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Where To Jack Up A Car

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At A Point Near The Front And Rear Wheel:

How to Jack Up a Car | DIY Car Repairs

The most ideal jack point if you want to jack the car for changing the tires is near the front or rear wheels. In this case, the pressure will be concentrated on the wheel which makes it easier for replacing the tires of your car. This will not be lifting the whole car at once while using this jack point. This concentrates usually on a single area and then moving to other areas which will make this easier. This jack point will also help prevent slipping.

Safely Using Car Jacks

It doesnt take an expert to understand how dangerous trying to lift something as heavy as a vehicle is. Youll want to take every safety precaution you can so you can focus on the task at hand without worrying about injuring yourself or damaging property. Studies have shown nearly 10,000 people a year injure themselves using motor vehicle jacks, and you dont want to be one of them.

If youre looking for some starter safety tips, weve put together a few to help you cover all of your bases when you find yourself using your car jack:

  • Park the car on the most level, paved surface available to you. If you have to park at an incline, park near the curb and point your wheels toward it.
  • Never use a jack on a soft surface like dirt, sand, or grass.
  • Consider using something to chock the wheels furthest from where youre lifting, like bricks or wheel wedges.
  • Make sure youre in park and the emergency brake is pulled.
  • Follow your car jacks instructions carefully, taking care to place the jack properly.
  • If youre going to work underneath the car, always use jack stands with your jack. Never use a car jack by itself when working under the car.
  • When the work is finished, safely remove any jack stands, slowly lower your vehicle, and remove any wheel chocks you used.

Buy The Right Jack Stands

You can buy jack stands anywhere that sells tools and auto parts. They come in different sizes and weight ratings, so choose a pair thats not too big or too small for your car.

For safety, choose jack stands rated to handle at least twice as much weight as theyll actually be supporting. Most jack stands support at least two tons or 4,000 pounds, which will be fine for any vehicle weighing less than 8,000 pounds, or roughly 2,000 pounds per corner. If you have a larger or heavier truck or van, consider something a bit stronger. For example, my two-ton jack stands work great with my Mazda 6 as shown here. Even though they can handle the extra weight of my Ford E250 van, however, they are too short to reach the frame, even at full extension. I have a pair of taller three-ton jack stands that I use for my van instead.

While youre at the store, invest in a decent floor jack as well. The one that comes with your car is fine for roadside emergencies, but a good hydraulic floor jack is much easier to use. It will also lift higher than the jack that comes with your car. Sometimes you can buy a floor jack and a pair of jack stands in one convenient package. Again, choose a jack that can handle twice as much weight as youll actually be lifting.

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Essential Jack Safety Precautions & Tips

  • Make sure you use a car jack only when trying to lift the vehicle off the ground, not to hold it in place for a long while.
  • Always use a jack stand when you are working underneath the vehicle. Using only a car jack is not enough, and many people have been crushed under the vehicle. A car jack is only secure when changing a wheel.
  • Never jack up a car without blocking the wheels. You can use bricks, wedges, or chocks to block the wheels on the side where the car isnt raised.
  • If youre not aware of the safe lift points, go online and figure it out. Never jack a car if youre unsure about the safety areas.
  • Place the car in the Park in the First gear, and use the handbrake before you jack up the vehicle. It reduces the risk of rolling.
  • Make sure the jack and jack stands you choose are suitable for the weight of your car.
  • Avoid changing a tyre on a freeway or highway. Opt for road service or wait for the highway patrol.
  • It is essential to park a vehicle on level ground before you jack it up. Use a car jack on a flat, level surface.

You know the different types of car jacks and how to use them, and you are aware of the safety precautions one needs to follow. This brings us to the end of our car jack guide. Hope you found this helpful and informative.

If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to comment below.

Can You Jack Your Car Up On A Slope

How to jack up a car

The short answer is, yes.You can jack up your car on a slope, however, it is one of those things that should be done only when its absolutely unavoidable. Always take all possible precautionary measures whilst jacking up your car on a steep surface, since even the slightest negligence on your part can prove to be fatal and may even cause damage to the drivetrain of the vehicle in the longer run.

