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How Much Does It Cost To Get A Car Wrapped

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Vinyl Wrapping Your Car And The Law

How Much Does A Vinyl Wrap Cost?

Even though a vinyl wrap is considered a temporary covering for your car, it still changes the appearance and colour of your vehicle, so you must let the DVLA know.

Its a simple enough process, and it only takes a few minutes, but the law is the law. If you dont let them know, you could be liable to a fine. If youve already paid a few thousand pounds for a finish that could only last you 3 or 4 years, you dont need any further avoidable expense on top of that.

How Much Does Car Wrap Cost

Vehicle wrapping refers to the installation of vinyl films to overlay the car paint. The vinyl wrap is used to personalize or customize the appearance of the car.

In comparison to other mediums, vehicle wrapping is the cheapest mode of advertising that can harness a great number of brand awareness. It also has the longest term without renewal cost or recurring fees besides repair and maintenance.

Is It Cheaper To Get A Car Wrapped Or Painted

A significant number of people make the decision considering the upfront cost. If anything is beyond your budget, there is no use in talking about that. For a quality paint job, you may have to spend thousands of dollars, but in the end, you will obviously get what you pay for. An excellent paint job can make your car look at its best. Even, you may find the new paint better than it looked on the new car.

What if you dont have that much budget to get the top-of-the-line treatment? Nothing to worry about as vinyl wrap can save you quite a good amount of money but still give your car the same look. The average price to wrap a car is $5,000. You can use a vehicle wrap pricing calculator to get the actual cost. If you compare both of the qualities, you will get it at a lower price. So the budget paint job is always the best for your car.

Moreover, vinyl offers more protection compared to the paint. Sometimes, high-quality paint also fails to protect like a vinyl wrap as it is made of some other material to shield your cars body panels.

Not only the protection but in terms of durability, vinyl wrap takes the pride of being superior. Suppose youve done a great quality painting job, but after maintenance like regular washing, applying coats of wax are not done properly, your paint will fade away. On the contrary, at a low budget and low maintenance, you will see the vinyl wrap intact.

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The Full Vehicle Wrap

Youll have seen a plethora of advertising wraps on vehicles flying up and down the motorway. However, you wont have given a second thought to adapting the same techniques to change the look of your car.

The instigation of full vehicle wraps began with vehicle advertising and branding. A van, a car or anything else you could consider mobile advertising space, was covered with a self-adhesive vinyl sheet, printed with whatever the company was advertising.

It wasnt long before the many advantages became apparent to other vehicle owners who didnt want to drive a rolling billboard, but were looking for a cost-effective way to change the look of their car.

What Is A Trailer Wrap

How Much Did It Cost To Wrap My Hellcat ??

Trailer wraps are made from high-quality vinyl products, such as 3M vinyl and Avery cast vinyl, which are specifically designed to adhere to the exterior of a vehicle without causing damage to the underlying paint. These types of vinyl wraps are designed to contour to the unique shape of each individual trailer and can be easily removed at any time.

No matter what you are wanting your trailer wrap to look like, the talented team of in-house graphic designers from Wrap Guys can help you create a vinyl wrap design that utilizes any colours, messaging, images, or patterns you want. Our vinyl wrap designs for trailers are available in both full-vehicle wraps and partial-vehicle wraps, allowing you to choose how much of the trailer you want to cover. Wrap Guys is proud to provide a wide range of trailer wrap products, including:

  • Cargo trailer wraps
  • Moving trailer wraps

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How Do I Protect My Car Wrap

Once youve spent all that money on getting your car wrapped, you need to know how to look after it.

Mild climates are best for vinyl wraps. Hot, sunny areas will break vinyl down over time, the UV rays being a vital component of this. Equally, in cold climates, salt on the roads is particularly damaging to the car wraps.

The best-case scenario is a full car wrap lasting 4 or 5 years. That is, assuming you live in a mild climate and that the wrap has been meticulously applied by a hard-working professional.

To look after the vinyl coverings on your car, just use normal car detailing soaps. Take care of the car and itll continue to look great. In terms of additives and extra cleaning things, youll need to be a little extra careful. Check out the video above to learn more.

After this time, youll need to fork out another few hundred dollars to buy new vinyl and repeat the process. Or pay someone to do it for you again.

As you may have realized by now, keeping your car up-to-date with the latest color trends? not the cheapest hobby in the world. Costs can mount up substantially over the years.

