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Where To Buy Gps Tracker For Car

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Best Tracking: Landairsea 54 Gps Tracker

How To Find a GPS Tracker on Your Vehicle

The LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker received our superlative for best tracking because its locations are accurate and its refreshes frequently. The coordinates are accurate within six feet of the car’s location, and you can get location notifications as frequently as every three seconds.

This device attaches to the outside of your vehicle through a magnet mount. Its battery can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending on how frequently you get updates.

Best Battery: Hidden Magnetic Gps Vehicle Tracking Device

battery life: 6-8 weeks

Want the best hidden GPS tracker for car that can last longer than 2 weeks? The Hidden Magnetic GPS Vehicle Tracking Device can last up to 2 months . Are you shocked? Hold on. Other features are also not inferior.

You can view the car driving history. If a conflict comes to you, print a report as strong evidence to shut up the mouths. Whats more, you can create geofences. When the car is driving off the route or leaving the defined range, you will receive a reminder via SMS or email.

It has great hidden tricks. And you just need to furtively put it on the hidden magnetic metal surface of the vehicle. In addition, the device comes pre-loaded with a SIM card, so you dont need to additionally purchase one. Moreover, you can cancel the service at any time, no contract, no fees.

Hidden Magnetic GPS Vehicle Tracking Device Features:

$19.99/month Easy to install successfully in 10 seconds Available in more than 140 countries

Best Gps Tracker For Car

A GPS Tracker Device for your car can be great for security and peace of mind.

Lets say youve bought a car for a family member, and you want to know where they are in case of an emergency, or you run a fleet of vehicles that needs to keep track of those vehicles 24/7.

If you want to monitor a car or see where it has beenbe it your own, a loved ones, or a company vehiclea GPS Tracker for your car is what you need.

In this article, were going to help you learn all about GPS Tracking for cars, which devices are best, and why its important to use one for your own car.

Well also provide some things to consider like, best hidden installation locations, and important features when choosing the best vehicle tracking device.

Lastly, well introduce you to one of, if not, the Best Car GPS Tracker with No Monthly Fee on the market!

Are you looking for a GPS Tracking device for your Vehicle?

How about one that can be 12v hardwired, and has No Monthly Fees.

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Best Buy Customers Often Prefer The Following Products When Searching For Car Gps Tracker

If you’re looking for a way to track your car or truck when it’s not in your possession, you’ve got plenty of options. But which is best for you? We looked at a variety of GPS trackers and found that most people will be happy with a device that can help them find their vehicle if it’s stolen or towed, and one that also keeps tabs on where they’ve driven. Here are our top picks.

  • Rating 4.2 out of 5 stars with 10 reviews

    Product Description

    The Amber Swift C300 362XLG from Amber Connect is a wireless GPS magnetic tracker that allows you to discreetly monitor and secure motor vehicles, bikes, boats, large commercial vehicles, or precious cargo. The built-in 10,000 mAh rechargeable battery offers real-time tracking for up to 60 days on a single charge, while over 40 system applications keep you aware of your vehicle or fleet at every turn, pull reports from each trip, and set go and no-go areas. This discreet tracker works on 2G or 3G networks and provides updates even in GSM dead-zones.

  • Gps Logging Vs Gps Tracking

    Real Time GPS Tracker GSM GPRS Tracking Device for Car ...

    Passive GPS trackers store data in the unit itself. This data can be uploaded automatically or retrieved once the car returns home.

    On the other hand, a real-time GPS car tracker transmits its location immediately , but may not always have a signal in some areas.

    Its best to choose a GPS tracker that does both Logging and Real-time Tracking.

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    Best Gps Tracker For Cars: Bouncie 4g Lte Gps Car Tracker

    The Bouncie 4G LTE GPS Car Tracker is one of the most popular car GPS trackers on the market. Its location-tracking features are excellent, offering real-time location tracking , as well as vehicle speed tracking, detailed trip history, and alerts when a vehicle enters or exits a predetermined geo-zone.

    Its also compatible with Google Maps, so you can track vehicle location in real-time via either satellite or street view. Data can be accessed via the website, or through the Bouncie app on iOS and Android.

    The Bouncie also has valuable safety features that many competing devices dont offer, like an accident detection feature that will send an alert if the vehicle is involved in a collision. For nervous parents, this is an extremely useful feature. In the United States, theres also a roadside assistance service available from Bouncie.

    Best of all, its pretty affordable. The device itself is competitively priced, while the subscription fee is a very reasonable $8/month. There are no activation costs, and no contract, so you can cancel at any time.

    This model plugs into a vehicles OBD port, and draws power from there. This also allows the Bouncie to alert you to certain car error codes, such as a low battery or a check engine light. The device draws power from the vehicle and doesnt need to be charged. This also means it only works when the cars ignition is on, however, which is the only real downside of this device.


