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How To Remove Tint From Car Windows

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Remove Old Tint When The Time Comes

How to EASILY Remove Old Window Tint

Although window tints are incredibly sleek and elegant, there will come a time when youll have to remove them. It could be that you want to replace them because theyve lost their shine, or you live in a state where theyve been outlawed. When this happens, youll be faced with the decision of removing them yourself or having a mechanic do that for you.

I love working on my car, so I would always opt for a DIY solution whenever its possible. Also, a mechanic typically doesnt have the time to go into detail and get rid of every speck of glue which could cause an issue in the future. If the tint isnt removed properly, it could make it quite hard for you to have a new one installed.

These methods will help you get rid of tint and glue residue quickly and easily, and the majority of them dont even cost much. So, I hope this article helps you get rid of the tint in your windows and saves you some time and money.

Using Soap And Scrape

For you to remove your window tint using this method you need: dish soap, paper towels, spray bottle, water, glass cleaner, and a razor blade or razor knife. You should start by lifting the corner of the film using a razor knife, and then firmly grasp the free corner of the film and peel it from your car window.

After removing the film, you should prepare a soapy mixture and apply it on the adhesive residue that you leave behind. You should leave the mixture on the residue for some time after which you should scrape it off. When scraping, you should be cautious that you dont cut yourself.

Once you have removed all of the residue, clean the window using a glass cleaner and paper towels.

The Liquid Mix And Scrape Method

A good combination of the liquid mix and scrape will effectively remove the tint of your window glass without the need for electronic devices and complex tools. The liquid mix can be as simple as liquid dish soap and water. You can also use an ammonia solution or ordinary rubbing alcohol. In any case, below are the basic materials you need.

Materials required

To start removing old window tint, just grab a cloth, and rinse it in the liquid mix, then apply it to the old tinted area. Wait for a few minutes, and start peeling off the tint, starting from the edges. After the tint is completely removed, there will be some traces of window tint glue. Use the razor blade to scrape off the remaining residues, and wipe the whole area with a clean and dry microfiber cloth.

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How To Remove Tint And Glue Residue From Car Windows

Tinted windows are arguably the best feature you could add to your car, and anyone who disagrees doesnt know what theyre talking about. They protect you from glare, provide privacy, and make your car look elegant and stylish. Unfortunately, the tint has an expiration date, and if you dont know how to remove it properly you could end up ruining your windows.

There are 2 basic ways of removing tint scraping and heating. However, your method of choice depends on the reason why youre removing it. So, before anything else, lets see whether you need to scrape or use heat to remove the tint.


Scraping Methods For Removing Window Tint

How To Remove Window Tint On My Car

Sharp objects can help you remove the tint and put in less effort and time in doing so. However, it goes without saying that you need to be extremely careful when using sharp objects near your car windows. Dont rush yourself or apply too much pressure, and use non-metallic scrapers if you have plastic windows.

Additionally, although these methods are simpler and quicker, you do run the risk of damaging the glass. So, if youre using a sharp blade, keep it at a slight angle to avoid completely ruining your car windows. Now thats out of the way, lets see which methods you can use to get rid of tint from your car windows.

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The Patient Needs To Be Prepped Too

The patient, in this case, is your car. Before you go about removing the tint off the windows of your car, you also need to make specific preparations so other parts of your car arent affected by what youre about to do. If you, for example, have decals or stickers on your car windows, youll have to remove them first using any of the above methods. Removing the tint film becomes trickier if there are stickers and decals over the surface of the tint.

Youll also need to have an extension cord nearby if you need to plug something like, say, a hairdryer or a steamer. Make sure its long enough that you can reach the interior with it. Youll have to work from inside the cabin, especially if you have tint on the interior window.

If heat and/or ammonia are involved in the tint-removal process, youll have to roll down the windows that youre not working on. If your car has a sunroof, do open it.

What Are Some Other Tips I Can Use

Removing window tint isnt rocket science. With a bit of free time and will you can do it too. However, there are some tips you can follow to save time and avoid having to do the same work twice.

  • Do it slowly. The first thing we always recommend is taking your time. The tint is professionally glued to your window. If you try to rip it off too hard with one stroke, youll only end up tearing it into little pieces, which will make your job much more difficult.
  • Be careful with the defroster and antenna lines. Some people damage their defroster or antenna lines when working on the rear windows with a razor. This wont happen if you take your time. But to be sure, you can use duct tape to lift the tint instead of using the razor blade.
  • Try to use a steamer. Theyre not very expensive, and you can find ones as cheap as $15. A steamer will save you time but also means you wont need to use a razor blade to finish picking up the adhesive from the glass. Something your cars defrosters and the antenna will appreciate!
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    Reduced Protection From The Sun

    If you begin to notice a lack of protection from the sun, it might be due to having an aged window film.

