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What Oil For My Car

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So What Are The Different Types Of Oil

Can I use Two Stroke Oil in my car Emergency Issue ?

As there are a many different types of engines, there are also different types of oils to suit these engines. The oil companies and car manufacturers collaborate to agree on the performance specifications of oil.

The different types of engine oil are:

Oil is measured by its resistance to flow. This is known as viscosity. The oil viscosity is graded and given the number and letter combinations we see on bottles of oil i.e. 5W-30 etc. The higher the viscosity, the more resistant the oil is to flowing around the engine.

So an engine oil that is graded 10W-30 will flow more slowly that oil that is graded 5W-30 at the engines start-up temperature.

      • 10W = The number is the viscosity/thickness at colder temperatures and the W stands for winter.
      • 30 = How thick the oil is at the engines normal operating temperature.

Engine oils thin out as they are heated up and thicken again as they cool back down.

Differences Between Synthetic And Mineral Oils

The main two types of engine oil are synthetic and mineral oils.

Mineral oils are the product of refining crude oil, removing contaminants, unwanted hydrocarbons and other natural substances. The first motor oils to be developed, theyre designed to be used on older, less advanced vehicle models, and as a result are lower-performance compared to newer, synthetic oils. Nevertheless, they are some of the cheapest lubricants available, and in the case of vintage and classic vehicles, are usually recommended by manufacturers.

Synthetic oils are formed from highly chemically modified mineral oils, or are oils with entirely synthetic formulations. Featuring far fewer impurities to mineral oils and loaded with additives to boost their lubricating power, synthetics anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, anti-wear and detergent effects are far greater than traditional lubricants. Its because of this that theyre often the recommended motor oils for high-performance, technologically advanced vehicles and equipment.

Halfway between the two varieties are semi-synthetic oils. Not as advanced as pure synthetics yet offering greatly improved performance compared to mineral oils, theyre used as everyday oils for practical modern vehicles.

Why Should I Check My Engine Oil Level

The oil in your engine is one of your vehicles most important elements. It keeps all the engines internal parts moving as they should, and stops them from wearing out too quickly.

If the oil level in your engine drops too low itll stop it from working efficiency causing it to seize up, and could eventually lead to significant engine damage if not addressed.

Oil should be drained and refilled annually as part of the MOT. But that doesnt mean you shouldnt still check your levels at regular intervals throughout the year to avoid your engine running low.

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Signs Of Oil Filter Failure

Normally, you never really realize that the oil filter is actually broken until you notice that your car isnt running as fine as it used to. Its hard to tell if the filter is working perfectly fine as most filters have this safety feature that enables unfiltered oil to circulate in your engine as having dirty oil is more important than having none at all. However, despite this feature, there are some visible signs that your vehicle shows, in case the filter is failing.

Choosing The Right Engine Oil

How Much Oil Does My Car Need? (2 Facts)

From our experts · Should I Fix Up or Trade Up My Old Car? · 100,000-Mile Maintenance Costs for Top-Selling Cars · 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Auto Body Shop;

Oct 2, 2020 You should check the labels on the motor oil before buying. API uses two symbols- API donut and API certification starburst.

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What Is An Oil Filter

An oil filter is a part that helps maintain your car and its many moving pieces. Its a relatively compact component that filters oil, separating small particles of dirt or other contaminants out so that oil flows cleanly. With these impurities removed, oil can move onto the engine without causing damage or wear and tear.;

Without an oil filter, your vehicles oil would be dirty, or at the very least itd be filled with those particles and contaminants. And those impurities present in the oil can wreak havoc on larger parts and pieces, including the engine. So, your oil filter helps ensure everything is running smoothly and cleanly.

Typically, oil filters are made up of a few parts: a tapping plate, an anti-drain back valve, filter medium, pleats, a steel tube, a relief valve, an end disc, and a retainer. There are usually two types of filter media, so the oil is filtered once as it passes through the primary medium and another time as it passes through the secondary medium. Oil filters can capture particles between 5 to 30 microns in size. Each oil filter should indicate just how small of particles its able to capture to give you an idea of the filtering capability.

Importance Of Keeping The Oil Level At A Safe Level

Make sure you check the oil and fluid levels in your car as soon as you notice the leak. To keep your car lubricated and operating smoothly, check and maintain the oil and fluid levels regularly.

Examine the dipstick for engine oil. If its too low, top it up to ensure the engine can run safely, or check your transmission fluid dipstick if you have a transmission fluid leak. Otherwise, your radiator may be leaking coolant. Check the fluid level and verify if the liquid reaches the full line on the reservoirs side.

If necessary, top up any of these oil and fluid levels before driving your car. A hot engine, however, should not have coolant injected into it. To avoid getting damage to your engine, wait until it cools down.

