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How To Sell A Car Without A Title

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Apply For A Duplicate Title

Buy And Sell A Car Without A title

If you cant find your title and you have time to spare, then you can request a duplicate title from your DMV.

The process varies significantly according to your local department rules. Each state uses a specific form and method that may either be incredibly straightforward or include some bizarre practices.

For example, if someone you know took your car title and you cant get it back, then the Oregon DMV wont issue you a replacement title.

In other cases, the buyer is responsible for chasing down the title. New York places the onus on the buyer to find the title and switch the name over.

If you already have a buyer, ask your state if they can transfer ownership without the document. In some places, you can get a temporary permit to give to the buyer, which replaces the title while you wait for the duplicate. In other cases, you can transfer the ownership.

Either way, you still need to get that duplicate title.

How Long Do You Have To Register A Car After Purchase

Its also required when you go to register your new vehicle with your state. Get Temporary Tags: In most cases, dealerships give you temporary tags that give you 30 days to register your new vehicle. In addition to physical tags for your car, most dealerships give you a 30-day registration document.

How Long Does It Take To Get Your Title After You Buy A Car

This depends on the state you are living in some states are quicker than others. But generally, titles are sent by mail, and electronic titles and liens are usually issued around 10 days after the lien is paid off. You can expect to receive the title by mail in 15 days from the date you have submitted your title application.

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How To Replace A Missing Title

If youre trying to sell a car without a title and need to get a new one, dont worry too much, you can always replace it. If no changes are being made, and youre just replacing it, many states will allow you to apply online. Otherwise, for a lost or stolen title, youll need to head into your local DMV office, or you can mail the forms into the DC office to finish up.

Youll need the following documents:

  • A copy of your driver’s license
  • The vehicles registration
  • DMV title number
  • Vehicle tag number

Once you have the required documents in order. Simply send them in, and a few weeks later youll receive the replacement in the mail. If a dealer is asking for the lost title on your behalf, theyll take care of the additional forms needed, such as the vehicle power of attorney.

If the vehicles title is not in your name, you should avoid selling it to avoid fines and/or jail time. Instead, head to your local DMV office first and complete a title transfer.

Obstacles A Driver May Face When They Have A Salvage Title Or None At All

How to sell a car without a title

It can also be difficult to find a mechanic to work on cars that have been totaled by the insurance company. Mechanics may assume that the car could be dangerous to drive, and they may not be comfortable risking responsibility if something should go wrong.

Even though it is not advisable to drive vehicles with a salvage title or with no title at all, some people do. When they decide they no longer want the car, they, too, will begin to ask how to sell a car without a title. Only, in this circumstance, the seller may need to be prepared to make some sacrifices in lieu of the missing title.

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Role Of The Title In A Vehicle Sale

In a vehicle sale, the certificate of title serves as the legal document that is used to transfer ownership from the seller to the buyer. This document, when properly executed, provides protection to both parties with the seller being released from liability for vehicle and the buyer being recorded as the new owner with the state DMV. The release of the vehicle by the seller then allows the buyer to assume ownership, register the car and buy insurance coverage. There are two primary reasons that a seller may not have possession of the certificate of title, with each solution requiring different measures.

Lost Car Title: What Are The Options

Dont panic if your title turns up missing. There will be a fee, but you can replace it. You can apply for the replacement online, but we recommend going to your local Department of Motor Vehicles branch. In-person is better. First, go to your states DMV website to see exactly what information and documents you need to take. But, usually, the list includes:

  • Make, model, and year of the vehicle
  • Current odometer reading
  • Cash, debit card, or check for the reissuing fee

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Selling A Title Exempt Vehicle

If you live in a state that has a title-exempt bill of sale form it may help you solve this issue on how to sell a car without a title. Some states are not issuing titles to older vehicles, and they have standardized bill of sale forms. These forms the buyer presents when they are registering the vehicle.

For example, if you live in Vermont the state will ask the buyer and a seller of a title exempt vehicle to fill out a special bill of sale, so before you try on selling your car make a research and find if your state has this form, if they do not have, step one is to create your own bill of sale if the state doesnt have a standardized form.

The second step is to notarize your bill of sale, although you can register a car with a bill of sale a few states are taking this a step further and they ask for the bill of sale to be notarized, this is going to add a layer of extra protection and legitimacy, and also make the registration process smoother. In order to get the bill of sale notarized, you and the buyer need to visit a public notary to get the things done, once you visit a notary and sign a bill of the state you can go to the next step.

