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How To Fix Scratches On Car Window

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How Do I Remove Deep Scratches From My Car Window Glass

How to Repair Windshield Scratches

How do you remove scratches from car windows? I was driving on a windy day and some blowing debris damaged my glass.

make sure that the scratches you are attempting to repair are not deep enough to break the whole window in the processA Glass Repair Kitdeep

  • Apply the rubbing compound from the kit to the scratch. It will help chemically seal the scratch together and stop it from expanding.
  • Let that sit for about 30 minutes to dry.
  • Clean the area with a soft cloth.

Clear Nail Polishshallowest

  • Apply a layer of nail polish on the scratch then, clean off the excess.
  • Let the nail polish dry. As it does, the nail polish hardens around the site, repairing it in the process.

Non-Gel Toothpasteminor

  • Dry the glass using a microfiber cloth.
  • Apply some toothpaste to the cloth.
  • Rub the cloth on the scratch in a circular motion for about 30 to 40 seconds.
  • Wipe away the toothpaste with a damp, microfiber cloth.

Acrylic Scratch Removersmall

  • Apply a small amount of remover on a cotton cloth.
  • Rub the cloth over the scratch for about one minute.
  • Let the remover sit for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Wipe off the glass with a clean cotton cloth.
  • Gently buff out any remaining damage.

Clear Acrylic Nail Polish

Clean acrylic nail polish is available from cosmetics and superstores for under $5 and can be used to fix scratches on your windshield. You dont need some fashionable expensive brand, either.

You could also buy clear acrylic auto glass scratch remover / acrylic scratch remover for considerably more money. Still, its basically just clear nail polish.

The Glass Scratch Filler Kit Fix

You can find ready-made scratch repair kits at local hardware or automotive stores or online. They contain a glass-polishing compound and typically come with special pads for application.



  • Follow the products directions to apply the polishing compound to lightly scratched glass thats been cleaned and dried.
  • Do not apply excess product or rub the area too vigorously, as you may cause more damage that way.

A professional glass repair service can assist you if none of the above DIY scratch removal methods work.

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Mark The Scratched Area

As the repair progresses, it can become difficult to see where the glass was scratched. So you always know where you should be working, mark the scratched area. The easiest way to do this is by outlining the scratch with a dry-erase marker on the opposite side of the glass. Alternatively, you can place a piece of tape on the opposite side.

How To Fix Scratches On Auto Glass

Rubbing Compound Vs. Polishing Compound

Most of us have had to deal with a scratch or two located on our car window at some point in our lives. Not only does it sully the once pristine appearance of your vehicle, but its also rather unsafe to drive with. If left unattended, the tiny scratch could grow and lead to the window shattering when you least expect it, possibly triggering a serious accident. Fortunately, it doesnt take a whole lot to remedy the situation. Whether youre wanting to try and tackle that scratch yourself or leave it to the professionals, well give you a step-by-step guide.

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Applying Nail Polish On Scratches

For this method, you would need nail polish, nail polish remover, an applicator, and a damp cloth. Ensure you clean the glass using a clean damp cloth.

Also, make sure you use a nail polish that is clear and devoid of any pigmentation or coloring for this process. Most nail polish comes with an applicator, so there is no need to use your finger for this process.

Dip the applicator into the bottle of nail polish. Afterward, use it to apply the polish over the scratch. The polish would seep into the scratch once it drops on it. Leave the polish on the scratched glass spot for 1 hour, so it set in well.

After that, get your nail polish remover and apply it on a clean piece of cloth. Then wipe the scratched portion using the fabric containing the nail polish remover. At this point, you will be amazed at how the scratches will vanish.

How To Fix Car Glass Scratches

Fixing a scratch in your windshield may seem like something that requires a complete replacement or a job better left for a professional mechanic to handle but with the right know how and a few common items, depending on the depth of the scratch you can actually fix them right in your own driveway. There are tons of ways that your windshield may get scratched over time as you drive, especially on busy roads and highways or on unpaved portions of road where loose debris is more likely to strike and scratch the windshield. If youre noticing scratches in your windshield and want to try and stop them from getting any worse, use these methods for a quick and reliable repair to your windshield.

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Option : Polishing Or Rubbing Compound

Most people would never think about using a compound on their glass. Some might even worry abrasives like these could scratch or damage glass, but never fear.

Polishing and rubbing compounds were formulated to be safe for use on clear coat and paint. The glass in your windshield and car windows is many times harder than clear coat, so theres no need to worry. The only things theyll abrade away are the soils, smears and deposits you want to remove.

