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How To Remove Car Tint

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Bubbling Of The Tint Between The Glass And The Tint

How To Remove Window Tint

The tint bubbling is an unsightly sight that detracts from the beauty of the windows. Peeling the color at the point where bubbles emerge is a bad idea. This might make things even more difficult.Its still possible to remove the tint using any of the methods outlined in this article, as the adhesives retaining it are weak.

Once the tint has been peeled off in its entirety, it is easy to remove the remainder of the tint.

How To Remove Damaged Car Window Tinting Film

If your car window tinting film is old or it has started coming apart, its time to remove and replace it. How you remove the film not only affects how you will install the new one, it also affects the quality of the glass as you will most likely damage the car window if you dont properly remove the film. To help you out, here are some of the ways of removing the film:

Prepare Your Car And The Window You Will Work On

Start preparing the job. You may want to start by removing stickers and decals from your window , as you may well imagine having decals or stickers on top of film makes the whole removal process that little bit more tricky so we recommend removing these first.

If you are going to use any method that requires electricity such as the hairdryer and steamer methods, you will need to have a lengthy electric extension cord. Make sure that it is plugged and grounded well. Also, make sure that it can reach the inside of your car as youll be working inside the cabin.

Think about electricity extension cords and where they will be plugged in and also that it is long enough. You need to consider safety in terms of water and electricity dont mix and be mindful that people could trip over the cable. Take the most appropriate common sense steps here, if you need to then perhaps use gaffa tape to stick the cable down in an area that people could trip over it in.

If you are using a steamer then remember you will be working inside the car and this means that the interior will become hot and steamy so make sure you wind down the other windows before starting otherwise you may find yourself having to stop midway to turn the engine on and get those windows down.

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Learn More About Window Tint From This Helpful Video

Car Bibles editors understand that not everyone is a text-based learner. For those kinesthetic people out there, we have your back with a video showing you exactly how to completely remove window tint.

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How To Remove Old Window Tint From Residential And Commercial Buildings

8 Quick Ways to Remove Tint from Car Windows

Window tinting films offer privacy, UV protection, and energy efficiency, so theyre a popular window film solution. However, all window tint films have a lifespan and once they go bad, youre left with bubbling, peeling, unattractive films that need to be removed and replaced.

Not all window films are created equal and some will go bad before others. A window tints lifespan depends on several factors: quality of the film itself, exposure to the elements, and the quality of installation. A professional installation can mean the difference between decades of savings or a few short years before the tint needs to be replaced.

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Faqs About How To Remove Window Tint From Car Windows

  • How can we remove window tint from car windows with heat?

In order to remove window tint with heat, Use a hair dryer to soften the window tint and then scrape off with a knife or razor blade. You can also use a heat gun which will make your job easier as it is very hot and heats up the window tint quickly, but you should keep away from the front windshield and windows as it can damage them. Dont apply direct heat on the front windshield otherwise, the film may be melted and stick to the glass which will not give you desired results.

  • How to remove window tint with a knife or razor blade?

You can use a knifes edge or razor blade to scrape off the window tint, it wont damage your car windows if you are using sharp objects for this purpose. Just apply some pressure on the edge to remove window tints.

  • How to remove window tint with a squeegee?

You can use rubber squeegee also, it is another very good way of removing window tints easily. You just need to apply some amount of pressure with a rubber squeegee and then try to lift up the window tint bit by bit.

  • Can we use a cotton swab to remove window tint from car windows?

You can use cotton swabs to remove window tints, simply dip the cotton in acetone and rub it on the window glass where the film is present. Keep rubbing till you see that the adhesive has been removed.

  • Can we remove the window tint with a credit card?
  • How the denture cleaning tablets are used for removing window tints?
  • Is the removal of window tint expensive?

A Note Before You Start

Learning how to take window tint off is easy but only if you have a window tint film. The film is an aftermarket product installed on the windows that you can easily remove with a razor blade.

Were not talking about vehicles that have tinting built right into the window. If your car has tinted windows, you wont be able to remove this tint, instead, youll need to replace the entire windowpane since its tinted glass.

