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How To Open Car Trunk Without Key

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Unlocking a Car Trunk with NO Key

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How To Open A Trunk Without Keys

If you lock your keys in your vehicle or can’t get your trunk open, there is still hope for you to open the trunk without keys. Doing this involves opening the doors and gaining access to the trunk area from inside your vehicle. Before attempting this, it is a good idea for you to have experience using a slimjim or other device used to open your vehicle’s doors without a key.

Step 1

Slide the hook end of the slimjim between the the passenger side window and window trim at the bottom of the window near the door handle. Insert the slimjim down into the door.

Step 2

Feel around with the slimjim for the lock rod. This is a rod that connects the door handle to the locking mechanism. It is located near the door handle on most vehicles. Negotiate the slimjim in the area around the door handle until you hook the rod. Once you hook the rod, you can unlock your passenger side door.

Step 3

Pull up on the lock rod with the slimjim. When you hear your door lock click, the door will be unlocked.

Step 4

Open the door and climb into the driver’s seat. Pull the trunk release to open the trunk.

Step 5

If your trunk release is malfunctioning, climb into the back seat and locate the seat release lever. Pull this lever and fold the seats down. You can now climb directly into the trunk area of your vehicle.

Things You’ll Need

How To Open A Car Trunk Without A Key

You have lost the trunk key, or the lock jammed hopelessly usually this happens at the most inopportune moment. For example, when a wheel has broken in a long road, it needs to be changed urgently, but there is no access to the spray can, jack and the spare wheel itself. What to do?

To try to open the trunk in such a situation, you will have to get to his lock from the inside. In crossovers, station wagons and hatchbacks, this is not difficult. It is enough to fold the rear seats and climb into the cargo compartment. On most vehicles with this type of bodywork, the fifth door opens from the inside with a special handle. Finding it with a flashlight is easy.

If there is none, or the lock drive is faulty, you will have to disassemble the plastic door trim. Itâs easy to figure out how to open the mechanism you need to insert a regular screwdriver into the actuator and turn the hinge that holds the door. If you need to dismantle the lock, this can be done using the handle. Most often, manufacturers use bolts of size M10 â M15 for fastening. The procedure is only relevant if you are sure that you can fix the mechanism yourself and put everything back.

Keep in mind that if your car is equipped with an electric lock that has failed, the trunk can be opened manually. To do this, some manufacturers hide the key inside the key fob. If it is missing, contact your dealer..

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Opening Trunk And Gas Cover Without Key Fob

PostsPostsBlakMaxiJoeyHello,First time poster here. I just found out that the trunk and gas cover can be opened when the car is unlocked, even when the key fob is not in the vicinity. Any issues or opinions by others?ThanksdoctorpullitThere is no external latch or button to open the trunk. You either use the fob or the switch inside the car. The gas tank cover locks and unlocks with the doors.PostsBlakMaxiJoeyprevious gens requires the key fob in the vicinity of the trunk, and gas cover … and the dealer said it is ok and normal. but I do not like that. someone could jack my trunk stuff. it could happen.PostsPostsMine has an external button – PostsPostsPostsdoctorpullitIt was the same with my Mercedes C250. If the car was unlocked, you could walk up and open the trunk without a key fob. The only security issue would be you not keeping your car locked in the first place.PostsdoctorpullitAlways trying to show me up Spidgeon. lolShows how much I know. I’ve had the car 4 months and didn’t realize there was a button there. Shows you how often I open the trunk.BlakMaxiJoeythanks everyone for your replies. i hope this gets solved by nissan as a security update on our cars. like they say, if more people talk about it, it will get their attention. especially if it comes from their loyal owners. but for now, all i can do is turn off the external lock option – which disables the door and trunk unlock button, but not the gas door .Blasterguy

How To Open Trunk Without Key Hyundai Elantra

Hidden trunk latch, am I the only one that didn

How To Open Trunk Without Key Hyundai Elantra. The most common cause of a car hood that wont close is hood latch corrosion.corrosion causes the hood pull release handle to stick in the open position. If the vehicle has a manual transmission, place the vehicle into 1st gear or reverse .

Press and hold the trunk unlock button on the remote until the trunk releases. Learn how to unlock the trunk of your 2018 hyundai elantra gt using the remote key fob and smart key. April 3rd, 2015 at 12:26 pm.


You may have placed it in your pocket, and as you walked towards your vehicle, you bumped in one of the buttons. My 2017 hyundai elantra’s trunk opens by itself.


The key fob and the interior latch will not open trunk, there is not a key hole on the exterior of the car near the car. Its called the good old days.


