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How To Draw A Simple Car

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Learn How To Draw A Car Easy With This Simple Step

How to draw a car real easy | Step by Step with Easy, Spoken Instructions

Hi, art and drawing lovers! We invite you to learn how to draw a car easy. There are many lessons on the Internet that show and teach how to draw vehicles, but many of these lessons are very difficult, or they only teach children to draw cartoon cars. We have prepared a drawing lesson that will teach you how to draw an ordinary car, but very easily.

To make the instruction easier to understand, we have divided it into 15 steps that will help you figure out and understand everything in detail. If you draw this car, then we suggest that you try to draw a Lamborghini, which will also be easy to depict.

Cars have long been an integral part of the lives of people around the world. In some cities it is generally difficult to imagine a day without a trip by car, for example, Los Angeles, where most people travel by private transport, is included in the category of such cities. The technologies for the production of cars have progressed so much that in the near future people will no longer drive on gasoline engines, but on electric vehicles, which will not even harm the ecology of our earth.

Start drawing a car, we wish you a great mood!

Drawing & Painting supplies:

  • Colored marker, crayon, or felt-tip pens, colored pencils
  • Drawing paper .

Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Draw a Car Easy

  • Draw the roof.

    First, draw the line for the roof of the car. You just need to draw a broken line that looks like the hood, roof, and trunk of the car.

  • Learn To Draw Vehicles

    Each of these four drawing guides shows your young artist how to draw a specific wheeled vehicle one step at a time. Each portion of the drawing guide shows the new lines and shapes in a bold black while the previous steps are shown in gray. This makes it super easy for your kiddos to follow along with these fun vehicle drawings!

    Need Supplies For Coloring Here Are Some Kid Favorites:

    This post contains affiliate links.

    You can find all kinds of awesome coloring pages for kids & adults here. Have fun!

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    How To Draw Car Step By Step

    Step 1 We will begin by drawing a rectangle as the main outline for the car. Draw using light strokes only.

    Step 2 Draw a curved line on top of the rectangle for the windows or to form the cabin of the car. Then draw 2 circles intersecting the rectangle at the bottom to form the wheels.

    Step 3 Form the shape of the front bumper on the right side of the rectangle and then go for the trunk of the car on the left side of the rectangle by following the outline as shown in the figure.

    Step 4 Draw the front and back screens and glasses of the door.

    Step 5 Remove all the outlines and separate the wheels from the body by giving some gap. Draw the headlights and back lights.

    Step 6 Draw the doors of the car and also mark the division of the glasses.

    Step 7 Now complete the tire by drawing the rims.

    Step 8 At last give more details that you want in your car. Draw the door handles and part of the steering wheel on the front side. Then your car is ready to run on the road.

    How To Draw A Realistic Sports Car

    How to draw Sport car by on ...

    If you like fast cars this tutorial is perfect to learn the concept of drawing cars. We are talking about the Ferrari model. LaFerrari model is the next model after the Enzo and is one of the highest cost cars that you can buy at the moment. Ready to learn how to draw a car that so many of us would want to have?

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    How To Draw Cars

    This article was co-authored by wikiHow staff writer, Jessica Gibson. Jessica Gibson is a Writer and Editor who’s been with wikiHow since 2014. After completing a year of art studies at the Emily Carr University in Vancouver, she graduated from Columbia College with a BA in History. Jessica also completed an MA in History from The University of Oregon in 2013. This article has been viewed 737,297 times.Learn more…

    Cars are one of the first things most people learn how to draw. Build on these basic skills to create a realistic car that’s as detailed and customized as you like. You can work from a reference photo, find inspiration from a car you see on the street, or imagine one you’d like to draw! To take a break from realism, play around by drawing a cartoon car. Exaggerate the features and keep the shapes simple for a fun car that you can draw in no time.

    How To Draw A Car With These Pictured Step By Step Tutorials

    A lot of us think that drawing a car is quite easy but for some of us, it can be a real challenge. Car designers, of course, can do a cool job because they practiced so much. Drawing cars requires a lot of inspiration and investment of time especially when you want to draw a cool one.

    They are complicated machinery and they come in different models. The question of how to draw a car might be in your head now. For sure being able to do doing it is a good skill and with time and energy can be learned. The challenge here like in other drawings is to understand the proportions. Cars have their difficulties and understanding how to do it will require your patience.

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    Add Patterns On The Car Windows

    Car windows are typically reflective, thus resulting in visible diagonal patterns. Draw multiple parallel diagonal lines on each car window to create the illusion of a reflection.