Keep in mind that windshields do not come with tint built right into the glass, it will only be on rear side windows. If youre not sure if your vehicle has an aftermarket tint or tinted glass, keep reading and well teach you how to identify an aftermarket window tint.

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Ready The Vehicle And The Windows

Its time to be ready for the work area after reviewing the information youll be relying on.Before you begin the procedure of removing the window tint, the vehicle will need to be parked in a comfortable location.Any stickers or decals on the window will need to be removed. This will make it much easier for you to remove your vehicles window tinting.

If you plan to use any corded equipment, make sure you park your vehicle near an outlet or other power source.Its best to heat up the steamer in advance if you intend to use it to remove the colour.

If youre planning to use ammonia or another procedure that requires high temperatures, youll need to open other windows including the sunroof.This is due to the fact that excessive heat could make it difficult for you to finish your work.

How To Remove Window Tint 6 Diy Methods

How To Remove Window Tint

Unless your windows have a factory tint dye, the tint film is glued to the window using some adhesive.

But even if you can peel it off with your own hands, this wouldnt get rid of the adhesive on your windows.

So, at worst, youd have a sticky mess over them instead of the purple/bubbly tint.

To avoid this, you can choose from several methods to effectively remove your tints.

Which one is right for you will depend on many factors, such as climate conditions, how soon you plan to use your car again, or what tools and materials you have at hand.

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Add Some Newspaper For Easier Removal

If using soap on its own doesnt work, then adding a little bit of newspaper to the equation makes the job even easier. You already know how to use the soap method, so your first couple of steps are already handled. After spraying the area with a soap solution, cover it with newspaper then leave it to soak for about an hour.

Periodically examine the newspaper covering the window to ensure it hasnt dried every 15 minutes is more than sufficient. If the paper starts to dry, spray it with a little more of the soapy water. After the hour has passed, the paper and the tinting fuse together, which gives you a sturdier grip on the tint to peel it away.

Ways To Remove Window Tint

1- Using a razor blade

Using this method is usually the hardest want to do and takes much more physical energy. What you basically doing is using a spray bottle with soap and water and some small scraper blades you wet the window with it in and start to scrape off the film like how you scrape paint off of the glass. As long as you keep the window really wet and soapy it will not scratch glass a disadvantage for this process is that if you have a defroster wire on the back of your window it will not work if you scrape it

2-Soaking it with water using a banking system

The 2nd process is to soak it in grease remover like 409. They also make professional chemicals that you can use .you get a black garbage bag and cut it out on the outside of the rear window to the shape of the glass that is clear. Then soak the window with the chemical and put the black bag over the tint on the inside. Then every 20 minutes keep re-soaking it.

After then try to peel the window tint off the window if it continues to keep sticking you need to soak it until it releases smoothly. The hotter the outside the better it is I recommend doing it with the temperature over 80 degrees or put a heat lamp on it. The heat speeds up the chemical to absorb through the window tint.

3-Using a professional steam machine

Final stage

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Tips And Tricks If You Get Stuck

Sometimes youll get started only to realize that you cant stop your tint from peeling into different strips or youre getting a little more glue on the window than youd like. Weve got good news for you there.

If you are running into problems all you need is a hairdryer, steamer or a heat gun. This will heat up your window and cause the glue to melt which will help you get the old tint off. Usually, the glue will stick to the tint when youre pulling it off but this isnt always the case.

However, be careful when heating up the glass you dont have to worry about damaging the window, but it can get hot to the touch and burn your fingers.

The key here is to take your time youre not in a race to get the tint off as fast as possible.

On the contrary, by taking your time youll actually get the tint off faster because it wont start peeling as you pull it off.

How To Remove Window Tint

How To Remove Car Tint Completely In 5 Different Ways

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If your window tint is too dark or is scratched, discolored, or bubbly, you can easily remove it without spending a lot of money, whether youre working with vehicle or home windows. You dont even need to spend hours scraping away the tint with a razor and scrubbing off the adhesive! Using a steamer is the easiest and least damaging method, so thats your best option. Alternatively, you can spray the windows with ammonia, cover them with garbage bags, and let the combination of sun and ammonia dissolve the adhesive before peeling the tint away.