If it does not have a fold down seat the fastest and safest way is call a locksmith or aaa if you have the. Press the trunks handle while keeping the smart key just nearby.


Press the trunks handle while keeping the smart key just nearby. Put yourself in front of your trunk, and look around the handle of the trunk, you should find a small trap door behind which hides the mechanical lock in which you will be able to insert and turn your key.

Source: domvverhdnom.comSource: b.horaactualenrd.comSource: domvverhdnom.comSource:

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How Do You Get Into A Car Trunk Without A Key

How to Open a Trunk Without Keys

  • Slide the hook end of the slimjim between the the passenger side window and window trim at the bottom of the window near the door handle.
  • Feel around with the slimjim for the lock rod.
  • Pull up on the lock rod with the slimjim.
  • Open the door and climb into the drivers seat.
  • Use A Coat Hanger Or Slim Jim

    One of the most common methods to unlock a car door is by using a modified wire coat hanger, which is a DIY slim jim. The principle is the same. This method works better for manual locking doors for automatic locks, see one of the other methods.

    With the help of some pliers, unravel the coat hanger so that you have one straight side and the other hooked, which you’ll be using to pull up the control arm inside the door that’s connected to the lock rod.

    Next, slide the hanger down between the car window and the weather stripping until the hook is about 2 inches below where the window and the car door meet, near the interior door handle, which is where the control arm usually is.

    Rotate the hanger until the hook is facing the inside and fish around for the control arm, which isn’t always easy to find. Once you’re locked in, pull up and the car door will open.

    Again, the coat hanger trick only works on certain lock mechanisms, usually on older cars, so this most likely won’t work on newer model cars. For newer cars, you can still use a coat hanger, but you’ll have to stick it in between the door and the rest of the car to unlock it from the inside.

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    Gain Entry Through The Trunk

    With manual locks, there is a chance that the trunk is unlocked even if the doors are locked. If this is the case, then it may be possible to get into the vehicle through the trunk.

    Heres how you can unlock the vehicle through the trunk:

    Step 1: Open up the trunk. Look for any opening that you can use to get into the interior of the car.

    • Tip: Usually an opening like this is located in the center of the rear seats.

    Step 2: Push the rear seats forward. Look for something to press or pull on that would allow you to lower the rear seats and push them forward. Many sedans have a cable that can be pulled on for just this purpose. Look all along the edge of the rear seats.

    Step 3: Get into the car. Crawl into the car and unlock the doors manually.

    • Tip: These techniques are certainly effective, but performing them in a parking lot, for example, may attract some suspicion. Always keep a cool head and have identification handy in case authorities show up.

    If you use any of the above methods to open your car when you lock your keys inside, you won’t have to resort to breaking a window to get your keys back.If your cars trunk, door or power locking mechanism refuses to unlock/lock, get a certified mechanic, such as one from Your Mechanic, to inspect the locking mechanism.

    Overriding The Locking Mechanism

    Open a Car Trunk Not opened in 20 years with no Key ~ How To Drill out a Lock

    Another emergency way to get into your trunk lid is by overriding the locking mechanism. Just like every other vehicle, the Toyota Camry has its own override system. But if possible, let the locksmith deal with critical kinds of stuff like this regarding your car then do it all by yourself.

    if you chose to do it yourself, then you would like to have a hold of a battery source. Make sure you are not dealing with any old dead battery, and it has enough juice left in it. Now access the cars fuse box and create a short circuit. After that simply pull the lever to access the trunk lid of your Toyota Camry hybrid.

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    How Do You Break Into A Dodge Charger

    One popular method of breaking into your Dodge Charger is by prying under the door handle to get at the lock rods inside the door, or by smashing or Punching the lock cylinder into the door. Then, they force the rod to move and unlock the door! Its fast, easy and quiet, making this a favorite among thieves.

    Use Your Windshield Wiper

    You can usually remove your car’s windshield wipers pretty easily, but the method differs between each car model. No matter what car you have though, a windshield wiper might save you from having to call a locksmith to open your locked car door.

    First, remove the wiper from the front of your car. If your window is slightly ajar, or you can wedge the door open, you maneuver it into the interior of the car. Use the wiper to either grab the keys on the chair or hit the unlock button on the side of the door .

    You can practically use anything long enough that fits through your window, but if you’re in a hurry and don’t see anything else around you that can fit through the crack, the windshield wiper is your best bet.

