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Where To Get Car Stereo Installed

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How To Install A Replacement Car Stereo

Car stereo installation tools of the trade you may want to get

Get off the installation price for any pair of car stereo speakers. Want to be able to play music through bluetooth and haven t had the time to go there yet.

Help Advice Halfords Car Audio Fitting Installation Service Halfords Car Audio Fitting Installation Service. Car Stereo Installation Car Audio Speaker Installation Pep Boys Fast, reliable car stereo installation. I am looking at purchasing a new car stereo in the car. Which are more affordable and easier to install, and component speakers, which.

Auto Electronics m Best Seller XO Vision XD107BT Car Stereo MP3FM Receiver with Bluetooth. At Pep Boys, our car audio installation experts can make the right connections and fine-tune your system for incredible. Replace Your Car Stereo in Steps Popular Mechanics Nov 2012. Audio Express: Car Audio Lowest Installed Price Guaranteed Audio Express the car audio superstore for Car Stereos, Car Alarms, Amplifiers, Subwoofers, Speakers, Marine Audio, Remote Start, Navigation, Backup. How to Install a Replacement Car Stereo Having a car stereo without a CD in today s age player can suck.

Backup Camera System with LCD Screen by Rear View Safety Backup Camera System with LCD Screen by Rear View Safety Color.

Advice On Finding The Best Place To Buy A Car Stereo

Everyone whether its the average car owner who just wants a simple upgrade or the person looking to build a sweet sounding, multi-channel system deserves the best for their money. And I hate seeing good people get ripped off or getting terrible advice from salespeople.

Its very important to be well-informed when trying to figure out the best place to buy a car stereo.

Unfortunately, theres still a good chance you could make a mistake. My goal is to give you a solid, helpful understanding of the different places you might buy a car stereo.


  • The best choice
  • How Much Does Car Stereo Installation Cost At Walmart

    You can get a standard stereo installed for roughly $64.99, and a subwoofer can be installed for $44.99.

    Advanced stereos that include Bluetooth and/or GPS, cost roughly $100 to install.

    The installation prices do not include the cost of the car stereo.

    Installation may also vary based on your type of car.

    Keep in mind that Walmart also sells self-install kits for car stereos if you feel like taking on the task yourself.

    The kits only cost about $5 to $10.

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    Reviews From Our Customers

    Bob Byerly,

    Great shop with amazing customer service. Travis is a great person to work with, and goes above and beyond to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your choices. I highly recommend Freemans and Travis. You wont be disappointed!

    Jenny McClain,

    Excellent service and knowledge. Ive enjoyed interacting with each employee I talked with. They are all very helpful, nice and do great work. Im completely satisfied with my stereo and speaker install. Looking forward to more upgrades in other areas of my vehicle:)

    Seth Martin,

    The manager Joel is a great down to earth guy, he has answers for every question you have. I will always recommend to Friends and family. They are awesome.

    Latonya Archie,

    Was in and out in less than 45 mins! My radio had been out almost a year! They did what 2 others said couldnt be done! Freemans is the REAL DEAL!

    Brian Heslin,

    Freemans Car Stereo performed a great job on my daughters FJ Cruiser. They replaced the radio with a radio with screen and added a backup camera. We had to be creative with the camera placement and they worked with me to figure it out. Robert was great and Wes is really a conscientious guy that takes pride in his work. Highly recommend this place.

    Sean Souvanna,

    Great window tinting on my altima done by Mike! Best prices and quality around!

    David Duncan,

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    How Can I Save Money

    Professional Car Audio Installation in Prosper, TX 75078

    Larger companies, such as Best Buy, often offer a low cost or even free stereo installation if you purchase the stereo directly from them. It doesnt hurt to ask the retailer if there are any promotions going on when you make your purchase.

    Purchasing from reputable online retailers like Crutchfield make it easy to do the installation on your own since they provide all of the necessary installation equipment and step-by-step instructions.

    Advertising Disclosure: This content may include referral links. Please read our disclosure policy for more info.

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    How The Car Stereo Retail World Has Changed

    Things have changed remarkably when it comes to the products available for car audio electronics as well as the way you can buy them. 15-20 years ago buying items online was nearly unheard of and unless you lived near a big city it was hard to find brand name speakers, car stereos, amplifiers, and accessories.

    Why Do You Need A Good Car Stereo

    If you have to travel quite a long way every day, then travelling might become a chore. Driving alone is a tiresome job, and driving alone in an age-old car without a stereo system is a nightmare. In that case, you need a car audio system that can give you relief from the boredom of driving a long, tedious way alone! If you have a stereo in your car, you can listen to your favourite song during your drive and it will help you forget the time.

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    Car Audio & Electronics

    At Waxwerks & Audio+ in Indianapolis, we specialize in top-of-the-line aftermarket audio and video, from in-dash stereo systems to flip-down DVD players. Among other car electronics, we can also install a hands-free Bluetooth car stereo or a car navigation system for a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.

