornstarch or talcum powder over the affected area to soak up the rest of the grease. Let the powder sit for a few hours or even overnight before vacuuming. Repeat as necessary.

    Oil stains removal

    Oil is much the same as grease, except that it seeps ore quickly into leather, especially around perforations such as stitching. When you have an oil spill, make sure to blot it up immediately. Follow the same process as with grease, but make sure to let the powder sit overnight.

    Ink marks removal

    Ink is difficult to remove from leather as you can’t use small amount of acetone or rubbing alcohol. Use a high-quality leather conditioner on a cotton swab. Dab the swab on the ink, being careful not to spread the ink to the surrounding area. Keep repeating until you pick up as much ink as possible.

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    S To Remove Stubborn Car Seat Stains

    Car seat stains are nasty and they can totally damage the look of your car. Apart from damaging your cars upholstery, the stains tend to affect your cars resale value negatively. Nasty car seats or not only a turn off for the passengers but also ruin your first impression on different kinds of people. If you are a businessman or a formal dealer of any sorts, it is necessary to keep the interior of your car, especially seats, as clean as possible. The inside of your car should be so clean that once anyone enters your car, he finds it hard to resist maintaining your cars upkeep.

    Coming to our actual point, here are the steps to follow to remove stubborn stains from car seats

    Other Tips To Keep Your Car Seats Cleans

    Here are a few tips for keeping your car seats clean:

    • For deep, set-in stains on your car seats or if you are a frequent cleaner, invest in a portable carpet cleaner. It will make cleaning easier.
    • Keep baby wipes in your car for in-between cleanings. They work well enough, offer convenience and are sufficiently gentle for all types of upholstery.
    • Installing car seat protectors is another option as you can remove and wash them easily.

    Here are some more car cleaning tips to help you make your vehicle shine like new. You may also check out this advice on how to clean your car seats without leaving water marks.

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    Tips To Keep Your Cloth Car Seats Clean Longer

    • It helps to know what kind of cloth car seats you have. Nylon is the most common fabric used for car upholstery because it’s durable, but it’s very porous and soaks up spills. Polyester appears as microfiber or microsuede upholstery. The soft texture mimics suede leather which feels great but also makes it more difficult to clean.
    • Keep a towel tucked under your seat for those times when you eat in your car. The towel will act as a placemat to catch spills.
    • Use sealed cups when drinking beverages in your car, and check to see if the covers are on tight.
    • Detailing your car deep cleans the interior and upholstery of a car. The more you detail, the cleaner and in better shape your upholstery will stay. It’s suggested to detail your car every few months depending on how soiled your car becomes throughout the year.

    How To Clean Your Car Seats The Complete Diy Guide

    How to Deep Clean Fabric Car Seats with Kärcher Carpet Cleaners
    • 12 minute read

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    No matter how careful you are, you are always going to get some dirt or grime on your car seat. Unless you have something water-repellent, then the dirt is going to soak in and make a mess. Even with leather, you need to get the material cleaned quickly before the stain becomes stubborn.

    So, what can you do to combat dirty seats?

    Well, you can read on and find out how to tackle even the most stubborn stains, and how to clean almost any car seat material. So, what are you waiting for?

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    Homemade Leather Cleaning Solutions

    Commercial cleaners can do a lot for your leather seats, but there are times when you want to go natural, or you just do not want to have to go to the store. The good news is that you can make do with some products that you may have laying around the house.

    Follow these homemade recipes to clean up your leather in no time.

    Laundry detergent: mix a teaspoon of laundry detergent with some warm water. Once mixed, place the mixture in a spray bottle and spray onto your leather seats. Let the mixture sit for a few seconds before wiping it down with a cloth. It works on simple stains and is a lot cheaper too.

    Vinegar: fill a spray bottle 3/4 full of vinegar, topping the bottle with warm water. Spray the mixture onto the seats and remove with a soft cloth.

    Vinegar & essential oil: mix 1/2 cup of vinegar to 1/4 cup of essential oil. Spray this on the seats and wipe off. The advantage of the oil is that it neutralizes the smell of the vinegar, so your car does not have a vinegar smell when you are done. You can add your favorite essential oils to add to the scent of your car interior.

    How To Get Stains Out Of Leather

    If you do have some tough stains which are not coming out, then there are some extra things which you can try to get rid of the stains. Here are some natural solutions.

    A non-gel toothpaste works on many materials, and on leather too. Dab a little on the stain, and use a toothbrush to work it into the stain. Use some warm water to remove the excess toothpaste, and dry with a cloth.

    Nail polish removers are also effective for leather. Use only a small amount, and remove the excess with dish washing liquid. Dry with a cloth.

    Baking soda is great for grease and oil. As soon as you can after the grease has spread to the seat, sprinkle it with some baking soda, and let it sit for a few hours. Rub it down with a damp cloth to remove the baking soda and grease.

    Lemon juice and cream of tartar mixed in equal measures to form a paste and left to let to sit on a stain for 30 minutes will do wonders. Try on a small section of the leather first in case it bleaches.

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