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How To Jack Up A Car

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Where To Put Jack Under Cars

How to Jack Up Your Car (The Right Way)

In reality, there are a lot of jack points. However, we are just going to talk about the six points because they are the safest ones to use.

Not only that, these points can be used even by beginners, so they are easy to locate and can easily bump against the jack that you are going to use. The six points are as follows:

Jacking Up A Car On Grass

First off, you must realize that jacking up a car on grass could be extremely unsafe. It sounds easy, but it is not.

Why is it not safe? It is because the soil could be soft and unstable and could cause imbalance, resulting in your vehicle slipping off the jack.

If the grass is wet and the soil is considerably soft, you will need to wait until the ground dries up. It is safer to jack up on the dry and grassy ground.

If you dont have an option but to jack up your vehicle on grass, ensure that you follow the precautions and tips below.

  • Use a wood board or thick plywood under the jack to be more stable on the ground as you raise your car.
  • Make sure that you prepare wheel chokes to prevent your vehicle from moving.
  • Make sure that you put your vehicle on first gear and engage the emergency brake before jacking up the car.
  • Avoid working under the car as much as possible. If the job requires you to go under the vehicle, ensure that you install an axle stand to hold the vehicles weight. You can use pile concrete blocks under the car as your added protection in case it slips off.
  • If the job requires you to go under the car, a tarp could save you from getting all the dirt on the ground.
  • Do not work alone. Get someone to assist you with the job to ensure that another person oversees safety while you work.

Jacking up on grass could be dangerous, but you can do it if you take extra care. Self-assessment of the situation is very critical.

Place The Jack Underneath The Vehicle

Now as the preps are done, place the jack underneath the vehicle. But here is the catch, all the vehicles come with the jacking points. If you have no idea about jacking point, do refer the owners manual of the vehicle. Well, lifting the vehicle from anywhere could lead to serious damage to the vehicle underbody. For you to know, the jacking points are usually just near the wheels on the inner edge of the respective 4 sides.

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Put The Spare Wheel Into Position And Put The Lug Nuts Back

The removing process is done and dusted, now you must put in the new tire or the spare one to keep moving. Push the spare wheel into the hub cap bolts and when fixed in one place, use the lug nuts you previously unscrewed to re-screw the new tire in position. Use the wrench or your hands, turn it clockwise to fasten the lug bolts. Dont tighten the lug nuts completely.

How To Safely Jack Up And Support Your Streeter So You Can Work On It

The Best Way To Jack Up Your Car

NOTHING will literally kill your enjoyment of street machining like having a car fall on you. If you have any intention of working under your ride, a good jack and a good set of jack stands are absolutely mandatory.

We cannot stress it strongly enough jack safety is a big deal. Back in 2013, the RACV website stated that in the previous four years at least 10 people died in Victoria, crushed under vehicles they were working on at home. Ive had a car topple off a jack for no apparent reason and have also lost a friend when a car he was working on rolled off the car ramps and killed him after he unbolted the tailshaft. Even the ACCC has weighed in with its Dont be a jackass with jacks campaign.

So what should you buy and how should you use it? Lets take a look.


First and foremost, I recommend every enthusiast should buy a good trolley jack sometimes referred to as a floor jack. Their versatility and ability to lift a vehicle to a decent height makes them the number-one choice. Spend the money and buy a good one if you look after it, itll last you a lifetime.

At most, a jack is only ever lifting half your vehicles weight, so unless youre crawling under something like a 3500kg 1958 Cadillac, units rated at one tonne or greater will be adequate for most streeters. Same goes for the jack stands.






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Use Extra Jack Stands

The whole reason youre using a car jack is to lift the car up. Unless youre switching out the wheel, we highly advise against using the jack as an anchor. Use the jack stands to secure the vehicle in its position. Make sure to put the jack stands in the correct place before you crank up the jack and allow your car to put its weight down on them.

Best Way To Jack Up Car

Its the nightmare of many roadtrippers: Youre on the road and you hear a loud popping noise. Oh no! Youre going to have to pull over and fix your flat on the fly.

But dont worry! By knowing how to jack your car up — a relatively straightforward job that enables you to do a number of tasks, including changing a tire and accessing anything near the undercarriage — does not have to be as scary as it seems.

The act of lifting all or part of your vehicle off the ground — or jacking up your car — is an important step in servicing your automobile. While it can be a relatively easy process, there are a few important things to know before you begin. Here, weve put together a few tips to help ensure you do not cause any damage to your car — and make sure you stay safe!

