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How Long Does A Car Seat Last

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How Long Is The Life Span Of My Evenflo Car Seat

How Long Should You Keep a Child in a Car Seat

All Evenflo car seats expire 6 years following their date of manufacture, with a few exceptions: the Symphony car seat line expires 8 years after the date of manufacture, because it is an all-in-one car seat with extended use from infant seat through belt-positioning booster. The Evenflo Transitions and Evenflo Evolve 3-in-1 combination car seats also expire 8 years after the date of manufacture due to their extended use from harnessed car seat through no back booster. Safety standards change over time as restraint technology develops. Expiration dates help ensure that you are not using a car seat that may be secondhand, has been in an accident or has missing or damaged parts plus, an expiration date provides a gentle reminder that it is time to buy a new seat with the latest technology and safety features. Please refer to your Evenflo car seats date of manufacture label to tell you exactly when your seat will expire.

How To Dispose Of An Expired Car Seat

If you find yourself with an expired car seat on your hands, youll likely want to dispose of it . While the obvious solution seems to be to chuck it in the trash, experts caution against this. Youll want to dismantle and dispose of it so that someone doesnt salvage it and unknowingly reuse it when its past its prime, says Hayden Little, a certified child passenger safety technician and owner of Tot Squad, a baby-gear services company in Washington, DC. Start by removing and discarding the foam, padding and fabric. Cut the harnesses and straps. Remove any metal parts and recycle the plastic pieces.

Dont feel like dealing with the car seat disposal yourself? Some communities have car seat recycling programs: Check here to see options in your area. Some retailerslike Targeteven host car seat trade-in events at various times throughout the year, offering a special discount on your new seat purchase.

Please note: The Bump and the materials and information it contains are not intended to, and do not constitute, medical or other health advice or diagnosis and should not be used as such. You should always consult with a qualified physician or health professional about your specific circumstances.

Car Seat Safety: Expiration Dates

Its not a myth, an urban legend or a tale experienced parents share with newbies during a coffee date like the boogeyman. The car seat you have sitting in your backseat will expire. You might be asking yourself why would a car seat expire? Its not a carton of milk, it shouldnt go bad. While your car seat might not get moldy or go sour, its only good and safe to use up until a certain point.

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What To Do With An Expired Car Seat

You have a child safety seat thats past the best before date and more than a dozen pounds of plastic, metal, nylon, and other materials you cant use.

How do you get rid of it?

Selling the expired car seat online can be tricky. Some states have no problem with it. But others have proper use laws that prevent consumers from using or reselling old and used safety seats.

And besides:

Do you really want to sell a car seat that no longer protects its passenger as it should, promoting a false sense of security?

If your answer is no, then this section will help you get rid of an expired car seat the safe way.

My Childs Head Falls Forward In Her Forward

How Long Can You Keep A Child Car Seat

First, consider whether your child should be moved back to a rear-facing car seat, which often provide additional recline and may help prevent your childs head from falling forward. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children remain rear-facing until they are 2 years old, or they meet the upper height and weight limits of their rear-facing car seat. Next, if you decide to keep your child forward-facing check to see if his/her car seat offers a recline option, which may help keep your childs head resting on the restraint. Many forward-facing car seats offer a mechanism to provide a semi-recline for installation. Be sure to check your instruction manual for weight restrictions and proper use of this car seat feature. Finally, if allowed by the vehicle manufacturer, the vehicle seat can be slightly reclined when installing the car seat. Reclining the vehicle seat may also help keep your childs head resting on the restraint. The installation instructions of both the vehicle and car seat manufacturer must be followed and you must be able to achieve a secure and correct installation.

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Pieces Can Go Missing

Tiny parts can go missing. Convertibles are especially prone to losing moving pieces as you to switch from one mode to another. It may be in pristine condition on the outside, but the missing or dislocated parts inside will reduce the seats effectiveness.

On the other hand, manufacturers will not keep an inventory of spare parts of an outdated model for long. Meaning replacement parts wont be an easy find.

Are Evenflo Car Seats Faa Approved

Because airline seats offer a lap belt only, only Evenflo car seats with an internal harness are approved for airline use. Please check your instruction manual to confirm that your seat may be used in an airplane. We also recommend checking with your airline to ensure your car seat can be brought on board.

