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How Much Does It Cost To Paint Your Car

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Cost For A Professional To Paint Your Cars Hood

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Hiring a professional has its own advantage, by hiring a professional for a paint job will assure you of high-quality. This means that the result will most likely be perfect. On the other side, it can cost a lot of money.A rough estimate for a professional to paint a car hood ranges between $300-$500.

Where To Get Your Car Painted

A professional body shop is the best place to go. Body shop technicians are experienced in painting cars. Its worth asking friends and family for a referral to be sure youre getting a trusted technician.

You can also search an app like Yelp for businesses in your area. A trusted professional will inspect your car and listen to your wishes before giving you a price for the job. Its always a good idea to get several quotes from highly rated body shops before committing to one.

Quick Tip: For minor paint jobs and touch-ups, you can perform the work yourself. Along with the paint, youll need three key supplies: paint sprayer, paint masker, and drop cloths.

How Much Is A Paint Job On A Car

The cost to get a new paint job for your car will vary wildly. It also depends on numerous factors, such as the type, color, or look of the paint that youre choosing. As well as, the size of the vehicle. More glitzy and fancy paints, such as metallic finishes, will cost you more than a typical glossy finish. Furthermore, the larger your vehicle is, the most paint youll need to encompass every bare surface compared to a smaller vehicle. As such, you can expect that a paint job for a 7-seater SUV will cost you more than a tiny economy car. We can roughly put a ballpark estimate of between $3,000 to $5,000 for a full repaint on most vehicles.

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How Good Does The Paint Job Have To Be

Some shops offer good, better, best levels of paint jobs, while others may offer only one level and it might not qualify as best. Here is how one shop owner outlined his options:

  • At the low end: No trim is removed, just masked, and the existing finish gets sanded before repainting. The estimated cost is $1,200 to $2,200, and the warranty is for six months to a year .
  • Midlevel: Some trim and the bumpers are removed, theres more surface preparation, and higher-quality paint is used. The cost is $3,500 to $5,000, and the warranty is three to five years.
  • High end: All exterior trim is removed, the body gets extensive repair and preparation, and the paint is top quality. $7,000 to $15,000, with a lifetime warranty.

In all three cases, the job only covers outside body panels and does not include painting door jambs or the underside of the hood or trunk. Those add cost, as will painting a car a different color.

There are shops and chains that advertise that they can repaint vehicles for less than these estimates, but those might not provide the same level of preparation, paint of the same quality, or a clear-coat.

The best way to find out what options they offer and their costs is to visit three body or paint shops for estimates and compare what you would get. Despite what the TV ads used to say, body shops need to see your car in the metal before they can accurately estimate the cost.

Use the Carfax Service Shop Directory to find the top-rated shops in your area

Extra Tips To Painting A Car To A Different Color

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Car Yourself : How to paint your own ...
  • Even after the paint has cured, your cars new paint may not have fully settled yet. Because of this, you shouldnt wash your car for at least a month. If it does get dirty, use only cold water and a high-quality wash mitt to wash the car and wash it in the shade. Its generally a bad idea to wash your car under direct sunlight.
  • Because your paint hasnt fully settled, its a good idea to just rest your car in the garage. Only drive it when necessary within the first month.
  • Stay away from trees. Parking under trees can allow sap and other debris to fall on them and stick to your new paint job, effectively ruining your hard work.
  • You may find blemishes like orange peel, bleeding, and paint bubbles. Its important you find this immediately after you paint your car, so its a good idea to do a thorough inspection. Dont worry, theres always to fix these paint problems. As long as you find them early, you should have no problem fixing them.

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Price Ranges For Paint Jobs

Google “how much does it cost to repaint a car,” and you’ll find that there are national chains that charge only a few hundred dollars to paint your car or truck. This might not be a bad option if you’re on a tight budget. But know that there are plenty of potential pitfalls to slapping a cheapo paint job on your car or truck. For starters, the quality of the paint might not match what was originally used on your car. Most newer vehicles, for example, have a clear-coat finish that adds extra work to the repainting process if you want to do it right. Add some repairs to exterior dings and small dents, and these steps can bump the price from several hundred bucks to well over a thousand.


