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How To Connect Car Battery

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Things To Consider When Connecting Led Lights To Car Battery

Proper Order For Connecting And Disconnecting Car Battery Terminals

1. Use old batteries/cells that are just taking up space.

2. Ensure that the battery is not fully charged, as these will harm the LED lights and might even explode!

3. Ensure you know what youre doing if attempting to connect them yourself.

6. Always wear goggles or other protective eyewear when connecting led lights, especially if youre using multiple batteries or doing it alone.

7. Keep led lights away from children or those who may not fully know what theyre doing.

8. Dont attempt to connect led lights when inebriated or otherwise impaired, especially when working with electricity!

Connecting Car Battery Wrong Way Round What Will Happen

The car electrical system uses DC electricity. That means, the electric current is only unidirectional. So that the two poles must be connected precisely and it forbidden to reversed.

So what happens if we connect the battery cable in wrong side? will it damage the engine?

We will discuss it.

Battery Terminal Position

Battery has a box shape with two terminals located above the battery. The battery cable will be designed automatically according to the position of the battery terminals. So the incidence of the wrongly connected battery rarely occurs because the cable will not be connected if the battery is backwards.

However, when the battery died, the car owner had to replace it with the new one. If we replace it with the same type as before, the battery will not reverse.

If we use batteries from other brands, of course the position of the battery terminals can be different.

So that it is possible for wrong battery terminals to occur.

Then what will happen if I connect battery in wrong way round ?

1. Starting system does not work

The engine starting system uses an electric motor to generate rotational energy and a solenoid as a switch to start the electric motor.

The solenoid in the starting system works based on the electromagnetic force. In essence, the coil in the solenoid will turn into a magnet when it gets an electric current. The direction of the magnetic field inside the solenoid is influenced by the direction of the electric current.

What will happen ?

Cleaning The Battery Terminals

If you have disconnected your car battery after a long time, you might have noticed that the terminals have corrosion on them. The good news is that you dont need any expensive cleaner to clean the corrosion as you can easily do it with stuff at your home. The things you would require are:


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How To Hook Up A Car Battery Charger

It is important to follow the instructions within the manual for your particular car battery charger, however, most car battery chargers will follow the below instructions.

Before connecting the car battery charger to your car battery, make sure that the car battery charger is turned off.

Now take the positive cable from the car battery charger and connect this to the positive terminal of the car battery. Once this is connected, get the negative cable from the car battery charger and connect this to the negative terminal of the car battery.

Now that the cables are connected to the car battery terminals, before your turn on the charger, make sure that you set the car battery charger to its slowest rate of charge. Once this has been done, you can now turn on the charger and set how long you want to charge the car battery.

How To Tell Which Battery Is Best For Your Car

Best Car Battery Charger  September 2018

Generally speaking, automotive vehicles require different types of battery, as it needs to accommodate the electronic demands and features of that particular vehicle. Many of todays cars are crammed with electronic devices and have powerful computers that are operating all the time, drawing energy, even when the vehicle itself is switched off and parked.

To help make the right choice of battery for your car and model simply complete our battery finder section to find the battery most suitable for your vehicle.

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S To Jump Start A Car Battery:

  • Pull the booster vehicle so its close to car with the dead battery.
  • You want them close enough so that the jumper cables will reach, but not so close that they touch.

  • Turn off the ignition of both cars.
  • Be sure both cars are in park , put on the parking brakes and double check that all the car accessories are turned off. Unplug anything thats hooked up to the cigarette lighter that might be plugged into your car, like a USB charger.

  • Check to make sure the jumper cables youre using are well insulated and clean.
  • As you prepare to connect the cables, you may want to consider wearing protective eye equipment as well as safety gloves.

  • Connect the positive end of one of the jumper cables to the positive terminal on the dead battery .
  • Generally, the batterys positive terminal is larger than the negative one and could have a cover on it. Attach the other red clip to the positive terminal of the other car.

  • Attach the negative end of the cable to the negative battery terminal.
  • This is normally marked with a sign on the booster car.

  • Connect the other end of the negative cable.
  • Be sure that its attached to an unpainted metal surface on the engine of the dead car. This could be an unpainted bolt or bracket that is as far from the dead battery as possible. Doing this provides a solid ground and reduces the possibility of igniting the hydrogen gas emitted by the car battery.

  • Visually check that jumper cables are connected securely to the battery.
  • Prepare Your Car Battery For Charging

    Its essential to take some safety measures before attaching the charger to charge your battery. Make sure your car is parked in a garage or in any space which is well ventilated and free of rain.

    Do this because excessive hydrogen gas is produced while charging the battery. And it may cause a fire or explosion if the area is enclosed.