    This means that not only will the cabin temperature rise more than if you had fresh tint, but you also risk damage caused by UV rays. This can dry out plastic, vinyl, and leather surfaces and may lead cause them to crack.

    Removing Tint Film With Ammonia

    How To Remove Old Tint From Front Windows–Any Vehicle

    Make sure to prioritize safety when using any chemical near your car. In this case, wear safety gloves, masks, and glasses before starting the window tint removal process. Use tarps, plastic sheets, or even garbage bags to protect your car interiors. Dont forget to cover the window frame and other parts of the door.

    Heres how ammonia is used in removing tint from car windows:

    • Cut garbage bags or plastic sheets to fit the shape and size of your car window.
    • Spray soapy water outside your window to stick the cut-up sheets.
    • Spray ammonia on the other side of the window glass. Once fully sprayed, cover with cut-up plastic sheets or garbage bags. Use tape to hold them in place if they are not sticking.
    • Wait for the ammonia to soak in and dissolve the adhesive for at least two hours.
    • Once the tint film loosens, lift the edge with your fingernail or knife and start peeling.
    • If the ammonia has soaked in well, there wont be resistance. You can use the knife or fingernail to carefully lift up any stuck areas.

    Instead of ammonia and plastic sheets, you can use hot water-soap mix and newspapers. The newspaper soaks up the soapy water quickly and dries so keep spraying it with the liquid. Its best to do this outside on a sunny day, as the heat helps speed up the process. After a couple of hours, scrape off the newspaper usually, the tint comes off with it. Use a non-metallic scraper to avoid scratching the window glass.

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    Keeping It Simple Soap Method

    Now that youve got clean windows all around its time to apply your soap method to your windows. Just take your dish soap and water and begin to scrap away the tint with a sharp razor blade. Its important to remember to be gentle when doing this method. You dont want to scratch your auto glass on your vehicle.

    Believe it or not this method takes the most patience. To begin this process, you want to thoroughly cover your tinted window with the soap and what solution. By soaking the tint with soapy water it is going to be easier to lift the corner of the tint film and peel it off. You can also use your razor blade to help with peeling back the corner of the tint to start slowly peeling it off of your window. Be mindful of how quickly you do this method. Something if you try to rip the tint off too quickly you could potentially end up with tearing.

    If you have a few problem areas and you notice the tint isnt coming off, apply more of that soapy solution for extra help.

    How To Remove Car Window Tint Using A Blade

    It is easy to pick up that blade and get to work on your already peeling car window tint. But dont forget the risks you can easily damage the glass too. Keep a lot of soapy water handy as it could make your job easier.

    Heres how to remove tint from your car windows using a razor or knife.

    Always start from a corner gently lift the edge of the tint film and start peeling. If your car window tint has seen its day, you wont face much resistance. This method works for tints already detached from the glass with the adhesive melting and air bubbles forming due to longer exposure.

    Make sure not to hurry with this DIY window tint removal method do not scrape and tug aggressively. If any portion of the tint is stuck, you can use soap and water to loosen up the adhesive and try again.

    Not working? Try the next method

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    Remove The Sticky Residue

    After youve removed the majority of the tint from your window, there may still be little pieces of tint stuck to the window along with sticky goo. The remaining bits of tint film easily lift away using either a scraper or razor blade and some soapy water.

    However, the glue residue may require an adhesive remover to restore the glossy glass surface to your window, like you would require if you need to remove super glue from a window.

    Adhesive Removers for Removing Tint Glue

    • Fine steel wool

    The good news is, youve already got some of the finest adhesive removal supplies at your disposal. Using a cleaning agent like ammonia, a glass cleaner, or vinegar loosens up the goo from the window. Scrubbing with a scraper like fine steel wool also lifts away any stubborn particles.

    You could also try WD40 to remove adhesive from a car window if these other products dont seem to do the job. WD40 successfully eliminates all kinds of debris stuck to your car, like bugs and old decals, too.

    Top 5 Methods For Removing Window Tint From A Car

    How To Remove Car Window Tinting Film

    Whether youre buying or selling a vehicle, need a different shade/percentage, or are experiencing some form of deterioration due to age or improper application, removing the existing tint is the best course of action.

