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How To Remove A Car Radio

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The Final Solution Of The How To Turn Off Siriusxm Radio In Your Car

How to remove a car radio without special tools ( keys ) e.g. sony cdx-R3350

If none of the above options work for your particular vehicle, you also have the option of removing the slot-in card that gives your radio the capacity to receive Sirius satellite radio. This hardware is what transmits the satellite signal and by removing it, your radio will no longer be able to access Sirius. However, depending on your radio, this can be a complicated solution and you may want to consult a local car audio specialist for advice or assistance.

Keep The Surface Of The Car Safe

Dont forget to cover the cars surface with a clean cloth to protect it while working around the antenna. It is an important step to secure the color and finishing of the vehicle. Once you place the fabric, use a screwdriver to lift the rubber grommet gently. If you dont know what a rubber grommet is, let me tell you where you can find it. It is the rubber part placed around the lip of the antenna. Lift that and check the rubber piece thoroughly. Make it lose and then take it off of the antenna.

Remove The Dash Panels

You will need to remove dash panels or other additional components in front of the stereos mounting bracket.

This is where different people may have to use different approaches since every car manufacturer doesnt offer the same procedure for accessing the stereo mounting bracket.

If you arent sure about the right procedure for your car model, refer to its owners manual. If you dont have one, you can easily find it online on the official website or any auto blog or forum.

Below the prescribed procedure is important so that you dont damage any part of the interior while removing its stereo.

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How To Check If The Speakers Are Working And Find The Right Connection

This part is an extra and I couldnt help but share it with you.

Sort of a hack and comes in handy if the speaker wiring is mixed up.

For this situation there are various reasons:

  • Someone before you probably tampered with the wiring, cutting the original colored wires off and extending them with different colors
  • Wiring installation, for some reason, isnt standard
  • A list of possible reasons goes on.

    Once faced with this, you can end up losing lots of time figuring what wire is for what speaker.

    For this investigation all youll need is a 12V battery and perhaps, some paper tape.

    Heres the procedure:

    1. Pull out all of the speaker wires and separate them.
    2. Remove the insulation from the top of the cables.
    3. Take two that you suspect may be a pair for one speaker.
    4. Connect both wires to the + and -ends of the battery.
    5. If youve found the correct pair, youll hear the speaker it will make a faint crunchy sound.
    6. If youve missed youll hear nothing.
    7. Go around every wire. Use the tape for marking the wires, wrap it around every cable so you know what wire is for what speaker.

    This is a simple elimination process thats helped me lots of times and I hope it will do the same for you.

    No fancy tools, no extra expense, just a simple battery, and some time and patience.

    Whats The Deal With New Vehicles

    Tutorial: How to Remove a Car Stereo with a Coat Hanger ...

    The owners of older cars will be happy to learn that the trim is the only thing keeping them from getting their hands on the car stereo. However, if youre driving a newer car, most likely, the stereo unit will be protected by a dashboard panel instead, which is a lot harder to remove. The trick here is to try and pry it open from one of the edges. And a screwdriver wont be the job.

    The same is true for any other metallic instrument. They can damage the plastic and, like in the previous case, cost you a hefty repair check. Youll need a pry bar for this . I recommend working it around slowly, again, without applying too much pressure. If you do everything right, the dashboard will be off before you know it.

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    Im Not Happy With My Current Preset Order Can I Reorder My Presets

    100% yes. In fact, you can reorder up to 40 SiriusXM channels within a few easy steps.

    Step 1. On your SiriusXM radio interface, go to and choose .

    Step 2. Select the preset you want to reorder from the drop-down menu.

    Step 3. Drag up and down while firmly pressing or slide the chosen preset to your ideal spot.

    How Do You Know Your Radio Needs To Be Replaced

    When a car radio is faulty, it will show some sign that will make you know that your car radio needs to be replaced.

    A car radio does not develop a fault at once, it will give the possible signs for some days before it finally breaks down.

    So below are the signs you should pay attention to if your car radio starts malfunctioning.

    • Inaudible sound
    • Radio stops working

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    How To Remove Pioneer Radio Head Unit By Yourself

    Pioneer radios often develop faults easily after some years of constant use.

    So, someone who knows how to remove pioneer Radio will have no issue when the pioneer radio develops a fault.

    When you purchase a new car, definitely a new car stereo will come with it.

    After some years of constant use, you might get tired of the factory radio system and need to change it.

    Even if you are not tired of it, the pioneer radio can develop a fault that cannot be repaired, so the need to replace it with a new one comes in.

    Removing the pioneer radio system is easy and any car owner can do it.