    Also, dont forget to turn off the ignition of the vehicle and take away the key.

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    Protect The Donor Battery

    To ensure that the car donating a charge is protected, take these precautions:

    • Match the kind of voltage system of the donor battery to the dead battery to be jumped. For example, a 6V and a 12V should not be used together.
    • Connect alligator clips in the right order.
    • Make sure the donor battery is not low.

    The order of the connection reduces the chance of shorting the good battery.

    A quick test that there is enough voltage for the donor, be sure that the car giving he jump starts headlights are steady and bright when the car is started. If the headlights dim, that can signal that the battery is low.

    How To Jump A Car

    How to Connect Battery Charger To Car Battery

    Jump starting a car is commonly done from another car, although it can be done from a jump battery. You will be connecting the two cars batteries with the jumper cables. Make sure cars are in the right distance to have the jumper cables reach each battery. Pull the cars so that they are either nose-to-nose aligned or side-by-side.

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    What Makes A Good Charger

    Before using or purchasing one, here are a few things worth considering:

    The Right Charger for the Right Battery

    Before using a charger for the first time, or purchasing a new one, ensure that youve checked the following two points.

    First, youve read the instructions thoroughly.

    Secondly, the charging device is the right fit for your car.

    Not all chargers fit every battery. Batteries come in a variety of different types, from valve-regulated lead-acid to gel, and absorbed glass mat to lithium batteries. Each requires a particular kind of charger.

    Larger carssuch as SUVsneed larger batteries. To charge the battery of an SUV, you might need a charging device providing at least 75 amps at a time.

    And carefully read the product features, as they dont all come with a jumpstart functionality, which is something we recommend to look for.

    Charging Time

    Most chargers should allow a charge between two to 10 amps per hour. Some even provide a charge of 40 amps per hour. Unless too oldin which case they wont hold the currentmost batteries can be recharged.

    They often come with switches to allow both a slow or a fast charge. This can mean the charging time varies between two and 10 hours or more. Well expand on charging time further down.

    The higher the output, the faster the recharge will be. These devices also tend to come at a higher price point.


    Ease of Use

    My Car Still Wont Start After A Jump

    If you find that your car still isnt starting, there may be an issue beyond a dead battery. Bring your vehicle in for professional help. The experts at Chapel Hill Tire have everything you need to get your car up and running. With eight Triangle-area locations, you can find our trusted car experts in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and Carrboro. Schedule your Chapel Hill Tire appointment to get started today!

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    What Do You Need To Jump A Car

    Before you can recharge and get going, you need a few basics:

    • Jumper cables
    • Power source either a portable jump battery or another vehicle

    Jumper cables are long, thickly insulated cables with toothy clips on one or both ends. These clips are called alligator clips . The clips are distinguished by color, usually red and black, to indicate positive and negative polarity. The red clip is positive. The black clip is negative.

    Jump boxesportable batteries used to jump start a vehicle without connecting to another vehiclecome with special jump cables. These cables connect the jump battery directly to the dead car battery. Road side assistance usually uses a jump box when helping stalled vehicles.

    Connecting The Battery Terminals

    How to Use a Portable Car Battery Charger
  • 1Slide the positive battery cable onto the positive terminal. The positive cable will come from the alternator. Press the connector onto the terminal with your hand until it lies flat against the battery.XResearch source
  • If that connector won’t slip over the terminal post, use a wrench or socket and ratchet to loosen the bolt on the connector, then try again.
  • 2Use a wrench to tighten the cable onto the post. Once the positive cable is on the terminal, it needs to be tightened to ensure it can’t vibrate off while you’re driving. Use a wrench or socket to turn the bolt on the connector clockwise until it’s snug.XResearch source
  • On many batteries, it’s easier to use an open-ended wrench than a socket, but either will work.
  • Wiggle the wire on the terminal a bit with your hand to make sure it’s secure. If it moves at all, tighten the connector further.
  • 3Connect the negative cable to the negative post and tighten it as well. The negative cable should be installed just like the positive one was. Press it onto the terminal post with your hand, then tighten it with a wrench.XResearch source
  • If either cable can’t reach the appropriate terminal, it means the battery wasn’t oriented properly when you lowered it in.
  • Wiggle the connection on the negative terminal with your hand and tighten it some more if there’s any movement.
  • If it still doesn’t start, the battery itself may be dead. If so, try jump starting it.
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    After The Car Is Started

    Step 1: Remove the clamps. Remove the black clamp from the negative terminal first and re-attach it to the battery booster.

    Then it is safe to remove the red clamp from the positive terminal and store that as well.

