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How To Dispute A Rental Car Damage Claim

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Being Broad Is Better Than Being Very Detailed

Record360 app documents damage to rental cars helps with damage disputes

Some rental car agencies have their staff note damages before you drive off. Others have you note the damage, which is then signed off by the staff. Just remember that the more specific you get with the damage description, the worse it can be for you. For example, if it’s dark and you are noting some scuffs on the bumper, you might write down “red paint scuffs.” But if the scuffs are a different color, such as brown or even black, you could be setting yourself up to pay for those damages later. If you note three scratches and there are really four scratches, you could end up paying. So keep it as broad as possible while still noting the damage factually.

Don’t be afraid to use other broad language to note damage covering a wider area, such as a lot of swirl marks, fine scratches, chips, etc that cover an entire door or even the entire car. Consider writing something like “numerous scratches on driver door” or “many scratches, chips, dings on entire car.”

I Didnt Damage My Rental Car So Why Do I Have To Pay

When Katherine LaFaso returns her Enterprise rental, shes charged $500 for damages she says existed before she picked up the car. But how can she prove it?

Question: I rented a car from Enterprise in Paramus, N.J., for a month while my car was being fixed due to an accident. It was the only rental available that day, and an Enterprise employee told me there was an open claim with some damages, which were pointed out to me. I was told I would be contacted in a few days to switch out the car for one without any damage, but that never happened.

Elliott Advocacy is underwritten by Trawick International.

When I returned the car, there was a more detailed inspection done by a different employee. The damage in question didnt even look like damage it looked more like bad repair work or an imperfection. But the bottom line is: I did not damage the car.

Enterprise charged my credit card $500 without my authorization, and my credit card company recently sided with me and credited my account. Enterprises damage-recovery unit is now giving me an ultimatum: Pay up, or well send this to collections, and you could face legal consequences. What are my options now? Katherine LaFaso, Paramus, N.J.

Answer: You could pay this bill or fight it.

Protecting Yourself From Other Damage Such As Collision

Most people run into unexpected expenses from unfair damage charges for chips, dings, dents, odors and spills. But what happens if damage occurs while you are renting it? In nearly every case, the damage becomes your responsibility and you could be on the hook for the costs, even if the other driver is at fault and pays for the repairs. You may still get billed for administration fees, loss of use and loss of value.

If you are worried about these issues, you may want to consider supplemental insurance or damage waivers from the rental car agency. Some if you use the card to pay for the rental in full.

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To Take Immediately After The Accident

Accidents happen. The first thing you should do if youre involved in an accident is to get to a safe area. Move out of the line of traffic to prevent further harm to yourself, others, or your rental.

Then contact local police and complete an accident report. If another person was involved in the accident, please ensure their contact information is included in the accident report. You should also keep their information because youll need it for the Budget accident report, too.

Finally, contact Budget 24-hour roadside assistance at 800-354-2847.

How Can I Dispute A Damage Claim

How To Dispute Unfair Damage Charges To Your Rental Car ...

To facilitate keeping track and allowing multiple colleagues at the Damage Department to be able to look into your case at any time, we kindly advise to dispute a damage claim via e-mail: .If you have a question regarding your damage claim, for the fastest service we have created an overview of the messages we receive most often:

  • How much do you charge for damages? We have an estimate of how much damage will cost to repair per category and per kind of damage. As this is only an estimate, the costs of repair could for example end up being lower, in which case the difference will be refunded. To be as transparent as possible, we have added our complete Damage Repair Cost Matrix below.
  • How come the deductible has been charged more than once? This may occur when there are multiple damages, as the deductible is applied to every individual damage. This means that, for example, if there is both a dent and a scratch, the deductible will be applied twice.
  • How do you measure damage to a rental car? For more information about how we measure damage to a rental car at Enterprise, we kindly refer you to our article on the topic:
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    Other Fees After An Accident

    • Loss of Use: As a renter, you are contractually liable for the loss of the specific vehicle you rented, per the terms and conditions of the rental contract. When a Budget car is unavailable to be rented, Budget is entitled to be compensated for that loss.

    • Administrative Fee: Budget is not an insurance company. We are self-insured, and the expense of processing our claims is passed on only to the responsible parties involved. We are legally entitled to have the damaged vehicle repaired and returned to pre-accident condition, which includes any expenses related to administering a claim.

    Filling Out A Budget Accident Report

    The next step is to complete a Budget accident report. Your rental agreement includes one, or you can access the accident report online .The entire form must be completed to ensure there are no delays in processing your claim. Fax us the form with any other accident reports from local or state authorities. at any time or by phone during business hours.

