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Where Do I Find The Paint Code For My Car

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How To Match The Paint Color After You Find The Paint Code From The Vin

How to find Car Paint Code locations on Most Cars

The VIN does not provide a direct indication of the paint code of the vehicle but simply provides pieces of details of the same.

The VIN can include a code that will explain the color code of the vehicle to use accurate paint for the body of the vehicle.

When you want to get the original color of the body of your vehicle, you can always contact the dealership from which you purchased the vehicle.

The dealership will ask for the Vin, and they can use the color code and look up the original color of the vehicle.

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What Is Vin Numbers Function

The VIN of your vehicle is essential in identifying the exact color of your car. This is a unique code assigned to your vehicle by its manufacturer. All cars are assigned their VINs by their respective manufacturers.

There are no spaces in between the numbers on the VIN. The letters Q, I, and O are not used in VINs. In other words, you wont find these letters in any VIN that was ever released in any vehicle on the market. These letters are not used to avoid confusing them with the numbers 1 and 0.

Every character on the VIN represents a specific piece of information about the vehicle. It usually includes the factory, year of manufacture, and country of origin.

This number also includes information about the vehicles make and model and its serial number. The printing of the VIN is always done on just one line.

The VIN becomes important to you if you want to retouch your vehicles paint. You will need your vehicles paint code, and you can find it on its VIN. With the paint code, you can assure that the color you are painting your car with is the right color.

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How To Find The Right Paint Color For Your Nissan

Nissan currently produces more electric vehicles than any other manufacturer in the world. They own a variety of car brands that includes their luxury arm Infiniti. To find the VIN tag with the color code on it:

  • Look on the door jambs on both sides
  • Look under the hood on the firewall
  • Check the column supports on both sides
  • Check the door pillars
  • How Do I Find My Car’s Paint Code


    Whether you’re ordering painted replacement parts or touch up paint, paint matching is essential. Choose the wrong color paint, and you could have a new part or painted area that sticks out like a sore thumb. But finding your vehicle’s paint code can sometimes be tricky. In our guide, you’ll find out where to look for your car’s paint code, as well as the paint code format your vehicle make typically follows. This makes it easy to order accurately painted replacement parts and touch up paint knowing you’ve found the right shade.

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    Where To Find The Car Information Sticker

    Apart from the Vehicle Identification Number , you can always get the accurate paint of the vehicle from the car information sticker.

    The sticker contains other useful information such as the make or model of the vehicle and other details about it. It is also referred to as the service parts identification sticker or the vehicle certification label.

    This is one of the most important ways that will ensure that you are familiar with an accurate original color of the vehicle.

    The car information sticker can be located on either of the following areas depending on the manufacturer:

    • Most manufacturers have it located on the door jamb of the drivers door.
    • The driver side door.
    • On the sun visor that is on the passengers side-for the passenger sitting right beside the driver.
    • Beneath the seat of the driver.
    • It may be located on the firewall that separates the engine compartment from the passenger cabin.
    • Beck section of the center or middle console.
    • Inside the glove box or just below it.
    • The wheel well for the spare wheel.
    • The lid of the trunk.
    • The strut tower located in the engine bay of the vehicle.
    • On the radiator of the vehicle.

    Otherwise, the vehicles owner manual should indicate an exact location as to where you can find the car information sticker.

    How To Find The Paint Code Of My Car By Vin

    byYusuke Kohara

    If you want to have a paint job for your vehicle, you will have to get the exact paint done for it. This is essential to prevent the vehicle from having a set of mixed colors that will have it regain its appealing outlook.

    The paint code will ensure that you are accurate and get the desired results for the paint job-especially when you are working to repair minor scratches on the body of the vehicle.

    The paint code of the vehicle can be found using the Vehicle Identification Number .

    The paint code can be found from the VIN and is usually a special code that consists of three to six unique character-containing, a combination of letters and numbers.

    The paint code can be found from the VIN for vehicles that are manufactured after 1981, because the VIN for the vehicles manufactured before 1981 does not have the paint code included.

    The VIN of the vehicle can be acquired from several parts of the vehicle even though it is not out there in the open. If you cant find it from the specified vehicle, you can always check the specific vehicle documents that should contain the VIN.

