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How To Wash Car Windows

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Now Use A Microfiber Cloth To Deep Clean Your Windscreen


When the stubborn dirt and insects have been removed from the windscreen, dry the surface with a clean, lint-free towel. Next, use a glass cleaner and a microfibre cloth to get it clean and shiny. Spray the solution onto the windscreen and clean from the outside in. Polish the glass cleaner off with paper towels for a streak-free finish.

Move Onto Cleaning The Interior Windows

Once you are done with the exteriors, repeat the steps for the interior. For this, it is feasible to work from the inside of your car. In particular, work from the passenger seat when cleaning the windshield.

Another point to keep in mind when cleaning the interiors is spraying the solution onto the cloth or towel instead of directly onto the windows. This guarantees that no quick dripping residue can make its way to the fabric and cushioned parts of your vehicle. It is the key to clean inside car windows without streaks.

To complete, you just have to let the windows air dry! An additional step that you can take is applying a sealant or water repellant. This will make sure that any water that comes into contact with your windows in the future will roll right off.

So, you have just gone through all the steps for the best way to clean auto glass. It wasnt rocket science, right? You just have to be patient and wash diligently. Cleaning car windows is a methodical process, so do not try to rush it!

Best Affordable Glass Cleaner

It’s our favorite, most affordable glass cleaner spray, and it’s even on sale at the moment. Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner does the job, even if we found it takes a little more spray and elbow grease with a microfiber rag or paper towel to get a great, streak-free shine. It won’t let you down for the price, though, and is available in a spray bottle or an aerosol spray.

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Use The Best Car Window Cleaner

Second, you may not be using the right cleaning chemicals or the right car window cleaner. Did you know that there are certain chemicals that you will have right at home to create a solution to avoid problematic streaks? Oftentimes, people go to the store and purchase the common window cleaner, Windex. Windex has ammonia, which is a highly unpleasant gas. To stay away from ammonia, try using the best homemade car window cleaner. Use white vinegar, isopropyl alcohol, and distilled water. When you are mixing all of this up, you are going to have very specific amounts by percentage. For example, half of the solution will be isopropyl alcohol, and the other half is going to be distilled water. Add a small amount of the vinegar by just using the cap on the bottle. Mix the three products together and pour them into a spray bottle.

Washing Car Windows Without Streaking On The Inside And Outside

How To Clean Car Windows

Many people forget that the key to learning how to clean car windows without streaks is to remember the interior windows. There wont be pollen and dirt on the inside windows, but years of smoking or driving children with messy hands can create quite a bit of build-up.

It can be hard to find a solution suitable to clean inside a car windshield. The solution will most likely get onto your seats and dashboard, and products like ammonia can damage those materials.

  • 1 bucket or spray bottle
  • Microfiber cloths
  • 1 gallon of warm water
  • 3 drops of Original Blue Dawn dish soap

For this simple car windshield cleaner, mix the dish soap and water until combined in a bucket, large bowl, or even in an empty gallon jug. You can then pour some of the cleaning solution into a spray bottle for easier use.

Spray the mixture directly onto a microfiber cloth and start wiping down your interior windows. When cleaning windows, its crucial to use horizontal and vertical moments rather than circular motions.

Circular motions increase the likelihood of scratching the automotive glass and leads to unwanted streaking. This applies to all kinds of window cleaning. Use this recipe on the inside and the outside of car windows, but it is extra gentle for the interior.

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Find A Good Place To Work

Before you delve into action, find a good place to work. It should be away from direct sunlight and strong winds. Also, it should be spacious and uncluttered.

Hold the microfiber cloth or towel that you have prepared in one hand and the auto window cleaner in another. Begin with the exterior windows from one side, then move onto the other side, and finish with the interiors in the same order.

Fill First Bucket With Water And Soap Fill Second Bucket With Just Water

The two-bucket method helps prevent damage to your car by reducing the likelihood of dirt or debris from your wash mitt scratching the paint. First, use the hose to fill the first bucket with soap and water. Make sure to use the correct ratio of soap to water, as directed on the bottle. Then, use the hose to fill the second bucket with only water. The second bucket will be used solely as your rinsing bucket. Dont forget to add the dirt trap to your rinsing bucket.

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Best Way To Clean Inside Of A Windscreen: Microfiber Cloth And Water

Cleaning the outside first will enable you to see any smears on the inside, as the outside will be clear and sparkling clean. Its time to tackle those fingerprints and sucker marks left by the sat nav systems.

Clean the inside of the windscreen from the passenger seat as you will have more room to move your arms as you clean because the steering wheel wont be in the way.

Cleaning products available to make it a little easier include a microfibre cloth on a pad attached to long ergonomic handle with a pivoting head.