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Heat Gun Or Hairdryer

  • A hairdryer or heat gun
  • 1 clean towel
  • Window cleaner

This is one of the simplest methods of removing the tint, and you can use either a heat gun or a hairdryer. First, run the hairdryer on high temperature, about two inches away from the window, until the glue starts melting. Once that happens, you can try prying the edge off with your fingernail.

Slightly angle your dryer so you can reach the place where the window and the film meet and keep peeling the glue. You can scrub the adhesive away with a clean towel, and use the hairdryer to soften it when needed. Once youre done, you can use a cleaning solution to wash your windows before applying a new tint.

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Final Touches And Aftercare

One of the best perks of using a razor blade is that you wont have a ton of glue leftover on your windshield after removing the tint. You will, however, notice some small spots of glue that can easily be taken care of.

The most common solvent that can help you clean up leftover glue is isopropyl alcohol just make sure youre working in an open and well-ventilated area. Some other popular options are using surface cleaners like Goo Gone or picking up a pack of baby wipes, which surprisingly does the trick better than anything else.

Now, keep in mind that youll want to dry your windows after cleaning them, so make sure you have a microfiber cloth handy to dry everything off and leave your windows sparkling clean.

If youre looking at installing a new tint, make sure that the windows are spotless before starting otherwise, youll be right back to square one. Even now that you know how easy it is, thats not something you want to deal with over and over again.

Have you tried removing window tint on your own? What worked best for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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Is It Expensive To Remove Window Tint

Using the services of tint experts and professionals to remove a window tint can be costly. Some professionals charge between $20 and $50 per window. Others may offer a wholesale discount and charge as much as $200 or more for professional tint removal of the entire car. However, you can do away with spending this much by doing the tint removal on your own. All it takes is a hair dryer, a razor blade, and a clean cloth, and youre good to go for the DIY tint removal. It should be a breeze if you follow the simple steps. Alternatively, you can purchase a window tint removal kit for a fraction of the cost of using the professional services. These kits have the tools you need on how to remove window film. It usually comes with step-by-step guides you can follow to correctly perform the tasks and achieve at par results with those done by professional tinting services.

Easiest Way To Remove Window Tint


Steaming is probably the easiest way to remove tinting from your vehicle. It takes much less muscle and time and leaves the least amount of residue to remove later. If you dont have a fabric steamer yet, you can buy one that is relatively inexpensive online such as a Conair Steam Wand.

  • First, prepare and preheat the steamer as instructed by the manufacturer. Roll down each window as you work about ¼ or so, so the top of the tint is exposed.
  • Start steaming the inside of the window. Keep the steamer about 2 away, so that the tint itself doesnt touch the hot steamer element and stick to it. Make sure you heat the entire surface as evenly as possible.
  • If you have the time and patience, the removal process works best if you also steam the outside of the window. The back window tends to take about 7 minutes on the interior, to give you an idea of time .
  • Use a razor to carefully lift the corners of the tint if they arent already starting to curl up after the steaming process. Then use your hands to peel the rest away.
  • If there is any tint glue left on the window, clean it off. Then follow up by wiping the glass with a microfiber towel and glass cleaner. Make sure to wipe the door frame and anywhere else the water from steaming may have dripped.
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    How To Remove Window Tint From Cars

    Note: For a more detailed explanation, please scroll down .Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.What You’ll Need For The Whole Procedure of Removing The Window Tint

    Safety always comes first, and you’ll need to make sure that great care and safety tools are being used for protecting yourself and others from any unexpected injuries:

    As far as the tools are concerned, you will need the following:

    How to Remove Window Tint From CarsCar window tint can protect the inside of your vehicle from sun damage, keep the interior of the car cool on hot summer days, and provide extra protection and securityfor you and your passengers.However, even the best automotive window tint can become discolored or bubbly over time, and high-quality window tint removal on your vehicle can cost hundreds of dollars. Why break the bank paying for window tint removal when you can do it yourself just as effectively? If youre unsure where to start, here are the best methods for removing window tint.

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