    All you have to do is get the necessary tools needed for the operation by purchasing it or lending from a friend and follow the DIY process.

    Without wasting much time, lets get into the details of how to remove a pioneer radio from your car.

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  • Verdict
  • How To Repair A Pillar

    How to remove a car stereo radio

    New pillar-mount antennas come with the coaxial cables already attached. So after you unscrew and pull out the old unit, cut the old cable and use it to fish the new cable through the pillar to the radio. But be careful! If the splice comes apart inside the pillar, youll have to remove the pillar trim to fish the new cable. Form a hook in the old cable, loop a picture-hanging wire through it and then wrap it with tape for added insurance. Youll have to remove the car radio to hook up the new cable. For about $5, you can buy removal instructions from

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    Make Your Own Radio Removal Tool

    My video shows exactly how I made and used the removal tools, but I’ll describe it here, too.

    A lot of items come wrapped up in metal strapping. If you call a lumber yard they’ll give you some free.

    These straps are about 1/2 inch wide. I used aviation snips to cut it down.

    On Youtube a fellow named Sal Lopez said using a hacksaw blade worked for him. Of course you will probabaly still need to cut it down to fit in the slot.

    in pdf format. The drawing is life-size so you can print it out and use it as a template. Some printers re-size things, so use a ruler to make sure that 2″ handle is actually 2″! If it is, then the rest should be correct, too.

    Strapping is thin, so I made two of these for each side. If you have some 1/16″ thick metal around, you can use that. 3/64″ would work, too.

    The end you slide in has to be 1/4″ wide, but the handle can be any width1/2″ or wider is nice for holding on to.

    For how to use the tools, watch my Youtube video elsewhere on this page.

    Remove Car Stereo With Do

    You cant wait to remove car stereos and you have DIY tools readily available at your garage. Simply check your toolsets. Find reusable scraps. If you have a few scrap metals available to make a DIY removal release keys then you may proceed to remove car stereo without spending money.

    Before making any key by yourself, check your car stereo. Remove the outer panel. Check if the slots are holes or apertures. You can find them at the corners of your car stereo.

    For car stereos with holes in its corners, you should make DIY round pin type release keys. Here, you will need:

    • Steel cutter
    • Two-wire hangers

    Cut about two 7 inches section of the wire hangers using your steel cutter. Using the forceps, bend each wire to form equal U shapes. Now you have a DIY round pin type release key.

    For car stereos with apertures, you can make DIY flat pin type release keys. You will need:

    • Four flat metal strips
    • Four round metal holders
    • Steel cutters

    Cut the end of the metal strips to form angles that fit the slots of apertures. Insert the other ends to the round metal holders for gripping. Now you have DIY flat pin type release keys.

    Removing a car stereo using these keys can be challenging. Before you start to remove anything, make sure you have turned off the engine. It pays to start working safe.

    Prepare other tools such as a Phillips screwdriver and a 10mm wrench.

    Disconnect the negative battery cable using the wrench. Loosen the clamps.

    Round Pin Type Release Keys

    The Posts Recommended

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    The Best Alternatives To Radio Keys

    Hangers are pretty great, along with files. Some folks use thin knives, but those can be dangerous when not handled properly. In my experience, a piece of wire can be a very decent instrument for reaching the clips. Youll need two of those so that you can undo the clips at the same time. But wait: how do you know that the clips are released? Youll hear a distinctive clicking sound.

    If there is no sound, that means youre doing something wrong, or your wires are simply not going deep enough. And remember: dont remove your DIY keys until the car stereo is out of its spot. If you remove them too soon, the clamps will snap back, making it much harder to take the radio off. I mentioned earlier that the most recent cars have dashboards instead of trims. Well, on top of that, they also have screws and bolts instead of clips.

    So, if you dont see any slots for the keys, best believe the stereo is secured by a set of screws of bolts. A screwdriver or socket wrench should help you remove those easily. Dont forget to store the bolts/screws somewhere safe so that you can use them later.

    What Are Your Options

    How to remove a car stereo radio

    As mentioned above, Sirius satellite radio usually comes pre-equipped in brand new cars and for this reason, it can become annoying for those of us who dont use it. Why should we be forced to put up with a feature that is essentially an advertisement constantly pushing us to pay money for their service? When we spend a large amount of our hard-earned savings on something as expensive as a car, we should be able to have it as we want it.

    There is always the option of shopping for a vehicle that does not come with it or replacing the stock radio console for one that does not have satellite radio capacity. But most of us do not want to have our purchasing decisions affected by having a free accessory we didnt ask for, nor do we want to spend extra money on a newly purchased car just to get rid of it.