    • Accident report fax number: 720-429-4034

    • Budget claims department: 800-551-5998

    Dont delay! If youve been in an accident, fill out the accident report form now.

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    You Didnt Get An Ldw With Your Rental

    Renters who didnt purchase an LDW are responsible for any and all loss or damages to the car, including damage resulting from the following:

    • Collision

    • Acts of nature, such as flooding or hail

    Should your rental be damaged, contact your personal auto insurance company and file a claim.

    If you used a major credit card to cover your rental charges, their customer service department can help you determine if your coverage includes rental car protection.

    You dont have to wait for claim documents from Budget to report your claim elsewhere.

    Returning The Rental Car

    Fake rental car damage

    When dropping off your rental car, make sure to take a thorough look and check for any new damage. Once again, take photos of the condition of the car both inside and out. If youve booked a rental car with Rentalmoose, we will remind you to do so.

    Drop off the car keys once youre done. You can be asked to fill out a check-in form of the condition of the car, and the rental car can be inspected for damage by an employee during drop-off. The drop-off process varies slightly between different companies, you can check your rental agreement for details.

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    Document Any Damage On The Check

    Right after you receive the keys to your rental car, make sure to inspect it thoroughly both inside and out.

    Any visible damage should be mentioned in the check-out form, dont rush and ensure that the check-out form matches the actual condition of the rental car.

    Do not drive away until you are fully satisfied with the condition of the car.

    If youve booked your rental car through Rentalmoose, you will be reminded to take check-in and check-out photos. Additionally, the photos will be stored by us in case of any disputes.

    Take Photos Of The Rental Car

    Taking check-in photos of the condition of the car is a great way to document any damage that was on the rental car before your rental period. Before dropping the car off, Rentalmoose recommends taking check-out photos as well.

    Rentalmoose insider tip: When you book a rental car with Rentalmoose, we will remind you to take check-in and check-out photos of the condition of your rental car.

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    Tackling Unfair Car Rental Damage Charges

    The vast majority of us opt to hire a car when on holiday, but what happens if the rental company tries to charge for damage youre convinced you didnt do?

    Unfortunately, its not uncommon to hear of customers being charged hundreds, or even thousands of pounds, for damage to their vehicles and challenging the charges can be tough.

    However, if you protect yourself by taking lots of photographs and by ensuring all the paperwork is correct, you should be able to prove you were unfairly charged.

    Faq About How To Dispute A Rental Car Damage Claim

    How to Handle a Car Rental Damage Claim
    • How do I dispute a claim for damaged rental car?

      You can typically dispute a claim that you damaged a rental car by filling out a complaint form on the rental car company’s website. Any documentation that you have on the car’s condition while it was in your possession-like photographs-could help you win your dispute.

    • What happens if I’m at fault in a rental car accident?

      If you’re at fault in the accident, you may also be able to use your policy’s collision coverage to repair or replace the damaged rental car. If you purchased any extra liability coverage from your rental insurance company, it may cover damage to the other vehicle involved in the car accident after you file a claim.

    • What should you do if you crash a rental car?

      If you crash a rental car, you should first check yourself and your passengers for injuries. After you’ve ensured the safety of everyone in your car, you can begin gathering any necessary information that you’ll need to file a claim.

    • How do I file an insurance claim for a rental car?

      Filing a claim with your insurance company If you did not buy extra coverage, and used your own auto insurance policy to cover the rental car, you should contact your insurance company to file a claim. To know if your car insurance policy extends to rental cars, check the definitions section of your policy.

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    How Do I Dispute A Damaged Rental Car Claim Uk

    rentaldamagecarrentalchargeHow to dispute damage charges

  • Step 1: Claim online.
  • Step 2: Contact your credit card company
  • Step 3: Escalate your complaint
  • . Likewise, how long does a car rental company have to send me a damage claim?

    Ask them for a record of all rentals for that car between the time you returned it and the date of their damage claim letter. If they waited, say, 60 days to send you a damage claim, they’ve already rented it many times since you drove it, and they’ll have to prove that you actually caused the damage.

    what is considered damage on a rental car? Impact Damage Damages are defined as follows: Scratches larger than 2, or multiple scratches per panel, will be considered damage. Damage will be considered a scratch if it is through the paint.

    Simply so, how do I complain about a rental car company?

    1 Complain to car hire company. Always complain to your car hire company in the first instance. You can do this verbally or in writing but make sure you keep a clear record of your complaint. Give the car hire company a reasonable time to address your complaint and to rectify the situation, say 14 days.