Dirt and dust clings to the microfibre cloth so that only water is needed for cleaning. Other products are available with a long handle to help you reach, and a triangular shaped pivoting head for hard to reach areas. You might prefer to use a traditional chamois leather. When using cleaning sprays be careful not to spray the cars interior as this could cause damage, or make the surface slippery.

Save Windows For Last

How to Properly Clean Your Car Windows

It sounds simple, but making sure the glass is clean will do more to help customers feel like their cars are truly clean than anything else will. After all, customers have to look out those windows every time they drive.

With this in mind, first clean the rest of the car before moving on to the windows because the process of washing and rinsing exterior panels can get suds on the glass.

Once its time to clean the inside of the windows, choose the cleaner carefully because the residue from some interior cleaners can turn into a vapor and end up on the tint.

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How To Wash A Car Like A Pro

Weve rounded up the best car-washing products and outlined the best methods to use them. Not only will a thorough home wash keep your car looking great, but the time you put into properly washing your car will also help protect and preserve your cars exterior. Plus when youre finished, your car will be the shiniest, most beautiful car in the neighborhood!

How To Clean A Car Windshield Wiper

Windshield wipers are just as important as any other part of the car. Clean them often by mixing dish soap and warm water, dipping a clean rag into the solution, and using it to wipe the blades.

Clean the joints of the wipers gently without applying too much pressure. Wipe down the blades and leave the wipers to air dry after cleaning.

  • Distilled water

Mix one tablespoon of dish soap and half a gallon of warm water. Dip in a clean rag into the solution and use it to wipe the blades. Clean the joints of the wipers gently without applying too much pressure. Wipe down the blades and leave the wipers to air dry after cleaning.

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Gather Car Washing Products

Lets get started by rounding up the products that will make your car shine! More than anything, its important to use the correct products when you wash a car. Using the wrong products could potentially scratch or damage your paint or degrade the finish.

First, you will need two buckets. If you read that and thought, Well, I only have one bucket, so Ill just use that, we promise you, it is worthwhile to use two buckets perhaps the most important step in how to wash a car! The first bucket will be for soapy water. The second bucket will be used as a dirty rinse bucket and will also have the next item you need: a dirt-trap. This 4.5 Gallon Detailing Bucket and a Dirt Trap Bucket Insert from Chemical Guys are great options.

Next, you need to make sure that you have a hose. If you dont have access to running water while washing your car for any reason, you can use a Spray Detailer from Shine Armor with a Microfiber Towel for a waterless wash. With that being said, using water whenever possible is our recommendation.

Then, gather the products needed to wash your cars wheels. You will need a Wheel Brush and Wheel and Tire Cleaner.

Finally, gather the products used to clean the entirety of your vehicle. This includes a Foam Gun , a Wash Mitt, Car Wash Soap, and Glass Cleaner. If you want to go the extra mile, you can finish off your car wash with Car Wax and Detailing Spray.

In short, all of the items you need can be found here:

  • Detailing Spray
  • How To Clean Car Interior

    How to Clean Your Car Windows

    Select a streak-free window cleaner like Armor-All or Windex, and get a cloth. Spray the cleaning solution directly onto the cloth, because if you spray onto the window itself, only about half of the cleaner ends up on the glass.

    The other half floats around the car and ends up on your seats and instruments, which doubles the amount of cleanup you have to do and might damage your interior. Youll also want to use a washed microfiber cloth instead of a newspaper or paper towels.

    Newspapers have ink on them which, when introduced into the cleaning solution, might run and stain your hands and make a mess inside the car. Paper towels tend to tear apart while youre using them, meaning youre going to go through a lot of them. Microfiber cloth is soft but durable, and it does a fantastic job of scrubbing away spots and stains.

    Wipe in a vertical direction, and then a horizontal direction. Avoid rubbing in circles, as that increases the likelihood of streaking.

    As for how to clean car seats: replace the glass cleaner with laundry detergent, and use a chamois cloth instead of a microfiber cloth.

    If your seats are fabric, vacuum the seats and then scrub them thoroughly, first with hot water, and then use cold water to clean off remaining dirt. Avoid letting the seats get too wet. For leather, use liquid dishwashing soap and warm water. Again, take care to keep the seats from getting too wet.

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    Hose Off The Car Before Beginning The Washing Process

    Before you begin washing, hose off the entirety of the car, from top to bottom. Generally, you will want to work top to bottom as the water, soap, and dirt will naturally run from top to bottom. Also, the bottom sections of the car tend to be the dirtiest, and you dont want to accidentally transfer any of this dirt or grime to the upper portions of the car. Use a pressure washer or a foam gun for the pre-rinse if you have one. If not, a hose will do just fine.

    It is important to know that the use of a pressure washer could cause damage to the paint if used incorrectly. So, if you use a pressure washer, use it properly. Refer to our How-To Guide to Pressure Washing Your Car for more details. The process of rinsing before washing removes dirt and debris that could otherwise cause scratches to the exterior.

