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How To Get New Car Smell

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Choosing The Right Scents

What is ‘New Car Smell?

Once your vehicle has undergone a good cleaning and youre starting to avoid keeping smelly items in the vehicle, the final step is to find the desired scent for your car. You can choose a scent that you like best, and then get it in a few different forms. Were talking sprays, clip-on vent air fresheners, and even those little trees that everyone hangs from their mirror.

The tree air fresheners are best kept in an area that has a lot of air circulation. The vent/dashboard fresheners are great options as well because they make direct contact with the airflow of your car. This can help generate more aroma in the interior.

Sprays are another option to improve ensure your vehicles clean smell is long-lasting. You may want to try a good-smelling aerosol freshener or even a perfume you like. Keep in mind, this is not a permanent solution. It helps to eliminate bad odours in a pinch, but are generally not long-lasting.

Our final suggestion is to try placing scented items throughout the vehicle. Sometimes placing a small candle under a few seats can make a difference and last quite a long time. Other items like solid fresheners also help to do the trick and can usually be found at your local dollar store.

How Do I Replicate New Car Smell

So now that you know that new car smells can be toxic and contain VOCs that you shouldnt breathe in. What if you enjoy the smell of new cars? What should you do then?

After that new car smell has left your vehicle there isnt much that you can do to bring that new car smell back again. But one way that you can try to replicate that new car smell is by spraying a new car fragrance inside of your car to try to simulate that new car smell.

Chemical guys has a spray that is meant to smell like the inside of a new car but the reviews seem to be mixed on if the smell is close to that new car smell or not. But its cheap enough that its worth giving a shot if you want your car to smell like a new car again.

Chemical guys new car spray

Another option is using an odor bomb that is designed to smell like new cars. An odor bomb will come in a can that is designed to spray mist into the air while inside of the car with the air conditioner on and the windows up. That mist would then be circulated throughout the car in an effort to make the car smell like a new car again.

Ive personally not ever used an odor bomb in my vehicles but Ive heard that these will work for a while but then after a few days the smell will begin to fade.

Meguiar whole car air freshener

These attach to the vents on the dash of your car and will circulate that new car smell throughout the car as you use the AC or heat of your vehicle.

What Are These Chemicals

When tested, the largest group of chemicals were Volatile Organic Compounds , including alkanes, ketones, benzenes, and aldehydes. These airborne particles are emitted by petroleum-based products and, importantly, are considered air pollutants. When tested, as many as fifty different VOCs were found in the air inside some new cars!

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Coffee Grounds Odor Absorber

Fresh coffee grounds can be used to absorb the new car smell in your vehicle. All you need to do is place them in a shallow dish on the floor of the car. Leave them in place for several days. Stir them every so often to help speed up the process. Remove the coffee grounds as soon as you stop smelling the new car stank.

Crack The Window Open At Night

How To Keep That New Car Smell

This solution wont work very well if you leave your car parked on the street. If have a secure garage for your car, leave your windows rolled down slightly when you park your car at night. Letting some extra ventilation get into your car can help speed up the off-gassing process and get the smell out.

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How To Get Back That New Car Smell

There is always a certain amount of excitement that comes with buying a new car. You have a brand new set of wheels, youve probably picked a gorgeous color and of course there are the enhancements that you added like XM radio, a DVD player and built-in GPS system. But you know what you are really excited for is the fact that you get to enjoy that new car smell for the next week or two. You are already dreading the moment when you open your car door and get behind the wheel only to discover that the wondrous new car smell has vanished. Nows your chance to get it back again, just follow these simple steps.

  • Start by taking care of your new car from the get-go. Be careful about the other types of scents that you bring into your car. The stronger scents you allow into your car, the quicker the new car smell will disappear. Scents that you should avoid in particular include cigarette smoke, fast food and coffee. All of these items have their own distinct scent that they bring along with them, and they will fight off and mask the odor of the new car quicker than anything else. For the time being, enjoy your new car by yourself without inviting these smelly guests along with you.

Fabric Refresher Spray Fix

Spray the interior of your car with Febreze or another brand of fabric refresher spray. Give the soft surfaces a light misting of the spray. Some people find that they experience headaches if they inhale a lot of this type of product. Parking the car inside a garage with the windows down after applying the fabric refresher spray can help to speed the process along if you want to get rid of the new car smell more quickly.