Professional Car Wrap Installs

This is definitely the preferred method and the one that most people choose if theyre buying a higher end material. If you are just buying a cheap option off of Ebay then maybe its not a total requirement. How much does a car wrap cost to install? Youll likely spend an additional $1000 to $1500 on installation to cover your whole vehicle at a decent shop. A car will be on the low end, while a truck will be closer to the top or beyond depending on how modified it is. I hope this guide has helped you out in your journey to getting your car wrapped! Feel free to leave questions below and Ill try to answer them!

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What Is A Commercial Vehicle Wrap Worth

At Ads On Wheels, Inc. ® we have always felt that the value of a vehicle wrap plays the most important role to a business owner. Without providing value, any product or service is pointless. Every consumer should seek value in their purchases. Cost of a product is important, no doubt. However, the quality and return of that product or service, is what determines its value. If you are looking for the cost of a commercial vehicle wrap, the real answer should be $0.00. If your advertising wrap provides no financial benefit to you, it serves no purpose.

How much a day would you spendto effectively advertise your commercial business? Let us show you how theprice of a cheap cup of coffee can change your business forever. To start abusiness takes guts. It is not for the faint at heart. To keep your businessgrowing is even tougher. Our belief is that commercial vehicle wraps provideone the best returns on your investment for marketing and advertising.

What are youalready spending today on your commercial vehicle?

Before getting into what a wrapcosts for your commercial business, lets have a look at what you are alreadyspending for your commercial vehicle. Keep in mind that the prices below do notinclude upfitting of your vehicle, which is very common for commercialbusinesses.

The cost for your typical commercial van is $27,000. .

Cost per monthover 4 years: $350.00

AverageCommercial Vehicle Insurance Cost

Costper month over 4 years: $83.00

Buying Tips For Car Wraps

How Much does a Car Wrap Cost?

Make sure to find auto wraps near you that are certified by the films manufacturers. 3M awards service providers a certificate as a guarantee of professional grade installation of their product. Trained labor is a good indication of security and protection of your investment for a vehicle wrap.

Vinyl Ink Custom Wraps and Graphics in California provides vehicle wraps for advertisement purposes. Also, they are a certified installer of Avery Dennison and 3M products. They have provided an estimated cost of commercial vehicle wrap for a different type of vehicle. You can also request a detailed quote based on the actual model of your car.

Wrap Coverage
$4,200 to $7,250

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Certified Vehicle Wrap Installation

The installation of your vehicle wrap is arguable one of the most important factors of a successful vehicle wrap. A professional wrap company will only have your wrap installed by the most skilled wrap installers in the industry. Believe it or not, there are not a lot of great, experienced wrap installers. Sure, there are many that attempt to install full wraps, but few have the skills needed to install a full wrap properly. Your installer shouldnt just be a guy that can hold a squeegee in his hands and smooth on a sticker. A professional wrap installer will have at least 5 years of installing full vehicle wraps or possess a recognized wrap certification such as 3M Preferred Graphics Installer, or Avery Certified CWI.

Cost Of Wrapping A Car

Most costs incurred from having your car professionally wrapped result from the labor-intensive nature of the process. The following price approximations generally apply to the easiest and most basic wrap applications. For example, a Tesla is surprisingly one of the simplest vehicles to wrap due to its smooth, flat, and simple exterior design. Once you begin including upgrades such as specialty vinyl, custom designs, and wheel wrapping, the price starts to increase.

Here are the average baseline costs of having a professional apply a wrap to your vehicle.

  • Compact car or coupe: Prices vary depending on design, but start around $2,000.
  • Family sedan: The average family sedan would run you about $3,000.
  • Compact crossover: Most compact crossover vehicles start at around $3,500.
  • Full-size SUV: A Full-size SUV is likely to start at about $4,000.
  • Luxury sports car: Starting at about $5,000, expensive luxury vehicles can reach as high as $10,000+. For example, a Ferrari wrap would cost the owner roughly $7,000, according to experts.

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Disadvantages Of Wrapping A Car

If you are planning to wrap your car instead of painting it then there are only a few car wrapping problems you should be aware of. So, lets have a closer look at the disadvantages of wrapping a car:

  • You Get What You Pay: Are you searching for a way to wrap your car within your budget? If yes, you must remember that you get exactly what you pay for. Buying a car wrap with lower quality and doing it on your own to save the car wrapping cost often results in bad finishes. Here, a high-quality car wrap and professionals skill will get the job properly done for you.
  • Drastic Color Variations: Covering your entire car with wraps may look the best initially, but in case the wrap suffers any type of scratch or scuff, the underlying paint will seep through the wrap. Finally, you may end up losing your cars all finished and cool appeal. This kind of damage also dilutes the protective element of vinyl wrap.

Now that you know the positive and negative sides of car wrapping, its time to know about all other aspects like- how much does it cost to get a car wrapped? So, why waste another minute! Know the answer below.