    Car Window Cleaning Tips And Tricks

    Keeping your car windshields clean not only increases your visibility, but also makes your driving safer during your day/night commute. There are different types of glass cleaner on the market today, so how do you find which one is best for you?

    Removing those pesky streaks and outdoor residue will no longer be a hassle if you follow a proven method on how to correctly clean your car windows. In the information below, we will give you the top 3 car window cleaning tips and tricks to keeping your glass surface free of debris and without streaking.

  • Tip #3 Installing Ceramic Pro Glass
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    How To Avoid Streaks

    Streaks are more annoying than dirty car windows, probably because they tell of your inadequate cleaning efforts.

    One thing that causes streaks is cleaning product/solution thats been allowed to dry too quickly. When the cleaning solution dries quickly on your car window, it leaves residue that ends up appearing as streaks. This can be remedied by choosing a cleaning product that takes longer to dry.

    Cleaning your car windows in a shady area or an enclosed place can also help to reduce the evaporation rate of your cleaning product.

    Your towels can also cause streaking. If you use just one towel to clean several car windows, it will probably get saturated with dirt after cleaning the first window, so after that, youll be transferring the dirt you already collected onto the next window. That will cause a lot of streaking.

    Towels that cant collect the dirt/grime and absorb the cleaner solution well, e.g. polyester or paper towels, can also cause streaks. You have to wipe much harder to get all the dirt and moisture off with such towels. Cotton towels are sufficiently absorbent and collect dirt and grime well, but they also tend to shed. When they do that, they can leave streaks of lint, so its wise to stick to scratch-resistant microfiber towels.

    Apply An Even Layer Of Car Glass Cleaner

    Car Detailing 101: How to Clean a Car Window

    Spray a generous amount of your preferred cleaning solution all over youre the surface of your windows and auto glass. Be sure to use a glass cleaner thats specially formulated for auto glass. If youre using a Flairosol spray like Hybrid Solutions Interior Mist, hold your trigger down to spray a fine, even mist on the surface of your glass panel. Be sure to spray one window at a time so your window cleaner doesnt dry before youve wiped down your windows completely.

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    How To Wash A Car In 8 Easy Steps

    • 1: Gather Car Washing Products
    • 2: Fill First Bucket With Water And Soap, Fill Second Bucket With Just Water
    • 3: Hose Off The Car Before Beginning The Washing Process
    • 4: Wash The Wheels
    • 5: Wash The Entire Car Using a Wash Mitt
    • 6: Rinse The Car Using The Hose, Pressure Washer, Or Foam Gun
    • 7: Dry The Car Using Clean Microfiber Towels
    • 8: Clean Glass Exterior With Glass Cleaner
    • Extra Credit: Once Dry, Wax The Car

    You now know how to wash a car like a pro! Sure it takes a little elbow grease, patience, and time, but the reward is so worth the effort.

    How To Wash A Car Extra Credit: Once Dry Wax The Car

    If after the entire washing process, you want to give your car a quick detail, use a clean microfiber towel and a spray detailer or car wax to give your car added protection and beautiful shine. Depending on the product you use, the directions for application will be different. With that in mind, when choosing detail spray or wax, use whatever best suits your car. We recommend the detail spray from Torque Detail or the liquid car wax from Meguiars.

    When using wax, spread the wax as thin and evenly as possible. You can use your hands! Make sure to apply the wax in the shade. Once the wax is dried , remove with a clean microfiber towel.

    When using detail spray, spray on the car and then wipe off with a clean microfiber towel.

    Now, take a minute to step back and look at your car because, WOW, its a glorious sight to see!

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    The Best Way To Really Clean Your Car Windows

    See more clearly and drive more safely using this simple guide.

    Cleaning your car windows is something you constantly mean to do and never get around to it. Every time you hop in and buckle up, your streaky, bug splattered windshield glares back at you , begging for attention.

    Sure, maybe youâll give the windows a lazy wipe with the gas station squeegee once in a while, but you can do better. And itâll only take you, like, ten minutes maximum. Seriously, this chore is so simple, youâll be asking yourself why you waited so long to do it. Washing your car windows is like buying new sunglasses: Youâll be blown away at how much better you can see through them, after youâd become so used to peering around scuffs and scratchesâor in this case, the greasy fingerprints, bird poop splotches and layers of caked-on pollen dust.

    And weâve got a few sneaky little tricks of the trade up our sleeves to share with you. For example, be sure to use an up-and-down motion to wipe the outsides of the windows and a side-to-side motion to wipe the insides. Why? Because if you see any streaks, youâll know exactly which side to address. Read on to learn more hacks to make your car windows sparkle.So, windows: Youâve got the inside and the outside of each of them. Then youâve got the windshields , both the front and the back. Then there are the four side windows: the driversâ side and passengersâ side, both front and back.

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