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How To Get Plates For Car

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Custom License Plate Rules & Laws

How To Get License Plates On Your Car Without A DMV

While you can get a custom plate anywhere, every state has different rules regarding vanity plates. However, here are some things you can generally expect.

  • Custom messages can typically be up to six or seven characters: Knowing how many characters on a vanity plate are allowed will help you brainstorm ideas, but its important to find out the exact character count where you live before settling on a message.
  • A ban on offensive words or inappropriate language: Just about every state will ban offensive, vulgar, or hostile messages. This is not the time to be crude or rude keep it clean.
  • Youll probably pay additional fees: Many states require you to pay an additional fee for a custom plate. You might also need to pay an additional renewal fee to keep your personalized message.
  • Specific numbers and letters might be considered the same: If youre thinking about using a 1 instead of an I or a 0 in place of an O, that might not be allowed. Many states consider them the same character.

To find out the specific rules where you live, run a quick search for custom license plates in or vanity plates in . These searches should lead you to a state website where you can get a confirmed character count, allowed numbers and symbols, fee amounts, and everything else you need to know.

How To Get Antique License Plates For Your Classic Car

If you recently bought a classic car, you may be considering putting antique license plates on it. Such plates, available from your states Department of Motor Vehicles, indicate the car is of a certain age. Depending on where you live, these license plates may be referred to as collector, classic, vintage, historic or antique plates.

Rules For Licence Plates

  • Every motor vehicle must have two plates attached to it.
  • One licence plate in the front
  • One licence plate in the back
  • Both licence plates must be fully visible
  • Licence plates cannot be inside the vehicle
  • They cannot be hung from the windows
  • Licence plates cannot be dirty or obstructed with debris or any objects
  • Protective coverings used on licence plates cannot obstruct the plate from being fully visible in any way
  • The plates cannot be damaged or broken

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Don’t Become A Victim Of Curbstoning

Curbstoning is the sale of used vehicles by unlicensed dealers who pretend to be private parties in order to evade regulation. Their customers often get saddled with damaged, dangerous, or uninsurable vehicles ââ¬â by which time the curbstoner is long gone with their cash. Curbstoning is illegal in many states, yet defrauds thousands of unwary consumers every year.

If you would like to report a suspected curbstoning operation to the Department of Revenue, please submit a completed Complaint .

New Auto Recall Search Tool

A Quick Guide on How to Get a Custom License Plate

Automakers announced the launch of a new tool aimed at increasing consumer participation in auto recalls by allowing approved commercial and governmental entities, including state departments of motor vehicles, state vehicle registrars, state vehicle inspection programs, motor vehicle insurers, auto finance companies, motor vehicle dealers, vehicle fleet managers, automotive parts recyclers and vehicle auction companies, to search for open recalls for thousands of autos at once, free of charge. This search tool, available at, is a result of a partnership among the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and the Association of Global Automakers ââ¬â which together represent 99 percent of automakers in the United States ââ¬â and Carfax, provider of vehicle history-based products trusted by buyers, sellers and owners of used cars. The search portal will allow authorized users to search for open recalls for up to 10,000 vehicles at once and get results usually within a matter of seconds. This capability is an important tool in collective, continuing efforts to increase recall participation rates. According to current Carfax research, more than 57 million vehicles on U.S. roads have unfixed recalls, despite the fact that voluntary recall remedies are completed free of charge to the consumer. Read more here.

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What’s The Difference Between A Registration License Plate And Tag

The vehicle registration is part and parcel with the license plate and tag. As part of the registration process, a vehicle’s owner will receive either a registration card or certificate that remains with the vehicle. But for quick, external identification of the vehicle and which state it was registered in, license plates get issued by the state’s motor vehicles department and the new registrations. The registration tag requirements differ state by state, but the tags also are part of the registration process. A tag signifies an up-to-date registration.

The tag typically a sticker is often placed on the license plate and comes as part of the registration renewal. This allows for easy confirmation of a valid registration without replacing the plates. Learn more about car insurance requirements by state.

Idaho License Plate Fees

Motorists must pay an annual fee for car registration plates in Idaho. However, these specific registration and licensing fees vary depending on the type, age and weight of each vehicle, as well as the county where the applicant resides. In general, car owners are not charged in order to obtain disability plates or placards, but must pay for a basic DMV license plate for passenger vehicles weighing less than 8,000 lbs.

In general, a standard plate is issued to you when you register your car and pay the registration fees. Some basic registration fees are as follows:

  • Passenger vehicles two years old or younger $69
  • Passenger vehicles three to six years old $57
  • Passenger vehicles seven or more years old $45

Applicants must be mindful that DMV car tag fees vary for motorhomes, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, trailers, boats, off-highway vehicles and cars with specialty or personalized plates.