There are a few essential pieces of equipment you will need before you begin. First, of course, is a car jack. There are two types of car jack: a pneumatic jack and a scissor lift. The pneumatic jack, or pneumatic bottle jack, is the more professional of the two types. It allows the operator to lift very heavy objects — like, say, an automobile — without using much effort at all. It uses a hydraulic piston to raise the jack when the operator pushes down on a lever.

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Using Car Ramps On Slope

What are car ramps? They are simple devices that allow you to raise your car from the ground to check the parts underneath the vehicle. Auto shops and repair shops widely use car ramps when doing car maintenance. It is an alternative to using jacks or jack stands.

Using car ramps to lift your vehicle could be a safer alternative to using jack stands. It is ideal if you need to work on something underneath the car using ramps is easy and convenient. However, it may not be the best method if you are changing tires.

Here is a good article comparing car ramps and jack stands.

If you use ramps on a slope, ensure that the incline is not very steep. Standard building ramps can still work on slopes that are around 3 or 4 degrees. If the slope is greater than this angle, dont take the risk.

To begin the process, check the position of the vehicle. If the car faces up the slope and needs to raise the front, it can be hazardous. Ensure to have an assistant to help you position the wheel chokes as soon as the front wheels settle on the ramps.

You need to slide the ramps into the front tires . Then, slowly move the vehicle straight forward on the ramps.

As soon as both the front wheels are on the ramp, engage the emergency brake or the vehicles handbrake. Instruct the person assisting you to put the tire chokes on the rear wheels first to avoid the car from moving down.

After installing the wheel chokes, put your vehicle on the first gear for an added safety, and turn off the engine.

Make Sure Youve Lowered The Car Completely

How to Jack Up a Car Safely

Youve already lowered your car, now its time to check, double-check. Do it by removing the jack completely. Your car should stand just fine on its own. Sit down and do a safety check.

Use the wrench and tighten the screw again by moving in the clockwise direction and making sure its adequately placed. This is for your safety, so checking and rechecking a few times will not harm you.

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One More Time: Definitely Vs Probably

As a car lift and floor jack manufacturer that has seen just about everything there is to see go right and wrong in auto shops over the last 50 years, we know that the words “definitely” and “probably” are miles apart. Millions of people are going to jack up their vehicles by the differential this year, and only a small number will ever damage their vehicle due to negligence or a failed part. That might not mean much to some out there, but it means everything to us. So here’s our stance on the debate: don’t jack up your vehicle by the differential unless the manufacturer recommends it. It doesn’t matter what your neighbor says, or what you saw the tire shop guys doing at breakneck speed without a hitch.

At BendPak, we make all sorts of lifting equipment, and we’ve seen what happens when safety protocol isn’t followed. All it takes is one instance of using the wrong lifting equipment, such as forgetting frame cradle pads when hoisting a truck on a two-post lift, and you’re on a one-way trip to Lawsuit City, population you. Always use a floor jack to apply lifting force at the OEM recommended points, then place your jack stands appropriatelyas close to the jacking point as possible. And always, always place jack stands before you work.

Secure With Jack Stands

Once the car is high enough, place your jack stands to secure it. You can lift one side, then place your jack stand there then, lift the other side and place the second jack stand there. On the front, the jack stands can go on the A-arm. On the rear, the jack stands can go on the ball mounted on the frame, right next to the jack itself. When you place the jack stand, lower the jack very slowly until the car sits on it.

  • Figure 2. Front jack or jack stand point on the A-arm.
  • Figure 3. Rear jack and jack stand point.

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What Tools Do I Need To Jack Up A Golf Cart

In order to safely jack up your EZGO or Club Car golf cart, youll need a jack, jack stand and a floor mat.

  • Jack
  • Jack stand to raise the vehicle off of the ground.
  • a floor mat

If you dont have a jack, a cinderblock will work, but this is not recommended due to safety concerns.

A jack stand should be used to support and stabilize vehicles while theyre jacked up with blocks under them so that it doesnt fall over when lifted by its wheels.

A floor mat can also provide some stability if needed, but this isnt recommended since mats may slip around too easily, causing instability during use.