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Scissors Jacks How To Use Them

  • As mentioned above, it is very crucial to locate the cars safe lift point. It becomes even more essential with the scissor jacks as they are used at specific points on the chassis. The base plates fit efficiently into the grooves on the vehicles undercarriage.
  • Once you place the jack in the correct place, slide on the handle and twist in the direction marked R. Remember to be slow and steady to ensure an even and aligned lift.
  • It is a good habit to remove the handle once the car is fully raised. It reduces the chance of getting knocked over.
  • To bring the vehicle back to its original position, turn the handle in the direction marked L until you reach the ground.
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    Where Should You Not Jack Up A Car

    Do not jack up a car at any place other than the designated places suited for this purpose which are the points where the jack engages. With most cars, the jacking points are made of reinforced steel that will support the car safely. The four jacking points of a car are under the rocker panels just behind the front wheels and in front of the rare wheels.

    To be certain about exactly where these points are, you should consult the user manual supplied with the car or consult your tire specialist. Never jack up the car anywhere besides these points of re-inforced metal.

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    Park The Car Properly

    Parking the vehicle on the flat surface is the way to go. An uneven surface or slope might lead the jack to topple. This could lead to serious problems and injuries. With that, dont forget to apply the parking brakes to be double sure of the vehicle. To secure the car, even more, you can also add a choke. Well, a choke could be anything that is placed underneath a tire to prevent it from rolling.

    Locate The Jack And Jacking Points

    How to Jack Up Your Car (The Right Way)

    In most vehicles, the jack is stored in the trunk or in an SUV’s wayback, under the cargo-floor cover. After you find it, you need to locate the jacking points on the car’s body, where the jack engages. The jacking points for most vehicles are reinforced metal ribs specifically designed to safely lift the vehicle. On most vehicles, there are four jacking points. They’re located under the car’s rocker panels, just behind the front wheels and just ahead of the rear wheels. In the above video, our Car and Driver tech is pointing to the right front jacking point on the Hyundai Sonata sedan we’re about to lift. To be sure about the jacking point locations for your vehicle, check your owner’s manual.

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    What Type Of Jack Should Be Used On A Slope

    Ideally, car jacks should not be used on a sloped surface at all since they are not designed to be used that way. However, if it is absolutely necessary, you should consider using a jack that has no wheels and a larger surface area. This would increase the stability of the jack and prevent it from moving along the slope.

    Scissor and wide base bottle jacks could be used for this purpose as they dont have wheels.

    Park And Secure The Car

    • Park the car on level ground on a paved surface, if possible. If you have to park on an incline, park close to the curb and turn the wheels inward.
    • Block the downside wheels with wheel wedges, wood blocks or bricks to prevent the wheels from accidentally rolling. If youre lifting the front of the car, chock the back wheels, or vice versa.
    • Put the car in park and engage the emergency brake. If the car is a manual transmission, put it in first gear, still engaging the parking brake.

    Safety: Never use a car jack on dirt or grass when changing a tire or making repairs. If needed, use car jack accessories such as stabilizer pads to ensure the jack is secure.

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    Locate The Suitable Jack Points

    On every car, there are specific spots where a jack plate is welded to the body. This is where the jack needs to go, because not every spot under a car is load-bearing. You can find this information in your owners manual, or online. Jack points are normally behind the front wheels and in front of the rear wheels the diagram below is an example.

    Is It Safe To Place A Floor Jack At The Differential

    How to Jack Up a Car: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

    Whether you’re a home wrencher or an ASE Certified mechanic, safety is always the top concern when it comes to lifting vehicles. And, right or wrong, there are a lot of lifting methods out there. Somemany, in factwill swear that it’s safe to place a floor jack at the differential. This method is certainly faster, since it lets you place two stands after only jacking up one half of the vehicle. That’s half the work and basically half the time to get a car in the air.

    Others will insist that the only safe locations for a jack are the OEM recommended jacking points, usually located toward the edges of the wheelbase on a pinch weld or vehicle frame. Basically, every owner’s manual should tell you where it’s safe to lift your car. But are there other safe options?

