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How To Find Out Where Your Car Was Towed

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Where Do Towed Vehicles Go

How to find your car if it was towed after the flood

When your car gets towed, it is taken to a tow lot. You can find out which one by calling around and asking other local tow truck companies to see which one took your vehicle or by going online if you know what company towed them.

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Towed Due To Unlicensed Driver

If your vehicle was towed because the driver was unlicensed or has a suspended license, the vehicle is subject to being held for 30 days. If held for 30 days, the vehicle may be released prior to the date of release if the person driving the car at the time of the impound obtains a valid driver’s license from DMV.

Have Your License Plate Or Vin Ready

Before you make a phone call to the towing company or to law Sherriffs dispatch, have your license plate number ready. You will be able to easily find this on your insurance card or on your registration paperwork. Having the VIN number in addition to the license plate is not necessary but is an alternative way to search for the vehicle.

If you are out somewhere and do not have this paperwork, perhaps you have taken a photo of your car recently and captured the license plate in it.

Or if you are away from home and have the paperwork there, then call a family member or friend to pull up the paperwork for you.

If you are just calling the towing company directly to inquire if your vehicle has been towed by them before calling dispatch, then you can get away with only providing the make and the model of the car. Calling the local Sherriff department, they will ask for the VIN or license plate number.

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How Do I Find Where My Car Has Been Towed

How to Find Out if Your Car Has Been Towed

I accidentally parked in a tow zone the other day, and I didn’t realize until I came back outside and my car was gone. What should I do to find out where it was towed to?

  • Vehicle locator website. Many cities have websites that let you look up your car with the VIN or license plate number and see whether itâs been towed
  • . You can also call 311 and access the city information hotline to ask about your carâs whereabouts. They should be able to help.
  • Check with nearby businesses. If the towing zone was private, ask any nearby businesses if they towed a car recently. If they did, you can ask which towing service they use and follow up with the company.

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Find Out If Your Vehicle Has Been Towed And Where It Is Being Stored

The easiest way to find out if your vehicle has been towed and where it is being stored, is by using the Towed Vehicle Tracing Service .

TRACE is a free 24 hours a day helpline service for anyone whose vehicle may have been towed away. If you believe your vehicle has been removed by any council, the police or DVLA, you can contact TRACE. They will tell you where your vehicle is and the fee you have to pay.

How Do I Find Out If My Car Was Towed In California

4/5thetowed vehicleVehicletheyourvehicle

Also to know is, how do you find out if your car has been towed?

Call 411 and ask for the number of the local police department. Police can then tell you if your car has been towed or stolen. Even if you think your car may have been towed, the police can be a good place to start because they can tell you how to contact the towing company and where to go to get your car back.

Likewise, did my car get towed LA? If your vehicle has been booted because of five or more delinquent parking citations, please call the Boot Release Line at 855-288-2642 or visit the closest Public Service Center. If your vehicle has been towed because of five or more delinquent parking citations, please visit the closest Public Service Center.

Then, how do I find out if my car was towed in Los Angeles?

If your vehicle has been towed, your starting point for finding your car towed in Los Angeles is the Los Angeles Police Garages vehicle locator. It contains a public online vehicle search. You can search for towed vehicles by license plate or VIN.

What are my rights if my car is towed?

The right to tow a vehicle is not the same as the right to keep it. If you don’t ask, however, the police or storage company will claim that you left it in their lot voluntarily, or abandoned it, and will charge you storage fees. You must either bring valid plates or arrange to have the car towed away.

carpayimpoundThis means some or all of the following.

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Did Your Car Gt Towed And You Dont Know Where Or Stolen

This is the first thing that you need to consider, was your car towed or stolen in the first place. You will have to have some notice if the car was towed.

Usually, on parking lots where there is paid parking. If you park improperly or forget to pay, your car will get towed. In this case, you will come to the conclusion that your car was towed and it was not stolen. In this case, you can ask the question of my car got towed and I dont know where.

But if your car was parked regularly and you are aware that everything was done right and you paid for the parking. Then considering that the vehicle is stolen could be possible.