Using a foam applicator by hand or a dual-action machine polisher, apply the polishing or rubbing compound across the glass just as you would on the painted surfaces of your car. Follow the package instructions for the compound and best practices for your DA polisher if youre using a machine.

Wipe away all the residual compound with a clean microfiber towel and clean the entire glass surface with a fresh, clean microfiber cloth and an automotive glass cleaner like In & Out Fine Mist Glass Cleaner or Dash & Glass Interior Detailer.

Prepare The Surface Of Scratch

How To Remove Scratch From Car Window cerium oxide (full guide)

Get the part of the window ready for the procedure of removing the scratch. Most windows and windshield accumulate dirt, debris, and several contaminants. Wipe them off using a microfiber towel and ensure the surface remains clear and clean.

After cleansing the surface, use a sprayer to spray your glass cleaner on the surface. It would be best to spray while brushing the surface thoroughly to remove any glass particles or remaining contaminants. Sometimes, you may need to wash your glass. However, ensure it dries off well before working on it.

You may not need to clean all the glass but focus on the part where the scratch is. Dont use ordinary soap since you may not get the best-required result use distilled water and vinegar for the best results. To remove tough stains, get special glass cleaners to remove them. Ensure nothing is left on the glass.

After successfully cleaning the scratched surface, cover the edges of the window. It is crucial to ensure your paintwork is not affected by the compound you will be using. It would be best if you also marked the area you will be fixing. After a thorough cleaning, it may be hard to find the scratched surface. Use a dry-erase marker to mark the surface.

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How To Remove Scratches From Your Car Glass


When you observe a scratch or scratches in your car window, the first step to take is to check how intense the scratch is. This effort is necessary so that you do not waste your time and effort on a losing cause.

The next step is to roll your fingernails over the scratched area to feel the impact of the scratch. If you can run your fingernails with little or no friction over the window surface, then this article is best for you.

Surface scratch on car windows can most times be a very easy task only if you have the rightful information. Here is a list of the methods that you can use to fix or repair the scratch on your car window

What Causes Window Tint Scratches

Usually, an external force or object rubs against the tint film and causes it to peel. Debris can gather under each windows weather stripping and scratch against the tint as you roll them up and down. These can also cause streaks while banging your seatbelts against windows can cause tiny chips. Never wipe a window covered in tint with a paper towel, because the fabrics can also cause scratches.

In extreme cases, collisions and accidents can lead to scratches. This would logically happen because the window glass would crack or shatter if stray objects or another car crashed into them. With that said, we recommend in the extreme cases to leave it to the professionals for repairing tint. Our processes are best used for the tiny chips and streaks.

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Cleanse The Window Once More

After your procedure, you should clean your window to ensure that the product remains are virtually wiped out. You can wash your window normally and check if there is any part remaining with a scratch. The result should be precise and uniform glass.You can then create a schedule to reapply the products again.

It is because the products wear off with time from pressure such as heavy downpours. Ensure your window remains intact for the most prolonged time.

Wipe Off The Scratch Remover

Car Window Scratch Repair

Once you are satisfied that you have applied enough remover, the last step is to wipe it off. For this, you will require a soft microfiber cloth and warm water. Do this gently so as not to aggravate the scratch further or add new scratches.

For deeper scratches, you will need to repeat steps 1 through 5 repeatedly. You will notice that the deeper grooves will fade and disappear with time. This requires you to have a lot of patience, so do not rush it.

If you do not see changes to the scratched surface, then you will need to change your fluid. If the problem persists, seek help from a professional.

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Prepare And Apply The Scratch Repair Product

Depending on the repair products youve settled on, you may need to prepare it. This applies to cerium oxide powder, as well as baking soda and white toothpaste, which require a small amount of water to be added into the mix.

The same might apply to some specialty products as well. However, most of these come as a gel-like substance that can be directly administered to the windshield. Be sure to follow any additional instructions listed on the bottle.

For acrylic nail polish or an acrylic-based scratch remover, simply apply, wait for it to dry, and wipe clean.

For the other options, you will have to attach a polishing wheel to a drill. Then, apply the product, and start buffing. The idea is to keep a milky consistency. Too much and youll leave a mess, too little and it may not fill the scratch fully.

Work in circular patterns up and down the scratched area, gently, with limited pressure. Dont buff for too long in one spot either, as it might get hot, in which case you might harm your windshield.

You might have to repeat the process several times, but if it was a light scratch, you should notice it disappear entirely.

