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How To Clean Car Carpet

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Now Its Time To Deal With The Stains

How To Clean Your Car’s Carpets at Home

Before you shampoo the entire carpet, examine it for stains and spots that require more attention.

For example, dropped pieces of chocolate or candy that have melted into the fibers are a good candidate for spot treatment.

You want to take care of these problems before washing the carpet. Most of these should come off easily if you use the right approach, but some tougher ones will require several attempts before getting out.

Now You Know How To Clean A Cars Carpet

Now that you have a spotless car carpet, you may cringe at the sight of a crumb falling onto your newly clean interior. But, you can rest easy knowing youve mastered the steps to efficiently and effectively clean your car carpet whenever it is needed. After all, a well-loved car means collecting some dirt and muck along the way!

If this article left you inspired to clean every nook and cranny of your car, start bywashing the exterior and touching up anyscratches on your cars paint job. To further clean the interior of your ride,disinfect your car. Or, if needed, get thatcigarette smell out of your car in no time.

How To Clean Car Carpet Step By Step

It is best to clean your car carpets often to ensure your car always smells good because the organic matter the car has collected begins to rot, molds growth due to moisture, and makes the car smell with time.

Maintaining a clean car interior by cleaning the car carpet will make your car remain valuable and gives it a better resell value. We have listed simple steps to cleaning your car carpets and have them smelling fresh and comfortable.

The materials and equipment you need include:

  • Carper cleaner
  • Microfiber towel
  • Car vacuum

Pre-clean the car carpet: begin by removing all the debris, trash, and other particles that the carpet has collected over time. Also, ensure to tidy up your car and safely remove items vital to you and keep them safe.

Bring out the car floor mats: bring out the floor mats and shake them outside to get rid of excess dust and other loose bits. You may also wash them before returning them to their positions in the car.

Vacuum the car: next step is to vacuum the vehicle to remove all dirt hidden in every nook and crannies of the car carpet. You should also vacuum the seats and the entire car to pull up all loose particles.

Use the carpet cleaner: spray a carpet cleaner on the carpets surface and leave it for some minutes according to the direction that came with the cleaner so that the carpet can absorb it.

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Reason For The Damage

There are many factors that can lead to flooded car floors. Most common among these include driving through a flooded street, especially if the water level is extremely high. In such instances, water can quickly infiltrate the vehicle and can lead to significant damage. Apart from this, water can also seep into your car via an open roof and windows during a rainy day.

It can easily move into corners and enclosed areas and remain there for a long time. You may not notice this, but it is capable of corroding and might also damage the seal of the automobile. Similarly, heavy damage to your car and especially your engine might be caused by drowning in a lake or other accidents that might occur around water bodies. Such situations can destroy the whole equipment and might cost you a lot for the repair.

Engine damage due to water can impact the inner machinery and apparatus and is said to be hydro-locked. The water can enter the engine through the air intake and cause it to perform poorly. Other problems associated with water seepage include issues with brakes, wiring connections, power seats, intrusion of water in oil, and rusting of the tools. In order to avoid these problems following steps can be followed.

How To Dry Your Car Carpet

4 Best Ways to Clean Car Carpet

Right after cleaning it off, the immediate step is to dry it off for the next use.n Drying car carpet, it could not be done by laying it without in the sun. Because sometimes it is difficult and boring to do it with dryer machines, as you know.

In case you want to make the drying process faster, there are some quick processes. For processing, you can follow two rules like:

  • Wipe with a microfiber towel if it is a small amount of water.
  • Use a wet/dry shop vacuum if the amount is large.
  • Moreover, you can keep open windows that will help your carpet to dry and also use a hairdryer to dry up the wet carpet.

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    Homemade Car Carpet Freshener

    It doesnt take long for cars to lose their new car smell and begin to develop pretty strong odors, particularly if you are prone to dumping trash and food debris on the floor or into the back seat.

    With the help of baking soda and essential oils, you can rid your vehicle of those disgusting odors and leave it smelling fresh with a natural car deodorizer that is inexpensive and simple to make.

    • 10 drops orange or lemon essential oils
    • 5 drops lemongrass essential oil
    • 5 drops tea tree oil

    Combine the essential oils and baking soda. Sprinkle a fine layer of the powder on your cars carpet and allow to sit for several hours. Vacuum up the powder. To keep your carpets from smelling stale, do this on a regular basis.

    Cleaning the interior of your car doesnt have to take a lot of time or cost you a ton of money. Using a DIY car carpet cleaner on a regular basis works just as well as the commercial cleaners for eliminating tough stains and disgusting odors. With the right tools and elbow grease, your cars carpet and upholstery can look new again.

    Removing Stains From Car Carpeting With Club Soda

    To remove old food stains or vomit off the car carpet, you need to use an ingredient such as club soda to neutralize the acidity of the stain.