Cars are rarely stolen but it happens. Especially if you park around some suspicious neighborhoods that are full of crooks. The best thing is to stay away from these neighborhoods if you want to get yourself sure that your vehicle will not get stolen. Personally, I avoid parking in some places that there is no street light and its all dark.

A place to park that has a security guard would be your best bet if you dont want to get your car stolen. But since we learned that the car is towed, this should not be important to you. If you are sure that your car was towed, you need to learn the possible reasons why was this the case. But more on that a bit later.

In the following chapter, we are going to cover what it means if your car got towed. And what are the next steps for you and the possible reasons why this happened precisely to you?

Towed Or Stolen How To Find Out

Is the Tow Illegal?

In general, there are three different options when your car is missing. Assuming you can rule out that it was not borrowed by a family member, significant other, or friend that you have a car-sharing arrangement with, your car has either been towed, stolen, or repossessed if you were behind on payments.

The first thing you’ll want to do is look around the area where your car was last parked. Search for any “no parking” signs or other signs that could indicate that your vehicle was parked in a place it shouldn’t have been. Oftentimes, private companies will have signs posted that list the company name and number of the towing services they use.

If there are signs listing a towing service, give them a call. If they don’t have your vehicle, it’s possible they were stolen.

If there aren’t signs indicating that you could have been towed for parking where you did, you may be dealing with a stolen car situation.

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How To Find Out If Your Motorcycle/car Was Towed Or Stolen

Your vehicle may not have been stolen but here is a guide on how to find out if your car/motorcycle was towed or stolen. Lots of people have been there, stuck between knowing if their vehicle was towed or stolen, and they all figured it out at some point.

Generally, you can tell if your car or motorcycle was towed or stolen by contacting your local police department. If you financed the vehicle, contact your lender, it may have been repossessed if you defaulted.

Your vehicle may have been towed for a parking violation the police can tell you the responsible tow company. In extreme cases, it could be a theft problem, so you have to report your vehicle stolen.

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Iv What Information Am I Entitled To Regarding My Car Being Towed

A consumer who has had a private property tow or any tow from a traffic accident is entitled to receive:

  • A copy of the tow ticket. A towing company must prepare and issue a tow ticket for each nonconsent tow. A copy of the tow ticket must be given to the car owner, if the owner or operator is present and available at the time of the tow, and a copy delivered to the car storage facility.

The tow ticket may only authorize charges directly related to towing the car. The tow ticket must itemize each charge and must characterize the fees using the identical fee structure stated in the towing company’s nonconsent towing fee schedule on file with the VSF.

The tow ticket must contain the licensed name of the towing company, publicly listed telephone number, towing company certificate of registration number, and the TDLR license number of the towing operator. A towing company must provide its nonconsent towing fees schedule to all VSF where it delivers cars. These fee schedules must be given to the public upon request.

  • A statement of consumer rights to a tow hearing.
  • The information needed to file for a tow hearing.
  • Each VSF shall tell the car owner of TDLR’s website and email address, mailing address, and telephone number, for purposes of directing complaints about the car storage to the department.

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The Best Ways To Locate Your Towed Vehicle In Los Angeles

There is no worse feeling than parking your car somewhere in Los Angeles and later finding out it got towed away mysteriously. At first, you may think someone stole your vehicle if youre not aware of any traffic or parking violations made. After all, there probably wont be any warning signs posted where you parked either.

So, why would your vehicle get towed? The most common reasons are parking on private property without permission from the owner or parking on public property longer than allowed. If you have violated one of these rules, the property owner or city can tow your vehicle without letting you know about it first.

Besides, how would the owner or city be able to contact you? They may see your license plate on your vehicle, but they wont immediately know your cell phone number. Instead, your vehicle will get towed, and the towing company will notify you via mail after a couple of days.

Any reputable towing company will notify the police about the tow because they are expecting you to call them to report your car missing. At that point, the police will inform you that your car has been towed to a particular towing companys tow yard. They should give you the phone number and address of the tow yard so that you contact them to retrieve your car.


Cars get towed in Los Angeles when they are trespassing on private property or violating public parking laws or regulations.

