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How To Tint Your Car Windows

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Things To Consider When Choosing Window Tint

How To: Properly Apply Window Tint

Think about your motivation, safety and above all your states tint laws before choosing the type and VLT percentage.

  • Windows that are too dark can impact your visibility while driving, especially at night.
  • Blocking UV rays and IR light extends the life of seats, carpets, dash pad and trim.
  • Cooler interiors reduce air conditioning usage, increasing fuel economy.
  • Tinted windows can add appeal and enhance the appearance to your ride.
  • Tinted windows add privacy.

What Are The Different Types Of Window Tints

There are several types, each with specific features, characteristics and properties.

  • Dyed: Mostly used for appearance and privacy.
  • Metalized: Embedded with metallic particles that reflect heat and UV radiation.
  • Hybrid: Combines the best characteristics of dyed and metalized tints.
  • Carbon: Micro layers of polymer and carbon reduce UV and IR.
  • Ceramic: Highest quality and most technologically advanced tint available.

You can purchase window tint pre-cut for your vehicle, or on a roll that you cut to fit.

How To Remove Window Tint From Cars

Note: For a more detailed explanation, please scroll down .Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.What You’ll Need For The Whole Procedure of Removing The Window Tint

Safety always comes first, and you’ll need to make sure that great care and safety tools are being used for protecting yourself and others from any unexpected injuries:

As far as the tools are concerned, you will need the following:

How to Remove Window Tint From CarsCar window tint can protect the inside of your vehicle from sun damage, keep the interior of the car cool on hot summer days, and provide extra protection and securityfor you and your passengers. However, even the best automotive window tint can become discolored or bubbly over time, and high-quality window tint removal on your vehicle can cost hundreds of dollars. Why break the bank paying for window tint removal when you can do it yourself just as effectively? If youre unsure where to start, here are the best methods for removing window tint.

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Make Sure The Windows Are Clear

Before you apply anything to the windows, you should make sure that they are clean and there is no dust or stickers on the windows.

If there are stickers on the inside, make sure that you remove them all because it can mess up the adhesive.

After you clear the window, you should remove anything in your car that could get in the way. Make sure that you also vacuum the inside to get rid of any dust that might get in the way of the tint film.

To learn more about tinting the windows, read this article.

Learn How To Tint Car Windows On Your Own

3 Window Tinting Myths Busted

Learning how to tint car windows on your own can end up saving you a ton of money if you do it correctly.

Whether you get it done by a professional or do it yourself, there are so many benefits to tinting your cars windows.

If you enjoyed this article, make sure you check out the rest of our website for others just like it!

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States Determine Tinting Laws

State laws regulate the level of darkness permitted for auto glass tinting. Window tint laws are created as a safety issue for drivers to see other vehicles better when driving and for law enforcement officers as they approach a car.

When determining how much to tint windows, you must check your states department of motor vehicles to learn about the regulations, such as the legal light transmission levels. Once you determine the levels allowed, you can choose the appropriate window tint film for your car.

State laws specify the level of tint allowed for each window of passenger vehicles. All states have restrictions on tinting applied to front windshields.

Most states limit the amount of tint on a cars windshield or front side windows.

Smooth The Tinting Out

No matter how careful you are laying the film on the glass, youre going to have air bubbles even pros wont get the film on completely smooth right off the bat. But this does mean youll need to smooth the film out before you can call it a day.

Grab a spray bottle and fill it with some hot water. Then spray the hot water over the film. This will make it more pliable and speeds up the smoothing process. Should you have a heat gun around, make sure to use it to get rid of any other bubbles.

Using a hard plastic smoothing card or squeegee, push the bubbles in the film towards the edges of the window. This process gets rid of the air trapped between the window and the film.

Once the film is completely smooth, youre ready to move onto the next window.

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Make Sure Your Measurements Are Accurate

Before you buy your tint, make sure you use a measuring tape and see how much tint you will need.

Make sure you measure it multiple times so that you dont buy too little of it.

Most window tint comes in a roll of all lengths and sizes. Add a little extra to whatever measurement you have so that you make sure you have enough. A good standard is to add an extra two inches for each window.

Familiarize Yourself With The Window Tint Laws On Your Area

How to tint your car windows

Did you know that in Virginia, passenger front side windows can go up to 50% tint percentage? While the rear windows and passenger rear side windows cant go beyond a 35% window tint percentage.

When choosing which window tint percentage is right for your car, its paramount that you look into the legal laws on window tints in your area. The legal window tint percentages vary from one state and country to another.

For instance, the front side windows of sedans must have a visible light transmission of at least 28% in Florida. The backside and rear windows must have a VLT of 15%. Meanwhile, vans and SUVs’ VLT ratings must be 6% for the same windows.

