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Does The Military Ship Your Car For Free

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Request A Donation From A Local Dealer

U.S. Marine Corps to get 33 more Amphibious Combat Vehicles !

Local dealerships usually dont donate cars directly to individuals, but you may get lucky if they have an older model or a trade-in that they believe will sell. If youre facing hard times, try writing a letter to the manager of your local dealership explaining your circumstances.

Try doing this at the end of the year during the holiday season when people are feeling more charitable. The dealership may be more open to helping you out, especially if youre willing to share your story publicly.

Military Vehicle Shipping Is No Joke

Global Auto Transportation offers high-quality military vehicle shipping services for all branches of the American armed forces, including the Army, the Marine Corps, the Navy, the Air Force and the Space Force.

With all the moving around that happens with relocation, military members and their families often need to relocate and ship their cars, autos and vehicles to their new locations.

Military members deserve our special attention when it comes to their relocation, and we are happy to help them. Our licenses allow us to ship military vehicles within all the US states.

We do our best to make military vehicle shipping easy for our customers, providing door-to-door auto transport and assistance with all possible questions throughout the process.

Furthermore, we offer you the best, unbeatable prices in the market, and are always here to help with any kind of military vehicle shipping you need. We have the experience and connections to transport any sort of military-centric vehicle, no matter how large the request.

And if you need to remain private about the mission objective, we can get you covered with enclosed military vehicle shipping as well.

With all this said, we find a lot of pride in trying to take care of shipping your military vehicles with safety a hundred percent involved. From base to base, we can relocate your sedan, hatchback or pickup truck with all the ease in the world.

We provide Military Vehicle Shipping to many customers

The Following Items Can Be Left In Your Vehicle:

  • Hand tools: cannot exceed $200 in value
  • Jacks, tire irons, fire extinguishers and jumper cables
  • One spare tire or two snow tires, baby / child car seats

As a reminder: Before shipment all vehicles will be subject to a joint inspection where all damages and blemishes will be documented. You will be requested to signoff the DD788 inspection form as a mutual record.

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Driving Your Car In Your New Country

Shipping a POV overseas can involve taxes, fees, regulations, and even limits on the types of cars and trucks that can be brought into your destination country. Some countries will only allow vehicles under a certain maximum age. In others, tariffs and duties are based on the size of the engine rather than the value of the vehicle. Some countries require service members to get import approval prior to shipping or they wont let a vehicle into the country. Others have very strict emissions standards.

You will need to follow all local licensing and registration laws at your destination and get the appropriate auto insurance. Make sure your day-to-day budget accounts for the fact that insurance rates for vehicles from the U.S. can be very high. As noted above, the laws regarding legal car ownership and operation will vary by country, so be sure you understand what you need to do and when. Sometimes the timeframe for registering your vehicle after shipping it to your new duty station will be short and the fines for missing that window can be high, so ask your relocation office to clarify any and all deadlines.

Is Someone Required To Be Present At Pick

Armored Vehicles for Sale

Yes. Yes, to secure the shipping of your vehicle, someone who is 18 years of age or older must be present at both pickup and delivery. At pickup, they need to release the vehicle, give the keys to the driver, and sign the inspection paper. And at delivery, they need to accept the vehicle and sign the final inspection paper.

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What Should Be The Time Frame For Car Shipping

The transport time varies depending on the carrier. The times below are provided as a guideline only and will vary due to factors outside our control, including weather and road conditions. East Coast to West Coast around 7 to 10 days, North to South around 5 to 7 days, Midwest to East Coast around 4 to 6 days.

In Which Situations Does The Military Pay For Your Auto Transport Service

To be able to have the benefit of free military privately owned vehicle shipment services, you should be in one of the following situations:

  • If you actively serve for the military
  • If you have received an order for a permanent change of station

Bold Auto Transport proudly provides additional discounts for veterans, Reserves, National Guards, and military families in addition to these two instances.

You can benefit from these discounts by providing the necessary information through our website, or you can give us a call at 469-942-5444. As Bold Auto Transport, we are proud to serve our military members with the best quality services.

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What Is Military Car Shipping

Military discounted vehicle shipping is scheduled exclusively for current and former military personnel. Because your PCS orders might arrive at any time, we at Bold Auto Transport will do everything we can to ensure that your military car shipping process runs well. Your vehicle will be picked up and delivered near your home by the carrier. Military PCS vehicle transport is for military members assigned to a new duty station. These members’ POVs are shipped for discounted prices or free with Bold Auto Transport. Most of the time, the Department of Defense pays the shipment of one privately owned family vehicle. The customer should pay for a second vehicle. Military personnel, however, frequently prefer to ship their POVs themselves and get a reimbursement for Department of Defense. In those instances, you’ll want to choose a car shipping company that provides exceptional ability handling car shipping process from military base to military base. for you. Bold Auto Transport proudly ships cars of military members with special discounts and offers. We are delighted to serve those who serve our nation.

