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Where To Buy Car Mats

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Choose Floor Mats That Fit Your Lifestyle

Best Floor mats $ can buy on Amazon (Tundra edition)

Before you start thinking about styles and colors, make sure the floor liners you want suit your driving needs. First, think about the weather in your area. If you face rain and snow on a frequent basis, then pick up a set of Weather Tech Floor Mats. These floor liners are constructed from Weathertech’s patented weatherproof materials and feature a unique multichannel design to help keep spills away from your carpet. Weather Tech mats are also ideal for construction workers and contractors who want to protect their cargo area from the messes of the job site. If WeatherTech Mats don’t suit your style, check out Husky Liners Floor Mats. Husky builds their mats out of durable thermoplastic and rubberized vinyl to resist wear and water damage. If your vehicle is under constant attack from the elements pick up Husky Liner Floor Mats. These heavy-duty liners are constructed with rubberized vinyl and feature extra-deep ridges to contain messes of all sizes. Drivers who live in warmer climates may want a carpet floor mat instead of an all weather liner. These mats offer the protection you need, but in a way that adds understated style to your interior.

Discount Bling: Fh Group Trimmable Climaproof Metallic Floor Mats

FH Group ClimaProof Metallic Floor Mats arent the most durable, but theyre the brightest.

If your footwells are dank pits of despair, dress them up with ClimaProof Metallic Floor Mats from FH Group. They come with inserts in black, red, gray, blue, and silver, with a metallic diamondplate pattern insert and anti-slip black heel sections. Theyre a semi-custom universal fit with trim lines to make it easier to cut with scissors.

The front set measures 28 x 18 inches, narrowing to 14.5 inches at the end and the rear set is 18 x 18 inches with a 12.5 inch section to fit under the back of the front seat. The material appears to be rubber. The backing has a square raised grid with nubs to hold it in place.

As with all trim to fit mats, you should measure before buying them. Unlike a single-color mat, you might have to cut into the color section to make it fit. Both front and rear have a 1.5-inch black section on each side, so you can trim them up to three inches before cutting into the color. Theyre not subtle colors, either, as theyre a bright metallic coating, which wont hold up to heavy use like dirty work boots.

  • Pros/Extremely bright, easy maintenance
  • Cons/Colors are a coating and can peel off, not as secure or tight fitting as other mats
  • Which Is Better: Floor Liners Or Floor Mats

    All-weather floor mats are generally thicker and heavier than all-weather floor liners. Liners have a sleeker appearance with less prolific and flatter grooves. Most offer a more customized fit and comprehensive protection in hard-to-reach spots, which is why they are a pricier investment. Comparatively, theres a larger variety of lower-cost mats with a more generic fit.

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    How Do You Get The Smell Out Of Rubber Car Mats

    Chemical smells arent limited to rubber mats. Carpeted and other synthetic materials are prone to it as well, but you cant always predict which ones will have it. Sometimes the same mats from the same seller will have different odors, because its largely dependent on how recently they were manufactured.

    The smell tends to fade with time, and thats your first tool. Leaving your mats somewhere well ventilated but protected for a few weeks will remove most odors. If you dont want to wait around while they season, a good scrubbing with a cleaner like dish detergent will help a lot in getting volatile chemicals out of the surface pores of synthetic materials. If you have durable rubber mats, taking them to a do-it-yourself car wash and blasting them with a hose will help a lot, too.

    Hot temperatures will tend to bring out any lingering smell, so until it fades, you might want to leave your windows cracked open. Theres little regulation of the rubber used in products like this, and a few low-quality rubbers can off-gas dangerous chemicals.

    Husky Liners Weatherbeater Floor Liners

    3D Car Floor Mat

    Also available in a cargo liner, the WeatherBeater line from Husky Liners is always a top seller. With a thermoplastic construction and extra-tall exterior walls, these mats will stand up to any weather and any climate for years and years to come. Each set comes custom-made to cover every inch of your interior carpet, and Husky backs these with a Lifetime Warranty. Plus, cleanup is as easy as can be – just remove the mats and hose them off in your front yard.

    Kyle M who drives a Ford pickup truck says:

    Great purchase, perfect fit. Already had 3 people tell me how good they look. Now clean up is so easy, no more having to vacuum the carpet, all is on the floor mats. I recommend these mats to everyone.

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    Will These Floor Mats Stain

    All-weather floor mats are made of rubber and are designed to trap mud and moisture prior to being hosed off, and so should never stain. Replacement carpeted floor mats are treated with stain-resistant formulas. That said, resistance does not mean something unfortunate definitely will not happen. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions for proper cleaning procedures. Household carpet cleaner can also be used on most carpeted mats.

    Why You Should Trust Us

    Before joining Wirecutter, I spent the better part of three decades as an automotive writer, reporter, and editor for various automotive publications, including about 10 years as an associate editor for Consumer Reports. A lifelong gearhead, one of my primary beats at CR and an area of personal interest has always been the automotive aftermarket and car accessories. That ranges from sophisticated audio and electronics products to things that are less likely to make for interesting party conversation, like tires, car batteries, wipers, and, yes, floor mats.