Florida State law also limits the reflectiveness of car windows. For SUVs, vans, and sedans, front-side windows cant have a reflectiveness rating over 25%. As for back-side windows, its reflectiveness rating must be lower than 35%.

Another example is Illinoiss tint law which states that cars should not have a window tint percentage of more than 35% on the back, front, and rear windows. While owners have the freedom to use any tint window percentage on the rear and back-side windows.

Failing to adhere to the legal window tint percentages in your area results in violation tickets. Its also likely that youll have to remove and change your window tint to follow the law. It will cost you more, making it important to research your local area’s window tint regulations.

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Fix The Film On The Glass

After getting the right film size for the window, use a squeegee or spray bottle to add some application fluid. Then, remove the outer layer of the film and place the liquid on the sticky end.

As the adhesive end of the film reacts to pressure, use less force, and stay away from creases and bubbles. By using excess pressure on the film, the film tends to cling to the glass. If you have this issue, you should start from the beginning.

With the film in position, take the squeegee and push the tint on the glass. For this task, try going with even strokes that start from the center and move outwards. But before using the tool, lubricate with the soap solution.

Continue applying the soapy water while stroking the air bubbles and application liquid from the under the film. You should maintain minimum pressure and do not change the direction of the squeegee. As you remove the solution from the tint, the tint will bond with the window.

Do not forget the edges and corners of the windows. To reach these tight spots, cut a piece of another squeegee and make the film to conform to the corners and center.

As you push out the bubbles, increase the pressure gradually. As soon as the bubble and liquid leave the film, the tint will stick entirely with the glass. Besides, you wont see any creases, bubbles, or spaces around the corners.

How To Tint Your Car Windows At Home

If youre looking to add some tint to your vehicles windows but arent sure if you want to spend money on a professional, you might be wondering if you can tint them yourself. Luckily, with the right tools and steps, you can get your vehicles windows tinted in no time. Keep reading to find out how you can tint your car windows at home.

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How To Tint Car Windows For Beginners

For example, if you wanted more security for the back of your car, you might pick a darker tint such as 5% for the rear window.For example, if youre applying a 5% tint to your already 80% tinted windows, youd multiply 5% times 80% for a total of 4%.Front and rear windows have different legal limits.How to tint car windows at home uk diy with heat gun pre cut step by youtube without film spray for beginners professionally rear hot long dark learn remove much australia from a clean window after removal adhesive front auckland adelaide hair dryer get off back bubbles brisbane does it cost bmw tinted utah brampton how tinted can car windows be in.

How to tint car windows with pictures wikihow how to tint car windows with pictures wikihow.How window tinting works a beginners guide in details how to tint car windows made easy my shiny car should i tint my car windows audiomotive 3m.In other words, a 90% vlt means that 90% of light is getting through the window.It helps block ultraviolet rays from creeping in.

Place the tinting over the outside of the window so that it covers the entire window.Remember to clean the rubbers holding the windows in place as well to prevent the transfer of dirt, dust, and grime.Remove any stickers or adhesives from the windows.Roll the window back up before beginning, but leave your car on.

Spray the front of the film with water.Spray the outside of the window with soapy water.Steps find a clean, dry work space.Take a clean rag and dry the window.

Friendly Kia Offers Encouragement During Social Distancing

Considering Car Window Tinting? Here

Take advantage of your time at home by crossing a few things off of your to-do list or your maybe-some-day list. If youve been wanting to tint your Kia vehicles windows, follow these steps to get it done yourself. If you have any questions about the tinting process or how to do it, contact a member of the Friendly Kia team today.

Do you want a tutorial on any other DIY automotive projects or repairs? Let us know below!

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Keeps Your Car Cooler

Car window tinting can also be one of the most affordable ways to keep your car cooler. This is especially important if you live somewhere that’s hot and humid.

Car window tint blocks both ultraviolet and infrared light. Both are responsible for the excess heat inside your car during the hot months. By blocking these rays, car tint makes your car cooler.

With car window tint, you no longer need to wait for the car tint to cool off so you can drive off. You also dont need to run the AC for too long.

Dyed Window Tint Film

The most common, affordable and readily available window tint is dyed film. This has a sticky back to fix it to the window, and then a heat gun is used to stick it properly to the glass. The film appears black from the outside but is relatively clear from within, for good visibility and finish.

  • Pros: Affordable, easy to apply, decent tinted finish.
  • Cons: Dye can fade over time, average-poor cooling effect and UV protection in the summer.