How Much Does Shipping A Military Pov Cost

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Each military POV shipment is different and that is reflected in the price. In this case, different factors all have an effect such as the type of vehicle, origin in the US, and destination overseas. For example a shipment from LA will be different than NY even with everything else the same. Since there is variation, our representatives create custom quotes for each shipment.

Use our Online Form to get a custom quote for your military vehicle shipment.

To all military personnel, we appreciate your efforts in peacekeeping abroad and admire your loyalty to defend your country. With this in mind, wed like to say thank you by offering active service personnel a discount on shipments as part of our vehicle shipping services for military members. Ask your salesperson for more details when making the booking. This is our way of saying thank you for all that you do.

*Discount applies to ocean freight rates only. Does not apply to domestic transport here in the US, at destination or for shipments to Hawaii. Ask your salesperson for more information.

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Is It Better To Ship Your Car Yourself

Define better. You may think it will be better to drive the car and ship it to your new home yourself. But the average cost of you moving your vehicle to your new home will be much higher than shipping it. And sure, Uncle Sam will foot some of the bills when you drive it. But you will be wasting three to six days of valuable time while you drive your car home. Thats time you could spend stopping over to visit friends and family, taking a vacation, or just relaxing.

So let a professional car shipping company like Number One Auto Transport take over! Let us show you why so many serving and retired military members have entrusted us with their vehicles in base-to-base moves over the years! Reach out to our team today and get started moving your car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, or exotic to your next stop!

Where Will My Vehicle Picked Up And Delivered

The driver will do their best to pick up and deliver your vehicle directly to you. However, some cities have restrictions on large vehicles entering residential areas. If the pickup area is inaccessible because of low-hanging trees, narrow streets, or tight turns, the driver will ask you to meet at a nearby location with a large parking area.

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Save Time And Money With Uship

You no longer need to waste time over the phone attempting to procure the right moving company. Post your items that require delivery on uShip and tend to your moving preparations while our vetted service providers immediately begin to quote on your shipment online.

Finding the lowest quote to transport your goods is easy and will help ensure you are pocketing as much of your DITY allowance as possible. uShip customers save an average of 50% on their shipments due to the competition of the service providers quoting to win your business.

The freedom to choose is not always easy to come by in military life. With uShip, you select the quote based on price, delivery time frames, feedback score, and customer reviews. Maximizing your time and your money on a move has never been smoother.

Choose Move Car Auto Transport For Military Car Shipping

Luxury Cars Being Unloaded From The Salvaged Hoegh Osaka Ship.

Move Car Auto Transport has set new standards of car shipping services in the industry with years of fanatical services. We have an experienced and professional core team of more than 37 members to make sure everything works smoothly for shipping of vehicles.

Additionally, we have a wide network of 4000+ vehicle shipping carriers that are available for vehicle shipments across the states. Our team understands that military personnel with PCS orders need relocation of their vehicle on an immediate basis. Therefore, we make sure that several carriers are always available to handle these emergency vehicle shipments safely. We have thousands of satisfied customers including a number of military personnel who have tried our shipping services and got satisfactory results and above-expectation services.

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Factors That Affect Car Shipping Costs

Car shipping costs can vary by day and are most affected by the following factors:

  • Distance:Cross-country shipments have lower rates per mile than shorter-distance trips but cost more overall.
  • Seasonality:Its more expensive to ship vehicles during the summer and January due to higher demand.
  • Vehicle size: Larger vehicles, such as SUVs and trucks, cost more to ship than typical sedans. This also applies to specialty vehicles like RVs and ATVs.
  • Type of transport:Enclosed carrier transport is more expensive than open carrier transport.
  • Type of delivery: Door-to-door delivery is more costly than terminal-to-terminal shipping since the service is more personalized.

Montway Auto Transport: Best Overall

As our top car shipping choice, Montway Auto Transport is popular among both active members of the military and veterans.The company offers safe and reliable military car shipping nationwide and across the world, with discounts available for veterans, reserves, and even military dependents.

Montway Auto Transport works with over 15,000 carriers to connect military members to shippers best suited for PPMs. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a 4.48-star average customer rating, we rank Montway Auto Transport as the Best Overall choice.

If youre interested in learning more about this car shipping company, check out our Montway Auto Transport review and get an instant quote below.