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Car Seats Are Final Sale

Most car seat manufacturers require a child restraint be replaced after ANY crash, including something minor like a fender bender. It is not possible to inspect or recertify a car seat for continued use and Snuggle Bugz would never want to be in a position where we sold a car seat that we could not guarantee the integrity of. For this reason, we do not accept returns. You can rest assured that when you purchase a car seat from Snuggle Bugz, it has not been used and returned by another customer. We are committed to ensuring our car seats are sold in new manufacturer condition and their safety has not been compromised.

Your Child Has Reached The Weight Limit

VERIFY: What are Georgia’s car seat laws?

Car seat testing takes the weight of the car seat and the child passenger into account. The NHTSA, for example, uses a 77 lbs 10-year-old dummy to crash test seats with 65-80 lb limit, while seats with a 50-65 lb weight limit are tested using a 62 lb 6-year-old dummy.

When you keep using a child restraint whose limits are below your little ones weight, youre walking into dangerous territory. The seat hasnt Just for passengers weighing beyond its rated limit, and it could very well break during a crash.

Know, too, that you can run into trouble with proper use laws.

Your state may use the manufacturers guidelines to gauge what constitutes proper use , and those guidelines always include weight limits and adhering to them.

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Retire Seats After Car Accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends that car seats should be retired after a moderate to severe crash.1 An accident can be considered minorand therefore may not require car seat replacementif all the following factors are true:

  • The airbags did not deploy.
  • The car did not sustain any visible damage and was able to drive away from the accident.
  • The passengers were not injured.

After an accident, and at least once per year, you should have your car seat inspected to make sure it is still safe for your child and there are no missing parts or structural compromises. You should also register your car seat after purchase to be informed if the seat is subject to any recalls.

If you dont yet have a car seat or are looking to purchase a new one after retiring an older model, check out our handy buyers’ guides for car seats and booster seats.

How Long Does My Child Need To Use A Car Seat By Law

The law requires child seats to be used until the child is 135cms tall or 12 yrs old in the UK, this is different in some other European countries. Before you stop using a child seat, look at the placement of the seatbelt on the child. Is the lap part of the belt sitting across the child’s hip bone and the diagonal part across the chest? You might find that in one car the seatbelt placement is fine but another its not. It is preferable to use a highback booster until they are 150cms, just to be safe.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team if you have any more questions.

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Yes Car Seats Expire And Here’s Why

We hear it all the time: “Car seats don’t actually expire. That’s just a ploy by the manufacturers to get you to spend more money and buy new stuff.”

It doesn’t matter how many times we hear it it’s still not true. Car seats expire, and your kid’s safety could depend on you recognizing that fact.

We trust car seats to keep our little ones safe in a crash, and in turn, car seats trust us to know when and why they should be replaced. The promise made by the former heavily depends on our comprehension of the latter.

And it’s relatively easy to see why.

History lesson

“Why, back in my day, we rode home from the hospital on mom’s lap while dad manned the three-on-the-tree, and there were no seatbelts, and we all survived. Up hill. Both ways.”

If we look back 30 years ago, infant car carriers weren’t widely available. The LATCH system didn’t exist. Car seats certainly didn’t have sippy cup holders either.

As time progresses, we learn things. We are able to take data from research and implement technology to better protect children.

According to the IIHS, the number of infants killed in car crashes since 1975 has plummeted 80 percent, and the number of children under 3 killed in car crashes has similarly dropped by 66 percent. Both of those declines are despite a 5-percent increase in the number of children riding in cars over the same time period.

Car seats expire

But why do car seats expire? There’s no single reason.

Simplifying it

Not convinced?

2017, High Gear Media.

Manufacturer Testing Has Its Limits

How Long Can You Keep A Child Car Seat

When a manufacturer be it Graco, Britax, Chicco, or any number of other car seat brands tests a car seat, they dont assume youll still be cramming your 17-year-old in it and driving them to their senior prom. So it stands to reason that they dont test car seats to see how they hold up after 17 years of use.

Even all-in-one car seats ones that transform from rear-facing to forward-facing to boosters have weight or age limits, and car seat and booster use generally ends by age 12 . So car seats arent usually tested beyond about 1012 years of use.

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How Do I Know If My Safety First Car Seat Is Expired

-Look on the bottom of your car seat for a date.

-If it is expired, you should replace it as soon as possible. The expiration date should be one year after the manufacture date.

The safety first car seat product code can also help to determine whether or not it needs to be replaced. To check this number, locate and turn over your base plate cover with a flat head screwdriver until you come across six digits separated by dashes .

If those numbers are smaller than 364522 then that means that they were made before February 17th 2016 and need replacing immediately!