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Make Sure You Car Qualifies

The first thing you have to do is make sure your car actually qualifies for the license plates. Once youve determined the car is old enough to fit the criteria in your state, youll need to carefully review what restrictions come with the plates. Again, these vary from one state to the next.

Usually, the magic number for cars to reach this designation is 25 years. Some states, though, allow cars to be classified as antique or classic in just 20 years, while others require it to be older. In Florida, for example, vehicles must be at least 30 years old to qualify for antique or historic designation.

How Do You Register Your Vehicle When Moving To Ontario

How to get Dealer Plates ~for Used Car Dealers

If you are moving to Ontario on a permanent basis from another province or country, you will need to register your vehicle in Ontario.

To register an out of province vehicle in Ontario, you will be required to provide personal identification. You will also be required to show :

  • Proof of Ontario insurance

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When You Get Your New Sticker

Your licence plate is not valid if the validation sticker is not attached to it.

Keep your old licence plate sticker on until you get the new one.

As soon as you receive your new sticker, attach it to the upper right-hand corner of your rear licence plate or on the front plate for a commercial vehicle.

Applying For A Dp Placard Or Dp License Plates

To apply for a DP placard:

  • Apply by mail or in office: Complete and sign an Application for Disabled Person Placard or Plates .
  • Have a licensed physician, surgeon, chiropractor, optometrist, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or certified nurse midwife that has knowledge of the disease and/or disability complete and sign the Medical Providers Certification of Disability section of your application REG 195.
  • Submit applicable fees when requesting a temporary placard.
  • Mail the original completed and signed application to the address on the form.

To apply for DP License Plates:

  • Complete and sign an Application for Disabled Person Placard or Plates .
  • Have a licensed physician, surgeon, chiropractor, optometrist, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or certified nurse midwife that has knowledge of the disease and/ or disability complete and sign the Medical Providers Certification of Disability section of your application REG 195.
  • Provide the current registration card in your name .
  • Pay the normal registration fees due on the vehicle.
  • Surrender the license plates currently on the vehicle.

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Check Your Vehicle Identification Number Before You Renew

You will need to correct your vehicle identification number before you can renew your licence plate sticker online.

If the vehicle identification number on your dashboard and vehicle permit does not match, you will need to visit ServiceOntario to correct it. You will need to bring the following documents:

  • the vehicle permit the vehicle portion of the permit is required
  • your Canada Inter-Province Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Card
  • one of the following documents:
  • original vehicle manufacturers warranty
  • copy of manufacturers invoice
  • original or copy of the bill/certificate of sale from the original selling dealer
  • letter from an authorized dealer for your make of vehicle verifying the correct vehicle identification number of the vehicle
  • copy of certificate of title/certificate of origin
  • copy of new vehicle information statement .
  • original safety standards certificate, form SR-E-214, only if the last 6 characters of the vehicle identification number are correct
  • sworn affidavit by the vehicle owner explaining the vehicle identification number error

If you do not have insurance, you must get it from an insurance provider licensed to do business in Ontario. Proof of insurance is required to renew your licence plate sticker.

Peeling Irp Apportioned Plates

How To Get License Plates On Your Car Without A DMV

You may request a new set of plates by submitting a completed Schedule A& C . Select the Replacement Plate option in Part 1 of the application and include a photograph of the peeling plate. The information can be mailed to the International Registration Bureau , faxed to 518-486-6579, or emailed to . If you have any questions about the replacement of an apportioned license plate, contact IRB at 473-5834.

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Removing Rusted License Plate Bolts

  • 1Spray any rusted bolts with penetrating oil and let them sit for 15 minutes. Get as close to the rusted bolts as you can with the nozzle of the spray can. Thoroughly douse all exposed parts of the bolts in penetrating oil. After 15 minutes try to unscrew the bolts.XResearch source
  • If the bolts still don’t come loose after letting the oil sit for 15 minutes, spray on more and let them sit for an hour.
  • You can get penetrating oil at an automotive repair shop.
  • If you can, spray behind the license plate to reach the back of the bolts, do this as well. You want to give the oil as much contact with the bolts as possible.
  • 2Try soaking the rusted bolts with white vinegar. Pour white vinegar over the rusted bolts or soak a cloth with vinegar and hold it over the bolts. The acidity of vinegar will dissolve the rust. Once you get some of the rust off, try removing the bolts with a wrench or screwdriver.XResearch source
  • After you have dissolved some of the rust with vinegar, you can try to scrub off as much of the rust as you can with steel wool or a steel brush before attempting to loosen the bolts.
  • 3Attempt to loosen the bolts by hitting a wrench with a hammer. Attach the wrench to the bolt in a tightening position and hit it on the end of the handle twice with a hammer to deliver a shock and break the rust. Adjust the wrench to a loosening position and try to unscrew the bolts.XResearch source
  • Use safety glasses and gloves when you operate an impact wrench.
  • Can I Get Insurance On A Car With Temporary Plates

    The temporary license plate comes as part of the registration process, most commonly when a vehicle is purchased from a dealership. Since you need to show proof of insurance as part of the registration process before you drive your newly acquired vehicle off the dealer’s lot, your auto policy applies to a vehicle with temporary plates.