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Vodka And Water Solution

Mix up a solution of vodka and water to mist the new car smell out of your car. Dont use expensive liquor for this purpose cheap stuff will do. Use two parts water to one part vodka. Put it into a spray bottle and give the upholstery and carpet in your car a light misting. Allow it to dry and the stank should evaporate along with the alcohol content in the spray.

What Is New Car Smell It Is Not Always Healthy


We love the smell, but it might not be all good news…

In recent years, health organizations have been investigating the source of this scent, and its potential health effects. Most car interiors are made from a combination of plastics and synthetic fabrics, held together with glues and sealants. Its these materials that produce that distinctive smell. Even premium interiors finished in wood and leather will have plenty of synthetic components hiding behind the scenes. For the first few months of a vehicles life, these substances slowly release a gassy cocktail of chemicals into the cars cabin. That addictive scent is, in reality, the smell of plastic and glue breathing.

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Are The Chemicals Harmful

There is some debate about the chemicals toxicity. However, Jeff Gearhart, the research director at the Ecology Center, stated that automobiles function as chemical reactors, creating one of the most hazardous environments we spend time in.

In another study, the Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organization reported VOC levels of 64mg per m3 of interior space. Among the chemicals found were the known carcinogen benzene, and the possible carcinogens cyclohexanone and styrene. CSIRO reports that humans can start to feel negative effects, such as headaches drowsiness nausea respiratory distress and eye, nose, and throat irritation from levels as low as 10mg per m3!

Of course, we have all spent some time in new cars and most of us havent ever felt these symptoms. Unless you are particularly sensitive to chemicals, then youre unlikely to notice the effects. That said, even if we dont notice an immediate impact, high concentrations are still a potential health risk.

The good news is that the high levels of VOCs and other chemicals dont last for long. Studies show that the quantity of airborne chemicals in a cars cabin decreases drastically within just a few weeks of purchase. CSIRO found that the concentration was around 30x lower after six weeks, and around 40x lower after six months.

Zeolite Powder The Smell Out

Go to a health food store and buy some zeolite powder. It is a porous mineral that is used for a number of applications, including manufacturing cat litter, laundry detergents, and as a soil treatment. Put it in a special breather bag and hang it up in your car. It will absorb the new car smell without adding any new fragrance to your ride.

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Clean The Vents And Change The Air Filters

It sounds obvious, but its easy to forget about the ventilation system!

Your cars interior can be spotless, but if the air-con is fuzzed up with dust and mold, then that musty smell will follow you everywhere.

Turn the air on full blast to dislodge any extra particles and give all the vents a good vacuuming. Then spray and wipe down with Torque Detail Intra Clean. A microfiber cloth on a thin stick can be useful for getting into all the tiny gaps in the air vents.

Next, check out your air filter. It will be hidden away, so consult the owners manual, and if its dirty then get a replacement.

Why Air Fresheners Dont Work

How to remove the smoke smell from your cars upholstery ...

Although popular, air fresheners have never really been a solution. Go to any gas station or auto shop and you can find an endless array of dangly cardboard things or bottles of vent-mounted perfume. But, the truth is that they only mask unpleasant smells by overpowering them with an artificial smell. The real underlying problem hasnt gone away.

There are also a number of air fresheners that claim to give your ride that new car smell. Despite their high claims, we have never found them effective! That real, satisfying new car smell is the pure, undiluted scent of new products . Not new perfume with undertones of dirt and mold!

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Run The Bathroom And Kitchen Exhaust Fans

In case you havenât noticed, the key to reducing toxins from accumulating in your home is to get as much outside air moving through your home as possible. In addition to opening some windows and running your furnace fan, run your bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans for a couple of hours a day after you move in, preferably with a window open nearby. Make sure the fans actually vent to the outside and arenât just recirculating air through your home!

Preventing Bad Smells In Your Car

Apart from cleaning the air conditioning system, prevention is the best way to keep your car smelling clean and fresh. Here are some suggestions to make sure you best prevent bad smells in your car:

  • Dont smoke: whether you are a pack-a-day smoker or you go out to your vehicle to have the odd cheeky cig, you shouldnt smoke in the car. It can permeate the cushions of the upholstery and be incredibly difficult to remove. It is one of the biggest complaints when people go to buy a used car and can even be used to lower the price. Even when smoking with the window open, it can be very hard to remove smoke from your car, although not impossible.
  • Dont eat: this is starting to sound like very authoritarian advice, but it is one of the best ways to prevent smells getting into your car. A packet of cookies or a sandwich might not cause a big smell, but their crumbs can drop and lead to one. Hot food, especially spicy food like curry or chile, can get right into your car and be hard to leave. Worse still if if you spill or drop some food. Perhaps the worst culprit when it comes to smells in the car is dairy. If you spill milk or drop some yogurt and forget about it, the smell can be horrendous. It becomes tart and astringent and can be really difficult to remove.
  • Close windows: when you are near an area which smells bad, such as going to the dump or being near a farm, it is always good to close the windows. Smells can get in from outside and can be difficult to get out.