    Now that you have successfully drawn a car, its time to the most exciting partcoloring your awesome car drawing! Go ahead and pick the colors to make your car vibrant and colorful!

    Cars come in a wide range of designs and exist in every color. So, if you have a favorite color, theres most probably a car with that color.

    This gives you a lot of color options to choose from when coloring your car.

    How To Draw Car

    How to Draw a Car Easy Step by Step

    Hello friends! In todays lesson, we will tell and show you how to draw a car. We will learn to draw on the example of BMW and many other modern popular car brands.

    So lets start our step-by-step tutorial on drawing cars. First, we need to sketch out an oblong rectangle. This will be the main body of the car. Draw a trapezoid on the right side of the rectangle. Using circles sketch out the shape of the wheels.

    With the help of half rings, depict the wheel arches. On the left side of the rectangle, outline the hood of the car. Round off the top of the trapezoid slightly. Draw the back of the car. On the front of the car, sketch out the headlights and grille. Then, the windshield and rear windows, as well as glass on the doors. Draw side panels between the wheels.

    We continue to draw. Erase the sketch lines of the initial stage and move on to the next step. Using simple lines sketch out the doors and the border of the hood. Add the turn lights, side mirrors, and taillights as shown.

    We got to the last step of our lesson. Draw the doorknobs and wheels. On a note, there are a large number of different car rims for wheels and you can draw any at your discretion. We hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Let us know if you want more car drawing tutorials. Read on and find out how to draw a wide variety of cars from any angle!Lets start with baselines.

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    Do You Want To Learn How To Draw Vehicles With These Easy Drawing Guides

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    Tutorial On How To Draw A Flying Car:

    Flying cars may not be a reality yet, but they do fascinate your little learners. The final tutorial on flying car drawings for kids in simple steps.

    You Will Need:

    How To:

  • Draw a dome or a semi-circle in the center of the paper. This will be the roof/cover of the flying car.
  • Starting from the left corner of the dome, draw a slightly curved line towards the other end but do not join it on the other end. See Figure 8.2.
  • Now, draw the body of the car using the dome as the center. Draw an oval, curvy body around the dome notice that there are a few curves on the sides and the front of the body, for the seats and the bumper. See Figure 8.3.
  • For the wings of the car, draw two curvy triangles at the back, as shown in Figure 8.4.
  • Draw a line on the hood to indicate the hood, and across the cockpit for the seats.
  • Add more detail to the car by drawing an oval in the front, for the bumper and a circle each on either side, for the head lights. See Figure 8.5.
  • Also, draw three dotted lines joining the windshield and the front bumper. See Figure 8.5.
  • Add detail by drawing a broad, curved v on the side.
  • Now draw the dashboard two thin lines coming inside from the windshield. Add a steering and an outline to the wings to complete the flying car.
  • Color it as you like.
  • Now, drawing a car was not as complicated as it seemed before, was it?

    Do you have any tricks or tips on how to draw a car, step by step, for kids? Share them with us in the comments section.

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    How To Draw A Car With Step By Step Tutorial

    Step 1:

    Draw a large circle on the left side. Then draw a circle half of the left circle on the right side. Connect both circles with a horizontal line from belowfigure 1.

    Step 2:

    Extend the horizontal line around both wheels. Then we make the shape of a sports cars body with the thin beautiful bodyFigure 2.

    Step 3:

    Draw a small circle in the center of the wheels. Then draw a circle double in size outside those circles. After then draw six small rectangles between inner and outer circles. There you have wheels rims. And now draw semi rectangle shape to draw the door of the carFigure 3.

    Step 4:

    Draw a headlight in a rectangular shape in front of the car. Next, we draw a spoiler on the backside in an upright rectangular shape. Now very next to the spoiler draw two semi triangular shapes in front and near the rear. To give it a sports car look the rear triangle should be double the size as compared to the front triangle. These triangles will represent the sitting area of the carFigure 4.

    Step 5:

    In this step, we make a circle between the triangles and draw a drivers helmet inside that circle. And then we draw a small circle in the rear triangle to represent the fuel tank capFigure 5.

    Step 6:

    How To Draw A Simple Car

    Best Simple Car Drawings Ideas

    In this instruction, we will show you how to draw a simple car. This guide is for those who want to draw a cool and realistic enough car in the simplest way.

    To make the drawing process as simple as possible, the team of removed the shadows and divided the tutorial into eleven very simple stages.

    For an illustrative example, we decided to take a BMW but using the stages below, you can of course depict any other car.

    If you complete all the stages and want to complicate the artwork, you can add shadows or colors, making the car drawing more voluminous.