    How Does Gps Jamming Work

    To understand how GPS jammers work, it is first vital to know how GPS tracking devices function. All GPS devices work in the same way by employing a trilateration method to figure out the location, speed, and altitude of an item. GPS devices work in tandem with satellites that use sophisticated technology to broadcast the position and time of the GPS device. In essence, using satellite positioning, GPS devices calculate the time and distance it takes for a signal to travel from the device to a satellite to estimate the exact location of an object. A typical GPS tracker will use data from four or five satellites to form accurate real-time navigation or positioning.

    A GPS signal jammer works by disrupting the transmission of satellite signals to and from the GPS device. Signal jammers create an interference pattern by transmitting signals that match the frequency of the GPS device but with a shorter range and higher power. This creates noise that interrupts the transmission path between GPS and GSM networks such as 2G, 3G, and 4G, usually targeted by cell phone jammers. However, desktop and Wi-Fi jammers use the same principle of interference to block off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals.

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    How Gps Trackers Work

    The Global Positioning System or GPS is a satellite-based radio navigation system operated by the US Space Force. It is one of several global navigation systems that provide time and location information to receivers anywhere on earth that there are unobstructed lines of sight to four or more satellites. Buildings, mountains, and tall trees can block the signals.

    Your GPS receiver does not have to send any information back to the satellites. The US government makes the service available to everyone for free. GPS operates independently of any cell phone or Internet reception. Coupling a tracking device to cell service is only necessary if someone wants to monitor data from the receiver in real-time.

    You Can Track A Car Without Gps

    TOP 5 mistakes when buying GPS Tracker for car theft

    There are a few ways to track a car without using a GPS:

    • A radio signal transmitter requires special equipment for both the tracker and receiver.
    • Cellular signals will work too, but only give a broad area location, maybe a mile or two, and uses more battery than other methods.
    • Trakkit also uses WiFi location based on the location of the router that is closest and can track a car wherever wifi exists .

    Trakkit allows you to track a car even without GPS, using WiFi only, in case the GPS signal is lost or jammed.

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    What Is A Geofence

    The apps for almost all GPS trackers let you set up a geofences, or designated zones on the map, so you can be notified when the car leaves or enters that area. While most apps only let users configure circular zones, which have rough boundaries, some let you configure any shape, so you can be more precise with your notifications.

    How Can You Find Out If Your Car Has A Tracker On It

    If you believe there is a tracker on your car the first step to locating the GPS device is to do a visual scan on the outside of the vehicle for a magnetic box, inside the OBD ports, around the front or rear bumper, in the glove compartment, under the seats, and essentially any hiding spot a covert tracking device could be on a car or truck. This can be a little more tricky based on the make and model of the automobile when it comes to where a GPS device can be inside the vehicle. Also, it is important to note that car dealership businesses often use fleet tracking devices for the purposes of repossession and can have a GPS tracking device installed somewhere discreet where only a trained installation team could locate.

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    Best Mini Car Gps Tracker: Spytec Gps Gl300

    The Spytec GL300 is a simple, compact tracker thats easy to use and easy to hide. The small size of this device makes it well suited for hiding in vehicles.

    Its also a good option for safety tracking of your children or loved ones, for instance in a school backpack or purse. The Spytec is battery-powered, with a charge lasting up to two weeks or more depending on use patterns. An extended battery that lasts up to six months is also available.

    The device itself is budget-friendly, although the monthly cost is higher than average. You dont get all of the bells and whistles of some of the higher-end versions, but can still see when the tracker leaves or enters a predefined zone, and track its location in real time.

    The GL300 comes with a lifetime warranty, assuming you keep an active subscription. The monthly cost for a subscription is $24.95, dropping to $19.95/month if you pay for a year upfront. Fleet discounts are also available.


    How Long Does A Battery Last In A Gps Tracker

    GPS Tracker for Vehicle, Car, Truck, RV, Equipment, Mini ...

    How long the battery of a GPS tracker for car will last depends on how its used – one example is if youre using a portable GPS tracker that auto-switches to standby power saving mode. These GPS Locators will use far less power than the same GPS tracker thats tracking a constantly used vehicle.

    The advantage of a hardwired GPS tracker is that the device is hardwired into your vehicle’s engine, you don’t need to worry about portable batteries or charging. You’ll never be caught in a situation of needing to track a vehicle only to realise that the GPS battery has run out of charge!

    If youre requiring a portable GPS tracker for car, our GPS locators are designed with optimum battery life in mind. In our portable options, the Portable Magnetic Slim 3G GPS tracker, for example, has a long battery life with 80 days of standby and 30 days of constant tracking possible from one charge.