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Whats The Best Oil For My Car

  • Different cars require different types of oil

  • Check your car’s oil level using the dipstick

  • Ensure you are using the correct oil for your car as it could cause long-term damage

  • Some modern cars don’t have a dipstick and rely on sensors to inform you if levels are low

  • If your car’s oil level is low, you should be alerted on your dashboard

  • Check your car’s manual for tips on how often to change your oil, and how to do it

Oil is one of those mysterious substances for many car owners.

Unless youre an enthusiast, you may well open your cars bonnet only when something goes wrong youve run out of washer fluid or theres an alarming amount of smoke coming from somewhere. But keeping the car well lubricated is one of the most important maintenance jobs, because unwanted friction in a fast-moving engine usually leads to bad, potentially expensive news.

Advanced mechanical technology in modern cars means that modern oils are more complex than ever, according to David Wright, director general of the United Kingdom Lubricants Association.

Piston Rings Dont Seal


The pistons in your engine move up and down in their cylinders. Oil control rings, often just called piston rings, allow oil to lubricate the cylinder walls and moving parts without pushing up into the combustion chamber. If the piston rings are stuck, worn, or broken, oil can get into the combustion chamber and burn.

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Where Should I Check My Oil Level

Checking your oil levels is a quick and easy process that can be done easily while your car is parked in your driveway or outside your home.

If you have a problem with your oil, or if you have any other issues with your vehicle, contact one of the RACs Approved Garages and book your car in to see a professional at a garage you can trust.

Is It Expensive To Repair An Oil Leak

The cost of repairing an oil leak varies based on the underlying problem that caused the leak.

For example, replacing the oil pan gasket could set you back a few hundred dollars. A timing belt oil leak, on the other hand, will be more expensive to fix. Because prices might vary greatly, its usually a good idea to inquire for an estimate.

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Types Of Oil Additives

Motor oils typically include a few additives which can make up between 5% and 30% of the oil. These additives help enhance the performance of the oil. Motor oils can include the following additives:

Antioxidants: Antioxidant additives work to slow oxidation and the forming of deposits in motor oil. They also help keep the engine clean and extend the life of the motor oil.

Anti-wear agents: Anti-wear agents help protect parts of the engine that are especially susceptible to damage from high temperatures, like cylinder walls, lifters, cams, and piston rings. This additive acts as a protective layer around these components to limit friction in metal-on-metal situations.

Detergents: This additive isnt like your laundry detergent! It focuses on preventing deposits, rust, and corrosion from forming on the piston ring area, piston under-crown, and other surfaces that tend to overheat.

Dispersants: This is your oils magic ingredient. It gives your oil the ability to absorb and hold solid contaminants so that they dont damage the engine.

Foam inhibitors: This additive does exactly what it sounds like. Foam inhibitors keep motor oil from forming foam and bubbles. If foam and bubbles were to form, the oil would be unable to coat the important parts of the engine and keep it cool.

Friction modifiers: Friction modifiers help reduce friction when your engine is operating under high temperatures and with heavy loads. This additive can also help you maximize your fuel efficiency.

Can I Sell My Car If Its Burning Oil

How Many Quarts of Oil Does My Car Take: the Only Answer ...

Theres no manual titled How to Sell My Car When Its Burning Oil. What you can be sure of is that buyers will be able tell the oil is burning and that it isnt typical engine repairs like an oil leak. When you sell your car, youll have to tell the car shoppers that it needs mechanical repairs to fix the issue. It could scare off anyone whos interested, or you could get a ridiculously low offer. Dealerships dont like to take cars on trade with these kinds of problems either. And you definitely wont get your money out of it if you part out your car.

There is another solution, though. CarBrain is the better way to sell your car in as-is condition. Its fast and its easy, and it puts cash in your hand quickly. Simply submit your cars information, mileage, and condition and youll receive an immediate guaranteed offer. If you accept, youll get payment fast, and CarBrain will even tow your car away for FREE!

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Some Crucial Oil Changing Tips

Before you get all pumped up and begin with the oil requirement procedure, here are some crucial oil changing tips that you must follow.

  • Learn about the year, make, model, and mileage of your car when you go to purchase supplies at an auto store. Whether you have Toyota, Ford, Hyundai, or any other luxury car, you have to know the basics from your end to buy the best products.
  • Hold the hot motor oil with great caution. Use mechanics gloves to keep your hands clean and guarded.
  • Keep the track of date and mileage after you change the oil. It is necessary as you will know when your vehicle is due for the next oil change. This just keeps you updated on the matter.
  • Find The Right Engine Oil For Your Car

    Wondering what engine oil to use for your car? Use our engine oil lookup and get engine oil recommendations matched to your vehicle.

    Simply enter your car details and the results will give you the correct specification and amount of engine oil for servicing your engine.