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    Drawing A Car Just Got Easier

    How to draw a car? If youve ever tried to draw a vehicle of any kind, youll agree it can be a real challenge. Cars have a lot of complicated parts. Plus, theres its perspective you have to take into consideration. Its enough to make you throw your hands in the air and give up! But, Im here to help you draw a car or truck that looks like the real thing thats easy. Ive got nine simple steps that are sure to give you the guidance you need for the confidence to draw this car and others in the future.

    I suggest using an HB pencil. This will let you make a light initial version that you can change as your drawing progresses without smudging the graphite as a softer lead might. Youll be able to erase lines completely, too. A good set to use is the Arteza Professional Drawing Set that gives you pencils in a wide range of grades, from the hardest leads to the softest, for creating pale marks to dark lines.

    Tutorial On How To Draw A Race Car:

    Every little boy is a race car driver.

    Little boys often indulge in imaginative car-racing games. Here is one such car drawing for kids, a race car, based on the Ferrari 333 model.

    You Will Need:

    An A4 sheet or drawing book, pencil, eraser, sharpener, stencil with different shapes, and a scale ruler.

    How To:

  • Take the scale ruler and draw a horizontal line on the paper. We will start the car bottom-up, which means we begin with the tires and take it from there. Draw two circles on the base line, a few centimeters apart as shown in the image. Notice that the rear wheel is slightly bigger than the front wheel. This gives the car a slight inclination towards the front. See figure 1.1.
  • Draw the rims of the wheels as seen in Figure 1.2.
  • Start drawing the body with a line joining the two wheels at the bottom this line should be just a few centimeters above the baseline to keep the ground clearance low. Extend this line from the front tire for the overhangs. We will keep the overhangs short for this race car. Draw the rear overhang and complete the rest of the body as shown in the figure. Observe that the rear end is higher than the front end. See figure 1.3.
  • Draw the windscreen in the front and a high airbox or engine air intake in the rear. It is high and is centered, just before the cockpit . See figure 1.4.
  • The final step is to add the drivers helmet. Draw a helmet-shaped sphere in the cockpit, with a small triangle that widens in the front. See Figure 1.5
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    Tutorial On How To Draw A Police Car:

    Chances are your boy already owns a toy police car, complete with flashing lights on top and a deafening siren that goes off every time the car moves. Here is how he can draw a simple police car with flashing lights on the top.

    You Will Need:

    An A4 sheet or drawing book, pencil, eraser, sharpener, stencil with different shapes, and a scale ruler.

    How To:

  • Draw a straight line for the base and two circles for wheels on it. Figure 6.1.
  • Draw a line between the two wheels, a little above the baseline. Extend the lines just a little beyond the wheels but not through them. Bend them up for the rear and front bumpers. Form a rectangle using that line as the base for the body of the police car. See Figure 6.2.
  • Draw the cabin of the car a trapezoid with the rectangle as the base. The cabin should start from the edge of the rear wheel and end at the edge of the front wheel. See Figure 6.3.
  • Draw a line as shown in Figure 6.4 for doors and windows.
  • Add the tail lights, headlights, door handle and the rims of the wheel to complete the car.
  • Color it blue and black, and your police car is ready.
  • How To Draw A Train Steam Locomotive: Sketch Steps

    How to draw a sports car | EASY TO FOLLOW

    Step 1: Sketch the base locomotive body

    The base sketch of our steam locomotive is made of two simple shapes a larger square for the cabin, and a smaller rectangle for the boiler the engine body.

    Step 2: Add the wheels

    Next, we sketch the locomotive wheels. Draw the large rear driving wheel first. It is a simple circle, just touching the bottom of the cabin.

    Now draw a straight line marking the railway this will give us a base onto which we draw the two smaller front truck wheels. The front wheels are circles about half of the size of the large rear wheel. The front one roughly lines up with the front of the locomotive.

    Step 3: Sketch the cowcatcher and piston

    Next, we add the cow-catcher that is the triangle in front. This was the protective railing on the locomotive to chase cows off the railway line.

    As you see in the picture, it is time to adjust the size of our boiler rectangle a bit, so the cow-catcher is actually attached to the engine body. Do not worry about erasing the wrong line, if you have done the same we can use it later, once we start decorating our train.

    The final addition in this step is a simple rectangle above the front wheels. This is the steam cylinder the part that drives the rear wheel of our steam engine.

    Step 4: Sketch the smoke-box and cabin details

    Now add a rectangle with rounded corners under the window that is the sign for the name or number of our locomotive.

    Step 5: Add small details

    Step 6: Sketch the wheel spokes

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