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    Best On A Budget: Bdk Universal Fit Clear Rubber Floor Mats

    BDK clear vinyl floor mats are good basic mats.

    Sometimes you just want a textured slab of vinyl to slap down. It doesnt need to look good , it just needs to sit there and hold grime from your shoes. BDKs four-piece front and back, universal-fit clear vinyl mat set is all that, and only that.

    They have the traditional pointy nibs on the bottom to keep them from sliding, and measure 27 x 18 inches in the front, and 18 x 16.5 inches in the back. Its a thick but flexible material, which you can trim with any larger pair of regular scissors. Vinyl mats can be slippery, so there are round dimples to help keep your feet from slipping, and grooves to trap dirt until you rinse them out.

    Universal fit mats work well in most vehicles, but youll definitely want to measure if you have something like a large truck, or small sporty car. Any floor mat with nibs on the bottom can rip up carpeting if it slides around, so getting a good fit is very important. You should check after using them for a week or two to make sure it isnt damaging anything.

  • Pros/Affordable all-weather protection, easy to trim, four-piece set
  • Cons/Non-existent customer service and no warranty
  • Buying Guide For Best Car Garage Mats

    Diamond Stitch Floor Mats – WHERE TO BUY THEM

    A garage is an inherently dirty place. Its where we store our cars, and its where the dirt, water, and grime those cars accumulate eventually seep to the ground. Garages also play host to oil changes, tire changes, engine swaps, and fluid flushes, so its no surprise they get a bit grimy from time to time. If youre looking to protect your garage floor from spills, stains, and other damage, a car garage mat should be in your arsenal.

    Available in myriad shapes and thicknesses, garage mats keep gunk off your floor while at the same time absorbing fluids for a safer work surface. Theyre also more comfortable to lie on than concrete, which is worth its weight in gold if you plan on doing underbody vehicle work.

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    What Is A Semi

    A custom floor mat is made to the exact year, make, and model of your particular vehicle. Semi-Custom floor mats, on the other hand, will fit a vehicle’s dimensions with relative ease but won’t fit them exactly. They are made to accomodate MOST vehicles within a certain set of sizes. Measure your vehicle before purchasing these kinds of mats so you buy the right size for your car or truck.

    Who Makes The Best All

    A variety of all-weather floor mats exist for a variety applications and price tags. The best all-weather floor mat is the one that adequately protects a vehicles floor, is at an affordable price point for the vehicle owner, and is built to withstand the lifestyle of that consumer. Generally, a higher price reflects greater durability and more material for protection in rigorous conditions.

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    Best Universal Option: Weathertech All

    Trim-to-fit mats are more affordable but may require work for you specific vehicle.

    Sometimes shopping for car floor mats can be difficult, especially since car interiors come in all shapes and sizes. While most reputable manufacturers do have application-specific floor mats, you might be searching high and low and still cant find a quality option for your specific vehicle. Thats when you turn your attention to this recommendation from WeatherTech: its the companys All-Weather Floor Mats but in a universal, trim-to-fit application.

    Designed to offer protection against all the elements Mother Nature can throw at your interior, these universal mats are available in black, grey, and tan shades so you can match the rest of your interiors color scheme. Youll get unique left and right designs for the front mats and the company says theyre made to fit virtually all vehicle flooring due to its unique shaping and Trim-to-Fit features. The front mats are .625 inches thick and 19 by 27 inches, and can be trimmed down to 16 by 24 inches long. Rear two-piece mats are the same thickness and 18.5 by 17 inches long, and can be trimmed down to 16.5 inches wide by 15 inches long. Youll definitely want to try to measure to see if they will work for you.

  • Pros/Universal trim-to-fit application, high quality construction, three color options, no harmful PVCs
  • Cons/Since they are universal, fitment won’t be perfect, some trimming is involved for certain vehicles
  • Car Garage Mat Prices

    Carsaaz 7D Rubber Noodles Car Foot Mats Set of 3: Buy Carsaaz 7D Rubber ...

    Inexpensive: If youre interested in protecting your garage floor, you can do so for just $10 to $20. These are smaller, tire-size mats made of plastic. While they wont catch oil leaks or other fluids, they will contain the gunk and water thats tracked in on your tires.

    Mid-range: Spend between $25 and $100 and the field opens up dramatically. Youll find larger plastic, rubber, and vinyl mats in this price range, along with fabric mats with an anti-slip backing and other features.

    Expensive: At $150 and more, youll encounter the largest, thickest, and most durable mats available. Expect to see combination mats with raised foam edges, as well as those that come with included cleaning supplies.

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    Runner Up: 3d Maxspider Kagu All

    3D MAXspider Kagu floor liners are a classy upgrade from factory floor mats.

    3d Mats MAXspider line missed our #1 position because of their three-year warranty, versus the lifetime warranty that WeatherTech offers, along with more accessible customer service. But when we calculated the average rating for 20 different MAXpider floor mats with almost 5,000 reviews they came out with a class-leading 92.7% positive average, which included some fitments with the highest overall rating in the category of 98%.