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    Who Uses Gps Trackers

    GPS trackers are inexpensive to buy and inexpensive to operate, and they have many legitimate uses.Taxi companies want to pair available cabs to customers waiting for a ride. Trucking companies want to be able to keep tabs on trucks and their payloads on the road. Parents want to be able to keep track of their teenage drivers, and adult children of elders dont want their parents to get lost on the road.Some other applications of trackers are not so clearly legitimate. Private investigators sometimes surreptitiously install trackers into vehicles of spouses suspected of infidelity. Hijackers and freight thieves may place trackers in trucks carrying valuable cargo. Stalkers may seek to track the movements of their victims with GPS.

    Now lets consider the difference between the two kinds of GPS tracking devices, active and passive.

    Active GPS tracking devicesActive GPS tracking devices report location in real-time. They are compatible with smartphones and laptop computers. The limitation of most active tracking devices is that they need to be hard-wired into the vehicles they track to have a constant power supply.

    Passive GPS tracking devicesA passive tracking device keeps a lot of the places your vehicle has been. It doesnt need cell service, and it uses a lot less power than an active tracking device. Passive data can be output as points on a grid. But the user must retrieve the device and connect it to a computer to find out where you have been.

    Easy Steps To Install A Gps Jammer

  • The signal blocker needs to be connected to a power supply. If used in a car, it is connected to the cigarette lighter socket.
  • Place the GPS jammer near the installed GPS tracker
  • Activate the GPS jammer. Make sure you place your GPS jamming device within 10 meters of the GPS tracker to disrupt satellite signals.
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    Integrate With Your Security System

    If you have a Vivint system, a unique feature of Car Guard is its ability to integrate with the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro. If your car is parked at home and a potential thief or vandal disturbs it, Car Guard will trigger the Outdoor Camera Pro. The camera will then deter the thief with a warning light and sound, letting them know theyve been spotted and are being recorded.

    Given how much we rely on our vehicles, it makes sense that we want to protect our investmentsand the ones driving. With a GPS tracker, you can do both.

    What Does A Gps Tracker Do

    GPS Trackers for Buy Here Pay Here / Auto Financing

    A GPS tracker for your car is a small device that plugs into your car and uses GPS to pinpoint the vehicles location.

    Depending on the tracker, it may also have other features that monitor the overall health and performance of the vehicle, keep track of speed and other driving habits, and even send you alerts if your car has been moved or tampered with.

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    Find Out Where Your Vehicle Is At Any Given Time

    The main function of a GPS car tracker is to provide the vehicles location. There are many situations where this can come in handy. For example, if you go to a parking spot and find your car gone, you can use your GPS tracker to see if it was towed. Or, maybe your spouse or teen was supposed to be home an hour ago and you want to find out where they are.

    Recover A Stolen Vehicle Faster

    More than 748,000 vehicles are stolen every day. In many cases, car thieves dont even have to break in or hot wire a carthe owners leave their keys or key fob inside, making their vehicle an easy target. With a GPS car tracker, you can provide law enforcement with the location of your car, increasing the likelihood youll get it back after it was stolen.

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    Best Cheap Gps Tracker For Cars: Landairsea Sync Gps Tracker

    The LandAirSea Sync is a budget GPS tracker for vehicles and other equipment. The device itself is great value, and the monthly cost is also very reasonable. If youre on a budget, this is likely the best car GPS tracker for you. Surprisingly, given the low price, this model is made in the USA.

    This device plugs into your vehicles OBD port, drawing power from there. But uniquely, theres also an internal battery, so this model can work for several hours even when the car is powered off. This offers the best of both worlds, as you wont need to charge manually, but also dont need to worry about your vehicle being towed or stolen and the tracker not activating.

    The only real downside is accuracy. The LandAirSea GPS tends to sometimes track movement that doesnt actually happen for instance, small movements when the car is parked. If you can handle this minor flaw, this tracker provides impressive value both when you purchase it and ongoing.


    Common Gps Tracker Hiding Places

    Vehicle Car GPS Tracker with Remote Control GSM Alarm SD ...

    With trackers getting smaller every year and the ability for some of the devices to be mounted anywhere, including a vehicle with just a magnet, its more imperative than ever that you know how to inspect your cars and trucks for the devices. We sell devices that are as small as a car key and while we dont sell these for the purpose of spying, an unethical spyware dealer might, but where should you look?

    1. Diagnostic PortA good place to start is the diagnostic port inside your car. Its usually located to the lower left of the steering wheel. Simply unplug the tracking device from the port. It wont cause any damage to your car to disconnect the device.

    2. The Underside of Your VehicleLook for any suspicious boxes with or without antennas that attach to your car with a magnet or tape. The fuel tank is a common spot for a person to hide a GPS device.

    3. Wheel Wells and BumpersInside the wheel wells and under the front and rear bumpers are also common hiding places for devices. Use your hands to extend your reach. Keep in mind that devices can be attached by adhesives or with magnets.If the device is wired to your car be careful and check your manual before cutting any wires, or have your mechanic remove the device.

    4. RoofIf your vehicle is tall or you have a sunroof, its possible for a stalker to hide a device in plain sight right on top of your car or inside the sunroof retraction slot.

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