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Clean Up The Windows Using Soapy Water

A deep scrub on the windows using soapy water is the best way to remove all build-up. Sometimes a haze appears on windows, and the only way to remove it is by scrubbing off the build-up with a soft-sided brush or scrub. The haze occurs from a buildup of carbon particles from car exhaust and dust over time.

Dyed Window Tint Cost

How to Tint your Car Windows for $20 like a PRO!

Dyed window tint is the most affordable type of tint you can purchase for your car windows. A dye is used in the creation process thats added to a layer next to the adhesive, which is then applied to your vehicles windows. The suns UV rays will more quickly cause the tints dye to fade. Over time your tint will look purple, brown, or turn completely transparent.

Dyed window tint is cheap to purchase because there isnt any advanced technology that is used to improve the performance of this type of tint. In addition, due to its poor functioning and durability, and common bubbling problems, dyed window tint has to be replaced more frequently than ceramic window tint does.

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Window Tint Law Exemptions

Many states provide car window tinting exemptions for drivers who have a legitimate medical or vision-related need to limit their exposure to sunlight. For example, a medical exemption certificate for dark window tinting may be issued to a person diagnosed with lupus or other medical conditions.

Typically, the driver with sunlight sensitivity may apply for a permit, waiver, or exemption from the states tinting law through the department of motor vehicles. The driver must submit the application with documentation that supports the medical necessity.

Protects Your Car From Harmful Sunlight

Sunlight helps us wake up in the morning and gives us some energy when we are feeling tired or need a boost. However, sunlight can also be harmful to your cars interior.

When sunlight enters through a car’s windows, the heat and UV rays can cause damage to the interior of your car. This includes fading upholstery and cracking dashboard material.

Tinted windows help block these harmful rays, so they don’t have an opportunity to do this damage.

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Metallised Window Tint Film

This type of film contains microscopic metal particles, which help to tint the glass while providing a shiny, metallic finish. Metallised films are excellent for keeping heat out of the cabin, providing a dense reflective coating. Theyre also useful for reinforcing windscreens, making them less liable to shattering.

  • Pros: Strong and resistant to scratching, good insulator in the summer and winter.
  • Cons: Metal particles can interfere with phone, infotainment and radio reception.

Window Tint Reflection Guidelines

DIY Window Tinting: How to Install Window Tint on Your Own ...

Window tinting film containing metallic elements can reflect incoming light and reduce the glare and heat generated by visible light. Texas law permits a specific window reflection when tinting sedans, SUV, and van windows.

  • Front Side windows: Must not be more than 25% reflective.
  • Back Side windows: Must not be more than 25% reflective.

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Pro Tips To Tint Your Cars Windows

The Drives staff has tinted windows and lived to tell the tale. Our time discussing the finer points of the visible light with local law enforcement has given us some insights into window tint that wed like to pass along.

  • Youll be spraying water at several points during this process. Tinting windows will be much easier if you have a pre-mixed soapy water solution ready to go in a spray bottle. You cant have too much.
  • Its easier to cut away extra material than it is to start over if you cut a sheet of tint too small. Be cautious to leave enough tint to work with and cut away as needed.
  • Do you live in an extremely windy, dusty area ? Try to do the work indoors, if at all possible. This will help prevent sand, dust, and debris from getting under the tint.
  • Check your local laws before installing tint to avoid tickets and wasted time or money.

Carbon Window Tint Film

Carbon film is a step up from metallised window tinting, as it contains carbon particles which dont interfere with radio and phone reception. Its also great for blocking heat from the sun, even in the height of summer, so you wont need to use the air conditioning as much.

  • Pros: Excellent UV protection and insulation, attractive matt finish.
  • Cons: Expensive compared to dyed and metallised films.

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Get A Professional Mobile Tinting Company

The complexity of window tint laws calls for professional help. Consult with professionals on mobile window tinting and let them help you decide.

Trust in Velocity when it comes to window tinting. Our team of professional installers will deliver their services to your home. With digitally cut and high-quality tinting services,Velocity Window Tintingis the perfect fit for your tinting jobs.

What are you waiting for? Contact us and get a free estimate. Get skilled experts that deliver exemplary auto window tint services.

When Youll Need A Heat Gun

How To Remove Window Tint From Your Car Windows – EASY!

A heat gun is not always necessary but is extremely helpful when tinting curved windows. Its also helpful in removing air bubbles. If you need to use a heat gun, during step 4 when the tint is being sized to the outside of the window and has excess film on each side, youll want to heat the film and use a card to work out air bubbles and excess water. Begin at the top and work your way down to the bottom of the window. The heat will begin to stretch and smooth the tint so that it fits a curved window properly.

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