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How To Get Mildew Smell Out Of Car Carpet

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Create A Homemade Anti

Removing NASTY mildew smell from your car’s interior- Steps, products and tips!

A homemade anti-mildew spray can be created from apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil or grape seed extract mixed with water and a small portion of dish detergent. Mix 4 teaspoon spoon of apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil or grape seed extract, with a half teaspoon of dish detergent and 3 cups of water within a household spray bottle. Once created, spray down the affected areas of the automobile, ensuring that they are sufficiently covered within the solution. As a final step, ensure that windows are cracked to provide for a faster drying timetable. Although all three options are antifungal, apple cider vinegar is far less expensive than opting to use either tea tree oil or grape seed extract.

Get A Professional Cleaning

When other methods fail to completely remove the offending mold odor inside your automobile, turn to a professional to get the job done. It may cost anywhere from $20 to $80, depending on how thorough a detailing your vehicle requires, but the smell will be gone and your driving experience greatly improved.

Once you have finally rid yourself of mold odors, take action to prevent them from recurring. This is best done by promptly repairing any leaks, keeping your vehicle clean in general, and performing routine maintenance on your air conditioning system. On sunny days, you may also periodically leave your windows down to allow fresh air to circulated throughout your automobile’s interior to keep odors at bay.

Quick Answer: How To Get Mildew Smell Out Of Car

How to Remove Mold and Smoke Car Smells Vacuum All Car Surfaces before Starting. Prior to steaming, thoroughly vacuum all interior areas, including the door panel. Baking Soda. Using a Powerful Car Steam Cleaner. Use Mild Detergent. Apply Distilled White Vinegar. Repeat Cleaning.

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Prevent Car Smells From Car Smells

Now that your car is clean and fresh, mold and mildew evicted, how do you keep musty smells from returning? Because mold needs heat, humidity, and food, eliminating these will keep mold and mildew from moving back in.

  • Be Unhospitable Make your vehicle as unhospitable to mold and mildew as possible. To reduce humidity, repair water problems and dont leave anything wet in your vehicle. Leave the air conditioning system in fresh air mode when parking the vehicle to allow for air circulation. In rain, snow, and mud seasons, all-weather floor mats keep most water from soaking into the carpets. Keeping your car clean inside and out is the best way to help it last longer and stay fresher. Our convenient travel size Turtle Wax Power Out! Odor-X Pump Kinetic is great for occasional touch-ups.

Truly, the sense of smell is a wonder, with which we can smell the morning brew, evening snifter, significant other, even detect danger. Car smells can be pleasing or displeasing, too, but using the right products can eliminate musty smells from your car and prevent mildew smells from returning.

Still Have Questions About Your Carpet Smelling Bad After Cleaning

How To Get Mildew Smell Out Of Carpet : How To Get The Wet ...

In summary, if your carpet is smelly after cleaning, or just smelly in general, its probably best to hire a professional carpet cleaning company. MSS Cleaning comprises a team of experts that can handle all kinds of smelly carpet issues.

We provide carpet cleaning in Littleton,Centennial and all across the Greater Denver Area. Give us a call or shoot us an email. Wed be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

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What Can I Do To Treat Water Damage

Luckily, the bad smell that lurks in your upholstery after an instance of water damage is treatable. There are many small, practical steps you yourself can take to minimize the scent and improve the overall atmosphere of your home.

These include:

  • Leaving all the doors and windows open after an instance of water damage unless its raining! Airflow running through your home will help alleviate the scent and speed the drying process.
  • Use a dehumidifier. These can stop the spread of mold and mildew by removing excess moisture from the air.
  • Spritz the area with a mixture of water and vinegar to remove bacteria.
  • These will somewhat help alleviate the problems caused by water damage, but alone theyre not enough.

Clean With A Tornador

An alternative method of cleaning the interior of your vehicle is with a Tornador, a professional detailing tool that sprays a high-pressure cleaning fog using compressed air. Of course this requires an air compressor, but the Tornador is much easier to use than the cumbersome shampooer. Simply fill the tool with a cleaning agent like Purple Power, Simple Green, or a dedicated upholstery cleaning liquid. Slowly spray the fog over every square inch of carpet and upholstery, and repeat as necessary until thoroughly clean. Then simply vacuum the interior with an ordinary household or shop vacuum.

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The Importance Of A Clean Car Interior

Because you spend a good amount of time in your vehicles interior, cleaning it regularly makes for a better driving experience.

Just like a tidy home, a well-kept car interior is a nice place to unwind and enjoy the view.

And besides looking nice, an orderly interior helps prevent unappealing odors from forming so that you and your passengers can ride in comfort.

Standard methods for deep cleaning your vehicles interior include:

  • Removing loose items.
  • Vacuuming the floor mats and upholstery.
  • Wiping down hard plastic surfaces.
  • Removing pet hair from the back seat.
  • Using glass cleaner on the car windows.