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Additional Baggage Is Welcome

Military personnel are allowed to keep one suitcase or box containing personal items in the trunk of the vehicle. The only requirement about the additional baggage is it should weigh less than 100 lbs. We wonât charge you for this additional baggage. Our job is to make sure that this additional baggage is not a hurdle in safe transport of your vehicle. The trucker who is assigned with the duty of shipping your vehicle may check the trunk to make sure it doesn’t contain any unlawful or prohibited item.

Military Auto Shipping: What And Where You Can Ship


Most companies that offer military auto shipping services including us can haul just about any kind of vehicle. Whether you need to ship a car, truck, SUV, minivan, 4×4, ATV, motorcycle, jet ski, or something else, we can move it for you.

Most companies that ship for military members can pick up and deliver at a military base. It has to be acceptable with the base commander, though. Get permission before you have pickup or delivery at the base. If your vehicle cannot be delivered to a military base, youll need to meet your shipper somewhere nearby. Chances are, however, that you can get it shipped close to the gates or the entrance of the base. You can also have your vehicle shipped to and from your house if you need it to be.

Many carrier companies are happy to meet you outside the base as well. This is a great alternative if the transport truck cannot get onto the base but the commanding officer is okay with it happening right outside.

Ultimately, military auto shipping services are relatively easy to find and, with discounts, more affordable than ever.

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Wash And Clean Out Your Vehicle Before Shipping

Before you turn in your car please make sure to wash the exterior and remove all personal items from compartments, doors, trunk, and under and in between the seats. This also means removing all accessories not permanently installed this includes: all loose audio/video/navigation equipment, any liquids or pressurized cans, any flammable, combustible, or hazardous substances and citizen band radios.

Once all items have been removed from inside, it is required that the interior and the trunk of the vehicle be vacuumed clean. If the interior of the vehicle was cleaned/shampooed , it had to have been done at least 14 days prior to shipment to allow the vehicle to dry completely.

Also, please do not forget to remove all air fresheners and/or any items hanging on your rear view mirror.

Your Car Shipping Will Cost

Can the car transporter deliver to a military base?

Companies offering military car shipping services like Smart Auto Move can transport just about any type of personal vehicle . Whether you need to ship a car, truck, SUV, minivan, or full sized van, we can move it for you.

Most companies that ship for military members cannot get on base, but can meet the customer shipping their vehicle at the gate to pickup and deliver at a military installation. If you live off base then our car transporters can pick-up and deliver right to your door.

Why choose Smart Auto Move for Military Car Shipping?

Members of the military often have to move from one installation to another, at times, with very short notice. We understand how challenging this can be for military families, as well as the commitment it takes to answer the call of duty for ones country. This is why we are proud to offer discounted rates to active duty military personnel when shipping their privately owned vehicle .

We have locations in almost every major city in the U.S. with terminals and routes that regularly run through cities with military installations, whether it be the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard. We deliver vehicles anywhere in the continental U.S. with the same expert level of care and service we provide to all of our customers.

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Military Car Shipping: How To Ship A Car To And From Hawaii

In total, there are 11 military bases across Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island. Hawaii is one of the few states that has at least one base from each of the military. Serving military personnel can receive a PCS or OCONUS order to Hawaii at any time. It might even be at very short notice. While the idea of moving to Hawaii might seem very exciting, youre also going to feel slightly apprehensive. Youve got a lot of planning to do, and that includes arranging military car shipping.

Knowing what to expect if you ever need military PCS vehicle shipping means the process will be less stressful. In this article, were going to take you through the process of shipping a car to and from Hawaii when youre in the military, offer you some advice, and give you some tips on finding the best way to do it. And if youre wondering, Will the military ship my car to Hawaii?, this article will answer the question.

How To Move A Car For A Member Of The Military During A Pcs: Can You Pack Items In The Vehicle Or The Trunk

App Shopper: Aircraft Carrier Parking

The short answer is no. The FMCSA which inspects car transporters and ensures public safely permits only vehicle-related items to be included, such as child car seats, car covers, and parts or tools related directly to the vehicle itself. Regulations prohibit including luggage, personal items, household items or anything else thats not related to the car, in order to avoid excess weight and because no car carrier in the US is licensed to carry household goods, or obtain insurance on those items for your protection. So its best to include household goods with the shipment of your other personal belongings during your PCS move.

Military PCS vehicle shipping is one of our specialties, and we have a dedicated Military Shipping POV division. We can pick up and deliver to almost every military base or installation in the country. While we cant drive onto the base itself, well get the transport truck as close to the gates or entrance of the base as possible or the driver will arrange to meet you at a nearby shopping center or public parking space thats both safe and convenient. See why our military car shipping program is among the best in the auto transport industry Continental US, and ask about our car transport military discount we have for all members of the US Armed Forces as a way to show our gratitude.

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