    But before you start pulling, peeling, and cutting, you need to come up with a plan.

    Removing window tint is something that you can do, but youll need to be strategic about how you do it. Theres a right and a wrong way to peel the tint.

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    Darker Than The Local Law Allows

    While its not a symptom of an aging tint, its surely a valid reason for wanting to remove it.

    Typically, youre only allowed to have a film that reduces incoming light by 50% on the back and rear windows. This is increased to 35% for the driver and passenger windows.

    For the front windshield, most states only allow the top brow to be tinted , usually 35% or less. Not abiding by these limits is likely to lead to a citation totaling several hundred dollars.

    Now that you know how to judge whether your tint has reached its limit. Lets look at a few simple DIY methods for removing it.

    Removing Window Tint Safely

    Working on your car can be messy. It can also be dangerous working with a razor blade can negatively affect your skinask the author for a picture of his hand and working for Ford. Heres what youll need to ensure you keep your jeans and shirt spotless, and your skin intact.

    Organizing your tools and gear so everything is easily reachable will save precious minutes waiting for your handy-dandy child or four-legged helper to bring you the sandpaper or blowtorch.

    Youll also need a flat workspace, such as a garage floor, driveway, or street parking thats also well-ventilated. Check your local laws to make sure youre not violating any codes when using the street because we arent gonna pay off your impound fees.


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    Cleaning Of Window Tint Glue Using Alcohol

    Alcohol-based cleaning solvents also work fine to remove the window tint residues. The following are some of the solutions to use and how to use them.

    Rubbing Alcohol

    Rubbing alcohol can effectively remove the glue, but it might require several trials to have a spotless surface. You have to dub some of the alcohol in a rag or soft cloth and then wipe it with the glue.

    It would be best if you were careful when using rubbing alcohol as it is flammable. Please do not use it near a flame or in a closed area to avoid suffocation.

    Use A Nail Polish Remover

    Nail polish remover also does the job well, but you will need to do it several times to achieve the desired results like the rubbing alcohol. Dip a cloth in the remover and clean the messy area, and you are good to go.

    Using A Vinegar Solution

    Another household item you may use to clean your window areas with tint residue is a vinegar bottle. Fill a spray bottle with vinegar and spray it on the surface. Then cover the surface with a paper towel and spray more vinegar on it.

    After five minutes, remove the paper towel, and you will notice the window surface is a bit cloudy. You now bring a bucket of soapy water to clean the area and use a razor blade to scrape off the glue. When using a razor blade, you need to be extra careful to prevent scratching the window or cutting yourself.

    Removing Baked On Window Film

    Using Industrial Cleaners

    Faqs About How To Remove Window Tint From Car Windows

    How to remove window tint from your car.
    • How can we remove window tint from car windows with heat?

    In order to remove window tint with heat, Use a hair dryer to soften the window tint and then scrape off with a knife or razor blade. You can also use a heat gun which will make your job easier as it is very hot and heats up the window tint quickly, but you should keep away from the front windshield and windows as it can damage them. Dont apply direct heat on the front windshield otherwise, the film may be melted and stick to the glass which will not give you desired results.

    • How to remove window tint with a knife or razor blade?

    You can use a knifes edge or razor blade to scrape off the window tint, it wont damage your car windows if you are using sharp objects for this purpose. Just apply some pressure on the edge to remove window tints.

    • How to remove window tint with a squeegee?

    You can use rubber squeegee also, it is another very good way of removing window tints easily. You just need to apply some amount of pressure with a rubber squeegee and then try to lift up the window tint bit by bit.

    • Can we use a cotton swab to remove window tint from car windows?

    You can use cotton swabs to remove window tints, simply dip the cotton in acetone and rub it on the window glass where the film is present. Keep rubbing till you see that the adhesive has been removed.

    • Can we remove the window tint with a credit card?
    • How the denture cleaning tablets are used for removing window tints?
    • Is the removal of window tint expensive?

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    How Do You Remove Window Tint Without A Heat Gun

    You can also use a high-heat hairdryer. Just make sure it is powerful enough to heat the window. If you find that the window is not warm to the touch while using the hairdryer, it is not powerful enough.

    Though you can choose another method of tint removal such as using a steamer or scraping the tint with a razor or applying an ammonia or soap/water solution, these other methods tend to be messy and require more work. Instead, wed recommend investing a heat gun and removing your tint the easy way.

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