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How Much Car Shield Cost

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CarShield is a vehicle service protection plan company. Often misnamed Extended Warranty, a vehicle service protection plan helps to pay for unexpected repairs. Our research on CarShield and our discussions with its customer service representatives uncovered some interesting differences between what CarShield offers and other related products.

How Much Coverage Do You Want

Probably the most important factor in pricing is the coverage you want for your vehicle. Some car owners only want Paint Protection Film in the vehicles most vulnerable areas, like the front bumper, hood, rocker panels, rear wheel arch. Other car owners want every external surface protected with Paint Protection Film. Obviously, the price is going to vary significantly for those two types of car owners.

The amount of coverage you want is going to affect a couple things for your installer. Its going to impact his material cost. Most shops will be using software from their film manufacturer that lets them select the make and model of your vehicle and the kits you want on your vehicle. Then that will tell them what their material costs will be.

The amount of coverage you choose will also impact the amount of labor required for your PPF job. Different shops have different strategies for pricing labor, but a common method is to take a percentage of the material costs, since thats reflective of how many square inches of film are going to be applied and therefore how much time its going to take.

The Cost Of Paint Protection Film

We get asked all the time, How much will it cost to get good-quality car dealership paint protection applied to my car? Our answer is usually, It depends. You see, a quality Paint Protection Film installation could range from a couple of hundred dollars to several thousand dollars depending on a number of different factors. We want to make sure that our customers are satisfied with what we can offer them for their cars, so customer loyalty using services like Salesforce can help us achieve that in the best way possible for them.

In the video above, we break down those factors and give you some ballpark figures to help you know what to expect.

If youre looking for an expert Paint Protection Film installation in Charlotte, NC, wed love to hear from you. Learn more about Exclusive Detail, and schedule an appointment today.

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People That Appreciate Consistency And Dont Like Getting Surprise Bills

With an extended warranty, you know exactly what youre going to pay every month for your warranty cost. You wont have to set aside much for a rainy-day fund, as youll only be paying your deductible.

You never have to worry about a financial surprise, or even handling getting your car towed if it breaks down.

When you have a policy with us, all it takes is one call to our 24/7 road service hotline to get a tow to a mechanic of your choice.

After that, all you need to do is call our claims department, and theyll handle the repairs with your mechanic.

What Does Carshield Cover

How Much Does Car Shield Cost A Month

Most cars, trucks, SUVs and crossovers are eligible for coverage, provided you prove your vehicle has been maintained according to manufacturer recommendations. If your vehicle is modded, tell the CarShield representative.

On the companys website and app, you can get a CarShield quote, file claims, or login to handle any issues on your CarShield account.

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Carshield Vs Endurance: Costs

It can be hard to compare costs between two extended car warranty providers, as so many factors can impact pricing. The age, mileage, and model of your vehicle will all influence your final warranty cost. While the charts below can provide an idea about the difference in cost between Endurance and CarShield, your own quotes may vary.

What Is The Average Cost Of An Extended Car Warranty

When buying a new, used, or any motor vehicle, most drivers strive to get the best deal and value for their money. By securing the very best deal possible, it gives you better assurance about the after-sale services you may be in store for and the extent to which your coverage, if any, will apply. This is why many car dealerships have started to offer customers the option of purchasing an extended auto warranty for any vehicle sold.

But how much will this dealership warranty cost you? And a better question would be: What is the average cost of an extended car warranty?

While we cannot speak for every dealer across the nation, it is a well-known fact that any warranty purchased from a dealer will result in higher prices and stricter rules and regulations than purchasing from a direct-to-consumer aftermarket warranty provider. The primary reason car owners consider purchasing this extended service is because after spending nearly $30k on a new vehicle, they expect to get a trouble-free operation from it and vastly extend the life of their vehicle. With technology advancing so much in the past few years, many minor repairs have become an enormous fix with extravagant costs.

Another distinguishing factor is that many drivers actually pay off their policy early, which gives them the remainder of the policys term completely payment-free!

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Is An Extended Car Warranty Worth It

I know what youre thinking: were hardly an objective source here at Protect My Car.

But today, Im going to be completely objective. Together well peel away all the secrets behind extended warranties and figure out if one is worth it for you.

Before we go any further, Ill tell you in advance that theres no one size fits all answer to this question. An extended warranty can be worth it for some, but not for others.;Well figure out which of those camps you belong in, while also dispelling the notion that extended car warranty sellers are snake oil salesmen who are living large on your hard-earned cash.

Buckle up folks, were about to go deep.