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Professional Vehicle Wrap Design


The skills needed to create the best wrap design are acquired from years of actually designing full wraps. We have worked with many customers that have had a wrap design created on websites offering wrap design. We often find that the designs do not take into consideration any of the intricacies of curves and 3-dimensional aspects of vehicles. They almost never take into consideration the installation aspects. Ads On Wheels, Inc. ® in house designers are specialist in the wrap design field.

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Car Wrap Vs Paint: Time Costs And Durability Explained

Most people who ask the question of whether a car wrap or a repaint is better are looking for a paint upgrade, have some kind of paint damage somewhere on their car, or have just one or two panels that need painting from a recent replacement. Unless a certain paint color is not available from the factory, it is most often much better to leave the paint as-is from the factory.

There are plenty of people who do want an upgrade though, and they have the funds to make such a task possible. Whether you go the repainting route or the wrap route, there are plenty of locations and options available, much more so than there used to be.

What Is The Current Paint Condition

We ask for the current paint condition as it can be a vital factor in whether the vinyl will even stick to the car! We have seen some cars in the past that have peeling paint, oxidation and body damage. We would highly recommend in those instances to not get the car wrapped and to fix the underlying issue first. Some people believe that they will be able to wrap over the damage to help prevent it getting worse, but in most cases this makes the situation worse.

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Which Parts Of Your Vehicle Can Be Wrapped

Most of your vehicle parts can be wrapped in one form or another.

But if were talking parts or sections, you can get the bonnet, boot, roof and all other painted panels of your car wrapped in high-quality vinyl.

Here at Complete Film Solutions, we only use 3M vehicle wrap because it is produced by an internationally acclaimed, trusted and well-known brand. As a 3M Platinum Partner, weve also been using 3M vinyl for years and are familiar with its key attributes of being durable, aesthetically pleasing and superior in all quality aspects.

Good-quality car wraps can last for five to nine years. Due to the quality of 3Ms vehicle wrapping range, if your vehicle is securely garaged, protected from the elements and regularly washed, you can expect many years of longevity from this product on your car.

What Is The Car Model

How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Car? (Things You’ll Need!)

Firstly we ask for the model of the car, as size can have a great impact on the cost of the wrap. By rule of thumb a small 2 door car will generally be cheaper than a 4×4.

To add to this there are also some cars that have fiddly & complicated bends & curves which can make wrapping the car much more difficult.

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Variations In Color And Style

There are many different colors and styles that you can select from when wrapping a car. As with most items, these all vary in price. The more expensive the design, the more it will cost.

According to ceramicpro.com, some of the variations of wraps you can get for your vehicle include:

  • Standard, which is often around $2.00 per square foot
  • Matte, which is often about $3.00 per square foot
  • Chrome, which falls around $8.00 per square foot
  • Carbon fiber, which is about $7.00 per square foot

All of these are different price ranges that the wrap can fall under for your vehicle. There are even a few more that arent mentioned above, some cheaper and some more expensive than the four given examples.

If you want to save money, you should select a wrap that costs the least. Sticking with the standard color wrap will always be the safest bet. Style has a huge impact on the overall cost of the job.


So youre in the market for a used vehicle? Weve gone ahead and prepped some essential questions to ask when buying a used car.

Can You Save Money By Wrapping A Car At Home

There is a fine line between can and should. Theoretically speaking, sure you can save some money by trying to install vinyl on your own. But, unless youve done this before or are completely confident in your DIY abilities, youll likely spend more money on buying additional supplies to reapply the wrap.

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Two: Your Vehicle Goes Through Some Last

Throughout this process, our technicians search for additional damage, defects, or missing parts that were not detectable during our earlier checks.

If there are any areas of concern that we feel may affect the finish of your wrap, we will bring them to your attention. At this stage, you may want to utilise our vehicle detailing services to correct any issues. This methodical process enables us to provide the best finish and coverage for your vehicle.

Using a series of specialist surface cleaners, each panel is then prepared for the application of vinyl. Many vinyl manufacturers offer an approved surface preparation product, which is designed specifically for use with their vinyl.

We ensure that this surface cleaner is used as a final stage before any vinyl wrapping is applied to your vehicle. This also ensures that we are compliant with the manufacturers guarantee.

Does The Vehicle Have Any Graphics Applied

How to wrap your car in vinyl decals

If the answer is YES, then we will then ask you to send across photos of the current graphics. We are unable to wrap over existing graphics that have been applied so it is really important we are fully aware from the start.

If the car has been fully wrapped already then we will need to know too, plus also how long ago the car was wrapped. The length of time the vehicle has been wrapped for can have an impact on cost for removal.

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