    • Microfiber cloth

    To remove stains, make a paste by combining the warm water and baking soda into a small bowl. Dip a cloth into the paste and apply it to the stain. Rub the stain in a circular motion to gently lift the stain away.

    Use a clean, damp cloth for rinsing away the baking soda residue. To remove odors from the car carpet, sprinkle baking soda or Borax liberally and allow it to sit for an hour. Vacuum the entire carpet to lift all of the powder.

    To make your own car air freshener, you can also use baking soda. Combine a cup or so of baking soda with a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Add to an old grated cheese container and let it sit open in a cup holder in the car overnight. Viola! A nice smelling car for your ride to work.

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    Look For The Source Of Funky Smells

    An easy way on how to clean car carpet smell is to trace the origin of the odor. If the Borax does not work, check every inch of your vehicle for any smelly items.

    If you find any, dispose of the mess and go over the spot with a vacuum cleaner roundup by using the Borax method and air out the vehicle.

    Vacuuming And Shampooing Your Car’s Carpets

    NASTY Car Carpet Cleaning 4 Easy Ways! Car Interior Cleaning Like A Pro
  • 1Organize your vehicle’s interior. Pick up any items that are lying on your vehicle’s carpeting. Put away any loose objects you may have floating around your car. There are plenty of specially made car-organizer products available, but many vehicles now have their own built-in organizational compartments which are equally as handy. Take out as much stuff as possible, and either lay it to the side of your car or put it in your house.
  • 2Remove your floor mats. Take them out and shake them properly so all the pieces of dirt and other trash do not make it into your vehicle. The best thing to do is to simply place them next to your car in a dry area.XResearch source
  • 3Vacuum your vehicle thoroughly. Reach under the pedals, seats and crevices around the car to pick up and dispose of all remaining dirt, crumbs and trash from the floor of your vehicle. If you leave too much trash in your car when you began to wash the carpet, you won’t truly be cleaning all that much.XResearch source
  • 4Choose your carpet cleaner and find a good brush. There are a wide variety of products on the market to clean car carpets and they are all pretty similar. No matter which product you use, the method is the same. Even laundry detergent will do the trick just as well. Look for a soft-bristled brush that will help you work the shampoo into the fabric of the carpet.XResearch sourceEXPERT TIP
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    Clean The Remaining Surface Areas

    • Apply the carpet cleaner to the rest of the carpet, making sure to coat evenly without over applying.
    • Scrub the carpet with a soft bristle brush or cloth rag until the cleaner is rubbed away.
    • Wipe the carpet with a damp cloth if the carpet cleaner instructions call for it.
    • Allow the carpet to dry. Blot the carpet with paper towels or cloth rags if it feels excessively damp.

    Hot Water Extractors And Steam Cleaners

    Lets talk about the big guns in carpet and upholstery deep cleaning. If you go to a detailing shop to wash your carpets, the team will likely use a hot water extractor or a steam cleaner to complete the job quicker and get better results.

    Hot water extractors combine three tools in one – sprayer that applies your cleaning solution brush for scrubbing the carpet and an extractor to vacuum the solution out. These actions happen all at once so while one end of the handle delivers the cleaner, the other sucks it out before it has time to soak and sogg the material too much.

    Extractors are amazing for washing carpets and leaving them almost dry.

    Steam cleaners are on the rise in the last decade or so. They clean purely with the power of hot pressurized steam, which penetrates the fabric, blasts out any junk from the inside and lifts it on the surface. The steam also kills germs, bacteria, mold and mildew through sheer heat. All of this happens without a single drop of cleaning product, which makes the steamer the safest and most ecological method to clean the carpets of your car. Steam cleaners leave the fabric almost completely dry, which is one of their biggest benefits.

    All that said, steam cleaners are usually used as a precursor to conventional washing. They help break up and loosen all the dirt and grime to make the washing and extraction quicker with less product and less water used.

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    Take Out The Floor Mats And Clean The Car

    Pull out the flooring and take them outside the vehicle. Shake vigorously to remove dust and other debris. Then find a dry spot close to your car and drop the mat.

    Do not bother on how to clean car carpet floor mats yet. Instead, return to the vehicle and remove any dirt, litter, or crumbs from tight corners. Such spots include under the seats, pedals, and even crevices around the car. Ensure you dont skip this step as it will affect the final result.

    Dry The Carpet Properly

    How to clean car carpets

    The trickiest part of washing carpets is getting them dry. If you dont want mold in your car, you better dry out that carpet as fast as possible.

    Obviously, this job is easier with a wet/dry vacuum machine or a hot water extractor which will suck out the majority of the water, leaving the carpet just a little bit damp but definitely not wet.