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Most Common Reasons Why Carshield Claims Are Rejected

Glenn Beck CarShield Review and Cost

CarShield lists 21 situations in which your plan would not cover you. They are listed in the contract under section D. Exclusions. Most of these are common sense. These include the following:

  • Common Reason 1: If your vehicle is covered under another warranty.
  • Common Reason 2: If it is damaged by volcanic eruption. No really, it says that
  • Common Reason 3: Failure to maintain the vehicle properly.
  • Common Reason 4: Making aftermarket performance modifications to the vehicle. If you put a chip in your Subaru WRX and the engine blows apart at 10,000 RPMs, dont expect CarShield to pony up the repair costs, Baby Driver.

For a full listing, check your contract very closely. You should be reading through all the fine print, before you sign anything.

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Top Rated Warranty Companies

Liberty Bell has one of the best reputations and covers more vehicle makes than other warranty companies. This provider has a solid reputation with excellent customer service ratings and has been around for over a decade.

Toco Warranty Corporation is a relative newcomer in the industry, but they are making a splash. They maintain a solid reputation with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Toco is known for offering affordable plans with no down payment and the ability to pay in monthly installments.

Salt And Other Chemicals

The underside of your car is completely exposed to anything and everything youre driving over or through. In winter conditions, salt and other chemicals used for snow or ice removal make its way underneath your car and stick to the metal surfaces. The combination of salt and water is more damaging than rust, as the solution eats away at the metal, weakening it and causing it to fall apart.

Salt and de-icing chemicals are designed to lower the freezing point of water, allowing your car to hit pavement in winter conditions. However this means more moisture exposure to your car, causing water to creep into all of the places of your car you dont want it.

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Carshield Reviews: What Are People Saying

Companies like CarShield rely on positive feedback from two source types. The first is from their customers directly. Its the kind of feedback they could publish onto their website or social media. The second kind is from official/expert groups like the Better Business Bureau. On neither count does CarShield appear to do very well.

If You Drive A High Risk Type Of Vehicle Like A Mercury Or Bmw

How Much Does Car Shield Cost A Month

High risk vehicles either cost a lot to repair when they do break down, or they break down frequently and unexpectedly. In either case, having an extended warranty saves you from taking a financial beating.

Weve talked about both BMW and Mercury before. BMW has one of the highest costs of ownership for any vehicle. With a staggering 10-year maintenance bill of nearly $18,000 dollars, BMW far outstrips its next closest competitor, Mercedes-Benz by nearly $4,000 dollars.

On the other hand, the since canceled Mercury brand has a history of being unreliable, with the entire line being up to 28x more likely to suffer from a fuel pump malfunction.

If you want to get a rough idea of if your car is a high risk take a look at the tables below.

Tables Courtesy of YourMechanic.com

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What Are The Signs Of A Bad Alignment

If your cars wheel alignment is off-track, then you may experience one or all of the signs below:

Car Goes Over to One Side

If the road youre driving on goes in a straight line and there isnt much traffic close by, try taking your hands off the steering wheel and see what happens. If the car starts pulling towards one side, gently place your fingers on the steering wheel to regain control of the vehicle and make sure that it doesnt go off the road.Then, lift your hands off the steering wheel once again to repeat the test. If your car swings to one side again, then you have to take your wheels in for an alignment so you can correct the side of the car that its swerving towards. Failure to get a wheel alignment done will make it even more difficult to keep the car straight when youre driving it, even when your hands are on the steering wheel.

If your car is having this problem, then you need to take it in for a wheel alignment as soon as possible.

Steering Wheel Balance

Ideally, your cars steering wheel should always be straight and flawlessly centered when youre driving on straight and even roads, and you can easily notice this by checking the logo in the middle of your steering wheel. If the logo is at an equal angle to you then its perfectly centered. However, if the logo is off-level even with a couple of degrees, then you have to take your car in for a wheel alignment. Afterward, youll notice that your car will be nicely centered and will drive smoothly.

Carshield Cost Per Month

How much does CarShield cost per month? The CarShield monthly cost starts at $99 per month with a maximum payment plan of two years and the option either to pay up front or over time, according to CarShield.

CarShield Price Range

For both limited and unlimited terms, plans can be as high as $130 and as low $80 dollars a month. The $80 figure given at the low end of this range assumes combining the lowest coverage with regularly-offered discounts.

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Should You Get A Carshield Extended Warranty Plan

Check our helpful infographic to help you decide if you need a vehicle service plan. There are two types of shoppers for whom a product like this is a good idea. The first is vehicle owners who can have their monthly budgets upset by a large and unplanned repair bill. The second case is a shopper who owns a vehicle they still love and wish to hang on to, but which has a poor track record of reliability. Our advice is to listen to CarSheild when they tell you that the Diamond Plan is the only one that makes sense. Paying a few dollars less per month for a plan that does not include the most common types of breakdowns seems like a way to be unhappy down the road.