    Step 2: Run the engine. Let the engine run for 10-15 minutes with all the accessories turned off before turning it back off. The alternator will charge the battery up in that time, and any less time could result in the car failing to start on the next attempt.

    Step 3: Recharge your battery booster. Recharge the booster as soon as you can so that if the situation springs up again, it will be ready for action.

    If there is an issue with the battery, alternator, or wiring then the battery may die repeatedly until the problem is repaired. Because of this, it is very important to keep your battery booster fully charged and to keep it with you on every journey. Have your battery or charging system serviced as soon as possible to fix the problem. A certified mechanic from YourMechanic can come to your home or office to service or replace your battery at your convenience.

    Q: What Is A Switching Power Supply

    A: A switching power supply is an electronic circuit that includes powerful semiconductors to produce high output voltages from small input voltage levels. Its called switching because it can convert AC into DC and vice versa.

    They come with their protections like over-voltage, short-circuit, over-temperature, etc. They can provide a wide range of voltages and often have an adjustable output.

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    Using A Home Inverter:

    A home inverter may be used to charge your automobile battery. A house inverter is a gadget that allows electric appliances to be powered.

    A domestic inverter, also known as a home inverter, works similarly to a battery in that it consumes electricity and then transmits it when needed.

    Inverters for the house have grown significantly more cheap and powerful in recent years.

    A 12V lead-acid battery is usually found in a home inverter. Even though the home inverter is 12V, it may work with a wide range of voltages.

    Surprisingly, using a home inverter to recharge a vehicles battery cells takes less time than using a battery charger to fully charge the car battery.

    However, keep in mind that home inventors or household inverters are not built or manufactured to charge vehicle batteries.

    How Do You Jump A Car Battery Without A Second Car

    How to connect a car battery charger

    If another vehicle isn’t available to start the dead battery, you may be able to use a jump box if you have one on hand. Also known as a battery pack, this handy piece of equipment can easily replace the second vehicle. Just hook up the jumper cables to the dead battery and the jump box, and try starting the vehicle. When it starts, remove the cables and allow the vehicle to idle.

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    Benefits Of Connecting Led Lights To Car Battery

    1. No electricity bill to pay every month, only the cost of car battery replacement.

    2. Permanent installation with no need to constantly turn on/off switch or plug/unplug lights after they are installed.

    3. Can be used without constantly worrying about replacing batteries if not used for long periods .

    4. Environmentally friendly, no toxic materials to discard after their life is over.

    5. Can be used for all types of displays .

    6. Saves space in the home/office by not storing long strings of light sets that are only used once or twice a year.

    7. Allows for greater freedom of movement when decorating under challenging areas.

    8. Never worry about having too many sets of lights or not having enough.

    Disconnect The Battery Cables

    • Use your socket wrench or adjustable wrench to loosen the nut holding the cable onto the negative battery terminal. The terminals will be marked positive and negative. Make sure you disconnect the negative terminal first.
    • Lay the disconnected negative cable carefully to one side, making sure it’s well away from the battery terminal.
    • Disconnect the cable from the positive battery terminal in the same way, then lay it to one side.
    • While loosening the cables, be sure not to touch your wrench to both terminals at the same time, because this will allow electricity from the battery to flow through your wrench.

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    How To Use A Car Battery Charger

    Everyone should know how to use a car battery charger as a dead battery is a common problem, especially in the cold winter months. Car battery trickle chargers slowly recharge your vehicles battery and are invaluable to have. If your battery is dying, or you are having issues getting your car started, you should consider carrying a portable charger in your trunk, just to be safe. When charging batteries it is always a good idea to wear safety goggles. Also you should remember that while the change is slim, there is always a risk that a battery may explode when you try to charge it.

    Hopefully, you will avoid the need to charge your battery, but if you find yourself in a situation where the battery life is dying and it needs to be recharged, then heres how you do it.

    Step 1: The Charger

    Obviously before you begin, you will need to acquire a battery charger. Not all chargers are the same so you should familiarize yourself with your particular model prior to using it. Inspect the instructions and make sure you understand how the charger works and what each button, dial or reading is used for.

    Step 2: Connect the Charger to the Battery

    Step 3: Setting the Charger

    Step 4: Plug In and Charge

    Plug in the charger and let it do its work. You may be able to set an amount of time for the charger to work, or it may shut off automatically when it is done. Either way it is a good idea not to move the charger or play with the cord during this process.

    Step 5: Disconnect

    Apply Battery Washers And Grease

    How To Connect A Trickle Charger To A Car Battery ...

    Once the battery is snug, place washers on the terminals and apply dielectric grease. Some, but not too much. You want to have enough grease to help the terminals make a connection, but not so much that the cables would have a chance to slip off. This will provide better connection for your battery.

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