    When choosing a stereo system, you not only want it to sound amazing, but look amazing too. We use quality components from top manufacturers such as Alpine, Kenwood, Orion and JVC. After completing your car stereo installation, youll enjoy a system with an attractive appearance and superior sound clarity. Our experienced technicians will help you choose the right type of car audio installation for your vehicle and needs, from integrated iPod systems and mp3 player interfaces to standard stereo decks and satellite radio receivers. We customize every job to every customer, to guarantee satisfaction.

    While not a total cure for the dreaded Are we there yet? question from the kids, it can be postponed for a few miles when you install a DVD player. A car DVD installation can be mounted on headrests, made to flip down from the ceiling or can even be installed in the dashboard. For the ultimate in convenience and performance, consider an integrated DVD/CD/radio/GPS system. And if you use your vehicle for business, consider video installation for quick sales presentations on the go. We proudly use video equipment from Alpine, Audiovox and Concept manufacturers.

    Car Audio Installation Products

    The Ultimate Car Stereo Installation Guide ~ Upgrade Your Tape Player
  • Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth 2007-14 Dbl DIN Premium Installation Solution w/Interface $104.99
  • 2016-UP Chevrolet Cruze Complete Installation Solution with DDR Interface$254.99
  • VW 2006-15 DBL DIN Premium Installation Solution w/Interface$124.99
  • 2005-14 Ford/Linc/Merc DBL DIN Premium Installation Solution w/Interface $114.99
  • Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth 2005-07 Premium Installation Solution w/Interface $104.99
  • Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth 2004-07 Premium Installation Solution w/Interface$104.99
  • General Motors 2005-16 DBL DIN Premium Installation Solution w/Interface$134.99
  • 2003-12 GM DBL DIN Premium Installation Solution w/Interface$89.99
  • 2006-2013 Lexus IS Double DIN or DIN w/pocket Installation Touchscreen Controls Dash Kit $369.99
  • Harley Davidson Boom Saddle Speaker Adapters $37.99
  • BMW 3-Series 1997-01 Complete Installation Solution $21.99
  • GMC/Chevrolet Full Size 1988-94 Truck GRAY Complete Installation Solution $24.99
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    Final Thoughts The Best Place To Buy A Car Stereo

    If youre here its because youre more than likely planning to buy a car stereo online. That being said, in my opinion, online-only sellers overall give you much more value, research value, and better model options than buying anywhere else.

    Shipping speeds and costs have improved over the years, too.

    I dont generally recommend visiting retail stores for buying an item unless the cost is comparable to online pricing and/or you need it right away.

    Ive generally been pretty disappointed with the number of items in stock as well as the buying process. It takes a while and is just a big turn off.

    Sonic Electronix is one of the best online sellers to buy a car stereo from, but Crutchfield also offers far more application guides, product overviews, customer service, and basic information for customers that no one else does.

    However, the problem is that their overhead for the paper sales catalog, the dedicated staff, and so on means that the prices are often much higher than at places like Ive seen car stereos sell for $50-$69 higher, for example!

    Therefore I cant recommend Crutchfield as the best place.

    Best Car Stereo Installation Service In Las Vegas Nv


    Car Stereo Installation At Mobile Auto Truck Repair Las Vegas

    Car Stereo Installation Service near Las Vegas NV:Looking to enhance your driving experience? Then a new car audio/video system from Mobile Auto Truck Repair Las Vegas is just what you need! Whether you want to upgrade your factory car audio system or build a custom car stereo from scratch, our team is the answer youâve been looking for. We provide professional car audio electronics products and installation for drivers in and around Las Vegas NV, and our qualified technicians are here to make sure you always have access to awesome tunes while youâre behind the wheel. With over years of experience to rely on, weâre your source for the best in car stereos and mobile audio equipment. Call us today to learn more!

    When you turn to Mobile Auto Truck Repair Las Vegas for your mobile audio system, you can expect nothing but amazing results. We can outfit cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, and even boats with high-quality mobile electronics. While weâre an authorized dealer for many types of components, weâre also happy to install products that youâve bought elsewhere. Providing service thatâs above and beyond most car audio shops, Mobile Auto Truck Repair Las Vegas is here to make sure our customers benefit from careful, correct installation workmanship.

    Better Sound From Your Car Audio With A Premium Sound System

    Better Control Of Your Car Sound System And Speakers

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    How Much Does It Cost To Install A Car Stereo From Walmart

    If you book an appointment with InstallerNet through the Walmart website, though, a standard installation will cost you$64.99.

    However, if you want a more high-tech stereo in your car, such as Bluetooth or in-built navigation, the installation will cost closer to$100.

    Additionally, prices can vary depending on the car stereo you want, specific locations, and your type of car.

    Professional Car Stereo And Alarm Installation Car Toys

    What is the cost of a Car Stereo installation?