Fast Extended Warranty Rate Quotes

Carshield Sux Waist Of Money Lots Of

How to File a Claim with CarShield?

Carshield sux waist of money lots of hidden fees they do everything possible to get out of paying your claim I have a lifted 4×4 and they would not cover my rear end because they said it had been off rd now you tell me what lifted 4×4 with mud grips on it does not go off rd at times? They are a gimmick DO NOT DO IT

I love the coverage and so easy to work with!

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What Is A Hybrid Car Battery

On electric motor propulsion alone, a;hybrid vehicle can usually travel a short distance of around 25 miles or so. As we can see, a car like this is going to need more energy in order to go places. Specifically, it will need a battery pack that can deliver high levels of power.;

Unlike most other types of car batteries, a hybrid car battery also needs to be able to fully discharge without getting damaged and then it has to be able to quickly recharge. Thatâs not an easy combination of tasks to accomplish. While a typical car battery is used to energize a 12v system, a hybrid car battery is much stronger.

For example, the battery in the Toyota Highlander Hybrid has a capacity of 288 volts. But you can add an inverter and increase the power to 500 volts!

Dave Ramseys Argument Revisited

Going back to Dave Ramseys original math, we see that his numbers are quite accurate for the extended car warranty companies I reviewed.

Like I said, Dave Ramsey is a smart guy and hes right. Extended warranty companies who dont act as their own Obligor and Administrator are not cost effective.

Fortunately, at Protect My Car, we arent in the same situation.

For our new Camry, our 1st year of coverage only costs around $850, which is around half of the number Dave is talking about.

Now Ill let you be the judge of whether that proves or disproves what Dave is saying, but at least for our part, we think this compares nicely.

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Car Shield Extended Warranty:

Extended Warranty plans are extremely important for your vehicle. Carshield. Com provides the best-extended warranty plans based on the type of vehicle. Extended Warranty plans are proven to be beneficial as they can extend the manufacturers warranty of your vehicle as owners do possess their vehicle even after the expiry of the manufacturers warranty. If your vehicle is not maintained properly, then Car Shield Insurance plans can be of great help in order to cover up the basic repairs which occur on a regular basis.

Cost Of Carshield Extended Warranty Coverage

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Cracked Windshield Archives ...

CarShield is one of the most affordable extended warranty providers in the car warranty industry. We were quoted $88.78 for 18 months for a 5-year/100,000-mile bumper-to-bumper extended warranty. For a 4-year/100,000-mile powertrain plan, CarShield gave us a price of $127.67 for 18 months.

CarShield Warranty Plan

All CarShield contracts come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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How Much Is Carshield And Is It Worth It

Aftermarket warranties can add a lot of peace of mind to vehicle ownership. Here we discuss how much CarShield costs and discuss whether it may be worth it to you depending on your personal preferences.

0 | 3;months, 2;weeks ago

CarShield is perhaps the best-known auto repair coverage company in the US. They claim that their mission is to take away the stress of potentially expensive repairs on cars that are no longer within the protective bounds of their original manufacturers warranty. In todays blog, were exploring the world of CarShield, what service they provide, how much it costs and whether or not the user-based evidence shows that CarShield is worth it.

For People Considering A Repair Instead Of Replacement

Seeing that it can be quite expensive to replace a hybrid car battery, you may be considering repairing it instead. While repairing a battery may be all you need, itâs also important to know that a repair might simply end up being a short-term solution. Mechanics arenât magicians and if your battery needs to be replaced, thereâs only so much that can be done with a repair.

And if your battery is old, more problems will likely pop up in the future. For example, your technician may fix one cell on the battery but that doesnât mean some separate cell wonât break down on its own a little later. This is why itâs important to compare the battery costs with the life of the battery and the carâs value.

Only Use Professionals

You should never try to repair a hybrid battery yourself unless youâve undergone proper training for it. Repairs and replacements on hybrid batteries should always be left to the professionals. The assembly contains enough electricity to injure or even kill someone who doesnât know what theyâre doing.

Hybrids Require Specialized Tools

Working on a hybrid car is not the;same as working on a standard automobile. Because of that, you canât just take it to any mechanic. And different hybrids require different tools.;

Make sure that you select a mechanic who has experience with hybrid batteries in general as well as with your specific carâs too.

You Might Void the Warranty

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