If the buyer lives out of state you need to confirm that in order for him to be able to register the vehicle.

Why State Regulations Matter

Can You Sell a Car Without a Title? What You Need to Know

If you decide to go on the financing route, someone else has to hold on to the title. In many states, the institution that performs the lending is holding the lien and retains the title, in other states the title goes to the owner. And why does this matter? A car title is the proof of ownership if you do not have a title, it means that you are not the owner of that car. The title ties your name to that specific vehicle.

So, if you plan on selling a car without a title in your name, you are doing this illegally, because you are not the right owner and you dont have the authority to do so. If you finished paying all of your loans it means that the title is in your possession and you have to keep it safe, because it can get easily lost. And here some tips on how you can ensure it doesnt get lost.

In some states not having a title is fine but only if the vehicle is considered to be an old-timer and is older than 25 years or more, but even though if you dont have the title, you still need to have a bill of sale in order to prove in your local DVM that vehicle belongs to you or your relative.

Here are the ways on how you can sell a car without a title

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Theres No Way To Get My Title

If you own a late model vehicle , theres a good chance that an online form or a trip to the DMV or the bank will solve your woes. It may take time and require you to wait in line, but it usually isnt too difficult to solve.

However, you may find it more difficult if you have an older car. For example, if your vehicle is 25 years or older, then the state may have never issued a title for your vehicle in the first place.

And if your car is over 15 years old, then your state may not reissue your title.

For example, New Hampshire doesn’t issue titles for model dated 1999 or older.

The magic of bureaucracy is that it doesnt matter if the DMV wont issue a title: you still typically need one to sell.

What can you do?

There are two answers: call a junk or salvage yard or write out a comprehensive bill of sale .

If You Cant Obtain A Standard Car Title

If you exhaust all options to replace or obtain a car title, you may need to pursue a bonded title through your states DMV. The bond ensures that if someone comes forward and proves you are not the owner of the car, they will receive a certain amount of money, depending on specifics.

A bonded title declares that you are the owner of the car, and it has the same validity as a standard title. One can be issued if an original title has been destroyed or lost.

Your local Department of Motor Vehicles is the only entity that can issue a bonded title, and you may be charged a fee to get one.

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Go For A Surety Bond Title

Surety bond titles are not available in all states, but it generally requires submitting proof of purchase and residency and proof that the car is not a salvaged vehicle. The bond company will also need a vehicle valuation to determine the amount of the bond. Once the surety bond company verifies everything, you pay a percentage of the bond amount.

The bond amount varies from state to state but is usually no more than 1.5 times the vehicle’s value. The bond price will vary depending on the amount, your credit score, and other financial histories.

A bonded title indication can be removed from the title within three to five years, provided no issues arise with the title bond in the interim. During this time frame, other individuals can challenge your ownership of the vehicle which will cause litigation. Keep copies of all paperwork during your purchase transaction for the three to five years after the vehicle purchase. After the waiting period, you can get a clean title in most cases and register the title in your name.

Why Is The Title Missing

How to sell a car without a title

There are a few reasons why the seller of the car may not have the title. Some of them are legitimate reasons, while others may be downright criminal. In any case, however, it should raise a flag.

The seller could have misplaced the seller, or it could have been damaged or destroyed. That’s a relatively simple fix that they can remedy at the Department of Motor Vehicles or similar vehicle authority in the state where the vehicle is currently registered.

But the title could have been stolen, or the vehicle itself could be stolen. A missing title could also indicate that the car has sustained significant water damage and branded by an insurance company as a flood car in a specific state. Some vehicles have salvage titles, but that encompasses a broad range of conditions and isn’t immediately a warning sign.

Another possibility is that the seller is participating in what is known as title jumping. That involves two or more individuals selling cars without going through the title process, generally to avoid the payment of sales tax. Title jumping affects buyers by making it difficult to reach the seller and obtain a complete vehicle history report. It ultimately makes it almost impossible to transfer the title into the buyer’s name. The practice of title jumping is illegal in every state, but it still happens.