    Designed to offer defense against stains on your carpet, 3D MAXpider Kagu Floor Mats are custom made from thermoplastic for your vehicles floorboards, precisely cut with elevated edges to establish a debris containment zone. This ensures anything you track into your vehicle, from debris to sand and dirt, or even if you spill a drink, wont spread all around the car.

    Like many of the products that made it onto our list, there are a few color choices to match the style of your interior, whether you want something that complements or contrasts the rest of your cabin. As opposed to nibs that dig into carpet, the Kagu line has an anti-slip MAXspider backing that acts like velcro to hold it in place. You can purchase full kits or single rows based on your vehicles year, make, and model.

  • Pros/Inner layer for cushioning, upscale look and materials, three-year warranty, available for high-end new cars
  • Cons/Expensive, surface is harder to clean than smooth options
  • What Customers Are Saying

    With about 20,000 Amazon reviews, the Armor All 78840ZN All Season Floor Mat has an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 stars. The vast majority of reviews are positive, with 89 percent of reviewers rating this product 4.0 stars or higher.

    I traded from fabric to these ones and will never go back. These mats are made for mud, dirt, spills, and so much more! They say you have to cut them to fit but I drive a 2015 Nissian Altima and all four fit perfectly! I did like that since they are very heavy-duty

    Ruben0329 via Amazon

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    How To Clean Fabric Floor Mats

    If you have cloth floor mats, there are several ways to clean them depending on how dirty or stained they are.

    Use Baking Soda

    Rub baking soda rigorously onto the floor mats to remove stains and neutralize food, pet, and other unwanted odor from your mats.

    You can also put some baking soda and water on a stiff scrub brush to give the mats a thorough cleaning.

    Using Shampoo and Detergent Powder

    You can use a stiff brush and a blend of shampoo and washing powder to scour your mats clean.

    You can also use a deck scrubber brush or a tightly-bristled hand brush to scrub and clean any grime from the mat.

    Make sure to wash any soap off with clean water.

    Using Carpet Cleaners

    There are a variety of carpet cleaners available in the market that you can use to clean your floor mats.

    Most upholstery or carpet cleaners can be sprayed on and left to be absorbed by the mat.

    Use a hand brush to spread and scrub the cleaner into the mat.

    You can also make yourself a cleaner by mixing a bottle of white vinegar and a bottle of hot water to spray onto the mats, followed by a good scrubbing.

    The vinegar and water mixture is especially effective in getting rid of salt stains.

    If youre having to get rid of chewing gum on your floor mats, try a mix of peanut butter and salt on it before scrubbing.

    Using s Steam Cleaning Vacuum

    Much like your home carpet, you can use a power washer or steam cleaning vacuum to thorough clean your floor mats.

    Using the Washing Machine

    Vacuum Dry

    Is There Any Appreciable Difference Between All

    Amazon Car Floor Mats! BEST Car Floor Mats?!

    All-weather floor mats are thick and heavy, for concentrated protection immediately below the feet of passengers. All-weather floor liners cover more surface area while at the same time retaining a greater volume of mud and moisture. Both are intended to be cleaned off with a hose. Outside of your vehicle, of course.

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    Add Style To Your Interior With A Car Floor Liner

    Sure, mats and liners protect your interior, but they also let you flex your creative muscles. If your interior is starting to look bland, spruce it up with a custom logo mat. These mats give you the opportunity to use your car as a billboard for your favorite sports team or university. Collegiate floor mats and pro sports liners come in a variety styles and all the logos are officially licensed. If sports aren’t your thing, check out Lloyd Luxe Mats. These carpet mats are cut to fit the exact dimensions of your interior and feature a variety of popular car logos, including Corvette, Dodge, and Cadillac. You can even customize your Lloyd floor mats with custom embroidered text or fun lifestyle logos.

    Our Pick: Weathertech Floorliners

    After using, living with, and cleaning 23 sets of car floor mats in several different vehicles over several weeks, were convinced WeatherTech FloorLiners are the best choice for drivers who want the most protection for their vehicles carpets. WeatherTech FloorLiners not only fit perfectly: Theyre the best at containing spills, are easier to install and remove, and have far more vehicle fits than any of the others.

    Thoughtful details set the WeatherTech liners apart.

    Thoughtful details set the WeatherTech liners apart from similar liners from Husky, Michelin, and Rugged Ridge. Theres a more pronounced lip, for example, all the way around its perimeterparticularly at the rearto better contain spills than competing liners. It is also the only liner designed to channel spills to a separate reservoir at the rear, away from your feet. WeatherTechs raised sidewalls come up higher than competing liners, particularly those from Rugged Ridge, to better trap fluids and further guard carpets against wear.

    FloorLiners also manage to stay put without needing the pronounced nibs on the bottom that youll find on Husky and Rugged Ridge mats. The nibs are designed to dig into carpets to keep the mat in place, but they can also dig painfully into your hands when pulling the liners out for cleaning. WeatherTechs liners rely instead on their precision fit and grippy surface. We also found them easy to clean, needing only a hose to spray them out.

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