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Re: Is It Possible To Get That New Car Interior Smell

Originally Posted by s14_tat does this one work? Seriously I always wanted someone to invent the “new car” smell flavor that actually works.Just looked it up on amazon and all the customer reviews say that it’s not a particularly bad smelling product but they say it smells absolutely nothing like new car smell.

What Do Car Dealerships Use To Make Car Smell New

How to Remove Interior Odors and Restore The New Car Smell

new carsmellvehiclenew car scentmakecar smell newusingscent

Hereof, how can I make my car smell like new?

How to keep the new car smell

  • Keep your vehicle clean. Detail it often by vacuuming and using a damp cloth to clean the interior plastics.
  • Don’t leave smelly items in it. This goes for wetsuits too, but gym bags, shoes, trash and any food items.
  • Leave eating to the kitchen.
  • No smoking.
  • Leather Conditioner.
  • Beside above, where does the new car smell come from? Anything that is vinyl or plasticthe foam lamination on the seat surface, the plastic on the dash or on the door panelit’s the volatile organic compounds coming out of them that causes that smell.” In other words, without the relationship to a brand new car, the smell would just, you know, smell.

    Moreover, what do car dealerships spray in cars?

    Ozium was created in the 1940s as a sanitizing spray, but it eventually caught on with car people. Dealerships use it to freshen used cars. Car detailers use it. Car owners use it to keep their cars smelling nice.

    How do car dealers get smoke smell out of cars?

    Make sure they dry completely before putting them back in. If the smoke smell isn’t too bad, you may be able to put some sort of odor-absorbing product in the car and let it sit overnight or over the weekend. Products like baking soda, cat litter or vinegar can absorb strong odors like cigarette smoke.

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    What To Make Of It All

    If you are really concerned about inhaling chemicals or are particularly sensitive to pollutants in the air, your best bet is to simply buy used cars! Most of the VOCs in a cars interior fade dramatically over time and only resurface on very hot days when the materials release more fumes than usual.

    One of the best ways that you can avoid exposure is to simply roll your windows down on hot days to allow fresh air to flow into your car. But with car manufacturers taking all these studies into account, its likely that the next generation of drivers wont even have the nostalgic association that connects chemical smells to the excitement and accomplishment of a shiny, brand new car.

    How Long Does New Car Smell Last

    How long the new car smell lasts will completely depend upon how quickly you replace those natural odours coming from the plastic with your own everyday odours. Most consumers would agree that the new car smell lasts for about 4-6 weeks. However, if you want to keep your car smelling fresher for longer, avoid smoking in the car and having frequent take away food.

    Car manufacturers are reducing the number of materials used in vehicles that are based on petroleum, this means that the new car smell we all know and love is on its way out. You may notice that brand new cars do not have as strong new car smell as previously.

    However, many car dealerships appreciate that their customers enjoy the new car smell, and will use air fresheners and sprays specifically designed to smell like the new car smell, but without the volatile organic compounds.

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    What You Can Do To Detox Your New Home

    So, I hope you understand that the new home smell isnât anything to breathe easy about especially if youâve got children. The good news is, there are things you can do to reduce the impact of these chemicals on the health of your home now and for the long-term.

    Here are 6 things you can do to improve the air quality in your new home.

    How To Get The New Car Smell Back

    Why Does My Car AC Smell Like Vinegar? (15 Reasons)

    Here are some proven ways to get your new smell back:

    • Get a professional air conditioner refresh, car dealerships offer this service and this method removes odours which occur in car air conditioning units.
    • Vacuum regularly dirty shoes and food crumbs can cause lingering smells. However, dont use shake-n-vac or any other vacuuming products as these will have their own odour.
    • Wash the interior of the car car mats and seats, use a special car shampoo that is designed to be used on fabric.
    • Take the car to a professional valet, if professional help is needed.

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