So, think twice if that 1996 Honda Civic you loved in college needs new paint. You don’t want to end up with the most expensive used economy car on the planet. When getting your car painted, here are five essential things to consider:

Factors That Affect Paint Job Costs

One of the reasons that the average cost to paint a car is so broad is due to the many factors that go into a car paint job cost. Before you bring your vehicle in for car paint repair services, youll want to consider the following factors so you have a better understanding of how much you should expect to pay:

Because of the many factors that go into a car paint job cost in South Bay, youll want to sit down and decide what kind of paint job you really need for your vehicle. Be honest with yourself during this process. If a standard paint job will make you happy, then you could save a lot of money. However, if you want your car to shine on Downtown LA roads, then paying for professional service will be well worth the cost.

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How Much To Paint A Car

When someone paints your car for you, there are a few things you should know, right from the get-go.

  • Painting a car is a very costly job. For the vast majority of cars, it offers very little in terms of return on your investment. In almost every case, you will lose money in the long run when painting a car.
  • Also, in the same vein, quotes for this kind of work are likely to be very similar across the board. You probably wont find much variation in quotes from a range of workshops. If someone offers to do it for an exceptionally low price, make sure to check their credentials and any reviews of their previous work.
  • It costs more to paint bigger luxury cars than smaller daily-runners. Why? Well theyre bigger, so more paint is needed. Luxury cars also usually have higher quality, more expensive paints thus it costs you more.
  • Wrapping may be a viable alternative to painting for you. It can cost you up to twice as much to paint your car as it does to wrap it. Keep on scrolling to read some further thoughts on this.
  • Why A Good Paint Job Is Important


    Car paint isnt as essential as an engine, but good paint is important to maintaining a smooth running vehicle for years to come. Your vehicle’s paint protects it from rust and other exterior damage that can eventually reach the frame. Plus, a good paint finish just looks good, keeping your vehicle looking new even if it’s several years down the road. But often, good paint doesn’t come cheap.

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    Medium Budget Paint Job

    A mid-budget paint job will cost you between $1,000 and $5,000. This type of paint job is appropriate for someone who wants to make sure the paint job is done correctly, without rough surfaces, and with a proper finish.

    This paint job includes all textbook work like removing rust and sanding the car body. This equates to a more pleasant surface and also a better appearance.

    Average Cost To Paint A Car If You Do It Yourself

    Painting a car yourself will cost anywhere from $100-$1000 depending on the type of paint you use, and how many materials you need to purchase beforehand.

    For example, if you don’t have a paint sprayer, you’re going to have to buy one. Check out our recommendations for the best paint sprayers on the market.

    Can’t remember what supplies you are going to need for DIYing your car’s paint job? Here’s a quick refresh:

    Paint sprayer

    HVLP paint sprayers work great for painting cars, and you can find them on sites like Amazon for cheaper than ever before.

    Paint masker/masking tape/film

    The paint masker is your best friend when painting because it helps cover up undesirable surfaces to help you start painting quicker.

    Drop cloths

    Drop cloths work well at covering up the floor and other cars that you might have parked next to the one you are painting.

    Remember, you don’t want to spray paint close to something like your spouse’s car that could get overspray on it.

    Read More > > How Much Does It Cost To Paint Just A Car Hood?

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    Should You Do It Yourself

    If the cost is just too high, should you do the job yourself? While doing it yourself means you wont have to pay for labor, you will need to pay with your time. And you will still need to procure the necessary equipment. Before proceeding to repaint your car yourself, we recommend calculating how much the supplies and equipment would cost to purchase or rent. For example, you will need at least two gallons of paint for two coats of paint. A gallon of automotive paint usually costs between $70 $100, but this will vary depending on the color and brand you choose.

    Additionally, you will need to get a hold of a spray gun, air compressor, a respirator and safety glasses, clear-coat lacquer, and a buffer amongst other things. A decent home improvement retailer might be able to rent you some of these items. If the cost is a lot less than getting a professional paint job, the next question is: is it more important for you to save time or money? If you have a busy schedule and you value your time , then you should just get a professional paint job.

    However, if you want to do it yourself to save money, or you just want to do it for the fun of it, well give you a guide on what you need to do as well as some tips.

    Average Cost To Paint A Car

    How Much Does It Cost To Paint a Car?

    When you search how much it costs to get a car painted, youll find a broad range of prices depending on where you look. Most national chains will offer to repaint a vehicle for around $500 if you just need a basic paint job. However, professional paint restoration can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000. High quality paint jobs for luxury models, restoration, or customization can cost upwards of $5,000 in most cases. There are many factors that go into the final car paint job cost too, including labor, the type of paint, and the type of vehicle you drive through Beverly Hills.