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    Essential Jack Safety Advice

    Jacking up a car can be dangerous, so make sure you take your time, use the right equipment and find your cars safe lifting points. Here are some extra safety tips:

    • Always make sure the car is in first gear with the handbrake on. This limits the risk of rolling.
    • If you dont have your owners manual, head online to try and figure out where the safe lift points are. Never jack your car if you arent sure where its safe to lift.
    • Make sure the jack and jack stands you choose are suitable for the weight of your car.
    • Only ever use a jack on a flat, level and hard surface.
    • If youre working under the vehicle, always use jack stands. A jack is only good for holding a car while youre changing the wheel, not for when youre actually under the car.

    From flat tyres to non-starting engines, Holts develop car repair products that are designed to get you back on the road when the worst should happen. For more information or to browse our complete product range, visit our homepage today.

    How To Best Jack Up A Car With Stolen Wheels

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    Had all my wheels stolen of my vehicle. About to arrive back to my vehicle and was wondering if it will be difficult to jack it up without further damaging anything.

    Would I be able to do this with just the jack that is in the car. Or is it a better option to call for some sort of roadside assistance. Was planning to just pickup some new wheels/rims and bring them to my vehicle to put them on but Im worried it will be complicated because it looks like the driver side jack points are sitting directly on the ground.

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    How To Safely Jack Up A Car

    Hundreds of thousands of Britains drivers like to carry out maintenance on their car. From changing spark plugs to draining engine oil, fitting new brake pads to replacing engine coolant, there are plenty of tasks that can be accomplished by drivers with little mechanical knowledge. Its satisfying, gives you something to boast about to friends and can save a small fortune compared with having the work done at a garage.

    To achieve many of these tasks, a car needs to be raised from the ground, giving space to work around the engine or other components. And that calls for a jack.

    There are some simple but essential rules that anyone raising a car on a jack should follow. Failing to do so could mean that a harmless spot of DIY turns into an emergency visit to the local hospital, or worse. There is a serious risk of being crushed by the vehicle if the correct precautions arent followed.

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    The most important rule is to not let children near the vehicle, or leave it unattended. And keep a phone to hand, in case of an emergency.

    Only raise a vehicle using a jack when it is parked on a flat, stable surface. Ideally, that would be a garage floor or a paved driveway, and it must be out of harms way from moving traffic.

    If you need to remove any of the wheels for your DIY task, slightly loosen the wheel nuts before raising the vehicle .

    Put The Car In Park Chalk The Wheels

    How to Jack Up Your Car With a Hockey Puck

    Another thing that youll need to do to make sure that the vehicle doesnt move is apply the handbrake and chock the wheels that arent going to be lifted.If you plan on lifting all 4 wheels, you can chock the back while you work lift the front and vice versa, just to be safe.This is just so that the car doesnt move while its in the air. Many people dont use chocks, its barely ever seen in most garages, but you can never be too safe.

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    How To Use A Car Jack

    Car jacks are easy to use once you know the basics. Here, we tell you how to use both floor and scissor jacks to lift your car safely, and how to put your car on to jack stands.

    For both jack types, always make sure your car is in first gear with the handbrake on to prevent the car rolling. You can also use chocks to stop the wheels from moving, but theyre not always necessary.

    Do You Want To Learn Where To Place Floor Jack On A Truck

    When jacking up a car from the form the front, there are two options. When lifting a single wheel, you place the jack on the axle next to the wheel. If you need to lift both front wheels, the floor jack should be placed right at the center on the cross member. This position raises the front part of your truck. You can also use the woodblock as the best practice of lifting up trucks easily.

    Checking on lifting the rear side, the jack should be placed on the solid body frame when lifting a single wheel. To raise the whole backside of the truck, the stud should be placed under the axle tube between the U-bolts center. This should be done carefully to prevent damage to the casing.You should not place your jack on the suspension or the axle near the wheel. The jack may slip or cause damage.Now lets look at some specific models of cars and trucks and help you in identifying the jack points.

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    Do I Need Axle Stands While Jacking Up A Car

    Well, it depends.

    If you just want to lift the car to replace a flat tire, and do not plan to go underneath the body of the car then it doesnt make much of a difference to use axle stands, from a safety perspective.

    However, if you do intend to work underneath the car, then axle stands are necessary. You must never rely solely on the car jack since there is always a chance of the car falling on top of you.

    Also, axle stands are much sturdier than jacks and less susceptible to shifting their position under stress, provided they are set up correctly.

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