Buying a used vehicle can save you thousands versus purchasing a new car. But finding a used vehicle thats clean and well-cared for can be a hassle. Even if an advertisement looks nice, how can you know a used car isnt hiding mechanical or cosmetic issues? Shifts certified mechanics perform extensive 150-point inspections on every car and have complete vehicle history reports, so you know your used car feels as good as new. Shifts website has a large selection of fully inspected vehicles located across the country that are ready to go. The website is user-friendly, and youll be able to find various makes and models to suit your needs and budget. Want to take a test drive before you buy? If you live in one of Shifts many service areas, a concierge will drive to you, letting you get a feel for the looks and performance before signing the papers.

How To Remove Mildew Smells From Car Upholstery

How to deep clean car carpets- Mold, Mildew, Heavy stains GONE!!

If you discovered mildew in your car and removed it but are still plagued by lingering mildew odor, it can be unpleasant to spend time sitting in your car. Mildew in your car’s upholstery leaves a musty, damp odor reminiscent of a smelly, old basement. Because your car is closed up when not in use, it can make the mildew odor smell even stronger. Supplies found around the home can help effectively remove the smell of mildew in your car, rather than just covering up the odor.

Step 1

Pour undiluted white vinegar into a spray bottle. Spray nonfabric upholstery sections, such as vinyl or leather, with the vinegar and wipe down. Vinegar is a natural cleaner and deodorizer.

Step 2

Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda over cloth or fabric upholstery. Work the baking soda into the fibers of the upholstery with a soft scrub brush. Leave the baking soda to sit on the upholstery overnight so it can absorb lingering mildew odor.

Step 3

Vacuum the baking soda from your car’s upholstery. Leave the windows open for the remainder of the day, weather permitting or in an open garage, so fresh air can circulate through your automobile.

Spray your auto upholstery with a disinfectant spray. This will remove any last odor as well as kill any lingering odor-causing mildew.



Things You’ll Need

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Dry Up Any Moisture Using Your Cleaning Rags And Wet/dry Vacuum Cleaner

If you find the mildew smell is coming from your air conditioning unit, remove the filter.

You can find the filter by opening the front cover of your air conditioning unit.

Then, use your cleaning rags to remove any excess moisture.

You can also turn on your heat to eliminate excess moisture.

If you find signs of moisture in your carpet or trunk, use your cleaning rags and wet/dry vacuum to remove it.

I recommend first removing everything you can remove from your car: mats, upholstery, carpet, etc.

After you have wiped them down and cleaned them with your rug cleaner, set them aside to dry in the sun if possible because the sun has mildew-fighting properties.

Pro tip: Removing the mats, upholstery, and carpets allow you to clean these parts while also making it easier to clean other areas you cannot remove from your car.

Old Or Weak Machines Dont Suck Up Enough Water

For homes, its not uncommon for a professional carpet cleaner to apply as much as 25-50 gallons of water. In a normal situation, the vacuum in the truck mounted machine extracts 90-95% of this water back out, leading to quick dry times.

But, either due to operator error , inferior beat up old equipment, or modern cheap equipment, that extraction phase doesnt get out as much water as it should. This over-wetting is also common with the rental machines people rent from the grocery or hardware stores.

Obviously were biased, but you should always get your carpets cleaned by a professional vs. a do it yourself option to avoid these issues. Another option is to try using baking soda to deodorize your carpets.

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Sometimes You Need Extra Expertise

There are probably half a dozen things you could be doing instead of caring for your cars surfaces. CeramicPro meticulously educates and certifies every auto detailer, nanoceramic coating specialist, window tinter, and paint protection film installer in their national network of professionals. With CeramicPro, youll get world-class service, expertise, and exclusive products that take your cars appearance and protection to the next level.

Water Damage Causing Microbial Growth

DIY Cleaner for getting mildew out of your carpet! # ...

Typically when we get called to a home to investigate a complaint that a carpet smells musty or moldy its because well, its moldy. We dont like to use the word mold since technically that can take many forms. Instead, we prefer to use the phrase suspected microbial growth so as not to overgeneralize.

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How Can I Prevent A Mildew Smell In My Car

Mildew smell is easy to prevent if you do regular maintenance and car cleaning.

The most crucial part is that you limit the amount of standing moisture in your car.

Clean up spills as quickly as possible.

Mildew thrives in moist environments, so the less moisture you have, the less chance you have of mildew smell developing in your car.

Odor Absorber Or Rug Shampoo

If the mildew smell is coming from your carpets or upholstery, I recommend using an odor absorber or a rug shampoo to get that mildew smell out.

These products clean your carpet and upholstery while also getting rid of the smell.