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I What Are Your Rights

Car towed during flood? Here

When a tow truck tries to tow your car or after your car has been towed, you have certain rights as the car owner under the law.

Your rights:

You may request a TOW HEARING at any Justice of the Peace Court in the county where your car was towed if you believe your car was wrongfully towed, stored or booted or if you were charged more than the allowed fee. You must request a tow hearing from the court within 14 days of the tow.

You DO NOT have the right to:

  • Remove or dismantle any part attached to the car while it is at the VSF.
  • Retrieve your car from the VSF without paying the towing, storage or other allowed fees.
  • Have the boot removed without paying the booting fee.
  • Retrieve your car from the VSF without demonstrating that you are the owner or authorized user of the car.
  • Obtain your car after it has been removed from the parking facility but before it has been placed in a VSF.

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V What Happens If I Did Not Claim My Car

A VSF may consider a car abandoned if it is not claimed by the owner. A VSF must mail or publish at least two notices stating that they have the car and wait at least 30 days after the second notice before taking any action.

A VSF may sell a car through a public sale 30 days after the VSF mailed or published the second notice. Proceeds from the sale will be used to pay towing and storage charges. Any remaining proceeds may be paid to the vehicle owner. Disputes over the sale or the payment of proceeds may be taken to court.

Special rules apply to a car that is more than 10 years old and in a condition to only be junked, crushed or dismantled. A VSF with these abandoned nuisance vehicles is not required to send or publish a second notice and may sell the car 30 days after the first notice.

Iii Recovering Your Car At A Vehicle Storage Facility

To recover your car at a VSF you MUST:

  • Provide your photo identification,
  • Prove you are the owner or authorized user of the car, and
  • Pay all fees for towing and storage.

Provide your photo identification. Acceptable forms of ID include:

  • Any state issued driver’s license or identification card
  • Any photo ID issued by the Federal Government
  • Any photo ID issued by a foreign government such as a Mexico driver’s license or a “matricula consular”

Prove you own or have the owner’s permission to use the car with any ONE of these:

  • Your government issued driver’s license that shows your name matches the owner information from the DMV’s car registration database
  • An insurance card showing that you are a named insured for the car
  • The certificate of title to the car showing your name as the owner
  • A notarized power-of-attorney signed by the car owner
  • A tax collector’s receipt and a car registration renewal card with your conforming identification
  • A current automobile lease or rental agreement signed by the operator of the car, or
  • This TDLR form that you can download, print and fill out is Removal and/or Inspection of a Motor Vehicle at a VSF . The VSF must also make this form available to you.

Pay all fees for towing and storage:

  • A DAILY STORAGE CHARGE of between $5.00 and $20 per day or part of a day for a car that is 25 feet long or less. A VSF must charge $35 per day or part of a day for a car that is longer than 25 feet. Here are some more facts about the daily storage charge:
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    Ask The Driver For A Favor

    Before the pulling truck driver leaves the mechanic workshop, you can ask the person for the possible route. If you are going the same route, do not hesitate to ask for a favor.

    You will likely get the needed help, provided there is available space in the vehicle. This will solve your transportation needs in the short term.

    Understand Whether Your Car Got Towed Or Stolen

    How it feels when you find out your car got towed

    Before moving further, you must confirm that your vehicle got towed and was not stolen. Many people assume that their vehicles got killed because of a delayed payment or any other reason, but they never think the vehicle could be stolen.

    It’s not very common for vehicles to get stolen unless you park in a dangerous area or any place you’re unfamiliar with. That’s why most automotive experts recommend never parking your car in an area you are aware has safety issues. However, if you think you had to park in that area, you might want to consider purchasing some guard or additional security features that help you keep track of your vehicle.

    Since this article is not focused on locating stolen vehicles, we recommend that you read some online articles that provide you with steps to find or confirm whether your car is stolen or towed.

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    Check The Tow Truck Drivers License Plate Number On The Front Of Their Truck

    If you happen to spot the tow truck drivers license plate number on the front of their vehicle, you can call them and ask about your car. Alternatively, you can look up more information online if this is easier for you. Calling the tow truck company gives you direct contact with people that have a first-hand idea of where your car might be.

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