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How To Remove Bird Poop From Car

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How To: Remove Bird Poop From Car Paint

With this article, youve learned how to clean bird poop off the car. So, next time you see some birds flying around near your vehicle, it would be wise to invest in something like this:

Bird Repellent Netting for Cars Pro Shield. Its netting that can go over the top of your windshield while parked so when those pesky birds fly away from water theyll have no idea how close they just came to landing on your hood!

A Complete Guide On How To Remove Bird Poop Etching From Car Paint

The etching of bird droppings on car paint can be a real eyesore and if not removed, it can cause long-term damage. Bird droppings are acidic in nature and when they come into contact with the paint, it can cause the paint to corrode and etch permanently. Getting rid of bird poop stains on car is essential for keeping the look and feel clean, but it also helps to keep your ride looking its best.

The intensity of any such stain depends upon the type of bird poop and etching which has fallen over the cars body. If you are scared of thinking Will the poop stain damage my cars body?, then it is highly recommended not to put any pressure while removing the stain. As it may not only damage the paint as well as ruin the aesthetics of your car.

S, if you are determined to know about how to remove bird poop etching from car, then this article is definitely the right shot for you. We are going to discuss about different types of bird poop stains as well as the best ways to remove these poop etching and stains from car paint.

There are numerous ways to remove bird droppings etching from car paint. However, some of these methods are more effective than others. The most effective way is to use a commercial product such as a paint cleaner or polish. If this is not available, then household items such as vinegar or baking soda can be used. However, for long-term protection, using commercial cleaners are greatly advised.

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Why Bird Poop Is Bad For Your Vehicle

Why does bird poop stick to a windshield so much anyway? For one, birds dont urinate, so when they get rid of waste from their bodies, it isnt in a liquid form that some simple swipes of windshield wiper fluid could get rid of. Birds excrete what looks like a white paste, which is actually nitrogenous waste that is a form of uric acid, that, unfortunately, doesnt dissolve in water alone that easily.

Secondly, birds have a cloaca, which allows them to urinate liquids and solids all in the same dropping. This causes bird poop to be corrosive enough to start eating away at the paint job on your vehicle, even more so when exposed to the sun.

Removing Bird Poop Etching From Your Paint

10 Simple Tips to Remove Bird Poop Stains From Your Car

Once the bird poop has been on your paint for a long time etching will occur. This is a result of the acidic reaction and there is only one or two things you can do to fix it.Just like youd paint anything else, cars are painted with many coats. You have the primer, basecoat and clear coat/lacquer.Bird poop sits on top of the most outward layer, which is the lacquer/clear coat.As you can see in this photo below, the acidic reaction starts to eat into the top layer, leaving behind marks and imperfections.

The only way to deal with these imperfections is to cut back that clear coat so that the damaged area is no longer there. While this sounds scary to the uneducated. Its not too hard to do. Most people do this without knowing it, using polishes, cutting compounds and products such as T-Cut.

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Removing Dried On Bird Poop

Leaving bird poop on your car for prolonged amounts of times is silly. Especially if you have access to cleaning products or running water.The longer it sits, the higher the chances of it etching into your paint. Youll also find it much harder to remove the bird poop from the paint, resulting in marring as well.To remove baked on bird poop well be using a similar solution.I like to get a cheap sponge and soak it in Optimum No Rinse. Ill also spray optimum no rinse onto the bird poop itself.Again, you can use any other soapy solution you like. I just use Optimum No Rinse because I dont need to rinse before or after.Once youve soaked the sponge and the bird poop, leave the sponge on top and wait 10-15 minutes. This will allow the soap to work wonders and soften up the bird poop. From there simply wipe it off.Another way to deal with baked on bird poop is to perform a full wash. This means soaking your car in a pre-wash solution such as snow foam or traffic film remover, performing a hand wash and then drying the car after.When cleaning baked on bird poop from your car, try not to apply pressure to it. This will drag it across the paint and could cause scratches.If you do cause light scratches, its not a huge deal. Because the bird poop was baked on, itll have probably caused etching too. This means youll have to take some sort of corrective measures anyway.

Effect Of Bird Poop On Cars:

Bird poop certainly diminishes the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. It is also unhygienic. Bird droppings can cause considerable damage to your vehicles paint as they contain Uric Acid. Its pH level ranges between 3 to 4.5, which is acidic. Uric Acid is corrosive and can cause damage to the vehicles wax coating and paint.