If you find yourself in this situation, try Natures Miracle Deep-Cleaning Stain and Odor Remover

Natures Miracle can be used alone or with a carpet cleaner.

Its phosphate-free and gets wonderful reviews on Amazon.

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Always Keep Your Carpet Clean:

A carpet that does not get cleaned regularly is the perfect home for mildew. Therefore, maintain a regular cleaning routine for your carpet. Brush off dust and debris from it regularly to keep the area clear.

An effective way to keep mildew in check through cleaning is to vacuum weekly. This way, you can get rid of any mildew developing under your carpet before that musty smell begins to spread. When possible, always sun-dry properly after cleaning.

Three: Use A Spray To Get Rid Of Ac Smells

DIY: How to dry a wet car carpet and remove mold smell, less than $5

Now, its time to tackle the air conditioner. Wed recommend picking a nice and sunny day to get this job done and give your car the best chance of a full recovery! Begin by starting your car and turning on the air conditioning unit to run the fan on high with the windows open.Youll need a commercial odour eliminating spray from your local car accessory store. Take your odour eliminator and locate the cowl of your car which is usually just below the windscreen and the bonnet. This is where your car intakes air when you turn the air conditioning on.Spray a large quantity into the vents while your air conditioner is running at a medium heat.Switch the air conditioner onto high heat and rinse and repeat, spraying the same area again. This will get rid of the mould spores that are growing in the areas that are near-impossible to reach manually.

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Can You Put Baking Soda On A Wet Carpet

Its really straightforward all you need to do is sprinkle a generous among of baking soda over your wet carpet and let it sit. The baking soda not only absorbs moisture, but itll also absorb any nasty odours. This tactic is an easy, affordable way of drying a carpet if all youre dealing with is a small patch.

Investigate Cause Of Mildew

Mildew grows in damp conditions, so where is the moisture coming from? Most often, water enters your vehicle through the weatherstripping around the windows and doors. Sunlight, age, and normal wear and tear all contribute to leaky weatherstripping, allowing water to enter your car and soak into the carpet and upholstery. If your vehicle is older and operated during harsh winters with road salt, also check the condition of the undercarriage where rust holes could be allowing water to enter the interior from underneath. Don’t forget to check the trunk for water leaks as well. If everything checks out, and the interior is dry, suspect the air conditioning vents, where condensation can form and allow water to pool. If that is the case, run the heater at full blast as often as possible to thoroughly dry the vents and the odor will vanish with time.

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Deodorizing Your Carpet Why Is It Important

You need to deodorize your carpet from time to time. It is best for you to deodorize your carpet at least once per two weeks to keep the carpet clean and free from any bacteria, viruses, and other problems. Deodorizing the carpet can also help you with preventing the musty smell in your carpet, as it will prevent any mold and mildew from growing on the carpet surface. Its also easy to do, so you dont need to do various complicated steps just to keep your carpet fresh.

Deodorizing your carpet should become one of your carpet cleaning routines. Here are some benefits when you keep a schedule to deodorize your carpet:

  • No more unpleasant smell. You can prevent your carpet from producing any unpleasant odor, including a musty smell.
  • No more dangerous viruses and bacteria. You can kill viruses and bacteria from your carpet and prevent them from becoming a risk to your health and well-being.
  • Getting rid of the bed bugs. You can also prevent bed bugs from breeding inside the carpet fabrics.
  • Keep the carpet fresh. You can keep the smell of the carpet fresh throughout the week.
  • Keeping your home environment healthy. By deodorizing your carpet, you can also keep the home environment free from any health risks, because carpets are one of the most common sources of viruses and bacteria at home.

Apply Vinegar Water Mixture To The Carpet

How To Get Mold Out Of Car Carpet : 3 Ways to Get Rid of ...

To remove mildew and musty smells, apply a mixture of vinegar and water to the affected area of the carpet.

Vinegar is a great home remedy for absorbing stubborn odors. Depending on the amount of mildew on the carpet, mix one cup of white vinegar for every two cups of water. Add the mixture to a spray bottle and spritz the carpet, creating a light, misty layer. Just keep in mind that too much of the mixture can trigger additional mold growth.

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Don’t Neglect The Engine Bay

Sometimes unpleasant smells can emanate from the engine due to dirt and grime build-up. These smells can migrate to the cabin through vents. Cleaning the engine with a steam cleaner followed by a degreaser and a water rinse can eliminate the chances of those smells settling on door panels and other interior areas. Finish by wiping down with a microfiber cloth.

Learn How To Get Rid Of Car Mildew For Good

Wondering how to get rid of car mildew? While there are a number of ways to remove this blight, and make your interior look and smell like new, it turns out the best way to fight the nasty odors and stains that come with mildew is to do your best to prevent it from ever getting a toehold in your vehicle in the first place. With this in mind, here are some tips to help you both prevent and deal with mildew in your automobile.

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