    For instance, the certificate of registration, the vehicles title, insurance and the repair records for the specific vehicle should have the VIN.

    This should make the whole process smooth for the sake of knowing the exact color of the vehicle.

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    In Your Owners Manual

    Your car colour code will also be in your owners manual.

    Making a note of your colour code makes it easier to find the right car paint, one that will match your car exactly. You can use Paint Match Pro to find a paint, or just find a stockist and visit them and they will help you to find your paint. However you can also find the right car paint without it.

    What Is My Cars Vin

    How To Find The Paint Code on Your Car or Truck

    VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number. Your cars VIN is the identifying code for your vehicle. It acts as a fingerprint, as no two VINs are the same. Each VIN is comprised of 17 characters, both numbers and capital letters, that serve as an identifier for a specific vehicle.

    The VIN number includes unique information about the vehicle. From your cars VIN, you can determine the manufacturer, specifications, and the information you need to get the paint color code. You can also use the number to check for recalls, track registrations and warranties, and determine insurance coverage. And in the event someone steals your car, the VIN can prove with certainty that a found vehicle belongs to you.

    Your cars VIN provides a lot of information about your car, and it can even help you determine your cars paint color. Well get to that shortly. First, weve got to locate the VIN.

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    How Do I Find My Cars Paint Code

    You should open the drivers door. Similar to other paint code information placarded on your vehicle, its information is typically located on the door jamb or in the interior of the drivers compartment. A paint code can apply to either a car exterior or interior. The exterior paint code is applied to the exterior paint while the interior paint code can apply to the interior paint.

    How To Find The Right Paint Color For Your Honda

    All Honda models have their paint code located on the service tag. Our list below highlights the typical spots, but the location of the service tag will vary depending on the model and year of your vehicle, so be sure to check in all of these locations:

    • Look in the drivers side door jamb
    • Check inside the engine bay near the firewall
    • Check on the firewall inside the engine bay
    • It may be located on the passengers side, in the middle, or on the drivers side of the engine bay

    The VIN sticker will typically be white however, in some models and years, it can be silver or black. If your Honda paint code is not in one of the locations above, simply call our customer service hotline at . We are open 8:00am to 2:00pm PST and can help regardless of whether you have an Odyssey or a Pilot. Or you can contact us anytime at

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    Where Do I Find The Car Manufacturers Paint Code

    Let’s go over some of the usual spots to observe your paint code. In most cases, you can get the car code inside the driver’s door jam . There are two main types of paint codes that are recorded one is for the outside color, and the other is for the interior color or cabin. One data might say “paint” the other “trim.”

    Usually, your VIN number can be viewed on the left region of the dashboard through the windshield. After you get the number successfully, contact your dealer and ask them for the exact name and color code by vin.

    Similarly, check your owner’s manual if you can’t find your paint code. Your book might recognize where your paint code placards have been put on your vehicle. These placards could be situated in non-common spots listed above, contingent upon your model.

    Can I find the paint code by registration?

    Yes, you can. Your vehicle’s VIN and paint code are crucial, as we showed you over. It fills in as yourcar’s distinguishing component, and it gives vital data related to your vehicle’s upkeep and maintenance. So, of course, you want to know where to track down it. The car identification number can be found in three places, and with the help of the VIN, one can easily find the paint code.

    1) One can easily find the identification no. on the automobiles name and registration.

    2) You can also observe The VIN on your insurance policy and insurance card.

    3) The number can also be seen on the dashboard present on the drivers side of the car.

    Consulting An Auto Paint Color Library

    How To Find Paint Code Of Your Car  4 Ways To Do It
  • 1Do a search for an online paint color library. Sometimes, particularly if you have a vintage Ford, you may have a hard time finding a manufacturers label or a VIN number. Fortunately, there are numerous websites that allow you to search for Ford color codes using basic information about your vehicle.
  • Do a web search for something like “car color code library” or “auto paint code database.” You can also do a more specific search, like “1949 Ford paint color codes.”
  • Sites like or are good places to start. Websites for Ford enthusiasts, such as, are also great resources for finding color codes.
  • 2Enter the year and make of your vehicle. Depending on the format of the color code database you are using, you may be able to narrow your search by selecting the year, make, and model of your Ford. In other cases, you may simply be able to browse a list of color codes for each year.
  • 3Examine the list of colors in use that year and find the best match. Once youve narrowed down the year, make, and model of your car, examine the list of “chips” or swatches to see which one is the best match for your car.
  • For example, if you have a 1977 Ford F150 truck in a pale green color, the color is likely to be “Ford Light Jade Metallic,” for which the color code is 7L.XResearch source
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    Where On The Vehicle Is The Vin Located