    Once you’ve found the right engine oil, buy online from the biggest and best independent online supplier of motoring oils & fluids.

    We stock a massive range of fully synthetic, semi synthetic, and mineral engine oil service kits, all picked by lubricant experts and including enough oil for a full change and a disposable filling kit . These engine oil packs DO NOT come with a filter; if you need a kit with a filter select Engine Oil & Oil Filter.

    We pride ourselves on having something for every budget and application. Got a unique vehicle and not sure what engine oil is right? No problem, get a FREE recommendation from the Opie Experts. We’ll find the right oil to match your vehicle, its condition, and your style of driving.

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    Engine Oil Check Light Is On

    Another symptom of an oil leak is if your dashboards check engine oil light is illuminated. It is ideal for oil leaks because it only lights up when the oil level is too low. If the light comes on while youre driving, you should pull over to the side of the road and inspect your car. Check for oil leaks if your car lights up when you switch it on.

    What Is Car Engine Oil

    How to Change the Oil in Your Car (the Right Way)

    The primary function of engine oil is to lubricate the internal components of your car’s engine. However, it also does a whole host of other tasks such as cooling your engine by more evenly distributing heat, cleaning it using built in oil additive detergents, improving the sealing, and inhibiting corrosion.

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    What Happens If You Overfill Oil

    Overfilling engine oil far above the max level can cause serious damage to your engine. Luckily, there is no need for action if the oil level is slightly above. But if you filled it 0.3 or more above the sign, it is time to drain some of the oil.

    The engine oil reserve holds some extra oil to compensate for the fluid expansion due to hot conditions. Adding an extra half a quart will not damage your engine. However, anything more than that could be harmful to the engine.

    When you add too much oil, the excess oil will go towards the crankshaft, and as the crankshaft rotates at a high-speed, the oil is mixed with the air and aerates or becomes foamy. This foamy texture of the oil acts like a bad lubricant, and the oil is not pumped effectively. Over time, the engine will be starved of proper lubrication, and due to the;weak oil pump, it can get locked up.

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    What Type Of Oil And Oil Filter For My Car

    Find the right kind of oil and oil filter for your vehicle with our product selector tool. Just select your vehicles year, make, model and engine.

    Aug 19, 2020 Synthetic-blend motor oil is the best of both worlds. It is a mixture of synthetic and conventional base oils with additives found in both. It;What you need to know before changing your oil · Read the Labels

    Aug 31, 2020 Automakers usually specify a 5W-20 or 5W-30 oil for colder temperatures, with a 10W-30 oil as optional for higher ambient temperatures. These;

    The Role And Benefits Of Motor Oil

    How Much Oil Does My Car Need? â AMSOIL Blog

    Motor oils are key to the safe and efficient function of engines and other machinery, but within this is a wide range of different roles, and a host of benefits for drivers and both fleet and machinery operators.

    The key role of car or any other vehicle oils is lubrication, reducing friction and wear on parts. It cools engine parts heated by combustion and friction, assisting the role of coolant, and cleans dust and combustion deposits found in the engine, stopping clogging and the resulting reduction in performance. It also protects against engine parts from corrosive acids generated during combustion, and seals engine parts including pistons and cylinders, safeguarding performance and efficiency.

    All these roles give engine oil a host of benefits. Firstly, motor lubricant improves the lifespan of the engine and its constituent parts, removing the threat of damage and corrosion and lowering maintenance costs in kind.

    Next, the right motor oil will ensure the engine runs effectively and at peak performance. Well oiled parts simply work better.

    Lastly, engine oil helps reduce the fuel consumption of the engine, and CO2 emissions in kind. This is because it reduces friction, improving efficiency as the engine requires less fuel to operate at the same level of performance.

    Wondering what does motor oil do? View our guide.

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    What Is Synthetic Oil

    Synthetic oil is made from chemical compounds that contain some petroleum elements combined with highly refined crude oil, organic, and inorganic compounds. In addition to synthetic oils, there are also synthetic blends that combine synthetic oils with traditional petroleum-based oils.

    Synthetic motor oils were developed to address a major problem all combustion engines deal with each time they are started: oil and solvents do not mix well together. Engine oil is designed to lubricate moving parts inside the engine, especially around the combustion chamber. However, most fuels are petroleum based and are solvents, which literally wash away conventional oil which coats components.

    Lubrication is especially important during start-up, as up to 75% of engine wear occurs as the engine warms up. Synthetic motor oils like Castrol GTX Magnatec provide a protective layer of thin lubrication on metallic components so they maintain lubrication for longer periods of time. As such, most synthetic oils have distinct advantages over regular motor oil, including:

    • Better high and low viscosity performance
    • Resistant to oxidation and sludge issues
    • Improved lubrication during extreme cold weather
    • Improved horsepower and torque
    • Increased fuel economy

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