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Vehicles With A Salvaged Title

If you have a damaged vehicle, one declared a total loss. Then the title’s branded as salvaged. This means that the cost to repair the car is higher than its value. When you go to sell a damaged car, one with a salvaged title, then buyers are less likely to feel safe about the sale. Even if the vehicles repaired to a like-new state, most dealers wont consider them. This means that any buyer needs to pay cash for a damaged car, which is a lot less likely.

Here are a few more things to keep in mind concerning a title thats not valid:

  • A salvaged title carries a lot of risks, even if the vehicle runs smoothly. Not only are factory warranties voided, but most aftermarket companies wont consider them either. This means that the cost of any repairs falls on the owner.
  • Insuring a salvaged vehicle is also tough. Most of the time, youll only be able to buy liability coverage. Meaning if an accident happens, youre out of luck, and a lot of money.
  • Then there’s the safety aspect. Most modern vehicles are very complex. If even a single thing’s repaired wrong, you could be putting yourself, and your loved ones, in danger.

Why You Might Not Have A Title

  • Your State Doesnt Require One: In some cases, states dont require vehicles to have titles. Take Alabama for example. It doesnt require vehicles that are 35 years or older to have titles. In nearby Georgia, cars from the model year 1962 or older need not be titled.
  • Abandoned Car: Cars that are abandoned are among those that also may not have titles.
  • Mechanics Lien: Cars with a mechanics lien basically withholds ownership of the car until a debt is satisfied.
  • Lost or Destroyed: Of course, more common reasons a title is missing may be that it was lost or destroyed along the way.

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Track Down The Previous Car Title

If the seller has never registered the car nor had the title transferred into their name, it will be more difficult to get a car title. It may take some time-consuming legwork to obtain a title from a previous owner.

Step 1: Identify the last state in which the car was registered. On your Vehicle History Report, locate the last state that reported the car.

The car could be from out-of-state, making the transaction more complicated.

Step 2: Contact the DMV for the contact information for the last titled owner. Explain the reason for your call, and politely request information on contacting the previous owner.

Step 3: Call the last known title holder for the car. Make contact with the title holder, identifying your reason for calling.

Ask them to request a duplicate title so you can register the car in your name.

How To Sell A Junk Car Without A Title

How to sell your vehicle without your title

In order to sell a car, you must have the necessary documentation to prove that said vehicle is yours. In this case, you lack the proof that its your car and not some random car abandoned somewhere. Most likely, your insurance policy will still be in effect on an old junker if you are the legal owner.

You could contact your insurance company and request a statement saying that, yes, the vehicle is still under your name. But if you havent changed insurance companies yet or didnt update your registration information with them, then this wont work!

There is still another option. Youll need to contact your local DMV and request a letter of clearance or a certified statement that shows you no longer own the vehicle in question. Once you have this certificate in hand, proceed with selling your junk car without a title.

One good option to sell your junk car is Quick Cash Junk Cars Inc. here in Chicago. We are a junk car buying company that buys junk cars at the best price in the market. There are many advantages to selling your car to a junk car buyer, so dont waste more time and start getting money for your used car.

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Can You Sell A Car Without A Title

The short answer is no, selling a car with no title is like saying you want to sell your house even though youre renting. The certificate of title declares the legal ownership of the vehicle, and its required by law to get your car on the road. However, a missing title doesnt mean you cant ever sell a car, just that you will almost always need to perform some extra work to provide proof of ownership.

If you dont have your title to your vehicle, you should first go to your department of motor vehicles, said Lauren Fix, a nationally recognized automotive expert at The Car Coach.

It depends on the state, so follow your state laws there. In New York, you need a bill of sale, the title proof of registrationâand all the numbers have to match the VIN, or theyll send you home. You cant even get a license plate on it. If youre in Pennsylvania and dont have the title, you can go to DMV and you just have to prove ownership, and youre good.

Paying Off The Lien Holder

When a car is purchased with financing, the lender will hold the certificate of title and be listed as a lien holder. These measures, along with notifying the state DMV of the lien, prevent the sale and transfer of ownership of the car before the balance due on the loan has been paid in full. A person planning on selling a vehicle with a lien holder on the title can satisfy the loan balance by making all scheduled payments or making a lump sum payment. If the lender is holding the title in a digital format, it will notify the DMV to take the lien holder off of the title and mail a paper copy to the owner. If the lender holds a paper title, it will send it to the vehicle owner along with paperwork that releases the lien. This paperwork must be submitted to the DMV to get the lien holder taken off the title.

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