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    Using The Emergency Function

    If one doesnt have the key or if the car remotes battery is dead or disconnected, but one can still enter the cars interior, then this is the best way to open the Nissan Altimas trunk:

  • Find the bind that can release the back seat into a folding position by the cars rear seat.
  • Remove items and the net that get in the way of moving closer to the trunks door.
  • Once there, one will find three slits in the lower center of the trunks door.
  • Take a flat yet lengthy and thin tool and insert it into the hole thats found in the first slit.
  • Move the tool around until the spring-loaded portion of the hole is reached.
  • Push towards the right until the trunk gets opened!
  • If truly locked outside, use the Slimjim Technique! This age-old method has existed for decades and continues to remain in todays time.

    The technique is for the car owners who wish to use the first method this list has mentioned but still cant find a way to get into their car.

    The first step-by-step procedure fell only exclusively to the lucky drivers who arent locked in. So, to access the Nissan Altima trunks emergency function, do the following:

  • Within the gap between the car doors window and its trim, slip the hooked half of a slim jim down.
  • Continue to feel around the inside of the car door until one can find the rod for the lock, which is commonly close to the cars door handle.
  • Once the slim Jims hook holds the rod, pull the tool up.
  • Then, when the lock clicks, the door would then open!
  • What To Do If Your Keys Are Locked In The Trunk

    How To Open A Locked Car Trunk Without A Key

    Car keys are critical to your daily life, providing you with the ability to hop in your car and make life happen. However, many people will run into issues with their car keys at various times over the years.

    A common issue that drivers face relates to keys locked in the trunk of the car. If your keys get locked securely in your truck, you may desperately be searching for easy ways to overcome this problem. There are a few options to consider.

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    How Do You Open A Trunk Without A Battery

    1. If your vehicles battery goes dead or is disconnected, you can open the trunk from the rear seat by pulling the trunk release handle.

    2. The childproof door locks are designed to prevent children seated in the rear from accidentally opening the rear doors.

    3. Moves the seat forward and backward.

    How Do You Manually Open A Trunk On A Tesla

    It can be as simple as pushing a button, but you will need additional hardware handy.

    In order to lift the trunk up yourself without resorting to the app on your phone, press the switch under the powered liftgates exterior handle. However, youll need to have a valid key on hand so the car knows its you opening the trunk and not a possible thief.

    Should, for any reason, this option not work, there are several other ways you can open your Tesla trunk. Directions can differ depending on the Tesla model you drive. The trunk-opening options listed will be for the Model S:

    • Go to your touchscreen, tap Controls, Quick Controls, and then the Open option for your trunk.
    • Go to your mobile app and tap the rear trunk button.
    • Holding your key fob, double-click the rear trunk button

    There also could be potential issues with closing the trunk. You may hear three chimes indicating that the powered liftgate has lost calibration, and will require you to manually close your trunk.

    You can also set a certain height for your trunk door. This can help reduce damage done to your car in low-ceiling environments. Simply open the trunk with any of the steps previously discussed, lift the door to the desired height, and then press and hold the trunk button for three seconds until you hear a chime, confirming the level it will lift to every time you open the trunk.

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    Want To Open Your Tesla Trunk Without A Key

    Owning a Tesla vehicle comes with many benefits, such as no longer being dependent on gasoline fuel, having your maintenance costs reduced long-term, and having the latest in automation technology. However, all this new tech needs a bit of knowledge about how to use it properly. In this article, well discuss how to operate the trunk on several Tesla vehicle models.

    How To Open Car Trunk Without Key

    How to Open a Trunk Without Keys

    Method 1:

    I will highlight this step-by-step procedure below.

    Step 1: You have to take a SlimJim and insert it between the window trim and the passenger side window. The placement should be at the bottom of the window. It should be near the door handle. You have to insert it downwards.

    Step 2: You have to keep on moving it till it hits the lock rod. This is the rod that works as a connector between the door and the locking mechanism. It is near the door handle. You have to move the slim Jim in such a way that the hook is entangled in the rod. Only then can you move ahead to the next step.

    Step 3: After that, you have to move the Slim Jim so that the lock rod moves the hook. If you move it up sufficient enough, you will hear the clicking sound. It is the sound of the door getting unlocked.

    Step 4: Once you are in the car, you have to move to the drivers seat and press the button to open the trunk.

    Step 5: In case the button is not working, there is another solution which you have. You have to move towards the back seat of your car. You have to find the seat release lever. You have to use this lever to fold on the seats and get into the trunk of your car.

    It is another way to get into the trunk of your car even if you do not have any case.

    In most cases, this method will do. You need not worry about finding another method. However, there is an alternative method available as well which I will highlight below.

    Method 2:

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