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    Use The Internet To Find The Best Option

    The internet is your best friend when getting auto bodywork, touch-up paint, a new paint job, or basically anything else when auto painting.

    You can search for different companies, read cost helper guides, and more just by pulling out your cell phone for a quick search.

    Go check out our painting supplies and tools page for some great recommendations on what to buy.

    How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Car

    Are you wondering how much it costs to paint a car?

    Youve come to the right place!

    In this guide, youll learn:

    • The typical cost of DIY painting a car
    • How to save money when painting a car
    • How much it usually costs to hire a professional vs to do it yourself for painting a car
    • The estimated cost of labor and supplies to paint a car

    And much more!

    So, if you want to learn how much you should plan on spending to get your car painted, then keep reading for all our tips and insights below!

    What’s In This Guide?

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    How To Sand A Car For Paint

    Contrary to popular opinion, the technicians dont altogether remove the old layer of paint. Instead, it gets roughened.

    At this point, the workers begin to roughen the surface of the old paint. This roughening is almost always done by hand to avoid any damage.

    To do this, the technicians will use 600- and/or 400-grit sandpaper. They use sandpaper to leave the surface of the old paint feeling gritty. This job is essential. Without doing this, the new paint wont adhere to the old paint properly.

    In the cars corners, the paint layers tend to be thinner. When theyre working on this task, the technicians have to be more careful in these areas not to damage the panels.

    Once theyve finished sanding, the workers will begin cleaning the particulates off and degreasing the surface. Theyll use some silicon cleaner for this.

    After they finish doing this , the car will then be ready for painting.

    Disposable Hooded Paint Suit


    A hooded paint suit will keep your clothes neat and clean! Just roll it up and throw it out when youre done.

    A paint suit will also protect your brand new paint job. Most of our clothes contain bits of dust and lint. Any tiny speck of dust or hair will adhere to wet paint and can mar the vehicles finish. If you keep your paint suit sealed before and after painting, it should be free of dust.

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    What Factors Should I Consider When Comparing Diy To Professional Rates

    Ultimately, youre the only person who can decide if a professional paint job is worthwhile. Here are a few questions to consider to help you make a decision.

    • Cost: How much would the supplies of a DIY job cost? How much time would you spend trying to paint a car yourself? How much is your time worth? Are you being honest with yourself about how long a DIY job would take and how well you would be able to do it?
    • Quality: How long will a DIY paint job last? How will a DIY job look in comparison to a professional job?
    • Convenience: Is it more important to save time or money?

    Cost To Paint A Car Hood The Diy Way

    Most people consider doing the paint job themselves because this method costs less. The materials you will need are primer, basecoatand clearcoat. You can get these supplies easily at and the cost to paint car hood wont be more than $100.

    Painting the car hood is an easy job, just check out our blog by . All of the instructions are written in steps and are very clear. The blog will help you paint your car hood and do a quality job.

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    What Is The Cost For A Full Car Respray

    The average full car respray cost for an average sized vehicle such as a Volkswagen Golf requiring minimal repairs would be around £2500 + VAT. This figure would be higher for larger vehicles such as an Audi A3 and it would be lower for smaller vehicles such as a Vauxhall Corsa.

    This cost would include painting of A & B panels and C pillars , decontamination, masking of areas such as windows, light units in order to repaint them, repairs in required areas and a car paint job that is completed with a high grade car paint.

    There are many reasons that the cost of respraying your vehicle could vary including:

    • Scratch damage – if you have lots of scratch damage to fix, this will increase the overall cost of the car paint job significantly.
    • Colour choice – Companies offering complete resprays, whether it be in part or for a full vehicle refurbishment, can use any colour you require. If that type of car paint colour happens to be an expensive one then expect to pay more.
    • Repair work required – repair work could include anything from filling small dents/scratches, adding plastic adhesive tabs to rust spots, welding body parts back together, etc. all of which are different costs involved with getting your vehicle repaired.

    Where Can I Get My Car Painted

    How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Car?

    In a professional workshop, the painting area is a completely enclosed space. This space must be as dust-free as possible.

    Its enclosed because this helps prevent any debris, dust, insects, foliage, or anything else from coming into contact with the lacquer. It takes time for it to harden. If anything even touches the paint in this period no matter how lightly it could permanently affect the vehicles appearance.

    In short, it all comes down to clean, clean, clean.

    The cleaner a workshop area is, the lower the risk of anything contaminating the cars finish.

    Although this video is a little grainy, this is what a painting workshop looks like.

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