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What Are Paint Etchings Caused By Bird Poo

Etchings are defects that occur in your cars paintwork. Two main types of etchings can be caused by bird poo

1)Type I Bird Dropping Topical Stain Etching

Type I Stain Etchings are usually only topical, that is shallow enough that they can be completely removed by using a safe removal method or at least greatly improved to the point where they are difficult to see.

This type of etching can be removed using a clear coat safe compound or polish by hand or machine polisher.

2)Type II Bird Dropping Fractured Wrinkled Etching

These are the type of etchings you dont want .

Type II Wrinkled Etchings are usually too deep to fix safely. The problem is the paint fractures, , or wrinkles as the paint swells and bunches together. In both instances, the resulting damage is throughout the clear layer of paint and not topical.

Thus trying to remove it will require removing so much clear paint that you will likely expose the base coat or coloured layer of paint which has a dull appearance. It is not safe to remove this type of etching and you are more than likely in the re-spray territory

Bird Poop Cleaning: Proper Technique

How To Remove Bird Poop – Chemical Guys Car Care

So now that you know about the miracle bird poop cleaner , lets talk about technique.

Have you ever eaten a clam and had sand in it? Me too.

Know who else eats clams?


And when that clam-eating seagull poops on your car, hes plopping sand on it too.

Ever get purple poo on your car?

Its purple because the bird has been eating berries. So theres a good chance theres seeds in that purple plop.

Bottom line is this: bird poop often has grit in it. So you need to take great care cleaning it off. If youre not careful theres a good chance youll scratch or create swirl marks on your cars finish.

Dont just take a wet towel and start scrubbing the poop on your car!

The best thing to do is pour some water directly on the bird poop. Then wet down your towel thoroughly and let it sit on top of the bird poop spot for a few minutes.

Then check the poop to make sure its nice and wet and gently wipe it off with the damp towel. Use a lifting motion and dont ever press down and scrub the poo spot.

Pour on more water for an extra rinse and give it another wipe with a clean towel. Lubrication is key here.

Speaking of lubrication, I want to touch on an even better way to clean bird poop off a car.

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Is Turbo Waterless Detailer Just For Bird Poop

Hell to the no.It’s got so many great uses. The Swiss Army Knife of car detailing!

Take a look at some of our customer-submitted photos below:

Its really one of our most versatile products!

It was developed to be the best waterless car-wash product on the market. But, since launching, we have discovered that its cleaning and lubrication properties, combined with the spray-application, and anti-static properties also make it the best solution for many other tasks, including safely removing bird droppings

Turbo Waterless Detailer gives the whole of your car exterior a thorough and easy clean while avoiding the mess of a water wash. With anti-static and hydrophobic properties, it will repel both dirt and water. Unlike many other car cleaning products, it can be used safely on paint, glass, chrome, alloy, plastic and more for a streak-free, high-shine finish. We get particularly stunning results when using it as a final finish on top of wax or ceramic coatings!

In summary, Turbo Waterless Detailer is the swiss army knife of detailing products. Not only will allow you to give a full shine-enhancing wash to your car without having to bust out the hose but it will also save you in emergency detailing situations such as a bird unloading on your ride. I keep one bottle of Turbo Waterless Detailer in my vehicle at all times along with a clean pack of high quality microfiber towels.

Scrubbing The Bird Poop Stains Off With A Microfiber Cloth

Now, dampen your microfiber cloth or towel and use it to gently work the stain off of your vehicle. You do not want to scrub too hard and scratch the surface or cause a dent. Take it slow and be very careful. Do not let haste ruin your car permanently.

If the stain does not come off, reapply your product of choice and repeat the necessary steps until it is completely gone. Depending on the stain, you may have to do this three to four times. Be patient! Your efforts will ultimately be rewarded.

Once you are sure that all the dropping stains are removed, use a new microfiber cloth or towel to rinse the area clean with wiping motions. Make sure that no residue remains.

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Treating Bird Poop Etching

This is the worst-case scenario. Tropical stains damage only the paint surface, so its not that dangerous. Etching occurs when multiple paint layers are damaged. Major stains like these require tools to be fixed. Not only that, expertise too.

You will need a dual-action polisher or a buffer. You may be able to level surface with dry sand paper, but you will need a buffer for the polishing. So, if you dont have a buffer you wont be able to do this. Consider getting one or contact a professional detailer. Check out the 10 Best Electric Buffer For Car Waxing& Buying Guide.