    Can enterprise sue you?

    If you wish to sue Enterprise, you must be able to show that you were owed a duty of care that was breached in some way and resulted in an accident that caused you physical harm. This is the basis for all personal injury claims, but in most events, you will only be able to sue the driver of the rental car.

    How Do I Fight Damage Claims

    Ask them for a record of all rentals for that car between the time you returned it and the date of their damage claim letter. If they waited, say, 60 days to send you a damage claim, they’ve already rented it many times since you drove it, and they’ll have to prove that you actually caused the damage.

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    How To Dispute Unfair Damage Charges To Your Rental Car

    Sadly, unfair damage charges can still occur when renting a car. Here is how you can protect yourself against unfair damage charges, and how to dispute them if you happen to be charged with rental car damage you havent inflicted.

    Firstly, follow these tips to ensure that you have the necessary evidence to dispute unfair damage charges. There are a number of things you can do to protect yourself as soon as you get the keys to your rental car.

    How To Tailor This Document For Your Need

    Rental car customer says she can prove she was charged for someone elses damage

    1. Create Document: Click the Create Document button, and the document will be prepared with your account details automatically filled in.

    2. Please fill in any additional information by following the step-by-step guide on the left-hand side of the preview document and click the Next button.

    3. When you are done, click the Get Document button, and you can download the document in Word or PDF format.

    4. Please review the document carefully and make any final modifications to ensure that the details are correct before sending it to the addressee.

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    What Should You Do If You Have An Accident With A Rental Car

    Getting into an accident at any point can cause a lot of stress. Knowing what to do when you get into an accident with a rental car can make the entire process much easier, and save you thousands of dollars. Youll want to take all necessary precautions to avoid disputes about who pays for the damages.

    Step 1

    Check on everyone involved in the accident

    First and foremost: make sure that you, your passengers, and anyone else involved in the accident are okay. If anyone has been seriously injured, you should call 911 right away. Check the conditions of the vehicles to see if you need to clear the area due to dangers like fire or downed power lines.

    Step 2

    Take pictures and share contact information

    Get the contact and insurance information of any other drivers involved in the accident. Collect the names of any passengers and eyewitnesses. Note the makes and models of all the other vehicles involved, and their license plates.

    Before moving the rental car anywhere, get information about the location of the accident, like street names, and take photos of anything of importance at the scene. You should also take pictures of any rental car damage as many insurance companies will ask you to upload photos online when filing a claim.

    Step 3

    Contact the rental car company

    Step 4

    Contact your auto insurance company

    Contact your personal insurance company to inform them of the accident. You may want to ask the following questions:

    Step 5

    Before You Drive A Rental Car

    Need a good road trip tip? Inspect your rental car thoroughly before leaving the lot.

    Rental car companies keep records of their vehicles so they can track and charge you for any damage. They use a check-out form when you drive your rental car off the lot and then a check-in form when you bring it back. By comparing these two forms, they can note any changes in the condition of the vehicle.

    During inspection, take your own pictures and videos. This will give you evidence to handle disputes in the event of car rental damage. Photos protect you from any unfair damage claims, a common source of complaint among rental car customers.

    A few tips to consider:

    • Take time-stamped photos and videos of both the interior and exterior of the vehicle.
    • Focus on areas susceptible to damage.
    • Get close up photos of the doors and bumpers on the vehicles exterior and the floorboards and dashboard on the interior.

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    How Do I Deal With A Damaged Rental Car Claim

    How to dispute damage charges

  • Step 1: Claim online. Gather your photos and paperwork, and open a claim online with the rental company you used.
  • Step 2: Contact your credit card company
  • Step 3: Escalate your complaint
  • . Herein, how long does a car rental company have to send me a damage claim?

    Ask them for a record of all rentals for that car between the time you returned it and the date of their damage claim letter. If they waited, say, 60 days to send you a damage claim, they’ve already rented it many times since you drove it, and they’ll have to prove that you actually caused the damage.

    Subsequently, question is, what happens if you damage a rental car enterprise? Minor damage to a rental car, such as scratches, dents, or a chipped windshield are covered by the Damage Waiver. If you choose not to purchase the Damage Waiver and the car gets damaged, you may have to pay out of pocket for any needed repairs.

    Likewise, what happens if you hit a deer in a rental car?

    The police can help bring in the right authorities if the deer can be savedand you should keep a safe distance from the injured deer, since it could kick and injure you. Next, check the rental car for any damages, including body damage, broken lights or loose parts.

    What happens if you return a rental car without paying?

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