Over 232 Words In And We’re Not Really Giving You The Answer You Want Are We

How to jack up a car

Unfortunately, while this is one of the most-talked-about topics when it comes to jacking up cars, everyone seems to have a different answer for what you “should be doing.” Ask your friendly neighborhood mechanic, and he’ll probably tell you that he uses a floor jack against the differential all the time. He relies on experience to know which parts of a car or truck can support the force of the jack.Others will tell you to check your owner’s manual or contact the vehicle manufacturer, and they’ll leave it at that. And technically, that’s a pretty good answer. Why? Just because something is probably safe, it doesn’t mean you should interpret it as definitely safe. When the tire shop guys lift a car by the differential, they’re probably being safe. Likewise, if you do the same thing from home with a good hydraulic jack, you’re probably being safe.

If your vehicle manufacturer says that the differential is a recommended lifting point, then you’re definitely being safe. However, in all likelihood, your manual tells you to lift from the pinch weld or frame. When it doubt, follow the book!

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Check Your Lift Cradle

Most front wheel drive cars have heavy steel engine cradle cross members that can be used with a floor jack. However, some late-model cars have one-piece cast aluminum engine cradles. These vehicles require special jacking procedures. Using the incorrect procedure is not only dangerous, but it can cause extensive damage to your vehicle.

How To Jack Up A Dual Axle Travel Trailer: Easiest Method Explained

Garry Hayes 0

A travel trailer is a blessing for the people who love exploring and traveling around the places with ease. It not only helps in getting to different places with comfort, but the trailer is also a great way of cutting down the travel cost. Some people also use trailers for their business related to deliveries and logistics. There are many types of trailers available in the market, such as single axle trailer and dual axle trailer. A dual axle trailer, also popularly known as tandem axle trailers, is preferred for traveling.

Dual axle travel trailers provide more stability to keep with high speed on highways. Extra tires in the trailer make it easy for them to bear heavy load along with delivering more suspension as compared to the other vehicles. However, facing problems while traveling with a trailer is common. Although it is not very common in dual axle trailers, many travelers encounter the issues of a flat tire. If you are a frequent traveler, then you should know the solutions and tips to jack up the trailers. To help you with understanding the process, I will describe a step-by-step procedure to jack up a dual axle travel trailer.

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Material Needed For Safely Lifting A Vehicle

  • No need to remove the one in the car which could be of a difficult access if mounted within the spare tire beneath the vehicle
  • More practical than the one provided in the vehicle
  • You would need anyhow more than one jack at a time for some interventions
You also need to block a back wheel if you’re lifting the front of the car or a front wheel if you lift the back.A solid triangle made of a wooden profile that has been cut at a 45-degree angle is ideal.Some vehicles are equipped with a steel foldable blocking triangle so use it if available.Or use a large hammer or whatever can securely block the wheel from rotating.Always block the wheel to the opposite side to the one you’re lifting.

Park The Car Properly

How to Jack Up a Car | DIY Car Repairs

Parking the vehicle on the flat surface is the way to go. An uneven surface or slope might lead the jack to topple. This could lead to serious problems and injuries. With that, dont forget to apply the parking brakes to be double sure of the vehicle. To secure the car, even more, you can also add a choke. Well, a choke could be anything that is placed underneath a tire to prevent it from rolling.

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Tools You Will Need To Change A Tire On A Car

  • Jack to raise the car off the ground
  • Wrench to remove the nuts from the wheel
  • Blockers like bricks or Wheel chocks so that the car doesnt move forward while you are working
  • Nut key to unwind nuts off the wheel
  • Reflective jacket that signals others that you are working ahead
  • Gloves for protecting your hand
  • Flashlight to illuminate the darkness
  • Tire pressure gauge to make sure your new tire is properly inflated

Alternative Places You Can Work On Your Car

If a car is able to be moved to a safer spot to be jacked up, then it is a good idea to do this, as it will make the whole jacking process safer and smoother. Here are some examples of where a vehicle can safely be jacked up:

Roadside: If you have a gravel driveway , you may be able to move your vehicle to a nearby roadside providing there is little-to-no traffic. There are no laws that prevent you from doing this as long as you dont block the road. You should only work on the side of the vehicle away from traffic.

Storage Unit: A storage unit is a safe place to jack up the car, this is because it is off road and a storage units floor is usually smooth and flat, which is ideal for jacking up a vehicle safely. Because of the smooth, flat surface and the big floor space, a trolley jack can be used, and this is a very sturdy and efficient type of jack to use.

Friends house: If a friend has a ground space which is flat and big enough to jack a car upon, then this is a good place to jack up a car. This could either be their garage or their drive way, either way if your friend is OK with it, then its a safe space to consider.

Rent a drive way: Equally, if you and you friends and family dont have a sufficient space to jack a car up on, there are a number of services to rent out parking spaces in the UK such as Park Let.

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