Uppababy Mesa Safety Ratings And Crash Test Results

Weve said it before: every car seat sold in the U.S. meets the minimum Federal safety standards. BUT, it wont help you if your car seat isnt installed properly. Its unfortunate, but weve seen too many parents install their infant seat incorrectly, thus putting their baby at risk in case of an accident.

Often times, parents install their car seat improperly because they cant tell precisely if its at the right angle with the road.

The UPPAbaby MESA addresses that problem head-on. Just like the Chicco KeyFit 30, its mostly thanks to a simple but very effective and well-designed car seat base.

The MESA base, that comes bundled with the car seat if you purchase it on , has a few special features that will help you safely secure it to your car every time.

It starts with the inclination level indicators. Two small bubble indicators, one on each side of the base, help you see exactly what the proper installation angle should be. Its simple but very effective. We wish all the other infant car seat manufacturers would include something similar on their own base.

In addition, the MESA base also has a tension indicator window to tell you when the LATCH connectors are properly installed. The base will tell you when the LATCH system is sufficiently tight to ensure maximum safety.

Its as simple as that! These two simple features help you make sure that the MESA base is correctly installed every time. No need to think twice or worry about it.

Helpful note

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When Can I Remove The Uppababy Infant Insert

The MESA thats sold comes bundled with an infant insert. The insert is an extra layer of cushion protection for babies who weigh between 4 and 11 lbs . The UPPAbaby has a headrest that is separated from the infant insert. So you can leave the headrest ever after removing the insert. We recommend that you keep the headrest until your babys shoulders reach the top harness position.

Premature babies, in particular, might need to keep the insert for a little longer until they reach the weight limit.

As a rule of thumb, just make sure that your baby is both securely fasten and comfortable with enough room once installed in the seat.

In addition to the infant insert, the MESA also includes covers for both the buckle and the harness strap to protect your baby.

Other Cases That Require A Replacement Car Seat

Length of time to keep children in rear-facing car seats | FOX 7 Austin

The previous sections have hopefully convinced you that car seat expiration is not a gimmick. On the other hand, certain situations can affect how long car seats are good for. Here are three cases wherein replacing a car seat even if its still months or years away from expiry is the best course of action.

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How Long Does The Audi A4 Tires Last

On a new Audi A4, the tires should last somewhere between 25,000 to 50,000 miles on average.

The longevity of your car tires depends on driving habits, road conditions, climates and proper maintenance.

Rotate the tires according to the owners manual and check if they are properly inflated to ensure that your A4 tires last longer.

Every new Audi vehicle comes with a 2-to-4-year warranty from the manufacturer, not Audi.

Often He Will Even Take The Seats Out To Get The Last Vestiges Of Crumbs And

How long should it take me to detail a car. That your new car is coming to you the same way the factory painted it. However, if your airplane sits outside and you just want to spruce it up before you take some friends up in it, you can do the fuselage quickly in under an hour. However, this time limit may vary on a case by case basis, depending on the particular situation, the severity of the case, and the police officer involved in the detaining.

Follow up with a detail spray. Generally, a police detainment that does not result in an arrest takes approximately from around fifteen to twenty minutes before the person being detained is allowed to leave. When this element is zinc, the process is called galvanization.

This acts as a sacrificial layer of protection that will take some of the workload off of the coating itself. In most cases, the price is always above $175. Many arent aware of the exact type of service they are getting.

A detailer will completely every outside panel on your car, the interior and the windows in one sitting. One thing a lot of people do not realise is that the first wash is the most important to get right. That may seem like a while, but remember that professional detailing services are incredibly thorough

If your car hasn’t been waxed recently or has a neglected finish, like mine, you’ll probably need to call in the heavy artillery: It might not last long, but itll certainly help. For that reason, a higher price should be expected.

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What Are The Types Of Car Seats

Before we get into car seat expiration dates, its helpful to understand the difference between the types of car seats, as there isnt a unifying code. Car seats can be split into three categories. Heres the breakdown:

  • Rear-Facing:Rear-facing car seats are designed for infants up until the child is large enough to sit forward-facing, which is dependent on the childs weight and height.
  • Front-Facing:Front-facing car seats are designed for larger toddlers and often expand until a childs large enough for only a booster seat, again dependent on the childs weight and height.
  • Booster Seats:Booster seats are the last stage before a childs large enough to sit in a cars regular seat. Just as with the rear and front-facing seats, booster seats are dependent on the childs weight and height.

You can find weight and height requirements for each on the car seat manufacturers website.

Label denoting when a car seat was manufactured.

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