How To Remove Scratches From Windshield With Toothpaste

After reading through multiple articles and watching countless YouTube videos I decided that this would probably be the safest option for me because of its multiple recommendations from other users.

This wonderful household item doesn’t just cleanse your teeth but can renew your car window. Here’s how it works:

  • First, make sure you are about to use a toothpaste that is a paste i.e it shouldn’t be gel toothpaste
  • Mix the paste with baking soda if you like
  • Get a moderately wet microfiber rag or cloth and use it to gently clean the car window.
  • Put some toothpaste directly onto the scratch.
  • Use the rag to gently rub over the toothpaste on the scratched area in a circular motion for about 30 seconds
  • Rinse off the toothpaste and dry the surface with a separate rag
  • In case all the scratches are not be gone at once you just have to repeat the process
  • And just like that, your car window is as good as new.

There are also a number of options you could explore such as:

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Choose Your Surface Application Fluid

There are various application fluids you can select to use on your cars glass window. These fluids have varying levels of effectiveness. When used correctly, these fluids can eliminate or conceal scratches.

The surface application fluids that you use include:

Cerium oxide-based products: They are by far the most effective and reliable applicants to use on scratches. Cerium oxide gets in between scratches and binds the glass molecules.

They are also preferable, as cerium oxide is not toxic. The only downside is that it causes mild eye irritation, so be careful when applying it.

Use resin: Resin is also quite effective. The depth of the scratch should determine the type of resin you choose. High-viscosity resin is ideal when dealing with deep scratches. For surface-level scratches, you should use low-viscosity resin.

Acrylic scratch remover: This is an effective and inexpensive solution to eliminating scratches.

Other common scratch removers are toothpaste, silver metal polish, baking soda, and glass etching cream.

How To Remove Scratches From A Windshield

Car Maintenance : How to Get Rid of Scratches on a Car Window

In most cases, minor scratches can be removed from a windshield with relative ease. There are several different methods for completing such a task, with some being better suited to certain situations than others.

The following are a few of the most common ways to remove scratches from a windshield.

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Option : Detailing Clay

If your glass isnt crystal clear after scrubbing it with a car wash solution, break out some detailing clay and a lubricating spray. These synthetic clays are remarkably good at removing embedded contaminants from your glass just like they do with your clear coat! Spray a 1 x 1 area of the glass with lubricant and wipe back and forth with the clay. Continue this process until youve cleaned the entire window. Follow that up with a glass cleaner, like In & Out Fine Mist Glass Cleaner, and a clean microfiber cloth and check your work.

If you STILL have stubborn smears or embedded materials, its time to break out the big guns.

How To Repair Window Tint Scratches

No one likes window tint scratches. That telltale sign of light window on a car or truck tells us that we need to make a repair. We are more likely to see them with darker tints since lighter spots will appear marking the scratches. They are a sign of damage, which no person wants to note on their car windows.

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Smear The Repair Product On The Surface Of Scratch

When you are using cerium oxide, ensure you wear protective clothing effectively. It causes mild irritation when it touches bare skin. It would help if you also worked outside where there is enough flow of oxygen. Smear the compound on the surface of the scratch. It is easy to apply when it is in a tube since you need to press to release the product and apply it all over the area.

After applying, you can smear the slurry paste with a microfiber cloth. Dont use too much pressure when spreading, be gentle but firm to ensure the product gets into the crevice effectively. The product should dry on the surface to be hard and clear for proper visibility. You will also need to buff the surface with a buffing machine or pad.

The buffing process should start from slow-rising your way up steadily. Fill the surface more and more as you continuously buffer to reach a clear and smooth surface with no crack. The buffing pad edges should align to the scratch as you carry out the process.Please leave it to dry before you embark on doing any other thing to the surface of the window. The period of rest is about 20-30 minutes.

Using An Acrylic Scratch Remover Windshield

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An acrylic scratch remover will cover the scratch with a light but impenetrable layer. This formula seeps through the cracks and small gaps plus will keep small scratches from becoming worse.

  • Clean the affected area

Clean the affected area with a soft cloth. Some dirt and dust will surely be found in the cracks so use a soft brush to remove these.

  • Apply the acrylic scratch remover on the area follow package instructions

Read the instructions on how to apply the acrylic scratch remover on the cracks and scratches. Apply accordingly.

  • Wait till the area is dry

Dry the affected area by just letting your car remain under the sun. Don’t use a hairdryer or blower.

  • Buff the area well

Use a soft cloth to buff the area. Be patient until you have attained a clean and clear window or windshield. Use a separate cloth to buff the area to perfection.

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