  • Remove any caked-on bird excrement.Just like before, make sure all bird droppings on your car are gone. Use WD-40 to remove old bird poop. Use poop car wipes for fresh ones.
  • Prep your car. Now is the time to wash your car like you never did before. I mean it should be squeaky clean. Use the two-bucket method. Use a high-quality car wash shampoo. Get rid of any stuck particles. Dry the car with a clean microfiber cloth. Make sure you are using a dry cloth.
  • Polishing the paint. The step you did before will leave you with a shineless finish. You need to restore the paint to its original glory. Again, you need a buffer here. Attach a soft buffer pad and a fine polishing compound. Work your way through the paint slowly, following patterns. Change pads to avoid swirls. Repeat this until you get a fine glossy finish.
  • How To Clean Bird Poop Off Car: Tips And Diy Solutions

    How to Remove Bird Poop Stains from Car Paint in 2021

    Is bird poop bad for the car? Yes, it is terrible. It can cause permanent damage to your paint and window if not removed right away. In this guide, we provide you with how-to tips on how to clean bird poop off car as well as homemade or DIY solutions that will work wonders for getting rid of the mess!

    We also mention products that are available on Amazon that have been proven by customers to be effective in removing stubborn stains and preventing future ones.

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    Repairing Car Paint With Bird Poop Damage

    Now, the acid from bird droppings is fast-acting. But you have a whole day to clean it off before it causes serious damage.

    Paint damage occurs if you neglect your car. So, I guess you didnt clean off the poop fast enough. You may have a minor stain or a big one, depending on how long the poop stayed there. The cleaning process depends on whether you have a minor stain or a big one.

    Apply A Car Wax Or Ceramic Coating

    Bird poop can be defeated with proper use of exterior protection products for your cars finish. There are an abundance of excellent car wax and ceramic coating products available from your auto parts store and online for this purpose.

    Favorite Products:

    Properly applied, many of these products provide a bird poop barrier. Yes, you will still have to remove those evil droppings, but the risk of rapid clear coat and paint damage can be greatly reduced.


    Wax works well, is cheap, and easy to apply. Unfortunately, it only lasts at most for a few months. Products to use will declare their benefits on the packaging or container. Carnauba waxes, silicone-based coatings, synthetic surface treatments, etc., all offer a significant measure of protection.

    These days, car waxes are easier to apply than ever. You often just spray on and wipe away with a microfiber cloth. Note that spray-on waxes dont last as long as other types but theyre hard to beat for ease of application.

    Ceramic Coating

    Nothing beats the longevity of ceramic coating. Where a was may last a few weeks or maybe months, a properly applied ceramic coating can last a year or more. The biggest downside is cost and a more difficult application.

    In general, avoid anything in the $20-$30 range even if it states ceramic coating as their benefits will be no better than a typical wax.

    Also, properly treated paint surfaces wash far more easily. Indeed, dirt often can be rinsed off with water from a garden hose.

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    Avoid Parking Under Trees

    If you must park outdoors, stay away from trees. Yes, trees provide cool shade. Thats nice. But birds like them and can perch up there and target your shiny new ride.

    If youd like the shade a tree can offer, consider the angle of the sunlight from that tree, and where it will go over the time youll be out of the car. Park accordingly. Just doing this can often provide shade benefits without the bird problem.

    In addition to trees, avoid parking under light poles when in a parking lot. While you cant get as many birds on top of a light pole, they still love to perch there. Of course, the added safety of being under a light pole at night should be a bigger priority for many.

    Cleaning Agents And Solutions To Help You Get Rid Of Bird Poop Safely

    BEST TIP: Removing Bird Poop from your Paint!

    Whether the bird poop is just fresh or dried up, you can easily find a solution that will clean it up without damaging your car. You may need to soak the dry poop for a while or scrape it off before using a cleaning agent on the car. All the cleaning agents should be safe for the car because you need to keep your paint job looking good even as you clean out stains from your vehicle.

    The following are the things you can use to clean and remove poop from your car:

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    You’re Less Likely To Have Stains If

    …you use Turbo Waterless Detailer! Here’s a clear benefit of using a multi-purpose product. We designed it as a waterless wash that not only enhances your wax or ceramic coatings but also has the ability to remove waterspots. Waterspots are quite similar to the stains left by bird poop and most of the time, Turbo will make them disappear.

    How To Remove Bird Poop From Car Paint

    • Staff Writer

    Its important to remove bird droppings as quickly as possible to protect your finish from stains and etchings in the finish. Bird poop contains acids and rocks that can stain, etch, and scratch the paint job.

    This article will address how to clean bird poop before and after it has dried, as well as how to remove stains or clear coat etchings.

    Lets dive into the details.

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