    If you dont have access to either of those, prepare several dry rags, lay them over the carpet and press on them with your palms to draw the liquid out and into the towel. This will take some time, but with enough rags, you should be able to get the carpet somewhat damp.

    After this, all you can do is let air do its thing.

    In the summer, take the car out in the sun and open all doors fully to allow it to dry. If you have an air mover, put it on a chair or a box at the level of the carpet and leave it on for a while to promote better ventilation and faster drying times.

    If you have a garage, you can leave a dehumidifier in the car overnight. If youre doing this, close all doors and windows, you want the machine to work on the interior, not the whole garage, which likely has several air leaks.

    After the carpet has dried, run a clean dry brush over it in a single direction of your choice. This action will rearrange the fibers to face the same direction and make the material look uniform and really tidy.

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    Cleaning Of A Car Carpet Strains Step By Step Guide

    Step 1: Vacuuming The Car Carpet

    At first, vacuum the carpet. Your goal is to pick up as much dry dirt as possible. If you want to go the extra mile, vacuum under the car seats, in the gloves compartment, and in the trunk as deeply as possible to reach. Although these are not related to the carpet, this will reduce the rate of getting your car carpet dirty.

    Step 2: Removing Stains from All Over the Place

    Clean stains out of car carpet. Spread the hairspray on the ink stains then sponges with a rag. For coffee stains on car carpet or other similar stains, a glass of cleaner can be sprayed on the stain and rub the carpet until it fades completely. Its advisable to know which products work best for which stains.

    Step 3: Deep Cleaning

    Now you have to deep clean the carpet of the car as a whole. So, prepare a car carpet cleaner at home.In a spray bottle, mix 75ml of vinegar, 5ml of dish-washing liquid, and pour 500ml hot water. Spray generously all over the carpet and scrub thoroughly with a stiff bristle brush in a circular motion. Now, rub the carpet from one end to the other.

    Step 4: Wait for 30 Minutes

    At this step, youve to let the cleaner chemicals work on the carpet dirt and stain, and it will take some time. Let the solution penetrate the carpet of the car for thirty minutes.

    Step 5: Drying It Off

    Sponge the black car carpet with dry towels or paper towels. If possible, leave your car windows open until the carpet is completely dried up.

    These Car Cleaning Tips Will Get Your Car Looking New Again Or At Least New

    Growing up with a dad and brother who were both motor heads, I learned to have pride in the car I drove. I learned to pull out all the gear in the backyard and get the outside to shine, down to the tires and lights. I painstakingly washed every inch by hand. Id spend an hour or more detailing the interior.

    Then I had kids. And I made the mother of all car mistakes: I fell for a sweet deal on a dream car. There was only one hitch: ivory cloth interior! EEK! If you peeked in the windows, it looked like I was living in my car. These days, I take extra care daily to ensure that I will maintain at least an off-white appearance to the interior.

    Here are some car cleaning tips and tricks Ive learned from the best in the business . They can help you reinvent your ride, inside and out.

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    Tip #: Ammonia Livens Up Faded Carpet

    As always, youll first want to try this trick on a discrete area of carpet. However, you can bring back the color of faded carpet by mixing a half-cup of clear ammonia with about one pint or a little more of water, and then using a sponge to lightly soak the areas of the carpet that are faded. After it has dried, the carpet should look better than ever before.

    Simply So What Is The Best Way To Clean A Carpet By Hand

    How To Super Clean the Interior of your Car (Carpets & Headliner)

    Mix two tablespoons of ammonia, lemon juice OR white vinegar with a litre of water and use a soft carpet brush or hairbrush to apply it on the carpet. Put in some elbow grease and give the carpet a good scrap. Then, wipe the carpet with a damp cloth and let it dry. Make sure you ventilate the room after using ammonia.

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    Clear Out The Garbage

    Often people store many unwanted things in the car, and over time it becomes garbage. At first, remove all this garbage throughout the car. Throw away old drink cups, chocolates/first food wrappers, empty water bottles, and any other unnecessary thing.

    Keep a small trash bin beside the car, put all buildup garbage into it, and dispose of them correctly.

    Using A Shampoo For Thorough Clean Up

    Once you have completely dried out the interior of your automobile, itâs time to thoroughly clean it. This can be carried out with the help of shampoo or another cleaning agent, which is mild in effect. Strong detergents or cleaning agents might damage the fabric or lead to color fading. Clean out all the areas that were affected with water with the help of shampoo and dry them as well. Do not leave the water after cleaning the interior.

    Otherwise, all of your efforts would be in vain, and the system will remain wet. Using a shampoo will help kill bacteria and molds and will remove the unwanted smell from the system. However, remember to dry the system completely before finishing the procedure. You can use a hairdryer for this purpose. It will help reduce a lot of time for drying. Carpet can also be dried in a cloth dryer to achieve maximum output.

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