    Hotel in Orlando, FL The Clarion Inn Suites At International Drive hotel in Orlando, FL is near. Inc in Freeport, ME 12Us Route Freeport, ME Superpages 12Us Route Freeport ME 04032. KICKER provides the best bass for the buck with the KICKER Comp Subwoofer all the legendary. Navigation Alpine 9-Inch In-Dash Restyle System with Optional Accessory Control. OE Aftermarket Throttle Cable at Auto Parts Warehouse Hard to find oe aftermarket Throttle Cables?

    Originally telecast on November 197 That Certain Summer was the first TV). Pioneer Avic X9115bt Double Din Navigation Bluetooth Sears Pioneer AVIC -7200NEX In Dash Double Din Touchscreen DVD Navigation. RCA RS Disc CD Audio System w AMFM Radio Sears.

    Richard Son Speaker Dock for SIRIUS and XM Dock Play Radios and XMpRadios. Self Adhesive Anti Glare Auto Window Tinting Film for Car Windshield. Sound Off Audio specializes in manufacturing quality speaker boxes Made in the.

    TV Portable DVD Players for Kids m Shop for TV Portable DVD Players for Kids in Electronics for Kids. Tell us more about your Scion to see stereos, speakers, and subwoofers that fit. The Zeus powered a number of subs until I settled on the Treo SSi 12.

    There is many more option that you can choose, Please feel free to contact us at we will. Typical sensitivity for a PA loudspeaker is to 1dB-SPLwattmeter). Using technology from the JBL professional audio division, this sub.

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    What Tools Are Required For Car Audio Installation

    We use a wide array of tools and test equipment during any car audio installation. There are, of course, the basics one would expect, such as screwdrivers, socket sets and wire cutters. Today, the variety of those tools required to work on all makes and models of vehicles is often well beyond what you will find in the toolboxes of even the most die-hard DYI car audio fans.

    We use a wide variety of specialized panel-removal tools along with electronic test equipment like oscilloscopes, vehicle electrical system testers scan tools and vehicle platform-specific programmers Real Time Audio Analyzers phase testing tools Sound Pressure Level meters and more.

    We also subscribe to a number of vehicle information databases, manufacturer databases and integration procedure-specific databases for the vehicles and products in use. Some of these cost us thousands of dollars to subscribe to annually, but we consider them an investment a must to properly and safely perform a car stereo installation on your modern car or truck.

    Best Audio Installation Near Me

    55 W Beaver Creek, Richmond Hill, ON


    Serving Brampton and the Surrounding Area


    Serving Scarborough and the Surrounding Area


    Serving Toronto and the Surrounding Area


    Serving Unionville and the Surrounding Area


    265 Edward Street, Aurora, ON


    55 W Beaver Creek, Richmond Hill, ON


    Serving Scarborough and the Surrounding Area


    Serving Brampton and the Surrounding Area


    Serving Toronto and the Surrounding Area


    Serving Unionville and the Surrounding Area


    265 Edward Street, Aurora, ON


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    How Much Does Car Stereo Installation Cost

    The cost of installing a car stereo will depend on the type of stereo, the complexity of the installation job and which professional/company you choose. On average, car stereo installation, without the car stereo, is going to range anywhere from $0 if you purchase directly from a company during a promotion to as much as $300 for an advanced receiver that may require more wiring than usual. Most basic installs, however, will be about $40 to $80.

    For instance, Best Buys Geek Squad charges $65 for a car deck installation and another $65 if you need standards speakers installed. This wont include the hardware.

    Frys Electronics, at the time of this writing, had a free basic installation promotion going on, but when this promotion isnt going on, the costs are similar to Best Buy.

    Does Walmart Install Car Stereos

    How To Install A Car Stereo

    Its not enough to buy a car stereo, but you also need to get the new stereo installed.

    You can go to a specialty store, but what if you need to buy household items while you wait for the employees to install the stereo?

    Walmart definitely has an auto parts section, but does the retailer install car stereos?

    We answer all your questions about if you can get a car stereo installed in your car at Walmart.

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    Comparing Places To Buy And Recommendations

    In order to keep it simple, Ill focus on the 3 main categories today, and because its not as simple as this is the best place to shop for one Ill explain the pros and cons of each. I feel confident this will give you a better understanding of where to being shopping based on what your goals and budget are.

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    Big Box Retail Stores

    Major retail stores make it easy to buy a car stereo the same day, but salespeople generally arent reliable for good advice and questions. Also, prices are often ok but still not as competitive as major sources like Amazon. People today often use them as a showroom before buying at an online-only retailer!

    Stores like Frys Electronics and Best Buy offer more mid-tier or low-tier products than small shops generally do. Therefore you can walk in, buy a budget car stereo, and walk out and install it yourself the same day. Most medium-to-large size locations like these also offer installation service and

    However, in my experience theyre not very knowledgeable. Installation services are available and some may offer free installation unlike like smaller shops but the labor quality isnt on par with reputable small shops.

    Ive had customers I did work for tell me the recommendations that salespeople have made, and they were totally wrong, or not at all what the best choice would be for the customer.

    Also, chain stores do have moderately and well-priced selections, but are still somewhat limited.

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