    Check out how to get car insurance. Once you’re ready to get rolling, get a car insurance quote online or call us at

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    How To Remove A License Plate

    This article was co-authored by wikiHow Staff. Our trained team of editors and researchers validate articles for accuracy and comprehensiveness. wikiHow’s Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article is backed by trusted research and meets our high quality standards. This article has been viewed 72,204 times.Learn more…

    At some point in the life of your car you may need to take off the license plates to replace them with new ones. Depending on the state of the bolts that are holding them on, this can be a breeze or a bit of a technical process. Regardless, with the right tools and techniques removing a license plate is a job that anyone can do at home!

    Medical Providers Certification Of Disability

    GTA 5 ONLINE How To Get Custom Plates *Very Easy*
    • A licensed physician, surgeon, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or certified nurse mid-wife that has knowledge of the disease and/or disability must complete and sign the Medical Providers Certification of Disability section of your application REG 195.
    • A licensed chiropractor may certify the disability of a person who has lost the use of one or both lower extremities, or who has significant limitation in the use of their lower extremities.
    • A licensed optometrist, physician, or surgeon who specializes in eye diseases may also complete and sign the Medical Providers Certification of Disability section.

    You do not need a Medical Providers Certification of Disability under the following conditions:

    Once you have a valid DP placard or DP License Plates, you may park:

    • In parking spaces with the International Symbol of Access .
    • Next to a blue curb authorized for persons with disabilities parking.
    • Next to a green curb for as long as you wish.
    • In an on-street metered parking space at no charge.
    • In an area that indicates it requires a resident or merchant permit.

    In addition to parking privileges, service stations must refuel a disabled persons vehicle at self-service rates unless the service facility has only one employee on duty.

    You may not park:

    It is important to remember that you are the only person who can use your DP placard or DP License Plates.

    It is illegal to do the following :

    To change the address you have on file, you can do one of the following:

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    How To Replace License Plates In Idaho

    Vehicle owners must replace a license plate in Idaho whenever the car tag or its emblem become illegible. In addition, car tags must also be replaced if they disappear from the vehicle. When replacing license plate emblems or tags, drivers must visit a local county assessors office and request a duplicate in person. Motorists who need to replace car tags or stickers must present a valid drivers license, current registration card, vehicle identification number and license plate number. Then, applicants must submit an appropriate payment method for the applicable replacement fees.

    Furthermore, motorists are required to replace license plate credentials every seven years, even if their car tags are still in decent condition. During this time, drivers will receive a new license plate number, unless they specify that they wish to keep their current number.

    How To Get Auto License Plates For A New Car

    There are a few reasons why you would need to get license plates for a car. You may be moving to a new state or purchasing a new or used car. Obtaining a license plate for a new car involves registering your vehicle. If you get pulled over, the first thing the police will ask you for is your registration. It is important to have a car registration. This is proof of ownership and proof that you have paid all necessary fees to operate your vehicle. Only then will you be granted your license plates.

    Step 1

    Visit the department of motor vehicles office in your area. In many states, licensing can be done via mail by downloading the appropriate form off the Internet. However, by submitting your materials in person you can obtain your license plates the same day.

    Step 2

    Provide proof of ownership. The DMV will need a copy of the title. The title of the car is what identifies you as the owner. If you have a then the lien holder will have the title. Request a form from the DMV to provide to the lien holder. Information from the lien holder stating that you are leasing the vehicle is appropriate.

    Step 3

    Complete the Application for Certificate of Title. This form will require basic information including your insurance. You must have insurance to operate your vehicle. Check with the states minimum liability insurance requirements.

    Step 4

    Step 5

    Step 6

    Pay the appropriate fees. The fee schedule for vehicle registration will vary by state.



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    You Can Keep Your Personalized Plate

    If you have a personalized plate, you are not required to replace it. If you desire, you may have it manufactured with the new Excelsior design. See more information about how to replace your personalized plate. Current plate fees apply.

    You can keep your Empire Blue or Empire Gold plate.

  • 1. NYC T& LC, Westchester T& LC, Nassau T& LC, NYC Standby, and NYC Medallion vehicles are not eligible for Excelsior plates during registration renewal.
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