    Some of the areas on the vehicle that you can find the Vehicle Identification Number include:

  • On the dashboard of the vehicle – can easily be seen through the windshield.
  • On the door pillar of the drivers door.
  • Below the hood of the vehicle-positioned just in front of the engine block.
  • The front end of the frame of the vehicle-for older models of vehicles.
  • Below the handlebars of the vehicles-in case of motorcycles.
  • The vehicles legal documents such as the certificate of vehicle registration, liability insurance documents.
  • What To Do With Your Paint Code

    Once you have your color code, you are on your way to restoring your vehicle to its original factory finish and bring the shine back. Simply order one of our touch-up paint kits, which include everything you need to get the job done and offer exceptional value. All orders from us are also shipped free of charge.

    We pride ourselves on quality products, competitive prices and outstanding customer satisfaction.

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    How Do You Find Out What Colour Paint My Car Is

    4/5The paint colourthethethethethe

    Also to know is, can I find my car Colour by Reg?

    When you call the dealership, have your car registration details on hand. Offer them the car registration details instead. On their computer, these details should give them the VIN number, which they will need to look up the color code.

    Also, what Colour is my car Ford? In most cases, the color paint code in Ford vehicles is written on a manufacturer’s label located on the driver’s side front door panel, usually along the rear edge of the door. If you open your door and look along the side of the door, towards the bottom you should see a manufacturer’s label.

    Also Know, can you find paint code with VIN number?

    The number that starts with the “L” is the lower color. Call your dealer if you cannot find the paint identification number. Give them your vehicle identification number or VIN and they can look up your paint code. On most vehicles, you can find the VIN on the driver’s side dash.

    How do you match car paint perfectly?

    Keep in mind that some cars may have two tones and need two or more paint colors . Mix the paint until you get the exact color you need: start with the variations in lightness and darkness and adjust the hue until it matches. Always blend the color to achieve a color match.

    Why It’s Important To Find Your Car’s Paint Code

    How to Find Your Cars Paint Code

    It’s never a good idea to simply guess the color of your car. A red car isn’t just red. It’s fire engine red, brick red, or even a candy paint red. That’s why choosing “red” for your touch up paint just isn’t going to cut it. With even a slightly different shade, you’ll be able to plainly see the difference as soon as it’s applied, and the poor matching job on your paint touch up may look worse than what you’re trying to cover up in the first place.

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    What Are The Differences Between Color Code And Color Name

    A color code is an accurate definition of the paint of the vehicle that cant be described by the color name.

    The color name is a little bit vague because colors come in a variety of shades that cant be derived from the color name.

    The color code ensures that the paint job of the vehicle is done using an accurate shade for the body of the vehicle.

    What If I Cant Find My Color Code

    If you cant find the exact color code on your vehicle you can also look it up using a tool like paint matcher. With this tool you enter the make, model and year of your vehicle and the machine will spit out an exact paint match for the car.

    You can also go to a body shop to have the paint matched and fixed on your car. Body shops specialize in dent removal and body panel damage. Part of these repairs is also typically repainting those parts.

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    How To Find Out Your Hondas Paint Code

    Honda is a Japanese car manufacturer that owns other well-known brands such as Acura. Their color codes are typically found on a label on the drivers side door jamb but also check:

  • Inside the engine bay
  • Along the firewall
  • The exact location may vary depending on the model and year of your vehicle, so make sure to check out the dedicated page for the individual make.

    How To Find A Car Color Code

    Find My Car Paint Code By Vin Number

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    You can easily cover scratches or spots on your vehicle by touching them up with your cars original paint color. To match this paint color exactly, look for the color code listed on the vehicle information sticker in your car. Alternatively, you can figure out your cars color code by finding the vehicle information number , a serial number that can be found through documentation related to your vehicle. Provide your car color code or VIN to a paint vendor to obtain an exact match for your cars paint.

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