    If you are reading this article, you are likely someone who already owns a vehicle with Sirius integrated into the console and just wants to get rid of it, or at least forget it even exists. Dont worry, you are not alone in your desire to remove Sirius satellite radio and there are several solutions to address your concerns.

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    I Dont Know How To Use My Presets What Should I Do

    Select the relevant memory preset to enter your stored streams. On-screen, you will see the preset memory number and the name of the station.

    A few radios ask users to press a SET button before holding the preset number button. Thus, please check your car manufacturers handbook for further details on establishing your satellite radio settings.

    Why Pioneer Radio Is Popular In Car Stereo

    Pioneer radio is a very popular brand that has dominated the car stereo industry for some years now.

    The radio system is known for its quality, durability, and good sound.

    Every car owner wants a pioneer radio in their car stereo because it is very cheap and has a wide variety of sound options.

    Pioneer was founded in 1937 by a Japanese businessman.

    Since it was established, they have stayed relevant in the market because they improve the quality of their product every year and give the customers the sound they want.

    The act of improving their radio system every year made them popular and a lot of people love the car radio because it has some additional devices such as the DVD player, GPS system for location.

    Check Price

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    How To Remove A Cd Jammed In A Car Player

    Samson Dikeman

    It can be really easy to get frustrated at a stuck CD, especially when youve been forced to listen to the same song over and over every time you get in the car. With this frustration the urge may be to try to hastily fix the CD player by smacking it or inserting foreign objects into the disc slot.

    Here is some advice on ways to free that troubling CD and return your player back to normal use. As with all do-it-yourself repairs, there is a potential risk of damaging the CD player. This article provides both invasive and non-invasive strategies aimed at limiting the risk of causing further damage to your cars stereo.

    Removal Of The Screws

    How to remove a car stereo from your dash board

    Remove the top two screws, where the middle panel was. Remove, also, the bottom two screws. Catch the screws as they fall down so they wont fall down into the bottom. One screw on the right and one on the left. This will allow us to pull the cars stereo from the dash.

    Pro Tip: Loosening the ScrewsFirst of all, before removing of the stereo, you should use the proper type of the screwdriver. There can be a couple of screws that are placed in crannies and nooks. Therefore, youll need to place all the screws in the container in order not to lose them or mix them with other nuts, bolts, and also screws. To do that, please utilize the container with magnetic features.

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    Remove The Screws And Lift The Mount

    Gently loosen the screws taking the help of a screwdriver. These screws may have placed tightly on the antenna mount. Once you finish undoing, lift the mount off of the vehicle surface and look under the dashboard. You will then find the location where the antenna is mounted to the car. It is generally on the inside under the front passenger side of the vehicle.

    What Tools Will You Need

    One car intervention that isnt needy concerning tools.

    Most of them you probably already have around your household.

    If you have a wiring harness connector on your car installation youll need:

    A basic set of tools
    • Stereo removal tools-keys
    • Plastic trim tools

    If you dont have a wire harness connector and have to do some wiring yourself youll additionally need:

    Basic pencil type installation tester: watch the proper voltage 12V for cars, 24V for trucks
    • Multi-meter: the basic type will do
    • Insulation tape or plastic connectors with insulation on them
    • Cutting pliers

    Note: use either a tester or a multi-meter. No need for both.

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    How To Decode A Car Radio If Youve Lost The Code Or Didnt Have It In The First Place

    Once you successfully connect the car radio, most will ask for an access code .

    The lack of this code has thrown many people into despair. Understandable, I mean you did the whole installation thing successfully, and then: BOOM! If you dont have the code its all for nothing.

    This is also from my own experience so here are a few useful tips that I hope will help:

    If youve bought the car new or from a licensed dealership, the radio code should be in the users manual or in the service booklet. Search for a 4 digit number .
  • Contact the licensed dealership, if the car was bought new, they should be able to give you the code. Ask, it doesnt hurt.
  • If the car is used , try contacting the previous owner . Theyre bound to have the number somewhere around the house.
  • In some cases, take the radio out of the console and search for the number sticker on the side of the radio. I know it sounds a bit stupid, but nevertheless is a common solution.
  • If all of these solutions fail, simply take out the radio and take it to a specialized radio shop. Explain what happened and they should be able to help you.

    Once youve got the code, the most usual way of typing in the code is with the buttons on the car radio.

    Most common system:

    First digit=first number, second digit=second number etc.

    The number of times you press is the wanted digit .

    Best prepare yourself and dont start the car radio removing/installing before you find or get reach of the access code.

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